Gamenight: Phillies (43-37) At Rangers (40-40)

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Fri, June 27, 2008 06:10 PM | Comments: 56

Another series, another hope that maybe, just maybe, this team wins it.

The Phillies are coming off a brutal 5-0 loss to the Athletics, where Rich Harden basically demoralized them. Now the Phils play the Rangers, and are visiting Rangers Ballpark for the first time. With tonight’s game the Phils will have played in every Major League ballpark, and have hosted every team in Philadelphia. I believe that makes the Phils the first team to do such.

It’s also game No. 81. Folks, after tonight we’re at the halfway mark of the season. Wow.

The Phils go up against Kason Gabbard. Kason is an incredibly rare name, something like the 880th most popular boy’s name in America. I think Gabbard and maybe a couple kids in West Virginia and Texas have this name.

The Phils bring Brett Myers out, who needs to be shut down. And the offense has to be better. They’re hitting .181 in their last eight games.

Rangers stud hitter Josh Hamilton is a gametime decision after being hit in the hand by a pitch.

Phillies: Brett Myers (3-9) 5.51 ERA
Rangers: Kason Gabbard (2-3) 4.96 ERA

Gametime: 8:05 p.m. EST
Weather: 96, sunny
Lineup: Werth/Utley/Rollins/Burrell/Howard/Feliz/Victorino/Coste/Bruntlett

MLB Gameday Audio
MLB Gameday

Your gamenight beer: The hoppy Berkshire Maibock comes from Massachusetts, but is a very German beer. It’s light and a good beer for this time of year. As we try to focus in on this team getting a few hits, let’s take some easy sips, chow on some fried shrimp and just enjoy the fine-looking Rangers Ballpark and the hot, hot weather in Arlington tonight.

Go Phillies!

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  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    Not to belittle Phillies’ hitting woes but they are not the only NL team struggling in interleague play against the AL. So far in tonight’s interleague play, the AL teams won NINE of eleven and have dominated in a hugh majority of series played this month.

    Texas is no slouch on offense as they lead the majors in runs scored with 445 (counting their score tonight). There are no easy outs in the line-up except for the catcher tonight. The team as a whole is hitting .278.. third in the majors behind Bosox and the Cubs.

    Tomorrow night will see how Hamels does against that line-up and hopefully he has some run support.

  • Posts: 0 Rick

    So now that interleague play has nearly come to an end (thank-god), what do you people think is the reason the NL has been slapped around by the AL in ILP for the past several seasons?

    Do you attribute it mostly to the DH, expansion teams, drafting and scouting, etc? I’m just curious.

    Hope you don’t mind my post Tim, but this is something I’m interested in hearing other people’s opinion’s about. It’s obvious that there is an imbalance and I have some ideas why, but would like to hear other’s.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    The DH is important. However, I think the AL has had better pitching and higher payrolls. the DH leads to more offense. More offense leads to the need for more pitching. More pitching and more offense to counter that pitching can only be had by higher payrolls.

  • Posts: 0 doubleh

    I think the AL teams are better because they have overall better pitching. Period. They have to because of the DH. They can never take a batter off in the AL like NL pitchers can. Save for a few pitchers who can hit, an NL pitcher can throw a mistake pitch to a pitcher batting and (most) times, not get burned.

  • Posts: 0 NateB

    It’s all about MONEY. High payrolls in the AL. 5 of the 6 top payrolls are American League teams. The teams in that league buy all the All-Star players. Unfortunately the DH produces more fans because the non-baseball-thinkers can enjoy a game of all offense. Too much “ADD” these days to enjoy a pitcher’s duel. It’s not even pure baseball when the pitcher doesn’t bat. I hate that league. I’m so glad the Phils are in the pure league. Strategy is the name of the game here.

  • Posts: 0 Tommy A

    NateB — For the first 30 years the DH was around, I was a staunch NL rules supporter –No DH for the exact same reasons you mentioned. But now, I’m on the other side of the fence. The AL is passing the NL by. I love strategy, but I’m not running back to my seat to watch Kyle Kendrick hit.

    The game has changed. And although I wish both leagues had remained “pure” as you say…when one clearly has the advantage offensively, it’s time for the other to wake up and catch up.

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