Lukas: Phils Alternate Uniform ‘Gorgeous’

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Tue, March 25, 2008 07:32 PM | Comments: 2

Nice little tidbit in Paul Lukas’ “Uni Watch” column, which is, for me, the must-read of all Page 2 content. He’s incredibly thorough, knowledgeable and tasteful. And he is the No. 1 resource for uniforms.

Here’s the nugget about the Phillies new alternate uniforms:

Jimmy Rollins New Uniform

It is Uni Watch’s sad duty to announce that the Phillies have scrapped the cool alternate cap they’ve been wearing for interleague games in recent years. On the plus side, they’ve unveiled a new throwback alternate uniform, based on the team’s late-’40s uni, which will be worn for selected home games. It’s flat-out gorgeous, with the exception of one small fly in the ointment: The uni numbers on the original design looked like this, so why is the throwback version going with this?

I agree with Lukas — the uniform is spectacular. I adore that off-cream color (the Giants’ home unis are of the same shade) and the blue trim just makes the whole design pop.

It’s interesting that the Phillies haven’t had too many uniform variations despite their long history. And looking through the history, I would only stack the mid-1920s version against the current alternate style, which was the norm in the 1940s. Yeah, Lukas is right.

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  • Posts: 0 Laura Dahlinger

    I really like this throwback look! I am really not a fan of the regular red uniform but that’s their color so they have to go with it. I can see why they would go with the newer numbering, giving an updated look to the numbers to distinguish it from the older look. But I prefer the older numbering style to keep with that scheme.

    Great job with the blog!

  • Posts: 0 chris.I

    What the hell are you talking about? LoL..I’m so happy to know your a woman, cause if you were a guy I’d be upset. Not A fan of the red uniform? That’s what makes the Phils..Well…The Phillies. Thats going to be the Phillies color forever. I dont know about the rest of you, but I bleed Red. Always will…WHOO HOOO GO PHILS. 5 more days, God I’m excited! But all jokes aside, The Blue uniforms are GAY. Burn them haha

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