Congrats to the 2007 Phillies

Posted by Brian Michael, Sun, October 07, 2007 11:28 AM | Comments: 8

Last night the Phillies had their post-season dreams dashed by the Colorado Rockies by a count of 2-1. There’s not much to say about the game that hasn’t already been said about the series in general. Hitters didn’t hit, rather they struck out. The bullpen was shaky at best, but not on the whole terrible. Jamie Moyer pitched another fantastic game when it counted and solidifying his role as the team’s stopper.  It was clear, however, that guys without playoff experience sure could have benefited from some.

Plenty more will be said about the Phillies performance in the playoffs in the coming days by myself and others, but I’d like to take this moment to send a heartfelt congratulations to the team and the organization. This quality team is going to be around for a while and this season was just the first step towards decade of success. Not many teams win the World Series in their first playoff experience (save those damn expansion teams). The Phillies are building towards that goal. I could see it in the players faces during the ninth inning. It was the classic dear-in-headlights look that said, “Wow, we were not prepared for this, no wonder we got steamrolled.” The whole scene reminds me of the Emily Dickenson poem, Success is counted sweetest. Yet, in the mire of failure and self-reflection can only come strength – the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies will look back on this season and realize what needs to be done to not simply play in post-season games, but to win them all (or at least one of them).

But in the meantime, we should enjoy this season and acknowledge the joy that fell upon the city, if only for a week, and remember we all deserved it. Congratulations to the 2007 Philadelphia Phillies and thank you. Go Phils!

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  • Posts: 0 Gavin

    Last night ended the way I thought it would. The Phils ran out of offensive gas against a team that is on a historic roll. If only Trevor Hoffman could have closed them out the other night maybe things would be different.

    I’m thankful for the heart this team had. They weren’t real good most of the trime, but damn they fought hard. I never doubted their effort. Even Burrell seemed to care. I hope they can bring Rowand back and get some pitching. I think Rowand was their role model for toughness.

    As Don Henley said, “The Boys of Summer Have Gone.” Thanks Phils for never giving up.

  • There is No Joy in Mudville

    I’m no baseball historian due to the fact I’ve only been following the game for ten years shy of a quarter century. If my memory serves me well, there has never been a double sweep, dual elimination in the National League Divisional Series…

  • Posts: 0 Andrew

    This much we know: Mesa, Alfonseca, Eaton, Helms, Barajas, and Nunez absolutely cannot return next year.

    I’d welcome a trade involving Pat Burrell in a heartbeat. This guy was a microcosm of the team’s inconsistency.

    Hmm, who would I rather have protecting Ryan Howard next season…Aaron Rowand or Mike Lowell?

    But for now, I’m content. Not bad for a team that isn’t supposed to compete until 2008.

  • Posts: 0 LivelyLiz

    Well, I would just like to add that it was fun to be a Phillies fan this season, and despite the loss last night, y’all had a good run! All we need next season is more people wearing the Howard Utley ’08 gear!

  • Posts: 0 Big Daddy

    With the 28 different pitchers, we really overachieved. A quality starter, bullpen
    help and a 25 hr 3rd baseman we will be there a again. Thanks Phils and Phillies Nation for a great ride.

  • Posts: 0 Sean P.

    Did anyone think the TBS announcers were terrible. How about that home run call, or lack there of. “Fly ball to right – home run”. It was such an exciting moment i was almost confused since the announcers were completely mono-tone.

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  • Posts: 0 Greg

    On TBS announcers:
    I basked in the luxury of not having to hear McCarver and Buck butcher the game. I thought they did well on play by play, knew their teams and player backgrounds. Anytime any HR was hit, emotions were in 5th gear for me anyway, so I didn’t notice their casual demeanor.

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