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Welcome to Phillies Nation 3.0

Posted by Brian Michael, Mon, September 10, 2007 09:22 AM Comments: 7

First off let me apologize for the week of inactivity last week. While we were preparing the redesigned site, the old site began to malfunction due to a database full of spam comments. We fast-tracked the new site and so allow me to introduce you to the new Phillies Nation.

Designed by the staff at Cambigue Design, the new site should read easier with black text that is larger by comparison to the old site. Besides the new and improved look of the site, there are many new functions as well. The the blog roll on the left side are now neatly organized in drop down menus (or they will be soon). A new video section now serves up homemade Phillies videos recordings. Also, all posts now feature a ‘Share This’ link to post an article to over a dozen social bookmarking sites or email it to your friend. Plus there are plenty of more additions that will rollout soon, including an Ashburn Award to complement the Jeltzie.

The new site comes at a critical time in the season. The Phils are still treading water in the National League Wild Card race. The trouble is that they are in a logjam of NL West division contenders. With this being September, division play is in full gear. I see two likely outcomes for the 3 teams chasing the Diamondbacks, either one will get hot and the other two will fall off or they will all split series the rest of the way. Scenario 1 would not bode well for the Phils if the Diamondbacks held off the hot team but they still took the Wild Card. Scenario 2 would at least give the Phillies a chance if they get hot. Included in that second option would have be a dismantling of the Rockies in this four game series. Speaking of which, listen our playoff predictions on another installment of Phillies Nation on WNJC.


Brian talks about Phillies Nation and the Phillies chances this season on WNJC.


Cole Hamels

Posted by Brian Michael, Wed, September 05, 2007 10:04 AM Comments: 0

I didn’t hear Cole Hamels inflammatory comments the other day, but luckily Jim filled me in.

“Basically he said that he thought that this injury could have been avoided if the Phillies had only hired a chiropractor (that part of the quote is fine I believe the Phillies are cheap and I know Cole is a bit of a primadonna, so I can live with that part). He then goes on to say (and this is the part which incenses me) that he does not think it is worth coming back and risking a more serious injury unless the Phillies can get back in contention and make it a closer race. Are you serious Cole? You are 3 out in the WC and 5 out in the division with 24 games left to play, last time I checked that constitutes being in the race. If I were Rollins or Utley or Howard I would punch him in his California b@lls and say man up up!”


Phillies.com News

Posted by Brian Michael, Tue, September 04, 2007 10:38 PM Comments: 0

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Philly.com Phillies News

Posted by Brian Michael, Tue, September 04, 2007 10:37 PM Comments: 1

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Google News – Philadelphia Phillies

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Reality Bites

Posted by Brian Michael, Tue, September 04, 2007 09:22 AM Comments: 0

The Phillies entered their weekend series with the Marlins looking for a perfect week, instead they found a cold dose of reality.  On Saturday, the familiar woes of starting pitching – this time J.D. Durbin – spotted the Fish a six-run lead in the first (it would’ve been seven had Jimmy Rollins not lead off the game with a home run).  Then Sunday sporting a five-run lead of their own, Phillies pitchers Adam Eaton and Kane Davis coughed up five homers as the Marlins held on to win 7-6.  Florida also benefited from some spotty calls by home plate umpire Rob Drake in the ninth inning.

Meanwhile, the Mets swept the Braves and the euphoria of last week’s monumental sweep has subdued.  The Mets may have gotten swept, but they know how to take care of business.  Now Pedro is coming back and the Phils have the wounded Braves on their hand.  Going into the final month of the season, the Phils are three games back in the Wild Card and four in the division – overcoming those deficits are certainly not impossible.  But be careful what you wish for.

Our Phillies have a certain reputation the past few years.  They suck you in with big wins, amazing finishes and individual performances worth watching, but in the end they ultimately disappoint.  How many people jumped back on the bandwagon after the Mets series?  We said last week that the Padres and Mets series would tell a lot about the Phillies.  Maybe it told us something we already knew.

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