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Posted by Brian Michael, Sat, May 28, 2005 10:15 PM Comments: 0

Let me be the first to congratulate the Phillies on their winning road trip.  Many people called this a make or break trip, but in true Phillies fashion, it was neither.  They hung in there with the big boys, and would’ve won all four series if weren’t for that game two collapse in Florida. 

But we should be happy still.  I was definitely happy chillin’ in the Phillies box today at the lacrosse games at the Linc.  The 9th inning offensive explosion really helped pass the time during the Hopkins-Virginia rain delay.

So back to baseball, now I would venture to say this homestand is the real chance for the Phillies to prove themselves.  Playoff teams have better than .500 records at home, in fact they should be unbeatable. Opponents should fear Philadelphia, not show with a handful of quarters looking for the medium speed softball cages. So if you’re in Philly this June, come out and welcome the visitors in true Veteran’s Stadium spirit.


Graduation Season

Posted by Brian Michael, Fri, May 27, 2005 06:00 PM Comments: 0

Hey everyone, we’ve introduced a new section here at Phillies Nation called ‘academic.’ (it’s 5 boxes down on the right) It’ll be your one stop shop for scholarly papers, articles and resources on the Phillies and baseball in general.  I would have liked the inaugural post to be Doug Glanville’s college thesis, but the Baseball Hall of Fame would only send a hard copy, and even that’s copywritten.  Even so, upon reading it, our editorial board determined it wouldn’t have made the cut anyway.

That’s not to say yours won’t.  This is also an offical call for papers.  If any of you have old college research papers or periodical articles about any aspect of baseball or the Phillies, please send them for posting.  We’re especially looking for projects which extensively analyze how to beat the Braves.


Trade Rumors

Posted by Brian Michael, Tue, May 24, 2005 10:31 PM Comments: 1

So there’s been some talk among Cubs fans surrounding a possible trade.  Cubs GM Jim Hendry confirmed on ESPN Radio that he is in negotiations with a National League cellar-dweller willing to unload a left-handed slugger.  While I doubt the Phillies are looking to trade their stud rightfielder, there is speculation that among the Reds’ Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey, Jr., Bobby Abreu could be dealt.  There has also been talk of the Cubs trading Jason Dubois or Corey Patterson, Jerry Hairston and a pitching prospect for Wagner, Lofton and Polanco. 

Again seems unlikely and its still early – the Phils aren’t packing it in yet.  But this is how other teams see the Phillies lineup.  They’re just vultures waiting for the team to collapse.  If anyone wants the low hanging fruit, Terry Adams is available.

From the LA Times: Dodgers still interested in Polanco

From the NY Post:

It’s clear the Yankees are going to be inconsistent at the plate until an outfielder (Pat Burrell?) with a bat is acquired before the July 31 trading deadline.

Even some GM rumors courtesy of the NY Post.


Daily Dozen

Posted by Brian Michael, Sat, May 21, 2005 05:59 PM Comments: 0

Well the Phils have played 4 games in this defining 12 game stretch and so far they are 3 and 1.  Is it skill?  Is it luck?  Well I am here to say that it is the us vs. them mentality that has brought on this mini streak.  Ever since Charlie Manuel and players such as Jimmy Rollins (on the ESPN Budwieser Hot Seat), and Brett Meyers have said the fans and media have been too harsh on the Phils they have been winning!  If this is the case then I say we must continue to boo…if that is what it takes to light a spark under these guys then, whatever works!  At this rate they will finish the crucial 12 game strecth at 8-4 and be right back in the race (they play both the Marlins and the Braves)  and the Braves are now utilizing a closer by committe and John Thompson just got hurt (he is expected to be out 2-3 months) so now is the time to go! 


Rocking Chair Runners

Posted by Brian Michael, Thu, May 19, 2005 04:38 PM Comments: 1

The Cardinals announcers made an interesting point during today’s game about how the Phillies baserunning seemingly adopted the laid back attitude of Charlie Manuel.  Runners were not aggressive today and may have precluded some runs being scored.  For instance, when David Eckstien (who only has an ok arm) made an over the shoulder catch running into centerfield, Bobby Abreu had a chance to score.  Also, David Bell conveniently forgot to slide into home and was easily tagged out by Molina in the 8th. Though the Phils had the lead for the better part of the game, this passive approach to baserunning contributes to the inordinate number of Phillies left on base.  Today was no exception with 12 men stranded.  The Phils are a legitimate base-stealing team (10th in the league) but other base running decisions must improve.  Pat Burrell and others should not be getting picked off.   Now, I’m not one to complain after the Fightin’s nearly put a picket fence up on the scoreboard to complete a season sweep of the NL Champs, but when you’re four games under .500 every little thing counts.



Posted by Brian Michael, Wed, May 18, 2005 01:36 AM Comments: 0

So it’s Wednesday and you know what that means. Bobby Abreu hit a home run last night and the Phillies are in last place. It’s great Bobby has rebounded so well after dumping his fiancée and it should come as no surprise he capable of such a tear. He is this good a player but the fact remains the Phillies are buried in the basement by three games. They have only played .500 ball in their last 10 games. Sorry Bobby but a three to five game winning streak would be much more interesting.

Anyway, I can’t believe it’s taken this long, but pictures from the Phillies’ first series in DC are up. RFK definitely makes me miss the Vet, but the concessions are terrible.


Marlon Byrd Traded

Posted by Brian Michael, Sat, May 14, 2005 07:47 PM Comments: 0

Just heard over CBP’s PA system:  Marlon Byrd has been traded to the Washington Nationals for outfielder Endy Chavez.  That’s as much as we know; we’ll interview some Nationals fans tonight at their rain delayed game.  At first thought, I don’t care.  Byrd needed a change of scenery, he wasn’t a Philadelphia player.  But it makes no difference this season.


Numbers and News

Posted by Brian Michael, Sat, May 14, 2005 12:35 AM Comments: 0

That liberal rag, the New York Times actually had an interesting piece in its Sports section today.  It discussed baseball’s black market for uniform numbers.  Without question the prime example involved the Phillies: 

In 1991, Philadelphia reliever Mitch Williams got No. 28 from John Kruk for two cases of beer.

“I didn’t even think of asking for money,” Kruk said. “The only reason Mitch wanted the number is because his wife had a lot of No. 28 jewelry and he didn’t want to buy her any more jewelry.


On another note, rumors around town are of the conflicting type.  A writer from the Bucks County Courier Times reports that both Ed Wade and Charlie Manuel are on the hot seat and have less than a month to prove they should be around until the end of the season.  If this scenario were to play out, the consensus among the “all-knowing” Philadelphia media and fanbase would be to bring in the former Astros GM, Jerry Hudsinger, who has said he is ready to return to a GM position in the majors, to be the GM and promote former WhiteSox manager Gene LaMont from AAA Scranton up to Philly to be the manager. 

Now this may sound good, but the Philadelphia Daily News today reported that President Montgomery said today that there will be no changes made, the players just have to start playing up to their ability!  So which side of the story do you believe, or more appropriately, do you WANT to believe?  


A Little Fire

Posted by Brian Michael, Tue, May 10, 2005 11:05 PM Comments: 0

I flirted with the idea of giving David Bell the Steve Jeltz Award when he left the bases loaded early in tonight’s game. But then he had a good old fashioned freakout, tossed his bat and got himself tossed in the seventh. With Manuel’s ejection earlier in the game, that meant the Phillies were down two men. Both Bell and the skipper complained about similar inside pitches that were fairly obvious strikes. I suspect it was a little mounting frustration erupting that got the two ejected. Hopefully it’ll turn into a spark for the rest of the team as well. Game’s still in the 8th but not looking good; though Rob Tejada’s first pitch as a big leaguer clocked in at 95 mph.

Phillies Nation Updates

The pictures from Opening Day at Wrigley are up in the Photo Gallery. This past weekend’s games inspired me.

Rumors have been floating about Polanco’s possible trade to the Dodgers. Check the Phils News box for the story from the LA Times.


Your an Adjective Now

Posted by Brian Michael, Mon, May 09, 2005 10:16 PM Comments: 0

Did anyone else take advantage of the free ESPN Insider day yesterday?  You didn’t miss much, but here’s a funny nugget from Jerry Crasnick’s May 6th piece, talking about the A’s franchise third baseman Eric Chavez’s recent slump.

“I got to that point where I was really drilling myself,” Chavez said. “Then it got so bad I just said, ‘Forget about it. Let it go.’ I’m trying to keep a cool head and hoping my numbers will be what they always are. But when you’re going through your bad streak, you never know for sure. It might be one of those Pat Burrell years.”

He’s referring to 2003, when Burrell slumped to .209 with 21 homers and never got it going. If that happens to Chavez, the Athletics are toast.

HAHAHAHA! That sucks. 

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