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Posted by Tim Malcolm, Mon, December 15, 2008 04:37 PM | Comments: 60
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Starting Wednesday, I’ll be counting down my list of the top 100 Phillies of all-time, “The 100 Greatest Phillies.”

Each day I’ll present a new name, counting down to the finale just before Opening Day.

Keep a lookout, and start predicting who makes my list.

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  • Posts: 0 Drew

    Ricky. Jordan. Or as we called him back then, R-Jor.

  • Posts: 0 MadSon

    I can’t put Mike Schmidt on the my simply becasue when I went to a Phillies Wifes Fight for Lives event in the late 80′s early 90′s he was the only player past or present who was charging for autographs, that left a really bad taste in my mouth since he was the only player who autograph my grandfather wanted. It was fitting; however, that he only signed about 10 that day.

  • Posts: 0 Brett

    Schmidt is without a doubt, a punk, but he’s one of the ball players of all time. He was a career Phillie and was with us for the playoff runs of the seventies, and the series’ in ’80 and ’83.

  • Posts: 0 Kenny

    Some others that should make the list!!
    Bob Boone
    Gary Matthews
    John Kruk
    Mike Lieberthal
    Curt Shilling
    Scott Rolen
    Gary Maddox
    Jaun Samual
    Chris Short

  • Posts: 0 Tom G

    how about…
    Ron Jones
    Nino Espinosa
    Bob Zebra
    Bake McBride
    Richie Hebner
    Willie Montanez
    Wayne Twitchell
    Dave Phillie
    Jeff Stone
    Randy Lerch
    Wes Chamberlain
    Alejandro Sanchez
    Porfio Altamarano (sp)
    Don Carmen
    Gregg Legg

    OK…this is fun…just sitting and thinking about moments in your mind!

  • Posts: 0 Phillies Phan SC

    I HAVE to comment on a few…

    MA Phanatic – I’ll give you that on Wagner…

    Tom G – Gregg Legg? No, no, no… I liked Don Carmen a lot, and he is one of my personal favorites, but no, no, no…

    MadSon – Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams??? Gosh no. Great post-game show man, but nooooooooooooo. He is on my personal favorites after 15 years now. Mike Schmidt is without a doubt one of the most pompous, arrogant people in the game. I also believe though he should be #2 regardless (Steve Carlton first). I don’t have to like him, but he is absolutely the best third basemen EVER to play the game, I believe. His attitude should not keep him off the list, regardless how he is with PR. Lastly, your comment on Sandberg is accurate. Oh, what could have been… 1983 and 1993 MAY have had a different ending for us with him…

    My opinion – we’re not MLB so Pete Rose MUST make the list. I still say if Bonds makes it into the hall, than Pete should too, as Bonds’ allegation is worse than Pete’s.

    The other names look good. I cannot add anything right now…

  • Posts: 0 Malcolm

    All-Time Phillies Line-up

    Darren Daulton (C)
    Ryan Howard (1B)
    Chase Utley (2B)
    Jimmy Rollins (SS)
    Mike Schmidt (3B)
    Greg Luzinski (OF)
    Lenny Dykstra (OF)
    Richie Ashburn (OF)
    Steve Carlton (SP)
    Brad Lidge (RP)

  • Posts: 0 Blankbook19

    Players like Jim Thome, yeah he was real good but been a phillie for like 2 years, which I am fine with putting him on the list if he helped us get to a play off, or win the division, or beat a franchise record. How did you come up with this list? Did you look at basic stats? ;or how I am interested. I am a librarian, and we like order, and information.

  • Posts: 0 Woodfolk

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  • Posts: 0 Herb Ober

    Wow…seeing the names on this list makes you realize how little talent the Phillies have had over the years. Ron Reed, Jay Johnstone, Randy lerch, Bobby Abreau#10?? WTF. Is this the best we can do???

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