Phils Accused Of Stealing Signs Vs. Red Sox

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Thu, June 26, 2008 11:50 AM | Comments: 12

It turns out, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, a “Major League official” is saying the Phillies were stealing signs from the Red Sox last week during their series at Citizens Bank Park. The note says the Phillies have been investigated for it in the past.

If the Phils were stealing signs, I’d hope they would’ve done better than that. Or else they’re just bad at it. I mean, the offense has stunk lately.

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  • Posts: 0 Rick

    Stealing signs has been a part of baseball forever? Big freakin’ deal???? It’s totally different than what the shameless Patriots did. It’s not like they were taping them?

    If they can pickup the signs for steal/bunt/take/H&R/etc. good for them! If a man at 2nd can pick up the pitch type from the catcher’s signs, good for them!

    This has been a part of baseball for as long as the game has been played!

    I don’t understand what this writer’s point is. Think he’s just trying to pull attention away from the despicable patriots?

  • Posts: 0 Greg

    Yeah, really… so what? So change your F’ing signs.
    This writer is just pissed cause he wasn’t ever talented enough to play the game to the level where you develop some cognizance of baseball strategy and he thinks its the same as football. He probably doesn’t understand that game, either, and I’d be willing to bet his sentence structure is about as poor as his grasp on sports knowledge. His Dad probably knew somebody and got him the job, anyway. In other words, he sucks at life.

    And yes, I do hate Boston.

  • Posts: 0 Arlen Spector

    This sounds serious. I better waste my time and your money to look into this further.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    thast garbage. the boston red sox are so arrogant. thats sucha an asshole move.

  • Posts: 0 Phanatic in CA

    If they were stealing signs with a camera or telescope like the Giants were when Bobby Thompson hit his home run in 51 then that could be an unfair advantage.
    But if its a bench coach or a runner on second picking up signs then its all a part of the game. That’s why pitchers cover their mouth with their glove when they talk to catchers on the mound.
    Because the Sox took 2 of 3 at the Bank I don’t think they’re going to make a big stink. That would be kinda bush league to beat a team and then complain they cheated. That Globe writer seems like a bit of a muckraker. Just report on J.D. Drew’s hitting and shut up already.

  • Posts: 0 Angelo Cataldi

    You’re so smart, Arlen. You should call the show tomorrow morning after I talk about the Eagles for 9 hours.

  • Posts: 0 ryan

    whatever they did, it didn’t work

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    There was talk of this earlier this year with the Braves too who were playing GREAT at home.. but not so great on the road.. Stealing signs with coaches, or players on base is fine… a guy on 2nd might put his hands on his knee while taking a lead.. or fake back to 2nd base twice if a curveball is coming.. etc.

    The penalty for getting caught doing that is usually a hit batter…

    If teams are really using cameras and telescopes to steal signs.. that is a whole new problem

  • Posts: 0 philspan

    This is a joke. If there was any truth to this why were the Phillies AWFUL in the last two games of the series.

  • Posts: 0 Lewisauce

    Are you fucking kidding me? If we were cheating, why did we lose two of three so pathetically?

    This is just one more reason to hate EVERYTHING about Boston. This Globe writer probably covered fashion until 2004 when he got caught up in Red Sox Nation. What a loser.

  • Posts: 0 rich

    Just so you understand this, it was NOT a Red Sox that said this. Read the story before you knock on the Sox.

    Apparently, if they were stealing signals, they weren’t very good at it anyway. Let’s play ball.

  • Posts: 0 RedSoxFan

    “rich Says” is right. First off, a mlb official – not anyone associated w/ the Sox – believed the Phillies to be stealing signs. The Globe writer was just doing his job. Stop hating on Boston – you have no reason to. What did they ever do to you?

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