Gamenight: Mets (73-60) At Phillies (73-59)

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Wed, August 27, 2008 06:14 PM | Comments: 271

Headline: Expect anything, everything
The Major Players: Kyle Kendrick, Johan Santana, Pat Burrell, Pedro Feliz
The Venue: Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia
The Number: 0.5 games ahead

Yesterday the Phillies and Mets played — hyperbole necessary — the best game of the 2008 baseball season, and then some. The Phils won 8-7 in 13 innings, 13 gutwrenching innings of great baseball. Chris Coste delievered the winning RBI, a fly ball single into deep center field that scored Shane Victorino and sent Philadelphia into a frenzy not heard since Sept. 30, 2007.

Carpenter’s School: Because the bullpen was so taxed yesterday, the Phillies brought up Andrew Carpenter from A+ Clearwater. He could pitch an inning or two, or three. It’s best that Kyle Kendrick goes deep into this one.

Pick Up Bat, Pat: Pat Burrell is a key player tonight because as the Phils main right-handed hitting threat, he has to come through against New York ace Johan Santana. Burrell, of course, went 0-for-7 last night, maybe the worst performance of his career.

Jars Of Clay: As if there wasn’t more to write about last night, Clay Condrey had his first hit since 2003 with a double in the fourth inning. It was the first extra-base hit of his career and the second run scored of his career. His OPS is at a very nice 1.000.

Don’t Mess With The Johan: In three starts against the Phillies this season, Johan Santana is is 1-0 with a 2.74 ERA and 20 K. With at least a five-inning performance tonight, Santana would’ve pitched against the Phils twice as much as any other team he’s faced this season.

Phillies: Kyle Kendrick (11-7) 4.87 ERA
Mets: Johan Santana (12-7) 2.64 ERA

Gametime: 7:05 p.m. EST
Weather: 79, partly cloudy
Lineup: Rollins/Utley/Burrell/Howard/Victorino/Werth/Feliz/Coste/Kendrick

MLB Gameday Audio
MLB Gameday

Your gamenight beer: Hopefully you enjoyed last night’s beer slow, because I’m not pitcking up your hospital bill. Tonight we stay slow with Cadillac Mountain Stout from Bar Harbor in Maine. Eat beef brisket with this and sit back, watch the fun unfold.

Go Phillies!

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  • Posts: 0 fan

    i dont think so

  • Posts: 0 fan

    wowowowow nevermind that whole thing got messed up haha

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Met fan, I know, “why you posting here?” but its apparent that Metsblog’s comments section is perpetually broken, but this is certainly going to be an interesting stretch. Such highs and lows these two games for both sides.

  • Posts: 0 Grrrumpy Miner

    A split is what was expected.Johan hung tough tonight and the poison pen did the job. Good top of the 8th for the Mets is what did it.Oh well,off to Chi-Town and Miami.Its now time for the Amazins to put the albatross fans to bed and start getting them into Dolphins mode.Good 2 games and 3 more at Shea coming soon. Good luck vs da Cubs.

  • Posts: 1650 Tim Malcolm

    Avatar of Tim Malcolm

    Series isn’t a waste of time at all. But it completely confirmed my post from yesterday. This was fun, big stuff, but we’re going every day until the very, very end.

  • Posts: 0 Rich the Mets Fan

    Along with their bullpen woes, their ability to bounce back from hideous losses is what I expected from this season’s Mets. You might say they’re the anti-clutch, but you cannot get any more clutch than that when you rebound.

    This will be a dog-fight to the end. Already lookin’ forward to next weekend. See ya then. LETS GO METS!!

    P.S. MMR Rocks!

  • Posts: 0 Mike W.

    Have to bring this up again: Note how us Phils fans aren’t really over on Metsblog posting, even after last night!

    Why do you a-holes have to come to this blog and annoy us? It’s just incredibly lame.

  • Posts: 0 Grrrumpy Miner

    Theres a reason Ron Darling won an emmy for his play by play,his collegues and other sports journalists felt he deserved it.Gary Cohen learned his skill from one of the best in Bob Murphy.Keith Hernandez i’ll give you.Radio front Howie Rose (as was Cohen) grew up Mets fans and Wayne Hagin is more a polished pro.BTW Ron Darling is well respected that he does Sundays at TBS with third generation caster Chip Caray.Also if you want to refer the Mets announcers as “homers”,just listen to the last Mets game of 2007.

  • Posts: 0 SJ Mike

    From Matt Cerrone at Metsblog.

    “It’s a shame an opposite field pop up is a homerun, but that’s what you get when you play at Citizens Bank Park.”

    He said that in reference to Howard’s homerun. Didn’t that same thing happen for Delgado in almost the exact same spot. Why is it a shame for us but totally legit for them?

  • Posts: 0 Mike W.

    Oh my god, Howard’s shot was a bomb. That was out at Shea. What a crock of shit.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    as a Phils fan living in NY, I have to say the SNY crew is probably the best in baseball. Gary Cohen has become more of a homer since he left the radio booth, but the real stars are Darling and Hernandez. They are insightful and Hernandez is just funny. His knowledge of opposing teams isn’t great, but his willingness to bash someone on ANY team (Mets as well) is refreshing.

  • Posts: 0 SJ Mike

    I posted that pop up is a homerun comment at Metsblog. The response I get from their fans. “Oh it’s a crime either way. Serves them right when it happens to them for designing that terrible park that way.”

    I happily pointed out that both were about 340 feet and would’ve been out a Shea.

    Then again, its like trying to tell someone the color of the sky is blue when they insist its red.

  • Posts: 0 Objective Met Fan

    I love the SNY crew but you guys are right that Cohen has become more of a homer lately. I thought his call on Delgado’s home run was way over the top. At that point I still figured the Mets would lose the game. However, if you listen to those 3 every night they really do have great chemistry and are a great listen. It’s funny, Keith and Ron were both Mets and won a WS and they aren’t homers at all. They really just appreciate and applaud good baseball.

  • Posts: 0 Objective Met Fan

    SJ Mike: You’re disproving your brethren Phillies fans’ point about how no Phils fans post on MetsBlog. Can’t we all just agree that it’s fun to go back and forth and the shit talkers are annoying on both sides?

  • Posts: 0 Phillies Suck

    what a game! Just got back from shea, I mean Philly. It felt like shea with the crowd. Great game! Go Mets!!!!! Lidge back to reality!!

  • Posts: 0 SJ Mike

    I read Metsblog very often and rarely post. I’ve said it early in this thread and I’ll say it again: it may be that I get cheesed about it more often because my girlfriend lives in North Jersey so I hear a lot of opposing viewpoints from Mets fans (and Yankees fans for that matter, and let’s toss in the Giants fans) who like to jump on me, my city, my teams, and my stadiums every chance they get. They like to go out on full offensive.

    I always try to defend and stick up for Philly in a respectful and constructive way whenever it is dissed. Sometimes something just makes me snap and I feel the need to stick up for it.

    I was posting over at Metsblog telling the obnoxious Philly fans to stop posting offensive and ridiculous comments. I try to be as objective as I can.

    But yeah, they’re annoying on both sides. I love getting into debates with the opposing fans who are more or less general fans of the game itself and not just their specific team.

  • Posts: 0 TJ

    what a game! Just got back from shea, I mean Philly. It felt like shea with the crowd. Great game! Go Mets!!!!! Lidge back to reality!!

    But it didnt smell like shea. I would say there are about 4000 Mets fans at the Bank when they play so you guys are represented well and a come from behind game like this you guys are gonna outcheer a depressed Phils crowd. It was a good game but just not in our favor. Now the real race starts

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I knew TJ was a met fan all along. Did I not call that when he and Don M teamed up against me in an argument the other day?

    in any event the series was a wash and the more resilient/less sucky team will win this division. and its a baaaaaaaaaad division. ill have more venting to do tomorrow, if i feel like it.


  • Posts: 0 TJ

    Geoff, Im in no form a Mets fan. Im excited to hear how we should blow up this team tommorow, looking forward to it. Should we trade Hamels for Feliciano this time?

  • Posts: 0 Phil Thadelphia

    > joshua, here are the mets on HGH:
    > – fernando tatis
    > – carlos delgado
    > – david wright
    > – carlos beltran
    > – aaron heilman
    > now, these are not implications, this is straight
    > factual information. take it how you want.

    Yeah… because some moron from Philadelphia says so.

  • Posts: 0 Phil Thadelphia

    Cohen is a Mets fan. He grew up a Mets fan. He’s broadcasting on SNY… the Mets channel. He’s sitting next to Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez… Mets Royalty. If I wanted whitewashed, unemotional, uninteresting sportscasters, I’d watch ESPN… or listen to Tim McCarver. I prefer listening to someone who is as interested in my team as I am. If that makes him a homer, then so be it… I don’t really think that’s the definition of a homer, though.

    A homer wouldn’t point out the bullpen’s awful performance or fairly offer his opinion about a bad umpiring call that benefits the Mets or… well… the list goes on.

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