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Posted by Brian Michael, Fri, October 28, 2005 11:03 AM | Comments: 1

While Brian is correct, we are not here to replace sites such as ESPN.com or Philly.com, I would feel remiss if I did not mention a few hot rumors that are flying around Philly right now. 

First Monty has set up an interview with Jerry Hunsicker for the vacant GM spot.  Reportedly Monty was playing by the “old rules” of baseball where teams do not make any moves or set up any interviews until after the World Series is over.  Well someone should tell Monty that this is 2005, not 1975.  Hunsicker already has had 2 interviews with the Devil Rays, so the Phils better wow him and tell him he would have total control over the team (6 out of 9 years in the playoffs for the Astros team that Hunsicker put together proves he has the resume and capability to put together a winner).

Speaking of the Devil Rays, the Tampa Tribune is reporting that Mike Schmidt is on their short list of managerial candidates!  Are they kidding?  Schmidt hated coaching players in Clearwater b/c none of them could live up to him as far as ability was concerned.  Are the Devil Rays that different from a minor league team?  None of their current players are going to be Hall of Famers like Michael Jack so why would they even want to interview him.  I know its probably a media stunt, but still this news is funny to me.

Finally a rumor that blew my socks off when I heard it.  Say what you will about Howard Eskin, and I know many hate him and I agree he is an arrogant ass most of the time, but he does have insider contacts with all the Philly teams and even with many of the national teams as well.  He is always breaking news before it becomes public (remember it was thanks to Howard that the Phillies finally had to correct where the numbers were on the left center field wall b/c the Phillies were not showing accurate distances).  Well according to Eskin, two of his insiders at the Phillies have told him that the Phils are going to remove 3 rows of seats in left field so they can move the fence back 20 feet!  Can you believe that, they are giving up revenue so as to make the Bank a real major league stadium!  Is this a sign of many more changes to come for the Phils?

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