The Mitchell Report Looms

Posted by R.C. Cowie, Wed, December 12, 2007 11:55 AM | Comments: 1

Update: For leaked names see our recent post 

In just under 27 hours, the results of the 20-month independent investigation conducted by former Senator George Mitchell will be released in full Thursday at 2 P.M. EST. Sen. Mitchell’s impending report has been hanging over the heads of MLB and Bud Selig like mistletoe over the doorway. Tomorrow afternoon, Selig and Co. are about to get a big wet one right on the kisser.

Up to 80 names are rumored, some of whom you’re already quite familiar with: Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Juan Gonzalez and Rafael Palmiero. This monumental event is hope that this will be the beginning of the end of the “steroid era” of baseball. But, what if this is just the beginning of a brand new chapter of a story that commissioner Bud Selig and baseball executives would wish to forget?

The report itself is clouded in absolute mystery. MLB have already reviewed the final submitted copy days ago to review if it will expose any confidential information on MLB operations. When the final report is presented there is no telling if the actual report is genuine or a revised “Selig version.”

Surprisingly, none of the names contained in the report have leaked out to the press. As a Phillies fan I’m eagerly awaiting to see how many Phils, past or present, have been implicated by Mitchell’s investigation. Moreover, how many players whom the commission has implicated would you never, in a million years, have thought used steroids in their careers? Remember how we all felt when it was revealed David Bell was juicing while playing third base at The Ballpark?

The report will bring all new questions for a new decade of fan suspicion of MLB athletes. I believe its naive to feel this is the beginning of the end of the “steroid era.” While the Mitchell Report is a start to implicate those who are cheaters and a disgrace to the integrity of competition, Selig must find a way for the Players Union to accept and adhere to harsher penalties for violating the steroid policy. Until that happens, teams will not shy away from signing these ‘Mitchell Men’ to long-term contracts as long as they can perform on the field.

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    I know for a fact, Wes Helms is going to be in that report. Can wait for yall to see how big of a joke this guy is to baseball. no respect. He was on the juice when he was in Richmond playin minor league.

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