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Posted by Brian Michael, Wed, November 30, 2005 06:17 AM | Comments: 0

Throughout the season I certainly got fed up with Billy Wagner running his mouth.  Then in blowing those two saves against Houston, I really started to dislike the guy.  Of course his departure for the cesspool of the National League only fuels the fire.  But if that wasn’t enough, now listen to what he’s been saying:

"There’s a difference between winning and being competitive.  In the end, I thought [the Phillies] were more interested in being competitive than winning.

 "While the Phillies were getting rid of one guy, the Mets were buying up talent, and that’s hard to overlook."

"I’m sure I’ll be treated the same way everyone else is," Wagner said. "I’ll be heckled. The fans there are passionate. They’re going to think I ran to the money – which I guess they would have passed up – but I get heckled in every park. It’s part of the game."

Heckled isn’t the word, country boy – try lambasted, degraded, or threatened.  You just signed yourself onto the list next to J.D. Drew and Todd Jones.  It’s funny, by saying "which I guess they would have passed up" he pretty much confirms the fact that he indeed ran to the money.

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