Trade Deadline Open Thread

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Thu, July 31, 2008 08:57 AM | Comments: 241

The Major League Baseball Non-Waiver Trade Deadline (all rights reserved) is about seven hours away.

I’ll turn it over to all of you — what would you like to see the Phillies do today, if anything at all?

Spin a deal for a left-handed reliever? And who? Jump all in and go after Manny Ramirez? Make one last push for Matt Holliday? Grab another starter? Maybe something different?

Go nuts. Be the GM.

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  • Posts: 0 Don M

    No reason the Dodgers need to give up Matt Kemp for Ramirez… I wouldn’t do it if I was LA because Kemp is going to be a stud and you have him under your control for a couple years.

    Myers and Werth for Ramirez… I just decided to comment of the Dodgers first so I could re-think it…. and now, I WOULD DO THIS TRADE (but I dont think its legit that Manny goes anywhere)

    If Myers can get you something like that in return, you have to do it… and I like Werth a lot, but he’s a platoon player.. If you add Ramirez to this lineup in the #3 hole.. you have the best offense in baseball, to go with the best bullpen… and you hope and pray your rotation stays solid…. if not, you still have that money to get a starter next year

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    i know how it feels now, ahem…


  • Posts: 0 rob

    Don M…After Arbitrationing Howard next year, isnt he a free agent?

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I think they have Howard under control until 2011 ?? I could be wrong. but I thought it was 4 years going into this one.. in 4 years, if he continues to KILL THE BALL… but also strikeout a ton and not hit for average.. you just dont know with him.

    I think i’d rather have a player that hits .300, 35 HR, and 100 RBIs …because he would be putting the ball in play all that much more… BUT… Howard is an RBI machine and carries the team at times, especially late in the last few seasons

  • Posts: 0 JIM

    Pat gillicks sleepin in today

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    howards under control until 2011 when hell be, what, 31/32? thats when hell go be DH. is he has value then you flip him at the deadline that year or the year before to the AL for MAD LOOT

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    or the winter meetings

  • Posts: 0 Kennedy

    Howards only got 4 yrs of service time after this year, so hes a free agent after 2010.

  • Posts: 0 Craig

    I’m loving this board today

    Firstly there’s there Myers and Werth for Ramirez. Ramirez is a 2 month rental at best.

    then we’ve got someone who suggests that if we trade Howard we can plug the gap at first with GREG DOBBS.

    brilliant. keep them comming.

  • Posts: 0 Rob

    Yo, you need to give Blanton a little more than 1 start plus 2 innings especially since he was what something like 11 days out of pitching for his first start and only threw 2 innings in a rain delay. Basically thus far the guy has pitched ONE game. Screw the rain delay. OH and ummm ya they won both of those games. I really don’t care what a pitcher does, if he’s lucky enough to give up less runs than his team scores. Not only that, but because of his spot in the rotation, it completely boxes him out of any start in this series. The guy is fresh on a new team and he’s yet to have a decision. Putting him in the bullpen is retarded and defeats the entire purpose he came here which was to save the bullpen and be an inning eater. The moodswings of these threads are like an angry mob in the Simpsons, honestly.

    Also, 4 o’clock rolls around my prediction is no moves for the Phils. Gillick will try to pick up arms in august off waivers like he did the last few years. His history proves it.

  • Posts: 0 Pete

    Werth + Myers + $$ for Manny….DO IT. We will score 8-10 per game from here on out.

    We will also set a record for number of extra base hits surrendered on any balls that reach the outfield, but hey, it’ll be a fun ride.

  • Posts: 0 rob

    Craig…yeah but it Werth and Myers going to do anything that great for us this year?

    Plus Ramirez, I will take the draft picks when he leaves.

    The Dobbs thing is ridiculous though

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    don, you’re probably right there has only been a little about trades. a lot of bashing him though, and i can understand to an extent. i agree that having a 300 hitter who can hit 35 hrs and drive in 100 would be ideal but those are tough to come by. without howard in the lineup we wouldn’t be where we are right now, he drives in a lot of big runs. plus lately he’s been seeing the ball a lot better.

    i’m not the biggest fan of howard, also because he’s a defensive liability. but i think unless the phils have a replacement for him he does a good job at the plate for us and he’s still improving. i would like to see him personally try to hit more for average and stop trying to kill the ball every time at the plate. hes strong enough that if he just hits the ball on the nose not trying to kill it that it will still go out.

    and is the deal with howard that they can arbitrate him every year until 2011? i wasn’t sure what the deal with him was

  • Posts: 0 Kennedy

    I said you could plug him in, although thats not ideal. Definitely not ideal. I just don’t see us winning a WS with Hamels, Moyer and the best of Kendrick, Myers, Blanton as our top 3 starters. I can’t be the only one who feels like this.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    the only thing im worried about with blanton is the velocity dip i saw. if he gets his velocity back up next time out hell go 7-8 innings a start in the NL. he throws strike but when youre throwing them at 88 like he was they get hit.

  • Posts: 0 Phil

    Through 2011. That’s actually really awesome. He’s on this team until the 2012 season. Ryan Howard is what he, an RBI machine. He gets you on the board early. He inflates your score to make sure you win. Considering who he has batting around him, he is such an asset to the line up. If you put Howard on a team like the Giants or Padres where they don’t have a lot of guys on base or anyone who could protect him he’d be useless. He’d be PERFECT on the angels. When I say perfect I mean, he would make Teixera look like a pile of trash. The Angels always have guys on base.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    i think blanton looked a little uncomfortable. at least in the game against the mets. he didn’t look comfortable throwing his fastball and threw a lot of breaking pitches. maybe if he gets in a groove his velocity will return?

  • Posts: 0 Kennedy

    The Red Sox would never agree to that trade. Why would they send us any additional money when moving Myers would basically be a salary dump for the Phils. I mean, its not like he would crack their rotation at this point. As for Werth, Manny the cancer is still hitting better then him in virtually every way. So basically the red sox would be getting Brett Myers (who the Phillies probably would have trouble giving away at his salary) and Werth (not as good as Manny, not signed past this year). Why would they do that?

  • Posts: 0 Rob

    Bottom line is the Phils JUST traded for Blanton. They’re too stubborn to do anything after that. He’s here to stay for the rest of the season and he WILL be in the rotation barring some god awful disaster (which remains to be seen). The Phillies would rather let Blanton self destruct than move him to the bullpen.

  • Posts: 0 NEPA

    What’s up with the negativity towards Blanton? Give the man a chance to pitch a full game or 3.

  • Posts: 0 Kennedy

    Blanton in the bullpen makes no sense, the whole reason they got him is because he eats innings.

  • Posts: 0 Rob

    Kennedy, shouldn’t you be writing a screenplay. And ya, that deal doesn’t seem to make any sense at all and I question where that rumor even came from. Just seems reallllllllllly stupid on the Red Sox part.

  • Posts: 0 J-Man

    Kennedy-I’m right there with you there is no way in hell we will win a World Series with the rotation we have.

  • Posts: 0 billboby

    hey where is this manny werth myers rumor coming from? where on the site is that?

  • Posts: 0 Rob

    Where would meyers even fit in with the redsox staff? At this point he would be their worst pitcher (and one of the highest paid) and they’re supposed to give up one of the best offensive players in the game for that AND eat his salary HA.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    thatsa retarded. myers isnt being traded until after the season in my estimation. unless they get some amazing elite guy in 2 hrs then myers is still in the rotation until he implodes again. when he does that, they will move him to the bullpen and put happ in the rotation.

    if things REALLY get bad they may get an arm in a waiver-trade in august.

  • Posts: 0 Rob

    they WILL get an arm in a waiver-trade in august. Nothing will happen before the deadline.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    the mets are going after luis ayala, hahaha, more junk to that scrapheap of a bullpen

  • Posts: 0 Kennedy

    I can’t see them getting a starter off waivers this year, since even if Myers or Blanton imploded, they could plug in Happ. If they lost 2 starters, you have to figure they would call up Carrasco before they traded for anyone.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    right now id focus on getting a legitimate bat and a legitimate setup man. but tahts just me. i know theyre not getting a starter so i wont waste my typing.

    you can use the waiver-trades to get patchwork or unwanted guys. until then you gotta go for the good stuff.

  • Posts: 0 Mike

    Werth Meyers deal was reported on NBCsports.com

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    nbc doesnt cover baseball, they dont know what theyre talking about.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    i mean, cover it as closely as other networks

  • Posts: 0 Rob

    If that is actually true (Werth/Meyers/$$ for Manny), I am embarassed.

  • Posts: 0 Kennedy

    haha ed wade just made another bad trade

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