Utley: World [Expletive] Champions!

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Fri, October 31, 2008 08:00 PM | Comments: 87
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The video of the day — of the year.

Some might make a stink about this, but Chase says it with such sincerity that you have to excuse it and appreciate it. Plus, look at the reactions from Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth, among others. They’re floored. Their little unspoken leader made a big statement.

Mike Missanelli on 950 AM ESPN Radio made a stink about this, saying it was wrong with all the children in the crowd. You know what, they hear so much worse these days. Who cares about this? This was great.

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  • Posts: 0 Brian

    No one should have a problem with it…I was at the rally with my 6 year old son. He heard it heard the crowd go crazy and repeated it directly to me. After I stopped myself from almost laughing I told him in the sternest voice I could muster that that wasn’t a nice word and that was the end of that.

    What a day Philadelphia we deserved it!

    Philadelphia Phillies World F@#$%NG champions!!!!

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    Lets just chalk it up to the fact the players would have had A LOT of champagne and enough adrenaline going to stun a rhino. We know Chase is a class act and this isn’t Manny territory, sure it was inappropriate but the guys earn’t the right for a free pass.

  • Posts: 0 NEPA

    People are too uptight sometimes. It’s just a word. If you want to, tell your kids its not right for them to say and move on.

  • Posts: 0 Bob Myers

    Not cool, and a terrible lack of class and lack of imagination as well as intellectual powers to describe the wonder of a Phillies championship. I’m sorry an otherwise seemingly classy guy displayed such a lack of class and consideration for his fans.

    I also think we should not have boo-ed (after winning no less) the mention of the Rays as worthy competitors, and I wasn’t even too jazzed at booing Bud Selig. We won! Why do Philly fans, no matter how victorious, just have let out vile venom and bitterness? It’s not the majority, but there’s a minority who just don’t show class. And I’m willing to call them out on it every time they do it, even a great player like Utley, cause it diminishes them and it diminishes Philadelphia fans!

    And oh yeah, the players who laughed and applauded, they displayed no class then too.

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    Bob, they won the World Series, not the Nobel Prize.

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    Bob – How old are you? 60? It’s a different era man, get over it.

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    Tim – Is there a video on Youtube that shows Utley’s entire speech? Might be good to show how he really gives props to the entire team after making that comment.

  • Posts: 0 Bob Myers

    Good point, I agree with you on that one. And by the way, I’m no better than they are. In fact, I’d definitely do far, far, worse with all the adulation and adrenaline such a victory brings. So please forgive me for any self-righteousness, which is a far worse fault than a 1 second lapse of judgment in using a word.

    Many of these guys really give back to the community and truly are outstanding role models. One little flub-up doesn’t change that. I love these guys, and I celebrate what they were able to accomplish.

  • Posts: 0 J-Man

    I love Chase,that was the best speech by far just the way he said it…People can hate you all they want for saying it Chase,but f u c k them,WERE WORLD F U C K I N G CHAMPIONS!!!

  • Posts: 0 kattapilla

    Matt, how young are you? It’s different when you grow up.

    Dropping the fbomb was tacky. Sorry, it’s just bad manners. Like I said before, it’s one thing between friends, another when representing your team on a stage. It makes a lot of people think a little less of you.

    Sorry if you don’t like that but that’s the real world.

  • Posts: 0 RAy

    I’m waiting on the New Chase Utley T-shirt. You no it’s coming and you no it will sell. Probably sell better then the BOO? F*ck you tshirt

  • Posts: 1650 Tim Malcolm

    Avatar of Tim Malcolm

    To me it’s a word. Yes it’s used in hate speak, but when you boil it down, it’s just a word.

  • Posts: 0 NEPA

    Agreed Tim. That’s what I said above. It’s a word. It’s all about how it’s used and Chase did not use it in a bad way at all. I guess some people are just more easily riled up.

  • Posts: 0 SJ Mike

    America gets so hyped up over language and nudity, especially in movies yet is totally ok with violence beyond repair.

    Never made sense to me.

  • Posts: 0 NEPA

    SJ – totally agree. I actually just read an article today about some theaters banning the new movie Zach and Miri Make a Porno – but those same theaters are allowing Saw 5. Seems ridiculous to me.

  • Posts: 0 SJ Mike

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning cursing like that in public, but I honestly think that Utley slipped and was overwhelmed with pure emotion.

    And the context it was used in has a lot to do with curses that are acceptible (or at least forgiveable) and downright offensive.

    And guess what. George W. Bush has been caught cursing and giving obscene gestures (including the finger) on camera multiple times, and he’s the President (thankfully for not much longer). Shouldn’t people be more concerned about that?

  • Posts: 0 Rudy Pepper

    Just wanted to point out that Harry Kalas said that Chase threw out the potential tying run at home plate.

    It was actually the potential go-ahead run.

  • Posts: 0 Aaron Proctor

    Like we don’t hear that kind of talk on a daily basis here in Philly.

    I can’t wait for the shirts to come out “World Phucking Champions”.

    I’d buy one.

  • Posts: 0 Mike

  • Posts: 0 Sarah Wayne

    This is too good. I had only heard about it and couldn’t find it on YouTube until this was posted, and it’s so much better to see him and the crowd (and the reaction of Cole and Jayson Werth!).

    Well put, Chase.

  • Posts: 0 Lisa

    full speech is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqApsgXYdX0

    i think he had every right to say what he said. they are all still in shock as are the fans. world phucking champions baby!

  • Posts: 0 Aaron Proctor

    It was a totally “Philly” thing for him to do..I love it!

  • Posts: 0 Bob Myers

    I always look for graciousness towards the opponents, especially in victory. I always look for examples of great character to point out to my young children, and for examples of arrogance. Sports supplies many bad examples, play-hogs, whiners, poor losers, etc. I will say one class act is Charlie Manuel. He has been the key ingredient to take a bunch of millionaire prima-donna players and turn them into a team. Benching Rollins, sending Myers to the Minors, sticking with loyal team players through thick and thin to much criticism, all are actions of character, principle, consistency.

    My admiration for Charlie Manuel is great. And he deserves a ton more credit even than he is getting right now.

  • Posts: 0 Bob Myers

    Clarification: Not all the players were millionaires yet, but by the end of the season Cole Hamels and others knew they would be on the rapid rise. Hamels only made 400,000. this year. That’s crazy. I mean that’s the same as the President, and we all know Hamels is way more important than the President!

  • Posts: 0 deanno

    When are you making the shirts?………………………………

  • Posts: 0 phillyhater

    oh yeah, such a class act he is. Lets see, the fans feel the need to start trashing and vandolize your city, and your star 2nd basemen is on national tv sounding like a drunken biker or something. What a city full of losers. I hate all of you

  • Posts: 0 SJ Mike

    Phillyhater, because we know how nothing of the sort has happened like that anywhere else before. I mean, Boston didn’t have any problems when they won, did they? New York has no problems every New Years, right?

    And we know how no ballplayer has ever said that word. That’s right, everyone is spick and span and clean.

    Thank you for clearing that up with your bottled up rage that you had to hide behind an computer anonymously and go into the thick of what you hate to express it.

  • Posts: 0 Mike

    deanno – scroll up a few comments

  • Posts: 0 Amanda

    That was awesome! That was hilarious. Nobody expected it from him, which made it so awesome.

  • Posts: 0 Jeremy

    loved it. t-shirts available.


  • Posts: 0 jan

    I don’t care what he said — he never looked hotter!

  • Posts: 0 tom

    i was at the bank and it went nuts when he said that people need to relax

  • Posts: 0 Manny




    I’m getting a T-shirt!

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I was in the CBP parking lot when he said it… the whole thing exploded!! Actually, when he said that, it finally kicked in… WE ARE THE WORLD PHUCKING CHAMPIONS! It was so emotional and special… I got my champagne bottle and sprayed everyone nearby!!! I love this team!

  • Posts: 0 ryan

    greatest speech since martin luther king’s “i have a dream” speech. no doubt. best moment of my entire life.

  • Posts: 0 J-Man

    Phillyhater,At least no one died when we celebrated like in Boston,and that was only after they won the ALCS.

  • Posts: 579 Brian Michael

    Avatar of Brian Michael

    I think this is the best t-shirt out of all of them – http://www.cafepress.com/philliesnation/6136922

  • Posts: 579 Brian Michael

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  • Posts: 0 Chris B`

    i believe it was more of a reference to the all-star game situation and the hype that followed that. after winning the world series for this city he can say whatever he wants! utley for mayor.

  • Posts: 0 eric

    let him say whatever he wants. F Missanelli.

  • Posts: 0 Phil

    Oh no kids, you can’t hear bad mans say the F word, go run along and play your grand theft auto game.

  • Posts: 0 DD

    So to all of you who believe the word is fine…….when and if you have your own children, your kids teachers can freely use this word to your son or daughter, right?

  • Posts: 0 Rich Kressly

    1. I believe it was said with sincerity from someone who was exhausted from the playoff effort and basking in the incredible feel of victory – the ultimate goal in a profession that very few on the planet are blessed enough to be a part of. As an adult, it’s something I could imagine yelling in a bar with friends when I was in my twenties.

    2. However, like one of the early posters here, my 8 year old son (who adores Chase Utley and has the shirt), immediately repeated the phrase while watching the TV and I had to correct him about the bad word. It’s certainly not the most difficult parenting I’ve ever had to do, but it did leave my son a little puzzled about his hero.

    3. I’m sure my son will continue to wear the 26 shirt and I’ll continue to be a huge fan of the way Chase plays the game. If I could, I would ask Chase that the next time he gets to that podium, he handles it differently. This isn’t the first time Chase let an expletive fly at the wrong moment – http://www.knucklecurve.com/chase-utley-video-utley-doesnt-like-boos/

    4. I agree with another earlier poster too. I look for examples of great character as well because my sons need those examples as they grow – there are far too few of them in the world.

    5. As for the crowd in general, I don’t buy what someone here said about it being a different world today – that’s an excuse. There’s absolutely no need to boo – EVER. Just because someone wins doesn’t mean someone else needs to get made fun of. The Rays, not even the Mets (who inwardly I don’t care for very much) deserve to be booed at the same time we celebrate a championship. Class and character need to be a part of our world in the future – sports USED to be a vehicle to teach America’s youth about these important life lessons. There’s no reason we can’t love our team and enjoy the historic moment without acting poorly toward others.

    Go Phils, let’s get another!

  • Posts: 0 D. Young

    Chase has made a habit of dropping f-bombs. Just goes to show money and fame can’t ensure class.

  • Posts: 0 DAVID HARRIS JR


  • Posts: 0 Steve

    In an world where athletes are getting caught for DUIs, doing drugs, taking steroids, domestic abuse, and doing other terrible things, I think we can let Chase off the hook for saying one swear word. For some strange reason we expect athletes to be better than us, to be these beacons to look up to, but we tend to forget that they’re only human. I was glad to see Utley say it, because it was clear that he actually cared about winning a championship. Too often in the world of sports, athletes don’t care about winning, they just care about how much they’re getting paid, but it’s nice to see that some athletes really do care about winning a championship for themselves and for their fans. Was it the proper thing to say? Probably not. But we shouldn’t be making such a big deal out of it.

  • Posts: 0 T Marty

    i personally don’t like to swear, (when i can control it). and when people have to use the F word three times per sentence, yeah that bothers me. but, while it shocked me when he said it, it didn’t offend me, he summed up how we all feel, and i’m buying the shirt as soon as i can.

  • Posts: 0 Bob Myers

    No one is making a big deal out of Chase saying this.

    Except I do and will resent you for wearing this shirt in public. I’ll probably throw a cup of something vile on you if you wear it around my kids.

    Well, I probably won’t do that, but if you wear that in public, and my children are around, I’ll make you an object lesson of how to be a stupid, ignorant, no-class jerk.

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    Bob – Although I disagreed with you earlier in the post, I do agree with you on the shirt, it’s pretty tacky. I hope everyone on this site purchases the “Phinally” shirt instead.

  • Posts: 0 mikemike

    Is what he said any worse than that show on at 7;30 at night on fox. they are in bed talking sex its a disgrace.

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