100 Greatest Phillies: 54 – Pete Rose

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Pete Rose
First Baseman

Career w/Phillies: .290 AVG / 8 HR / 255 RBI / 51 SB

By now the story is well known: Pete Rose was ripped from Cincinnati after 16 seasons, signing as a free agent with the Phillies to be the final piece in a championship puzzle. And he delivered. After a trying 1979 season that underwhelmed everyone, the Phillies rebounded in ’80, led by Rose, Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton and Co. to take the pennant and World Series trophy. Rose’s contribution can’t go overlooked — he hit .331 in 1979, .282 in 1980 and .325 in the strike-shortened 1981. That season he broke the National League all time hit record. Aside from his Philadelphia accomplishments, Rose remains baseball’s all time hit king. He’s first in games and at bats, sixth in runs, seventh in total bases, a 17-time all star (four times with the Phils) and one-time MVP. Plus he had the most wicked head-first slide in the game’s history. Maybe the most incredible stat? In his five seasons as a Phillie, he struck out 151 times.

Comment: If Philadelphia can appreciate anyone, it’s Pete Rose. All-out hustle. Never-say-die attitude. Gambler. Drinker. Pariah. Crazy guy. Heck, if only he was a Phillie his entire career. As it stands, Rose had a heck of a Phillies career, and he can never be forgotten for his role in bringing the Phils their first championship.

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  • Posts: 0 Jim

    Phil is right. Rose was a great player and we are all clouded by the fact that Rose is the all time hit leader. While that is true he was only with the phillies for 4 years and in that time he was good but not great and didnt stay long enough to be a real legend of this franchise

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Those uniforms are really bad looking…

    MLBTR says the phillies are “still in negotiations” to re-sign Ryan Howard before arb…Translation: The Phillies are still in negotiations to trade Ryan Howard to the Yankees for a package headed by either Chien Ming Wang or Xavier Nady or possibly even Hideki Matsui if the Yankees pay some of this 13M salary…good bye Ryan Howard, its been nice watching you play in Philadelphia. Hope you enjoyed it while you had it becuase youre going to hate playing for the Yankees…

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    obviously matsui would require better prospects in return with him. but still..one of nady or wang plus good prospects isnt a bad haul for Howard. Nice job Amaro, hopefully he can finish off that deal…

  • Posts: 0 Phil

    Geoff, is that speculation or did you read that? I’d want Joba and Nady for Howard. Nothing less. Put Joba in the 2 spot and Nady in LF. Move Ibanez to 1st.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    John Kruk mentioned on ESPN radio on two different shows that he had heard rumblings of a package headed by Chien Ming Wang & that there has been some talk… other than that..nothing. it has not been on MLBTR at all because he doesnt count rumors unless its printed. If an analyst mentions it on the radio he ignores it unless its the overly worshipped red sox/yankees mouthpiece peter gammons. even rosenthal has to put it in writing first and hes usually right. as you recall, rosenthal predicted during august that ryan howard would be traded before the beginning of this coming season…

    Side note: Joba would be a wicked setup man too, but the Yankees seem to insist on using him as a starter and Madson is our RH setup man for the foreseeable future…

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    There is a 0.0% chance that a new GM taking over a World Champion baseball club is going to trade the MVP runner-up.

    It’s just not going to happen.

    Next offseason maybe, but not now.

  • Posts: 0 Phil

    I’d be afraid of trading Howard for pitching. Who would bat clean up?

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    thats the issue…thats the one reason why id doubt it happening before the arb hearing..they clearly are counting on michael taylor to be their cleanup man in 2/3 years. they seem really fed up with howard. they get a little irked in every interview about him now…be it montogmery or amaro they really get annoyed at the mere mention of his name. im pretty sure there is some VERY bad blood there. rosenthal is right like 90 percent of the time, so if he thinks theyll move him THIS offseason i still will go with that until it happens otherwise..

    this is also the type of trade that will happen with little or no warning. it wont be like peavy where it drags on for months and months. itll just happen out of virtually nowhere…

  • Posts: 0 Chuck P

    Agree with Griffin 100%… Rosenthal is trying to create a self-fullfilling prophecy. He posts something that might make sense to get us talking and hopes that we can figure out how it could work. CM Wang is a fine pitcher and might fit well. Xavier Nady is a decent bat but certainly not Ryan Howard. Not enough… regardless, it’s not gonna happen. If we had not won a WS title, I might take this more seriously. Do you really think that Amaro wants to be known as the guy that came in and dismantled the championship team?

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    thats the issue…i mean werth has power, utleys a born 3-hitter…ibanez could cleanup and play first until michael taylor is ready to join the big club. nady/matusi are 3′s or 5′s.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    See I think its a thousand times more likely to happen now that they won a WS…they dont need him to “get over the hump” anymore, theyve already done that, with his help in september and for two games in the WS. So now the pressure is off of their shoulders in that regard.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck P

    Geoff, you’re anti-Howard bias is showing again.

  • Posts: 0 Tom G

    Pete is being judge by something that is not easily defined. I think in terms on numerical impact, 54 is fine. However, the matter of his impact on the 1980 Phillies is immeasurable.
    Schmitty et al, have spoken often on his (ROSE’s) leadership and mentoriship to the Phillies team…
    I would have ranked him higher only b/c without him, this year would have been our first!

    Pete brought so much from the intangible side, it is not possible to measure his impact on Bowa, Schmidt, Greg, Gary, Steve, et al…

    YET…I cannot dispute the position based upon numbers!

  • Posts: 0 Tom G

    reply to PHIL…

    You forgot Von Hayes…who was amazing for a bad team…knowing your list was off the top of your head!

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    If we trade Ryan Howard for Xavier Nady or Hideki Matsui.. i’ll boycott the Phillies this season… Since the only place this trade would actually happen is in Geoff’s mind.. I have nothing to worry about

  • Posts: 0 Phil

    How can I forget Von Hayes!?

  • Posts: 0 Joe

    In the 1980 NLCS, the Phillies were down 5-2 in the deciding game. Before Bowa went to the plate to lead off against none other than Nolan Ryan, Rose told him “Get on and we’ll win this thing”. Bowa singled, Rose eventually drew a walk later in the inning to score Bowa, and the comeback was on.

    You’ll need to rename this the 100 Greatest Phillies Statistically speaking if you are going to bury Rose at 54 and use his .290 average as some sort of excuse.

    Rose was the difference between playoff misery in the late 70s and a World Series win in 1980. How is that not worth a far higher ranking? They’d never won the WS before he came, and the next year, they did.

    I am not trying to knock Tim, here, but there is something to be said for having been there. This list is unmitigated poop if Pete Rose is 54.

  • Posts: 0 Dave S

    wow, what a crazy red uniform he’s wearing there. red from head to toe?

  • Posts: 0 Johnson

    guys…ryan howard wont be tradeduntil they have used up all of his arb years…ud be crazy to let this guy go during his prime years…its one thing if you cant sign him and arb runs out and you want to at least get something for him but to trade him when u still own the rights to him is bordering terrorism…it took 100 years and 10k losses to find a guy that can hit 50hrs and drive in 150 runs for this team every year and a guy like this wont ever appear again…in this teams system anyways…sure, im rubbed the wrong way a bit by his high salary demands but you cant argue with the production…best slugger in baseball and remember we let this guy treat the minors like it was little league for a year and a half longer than we should have. had he been up at the start of the 04 season instead of mid 05 we may have already inked this moose to an 8yr 60m deal ala chase and rollins…i ahte to see him go but it looks like it will eventually happen but get every possible at bat and game as you possibnly can from this guy

  • Posts: 0 mattp

    I want kane to give pete another chokeslam

  • Posts: 0 I know Sal..

    If Philadelphia can appreciate anyone, it’s Pete Rose. All-out hustle. Never-say-die attitude. Gambler. Drinker. Pariah. Crazy guy. Heck, if only he was a Phillie his entire career. As it stands, Rose had a heck of a Phillies career, and he can never be forgotten for his role in bringing the Phils their first championship.

    Really, you said all of this…and still have him 54th?!?!?!?

  • Posts: 0 hoey

    Put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame!!!
    and while we’re at it put ron swaboda in too. he was nice to his mother

  • Posts: 0 Lewisauce

    I gotta go with the Rose lovers here. Pete Rose deserves to be a top-20 all-time Phillie.

    And Phil, you’re putting Scott Rolen ahead of Pete Rose? How many seasons did Rolen play here? Was it much more than four? And how many championships did he win here?

    I’m suddenly much more interested in this list.

  • Posts: 0 Reek

    Why does everyone keep saying 4 years, when he was on this team for 5 years?

    Why no mention of 1983? When it is the 93 team, winning a National League Championship is a pinnacle of a career, when it is the 1983 team it is an afterthought. Rose won two National League Championships for the Phillies, a team that has only won 4 in the last 58 years. Rose did more in 5 years than most guys can do in 10. I’d put him in the top 20 if I gave a crap about this stupid list.

  • Posts: 0 Dennis

    Pete helped the team a helluva lot more than Abreu did.

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