Is he going to choose the road less traveled?

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Dallas Green is at it again.  He and Charlie have made up afer Dallas criticized Charlie’s managerial style mid-season.  Now that Dallas has received his slap on the wrist from the Phillies and kept his opinions to himself for a while he felt this week at the Winter meetings would be a good time to be heard agian.

This time around Big-D’s subject was the much maligned Pat Burrell.  Dallas believes Pat is at a "crossroads" in his career.   Green actually has a ton of faith in Pat’s ability, but thinks that maybe Pat is enjoying the nightlife in Philly a bit too much.  Dallas said of Pat, "It’s neat to have money, it’s neat to have good looks, and it’s neat to have broads all over you."  He admited that he and Pat have their own little watering hole that they go to together in Florida and even went as far as to say that there are many a player in the Hall of Fame that lived the lifestyle (see Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, et al.).  In Pat’s case though Dallas believes he needs to refocus his efforts on baseball. 

GM Pat Gillick agrees with Dallas in that he was quoted today saying he finds nothing wrong with Burrell.  Gillick believes he is a guy that wants to win and is intense, sometimes being too hard on himself even.  My question is are Pat and Dallas paying Pat these compliments in an attempt to drum up some interest from other GM’s?  Or are they hoping that Burrell recovers from his lingering foot/wrist/mental problems and becomes the type of player they hoped he would be when they gave him all that money as a promising #1 draft choice? 

Pat is 30 years old.  He has a choice to make.  Does he just want to be Mr. Old City or does he want to be a part of a three headed monster with Utley and Howard?  I believe (and I realize I am in the vast minority here) he is very capable of protecting Ryan Howard.  Let’s hope Pat chooses the correct path.         

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