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Losing Proposition

Posted by Brian Michael, Wed, July 04, 2007 09:24 AM Comments: 0

The present beware, the future beware, it’s coming, it’s coming! 10,000 losses for the Phillies is almost a reality. I have a feeling I’ll treat it like every other Phillies loss I’ve experienced in my life, but people are definitely making a big deal about it. Here is an article by our old friend DMac published in this week’s Philadelphia Weekly – read it to the end for the Phillies Nation shoutout. Go Phils!

Losing Proposition

How a foul ball and an 11-year-old kid still define our feelings about Phillies management 85 years later.

by Daniel McQuade

Photographs by Jeff Fusco & Courtesy of Temple Urban Archives

Anyone who’s caught a ball at a Phillies game—whether at the Baker Bowl, Connie Mack Stadium, the Vet or Citizens Bank Park—can thank the Phillies, a principled judge and a brave 11-year-old boy.

There may be no better American sporting tradition than keeping a ball that’s hit into the stands. Fans keep foul and home run balls as lifetime souvenirs, treating them as cherished possessions. The crowd cheers fans making a nice catch on a foul ball. Fans dropping an easy one get a hearty boo—at least from Philadelphia fans.

Home run balls make fans instant celebrities. Andrew Morbitzer did the TV morning show circuit earlier this year when he caught Barry Bonds’ 715th homer. Todd McFarlane paid $3 million for Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball. Bonds’ record-setting 73rd homer in 2001 caused a legal battle that went on for two years. McFarlane eventually bought that ball too. In 2004 Texas Rangers fan Matt Starr knocked over a 4-year-old attempting to get a foul ball. (After an outcry, he gave it to the kid.)

And then there’s the case of Robert Cotter.

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All-Star Selection – Shortstops

Posted by Brian Michael, Mon, July 02, 2007 07:29 AM Comments: 0

Chase Utley, Aaron Rowand and Cole Hamels are All-Stars – deservedly so.  Jimmy Rollins is not – deservedly so or undeservedly so?  On the day JRoll hit his 14 HR to propel the Phillies to their only win of the long weekend, he was rewarded with perhaps the biggest snub of this year’s All-Star selection.  Though in a way it makes sense that the shortstops from the division leading Mets (Jose Reyes) and Brewers (J.J. Hardy) are going to San Francisco instead.  And unlike Bobby Abreu three years ago, Rollins will not have a chance make the team via the Final Ballot as decided by fans – this year, it’s all pitchers.  Of course if an NL shortstop gets injured or otherwise can’t play, Rollins would likely be the first choice to replace him, though fellow NL East shortstops Hanley Ramirez and Edgar Renteria also have a legitimate cases.  Here is how they rank among fellow NL shortstops in six categories:

Rollins 1 3 2 3 4 5
Reyes 3 2 8 1 3 4
Hardy 5 5 1 19 5 3
Ramirez   2 1 5 2 2 2
Renteria  4 4 6 5 1 1

Looking at the rankings, maybe Hardy should have been left off in favor of Ramirez. JRoll certainly has a case for being snubbed this year, but in the overpopulated world of top-notch NL shortstops he may not have the best case.

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