Major Media Outlets Love Braves, Not Phils

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Sun, March 30, 2008 04:45 PM | Comments: 7

Before spring bloomed in baseball land, you could say the Phillies and Mets were the top draws in the NL East. But something happened, maybe two weeks into spring: The Braves became the chic pick.

Looking at predictions from major national media outlets, the Phillies are being cast to third place in the NL East, while the Braves are on many lists not just to win the East, but the National League. Call it true support of a dark horse, trying to look smart, whatever. The Braves will be good, I think, but good enough to win the NL?

Outlets with the Phillies in 1st, NL East:
ESPN: Eric Karabell (fantasy)
ESPN: Sean McAdam (contributing; Boston-based)
Sportsline: Scott Miller

Outlets with Phillies winning Wild Card:
ESPN: Tim Kurkijan
ESPN: Enrique Rojas (Deportes)
ESPN: Bob Klapsich (contributor)
ESPN: Nate Ravitz (fantasy)
Fox Sports: Ken Rosenthal
The Sporting News

Only Lindy’s has the Phillies in the World Series, losing to the Detroit Tigers. Meanwhile, a slew of writers have the Braves in the Series, including Jayson Stark and Rosenthal, who like the Braves enough as World Series champions. Another note: Johan Santana is far and away the favorite to win the NL Cy Young.

You can’t get worked up over predictions, especially because they usually never come true. But clearly, the Braves mix of youth and experience has piqued the sportswriting world. Most predictors say the same thing about the Phillies when delivering their prognostications: Not enough pitching.


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  • Posts: 0 chris m

    jon kruk had us as wild card too

  • Posts: 0 chris.I


    This conversation is too premature. Let’s have this conversation in 3 more weeks. Who cares what writers, and media predict? Come on seriously, When are they ever right anyhow? I guarentee if we stay healthy the Phils will end up in the playoff’s again this year. The season hasn’t even started yet, so we can’t let some low blows effect us.

  • Posts: 1650 Tim Malcolm

    Avatar of Tim Malcolm

    I’m just presenting the information.

  • Posts: 0 SpikeRogan

    Hey how about the stat geek who works for Boston on 60 minutes tonight. Chase Utley is the MOST UNDERRATED PLAYER IN THE MAJORS!

    I got to see Chase Hustle for about three full seasons in Scranton back in the day. I knew before most. Hell the Labor day make up with Boston at the Vet in 2003 I was in the outfeild 600 level. Got cursed at and had beers tossed at me for cheering Utley and holding up a “Utley’s Puppies” sign for him.

    People screaming how dare I not want Palonco instead.


    Who are the dumbasses now?

    They were probaly Howard Estin fans anyways, screw em!

    Espically the jerk with the greatfull dead tat!

    Who is the jackass now buddy?

  • Posts: 0 chris.I

    Anyone get a chance to watch the Braves and Nat’s game tonight? What a great game…Zimmerman started the season/New ball park off historically with that walk off 9th inning HR. Anyways The Braves would have won if the out field walls were a foot shorter due to Texiera, and Mcann’s bombs. I can’t wait to make the nat’s record 1-1 tomorrow LoL.

  • Posts: 0 Lewisauce

    I’ll never surrender, never stop watching, never stop caring, never stop pouring over stats and footage and character etc.

    But we’re doomed. Tim’s right about this year’s third-place prediction. Each team carries 11-12 pitchers. We have three who can start (I’m including Moyer), one middle relief guy (Madsen), and one lefty specialist (Romero) who inspire confidence. The rest inspire anxiety. That Eaton is still on this team is an outright insult to the fans and the rest of the players in the clubhouse. That we’ve got only 10 (or however many it is) pitchers right now, including Tim Lahey (what the hell is the difference between this guy and Blackley/JD/Geoff Geary/Jose Mesa/Condrey/etc.?)

    Front office sat around holding their units and looking at each other the past few months instead of aggressively pursuing the best pitching available. It makes me sick.

    Yeah, I’m pessimistic, but unlike the front office, I give a rat’s arse what happens to this team. I’m just calling it like I see it. The alarms will be raised when we’re 4-12 on April 20 (you don’t believe me? Take an honest look at the bullpen.)

    Go Phils.

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    Hey, Gwynn called for the Phils to lose the Series to the Tigers this year!

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