Sending Thanks To Our World Champions

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Thu, October 30, 2008 04:06 PM | Comments: 234

Thank you to:

Geoff Jenkins. He was the most obvious pinch hitter in baseball history, and he decided to knock the biggest hit of his entire career, a leadoff double.

So Taguchi. Didn’t do anything in the postseason, but came up with the big hit against the Mets earlier this season. A loss or two there to the Mets, and it’s a different story.

Kyle Kendrick. Struggled this season, but had a couple big starts, including an eight-inning shutout against Oakland.

JA Happ. The top prospect pitched some big innings down the stretch and gave fans a reason to look ahead to 2009.

Clay Condrey. The best long man in baseball even had a few huge spots late in the season.

Rudy Seanez. Came up big in a couple spots with his veteran moxie.

Eric Bruntlett. The runt had a couple huge moments in 2008, including the mad dash to the plate in game three of the World Series.

Chris Coste. 30-year-old rookie hits the climax of his career. From Fargo, N.D., indie leaguer to world champion.

Tom Gordon. “Flash” may never pitch again as a Phillie, but he had a couple big innings early on.

Matt Stairs. The barrel-chested 40-year-old socks the biggest home run of his life in game four of the NLCS.

Scott Eyre. From no-man’s land in Chicago to late-innings hero in Philadelphia. With a loud mouth to boot.

Chad Durbin. From swingman to late-innings guru, he was one of the big acquisitions in the offseason.

Greg Dobbs. The best pinch hitter in Major League Baseball, and the best in Phillies history.

Joe Blanton. What a trade deadline pickup — the big man went 4-0 down the stretch, then gave a string of huge postseason performances with his arm and bat.

Pedro Feliz. Supplying big defense all season, Feliz came through with the game-winning RBI in the World Series clincher.

JC Romero. What a grab last season. The left-hander may have had you biting your nails, but when didn’t he finish the job? He got the win in game five of the series thanks to a gigantic double play — the play he always pulls off.

Jayson Werth. Another big grab. The slender, goateed outfielder rose from the underground to have his best offensive season ever.

Ed Wade. Yes, Mr. Wade, thank you for building a foundation that became world championship-caliber.

Brett Myers. What a story. From closer to starter to minor leagues, then back to the top. Myers was integral to the team’s late-season push, and never, ever kept himself quiet.

Jimmy Rollins. The 2007 MVP claimed the Phils would win 100 games in 2008. He was benched, he was ridiculed, he was loathed, then returned to lead the team to the promised land … and 103 wins.

Carlos Ruiz. Left for dead as an offensive player, Chooch upped his game in the World Series with big hits. Oh, and he was the main man calling the best pitching staff in baseball, bell to bell.

Shane Victorino. The Flyin’ Hawaiian became a star in 2008, especially in the postseason. He broke the club record for RBI in a postseason, then had two big RBI in game five.

Ryan Madson. He started as a long man, almost left for dead as a prospect that never truly blossomed. Then the autumn arrived; Madson became the best late-innings guy in baseball, especially in an almost-spotless postseason.

Pat Gillick. Bit by bit, he picked up integral players that became huge contributors to this team. From the very small (Stairs) to the very huge (Lidge), Gillick fit the pieces together perfectly. If he goes out, he’s going out on top.

Ryan Howard. The 2008 MVP candidate had another strong power year, then woke up in game four of the series with two mammoth home runs. The biggest threat remains the big man.

Chase Utley. The Man. All business, he epitomized the 2008 Phillies through grit and 100-percent effort. His defense shone through brighter than anything in the postseason, and his throw to the plate to end the seventh will go down in franchise lore.

Charlie Manuel. The best manager in Phillies history.

Cole Hamels. NLCS MVP. World Series MVP. Ladies, gentlemen, distinguished persons: Cole Hamels is the best pitcher in baseball.

Jamie Moyer. The 45-year-old kid from the suburbs won a world championship. His first. With the team he grew up watching and rooting for. Congratulations, kid, you absolutely deserve it.

Pat Burrell. Saving The Bat for second to last. Maybe he’s not the best Phillie player of all-time, but while Utley epitomized the team, Burrell epitomized the city. Downtrodden for so long, The Bat realized his dreams, thanks to a clutch leadoff double in the seventh. He might be gone after this season, but boy, will he be missed.

Brad Lidge. Unquestionably the team’s most important player. The best offseason acquisition I’ve ever seen, Lidge was perfect — absolutely perfect — in 2008. And he delivered the final out of the Phillies second world championship with a slider heard ’round the Valley.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, 2008 Philadelphia Phillies. We love you.

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  • Posts: 0 Linda E. A

    Way to go Guys Great Team work I have been cheering for you since the last Big Win, So Thanks to each & Everyone of you. You have made all of us so Proud.

  • Posts: 0 ashley

    Love those guys!


  • Posts: 0 Justin

    Thank you to all the Phillies fans up above, who heard our prayers and answered them, Thank you!

  • Posts: 0 Kim

    Thank you Phillies for bringing so much joy into our city.

    When everyone is down because of hard times, you gave us a reason to celebrate.

    To All of the hard working staff that stood in the rain, heat and cold. Thank you for always being there.

  • Posts: 0 Amy

    Congratulations Boys, You deserve it. You Worked hard to get where are you today, and We couldn’t have done it without you. You Men are Amazing and You are the Best out their.
    I can’t wait to see next year.
    Thank you for a remarkable season.

  • Posts: 0 Addie

    Thanks to the best team in baseball! We waited a long, long, time and now we don’t have to wait any longer.

    I know that Johnny Mars and Vouk are smiling down at our city today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I’m already looking forward to Season 09!

    Phillies Phan Pforever!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 krams


  • Posts: 0 Sherry B

    The core of this team has been exciting to watch for the past three years. This is the perfect culmination for a group of men who have shown the desire to improve and who have believed in themselves for quite some time. I was honored to be in the stands both on Monday and Wednesday to see these Phillies become World Series Champions. I come from a family of dedicated Phillies fans going back to my grandfather and it has been a pleasure to come to the ballpark these last few years to watch them play ball. Congratulations to the coaching staff as well as all of those listed above. No team gets to the pinnacle on one or two people’s efforts. It’s a team sport for a reason and every person involved from spring training to the last pitch of the World Series deserves recognition for a job well done. Thank you Phillies for one of the biggest thrills of my lifetime.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    Damn this team was so loveable. Flags fly forever, and so will the memories. Thanks to everyone.

  • Posts: 0 elyse

    Thanks for a great season and the wins. Congrads on the winning of the world series. Special thakns to us and all the fans of philadelphia and surriunding areas, see you all at the oaradde fri 10/31/-08

  • Posts: 0 Janet

    Congratulations and thank you to all the Phillies players and the entire organization for making us proud once again. Yes it’s been a while and I remember the 1st World Series win very well. Unfortunately I now live 700 miles away from the celebration but I am there in spirit. Enjoy the parade!!!

  • Posts: 0 joe

    after so many times of winning the national league east it’s about time and way over do.a big congrats to all for a great season winning the world series of 2008.

  • Posts: 0 d marley

    best season ever

  • Posts: 0 barbara

    you are the greatest, you made it all the way, may god bless you.

  • Posts: 0 mikemike

    Does Adam Eaton get a full share of world series money?

  • Posts: 0 Hendo

    Hearty congratulations from this corner of Nationals Nation.

    As my long-departed idol Bob Prince would’ve said… you had ‘em allllll the way.

  • Posts: 0 Amy

    2008 Philadelphia Phillies and all the coaches, staff, management, and Charlie Manuel – THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF THIS PHILLY GIRL’s HEART!

    A city’s history and personality are rooted in the personal stories of its everyday citizens. SO MUCH of these stories are sports-related in Philadelphia: stories and memories shared by family and friends, events that may or may not BE all of someone’s life, but 100% make life WORTH living, stories that take us out of the sometimes scary world of reality and put us in the pureness and genuine fun of baseball, nostalgia and togetherness.

    I grew up with these stories and they were a huge fun part of my family and we created our own stories. I was in my Mom’s tummy at the 1980 Clincher and my parents’ passed their tickets to my sister and I and as my Dad said, “sent the rooks to get the vets job done of cheering!” Let me tell you, I am assuming it was much warmer in my Mom’s belly than it was as an adult in the the rain of Game 5, Part 1!!!! But there was nothing more exciting than that last out and the win and the fireworks and confetti. Nothing more cool than looking at my sister and us SCREAMING and CRYING with excitement, calling our parents and them screaming back on the phone!!! It was like an amazing dream that caused a flood of memories of alllll the years leading up to this great moment: games with my Dad at the Vet, family trips to games, great players of the past, parking near the old smokestacks and walking to the Vet, a great hot dog, the Phanatic (BEST MASCOT IN SPORTS!!!!) at my sister’s wedding, the last game at the Vet, the 1st at the Bank, EVERYTHING. It was overwhelming. SO THANK YOU PHILLIES for writing a new chapter and story in the memories and hearts of Philadelphians that gives us PRIDE and that WE will tell everyone forever and ever!

    JRoll – seriously there is NOTHING like a JRoll triple, I always cheer my face off and get a massive head rush its so exciting!
    Chase Utley – you are baseball at its purest, good hard work, AMAZING defense!!! Loved the tag and throw double play! INSANE!
    The Flyin Hawaiian – AMAZING SEASON AND KILLER POSTSEASON! I think I almost got evicted from my apartment for screaming so loud at your grand slam against CC Sabathia! Thanks for that! I was sick and tired of hearing everyone talk this dude up! You showed him what’s up!
    Cole Hamels-you are the BEST pitcher in baseball, thanks for your hard work, WE LOVE YOU.
    Brad Lidge – I’m not gonna lie, I heart you. HAHA! You pitch with a passion and your perfect record makes EVERYONE AMPED with confidence when you get out there to make it “lights out!”


  • Posts: 0 Doug

    I was 24 when the Phils last won the World Series in 1980. 28 years later it was a pleasure to witness Cole Hamels, 24 years old, lead this squad of fightin’ Phils to the World Championship, and take home the series MVP honors. I’m especially happy for guys like Burrell, Rollins, Myers, and Madson who endured some tough seasons here before this franhcise put it all together. Thanks to them, as well as Utley, Howard, Victorino, Feliz, Ruiz, Hamels, Lidge, and that incredible pitching staff for bringing the world championship back where it belongs. You know somewhere in the heavens above Tug and Whitey are smiling. Thanks for the memories, champs!

  • Posts: 0 brian

    Thank you to Billy Penn, who finally let us off the hook. We promise to never disrespect you again.

  • Posts: 0 Go Blue!

    hehehe….and the Phillies won in silence as this year’s World Series was the lowest rated ever. Ever.

    Congrats folks. The real truth: No one outside of Philly gives a damn about your team or your victory.

    So congratulations!!!! Too bad for you, nobody cares.

  • Posts: 0 brian

    and guess what assface, nobody in philly gives a damn.

  • Posts: 0 brian

    you can’t touch this

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Thank you so much, this year has been a ride like no other I am truly proud as always to be a phan of the createst team in all the land!

  • Posts: 0 timinLynchburg

    Thank you boys for saving the season for The Red Sox.

    It was a great series, no doubt about it. Now, are we going to have to wait another 28 years? Let’s hope not.

    Charlie, you did a great job, a truly great job. Not bad for a kid who never learned how to quit.

  • Posts: 0 glenn

    At last.It feels soooooooooooooooooo good

  • Posts: 0 Wilson

    Joe Carter stole my childhood

    The ’08 Phillies gave it back to this 23 year old!

    Thanks for the greatest season I can remember!

  • Posts: 0 Camille

    Thank you for a wonderful year! What an amazing time to see my favorite team win the World Series. Congratulations, you are the best!

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    That was amazing. It was the first time I’ve ever seen any of my teams win a championship and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

    Check this article out about Philly fan and why they deserve a championship.


  • Posts: 0 Anne

    Thanks for a spectacular year. I loved everyone minute of this year. You guys deserve this championship more than anyone else. When everyone I talked to on Tuesday was starting to count you out, I stood strong in my faith in you and I BELIEVE!!!!!! Thanks again.

  • Posts: 0 Cheryl Says

    Thank you for an intense season and wonderful WORLD SERIES games! You all are GREAT and you all seem to have great chemistry with each other….that makes you a GREAT TEAM.
    YOU GUYS ROCK….. :) Now let’s see a repeat….enjoy the Parade tomorrow and all the celebrating – you deserve it!!

  • Posts: 0 Debbie

    Thank you for a wonderful ride all season and into the playoffs. Everyone worked together as a team, whether you used your bat or your glove to get the job done.

    Congratulations you all deserve it

  • Posts: 0 Chase Mutley

    Due to my job, my wife and I moved out of Philly this past year and up to a town in the Lehigh Valley that I had never stepped foot in before. For many reasons we didn’t want to leave Philly but we were heart broken about not being able to just skip down to the Bank on a whim to catch a game.

    As luck would have it, the Iron Pigs set up camp a few towns over. The very first game was an exhibition that had the Iron Pigs vs. the MLB Phillies. To think, when all the players were introduced that day, that they would end up as World Champions.

    We were there when they clinched the NL East against the Nats. I found myself in LA on business the day they cliched the NLCS against the Dodgers and was able to score tickets the day before. I feel blessed to have been there for so many important milestones in this season.

    In May I said that I wanted this Championship, not just for the city and for myself but because this is the GREATEST group of guys that you could ever wish this for. I wanted this for Jaime Moyer. I wanted this for Pat Burrell. I wanted this for Charlie Manuel. Well, we got it.

    I look forward to partying with all 1 Million + of you tomorrow. Lets get wild!


    (Go Blue! It funny that all you’ve got to throw at us is TV ratings. Seriously? You couldn’t even sell tickets in your own city for the playoffs. We’re lucky NFL blackout rules don’t apply to MLB or no one would’ve seen any of the home games the Dodgers played this postseason. Go put on your Manny Ramirez wig and cry somewhere else.)

  • Posts: 0 Nick Says



  • Posts: 0 ann

    soooooooooooo happy for Pat the bat because no matter what he did he was in that dugout cheering on the team and genuinely happy for them when they did good love ya Pat and chase and cole and werth and victorino and charlie and lidge and madson and staits and jimmie and ruiz and romero and charlie and jamie on and on and on everyone

  • Posts: 0 marlene

    been waiting a loooong time for this. saw it happen in 1980 and am now in 7th heaven. congrats to our philadelphia phils.

  • Posts: 0 NateB

    Thank you Champs!!!! We all needed that.

  • Posts: 0 Phillies Phan SC

    Let me also thank the players. I want to just add one thing about Kendrick. He did struggle, but he still had 11 wins. They still would not have done it without him. He is going to be a great pitcher as he matures.

  • Posts: 0 Phillies Phan SC

    Oops, I meant to thank the coaches and Phillies staff as well. Often we forget them; without them, the players cannot get where they are going!

  • Posts: 0 Evelyn

    Loved every Sunday game we went to. Watched all the others, too. Gave the playoff tickets to our sons who were thrilled to go to the games especially the 5th and final game of the W. S. It’s a thrill they will never forget and neither will we at their excitement at being a part of destiny. I’ve have been following you guys since I was 14 and will continue always. Great season, great guys, congrats, you all deserve it. Good luck next year, too!

  • Posts: 0 Vicente

    I had no doubt that the Phillies were going to whoop up on the Rays. Congrats Phils, I look forward to more fun and exciting baseball from you guys next year. And hopefully this time around, I’ll be able to get some World Series and Playoff tickets.

    GO PHILS 2008 & 2009

  • Posts: 0 Larry

    Thanks for the good memories this season. Thanks for bring it home to Philly. You all deserved to win it all. I can’t wait to next year

  • Posts: 0 NEPA

    This season will never be topped for me personally. But, I see this team coming out next year straight business and taking a big lead by the end of June.

  • Posts: 0 Maureen

    Well, the Lads have done it!!! You have made us all proud to be a Philadelphian!! Thank you:)

  • Posts: 0 Zach L

    Thank you for a phenomenal season phils! In my second full season of religiously watching the phillies on mlb.tv i watched so many great games and loved every moment of it. GO PHILS! bring it back in 09!


  • Posts: 0 Roseanne Runner

    The Phillies loved by the city , The team give us one great season…
    To the Champions God Bless and enjoy yourselves in the games yet to be played ……

  • Posts: 0 john

    Thank you for a great year. The memores will last for ever. This team hung

    together through alot of hard times. That is the makeup of philadelphia ,

    So ones again thank you ,and lets do again next year. GO PHILLIES.

  • Posts: 0 Bonezy

    Well Done fellas…Thanks for the great year!

  • Posts: 0 Bob S.

    Well now….it has been a long time ago that i came back from Spring Training claiming that we have a really good squad and this could be our year….i did complain thou about us not signing Lohse (shows what i know)…..i am already looking forward to March in Clearwater.
    It seems like just yesterday thou that we all were in battle on this website, with our NY brothers to the north, who proclaimed the NL pennet, before the first game was played…..my, they sure did use some bad language when referrring to us small town Philadelphians. (how many weeks has it been now since the beloved Mets last played a game?)

  • Posts: 0 Joey

    Thanks boys, this was a great ride to the top.


  • Posts: 0 Tom

    Thanks for giving me something to hold over my Met’s fan father-in-law. Go Phils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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