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Posted by Tim Malcolm, Wed, November 26, 2008 10:12 AM | Comments: 25

Yesterday it was reported by several sources that the Phillies aren’t interested in trading for Chicago outfielder Jermaine Dye, considering the bounty White Sox GM Ken Williams wants in return. Rumors yesterday said the Sox wanted a young starting pitcher and other pieces.

The Phils don’t seem to have what the Sox are asking for, nor is it really the right price for Dye.

Meanwhile, it was reported that teams in the northeast are among the seven teams Dye has listed in his no-trade clause. To my count there are four northeast teams: the Red Sox, Yankees, Mets and Phillies.

It really baffles me why players elect to stay out of the northeast. Sure there’s inherit stress with playing in Boston, New York and Philadelphia, but arguably, the four teams in this region are the most successful franchises in baseball. In the last 10 years, the Sox, Yanks, Mets and Phils have won five World Series, and have participated in the series eight times.

One statistic I love pulling out is only three teams have had winning records every season since 2003: the Sox, Yanks and Phils. Clearly these are good teams devoted to winning. Sure, you may get booed a little louder than in, say, Chicago, but you’re likely going to win. It shows Dye and some of these players with no-northeast trade clauses really aren’t out for the championships. And those are players I don’t want on my team.

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    Note: No Minute today. Slow news day, and had some things to take care of. Plus, no Minute tomorrow. Holiday and all, hangover and all.

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    No big loss. I’d have been okay with Dye if he could have been had on the cheap, but trading upper echelon prospects for an aging slugger on a 2-year, $23 million deal doesn’t make sense while Pat Burrell can be had for free (as far as prospects go). It might even be worth the extra year.

    And happy Thanksgiving, Tim.

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    looks like ill still be wearing my burrell jersey next year. it truly is baffling that players dont want to play for teams that are in it to win every year

  • Posts: 0 mike

    Maxhole one championship in twenty eight years and you label them in it to win every year. how stupid is that. Ed wade stop posting on this site or is this bill giles

  • Posts: 0 maxhole

    no offense to tim, but hes the one that grouped the phils into that category, and i agree with the way he wrote it. mike, read a little closer, i said “teams.” that includes boston, new yorks, and finally the phils like tim said. Chi sox won once in 88 years, but Dye still plays for them. did your mom ruin the turkey already or are you always this angry? i mean if you need a place to feast, theres always room for one more at my family’s table.

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    Wow. I did not know only 3 teams have had winning records since 2003. Glad to see the Phils are part of that elite group. If players can’t take the pressure of Philly, then like you said Tim, I don’t want them.

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    No Dye then. Whatever.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Well said, Tim. I like that last stat you mentioned… I’m too lazy to see if it’s true or not, so I’ll just take your word… and repeat it as often as possible to get the word out there.

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    Maybe Dye’s just sick of cold, windy weather, and wants to go someplace warm. Can’t say as I blame him, if that’s the case.

  • Posts: 0 Matt S

    Make sure you read the fine print of that stat.

    Only three teams to have winning records every SEASONS since 2003. Still an impressive stat.

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    Dye is the LF I wanted for the next 2 years, but not if we had to trade Happ or carasco. Why a hitter like him wouldn’t want to play in this park is crazy. he could easily hit 40.

  • Posts: 0 Matt S

    oh, and happy Holidays.

  • Posts: 0 Eb

    The White sox are minum 3 years away from any shot at the WS!!! What a moron

  • Posts: 1650 Tim Malcolm

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    What the stat shows is every year the Phils are in the hunt for the playoffs. Even when heavily injured, they’ve been playing above average baseball since the end of the Rolen era.

  • Posts: 0 rootin tootin

    is dye a problem we don’t need ,,, give burrell a chance to come back…..prove why we kept him here… he got the bat.

  • Posts: 0 maxhole

    agreed! i dont want to retire my burrell jersey

  • Posts: 0 mike

    maxhole my mom is dead and second I don’t eat meat have a nice holiday

  • Posts: 0 maxhole

    same to ya brother, btw turkey isn’t the only thing on my family’s dinner table.

  • Posts: 0 RichieAllen

    No big deal …Dye is up in age anyway…You never know what production you get at age 36..He could have been another Jenkins.

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    dye put up better numbers than burrell this past year, so prob not another jenkins. but agreed richie, its no big deal. i see what you were saying, jenkins had his best year previous to phils.

  • Posts: 0 Mickey D

    What about J-Roll, is he still someone we’re considering trading?

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    We should offer them one of our top pitching prospects, like Gio Gonzalez and combine him with a failed prospect who will shine with another team, like Gavin Floyd. I’m sure the White Sox would think about that trade!

  • Posts: 0 clktwr14

    *LOL* Griffin, Tim there are seven Northeast teams you forgot about Baltimore, Washington and the Blue Jays.

    Jermaine Dye is going to end up in Cinny for Homer Bailey and another prospect.

  • Posts: 0 Gavin

    Phils need to sign Nick Punto. Former farmhand of ours of course. The guy can flat out play defense all over the infield and would be a great super sub for Utley early. He’d be cheap and the perfect bench piece. Switch hitter. He could be the guy that gives Pete Happy the day off against tough RP, and you don’t lose any defense. Allows Dobbs to move to the OF full time.

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    Gavin –

    That’s a good point. Punto would be an upgrade from Bruntlett.

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