Offense Batters Padilla, Pitching Holds On For Win

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Sun, June 29, 2008 02:07 AM | Comments: 13

In a very entertaining, rain-soaked game, the Phillies pulled one out with a little offense, a little pitching a lot of heavy breathing. The 8-6 victory gives the Phils a full two-game lead over the rest of the NL East, as the Marlins, Mets and Braves all lost.

Where to start? Let’s go with The Man, who had three hits — a big double, a bigger 23rd home run and a biggest triple. Utley has eight hits in his last four games. Besides him, the other regulars all chipped in. Best was a two-out, bases-loaded single by Jayson Werth, scoring two and getting the Phils right back in the game after Cole Hamels gave up a two-run home run to Michael Young.

Hamels wasn’t at his best — thank a very good Rangers lineup for that — but he fought through seven innings, giving up four runs on six hits while striking out eight and walking two. He probably pressed a bit in the sixth inning, wanting to get the Rangers out so the game could be called official with rain pouring down, but when he had to, he made his pitches.

Chad Durbin played setup man yet again and had some trouble (though one can point to a Howard fielding blunder as the catalyst); JC Romero came into the game with the bases jammed and, while he walked a runner home, he made the important pitches and struck out Jarrod Saltalamacchia in a primetime at bat. Brad Lidge gave up two hits in the ninth but was his grimy self, bidding adieu to Josh Hamilton and Milton Bradley with that slider. Is there any question that Lidge shouldn’t get an offer to pitch in Philly past this year?

It was great to see the offense get a few big hits in this one. Vicente Padilla seemed to be a nice elixir. And they got their hits in bunches, not wasting all their opportunities like in the past. Thirteen men left on base is pretty good when you score eight.

And hopefully the engine starts running for Jimmy Rollins. He murdered one to right-center, scoring Werth. But he wasn’t satisfied with a triple, gunning for home. His slide was just a moment too late and he was out, but boy was it a good, gutsy play. Hey, maybe this whole game was the fire the Phils offense needed. And not a moment too soon.

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  • Posts: 0 Don M

    How about that Ryan Howard looked like a complete jerkoff when he stood there and admired his home run… which, for a moment, pushed his batting average all the way past .215 …so, yea I take that back.. he had every right to stand there posing

  • Posts: 0 chris m

    don down here in the south we call it pimpimg it… he probly is not used to making contact so he was probaly a bit surprised…how bout howard DHing? its important to get is glove out of the infield… either dobbs or bruntlett depending on a lefty or righty

  • Posts: 0 chris m

    don… just a differance between new school and old school….im new school but like seeing people doing it old school…and your prob old school and that how it should be played

  • Posts: 0 scot

    I gotta admit, I have no problem with the NL RBI leader admiring a mammoth home run, in a game the Phils needed to win. Given the choice of him watching admiring the ball carry over the fence, or admiring a called strike 3, I know what I’ll choose.

    Good to see the offense as a whole come through on a night Cole wasn’t at his best.

  • Posts: 0 tom

    this isn’t old school new school, this is a team that’s 2-8 in their last 10 games and a hitter who has been terrible for the last two weeks, not to mention them barely squeaking through with this win. grow up ryan.

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    Let Ryan be Ryan as in “let Manny be Manny”. (chuckle) The Phillies and fans are so glad to have the NL RBI leader on the team.

  • Posts: 0 danny

    who cares if he admires his homerun? welcome to planet earth, fellas.

  • Posts: 0 danny

    He’s a millionaire in his 20s with more pressure on him than any of us can fathom. So he finally crushed one and stared at it- so what?! Did you guys just start watching professional sports? Do you just want pro athletes to act like you want them to?

    We’re all frustrated with his crappy average, his strikeouts, and his defense. We’re all frustrated with a losing streak (teams with a .550 winning percentage are EXTREMELY LIKELY to lose 5-10 games in a row over the course of 162 games).

    Have yourself some scotch, take a breath, and give the kid a break.

  • Posts: 0 danny

    Good call scot.

  • Posts: 0 chris m

    nobody gave a shit when T.O. did it as a eagle

  • Posts: 0 fred

    t.o led the league in many categories. Howard leads the league in ribies because he hits behind rollins vic and utley. If you put anyone in that position they would drive runs home

  • Posts: 0 danny

    So you have to lead the league in more than one major category to showboat?

  • Posts: 0 David Montgomery

    I loved when Griffey Jr used to do it… I just also like the way that Utley hits one and acts like he’s been there before… Howard SUCKS this year… if he was hitting them all the time, and just happened to crush one.. then watch it and admire it… but when your team is playing like crap, and you are hurting them more than helping them….. on that rare occasion when you hit a home run that means something, get around those bags, touch home.. and act like you’ve been there before.

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