BREAKING NEWS: Harry Kalas Dead At 73

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Mon, April 13, 2009 02:26 PM | Comments: 82
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Hall of Fame Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas has died at age 73.


UPDATE (2:18 p.m.): I’ll post a remembrance after today’s game, which is still scheduled. More details should come in later today.

UPDATE (1:41 p.m.): Statement from David Montgomery: “I think it’s serious. Our thoughts and prayers are with Harry.”

UPDATE (1:29 p.m.): Allegedly Kalas was found passed out in the press box at Nationals Park. Kalas recently recovered from heart surgery, missing spring training but joining the team for the season opener.

From the Twitter of John Finger of Comcast SportsNet:

Harry Kalas rushed to GWU Hospital. Details to come.

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  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Unbelieveable!!! I am in shock. First Richie and now Harry. I have 1210 on right now and I feel really bad for these guys in the booth.

  • Posts: 0 mikedee

    Godspeed, Harry.

  • Posts: 0 Ryk

    Such tragic news. I do, however, find it fitting that Harry passed away doing what he loved doing. Sitting in a press box at the ballpark, no doubt wearing the 2008 WS ring.
    You will be missed, Harry. Rest in Peace. Thank you for all the memories.

  • Posts: 0 Phillies Phan SC

    Listening to LA and Scott on XM is tough. They are so professional. If you both read this, we feel your pain and we are so sorry.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew

    Such tragic news. I do, however, find it fitting that Harry passed away doing what he loved doing. Sitting in a press box at the ballpark, no doubt wearing the 2008 WS ring.

    Like Dale Earnhardt at Daytona, or Bert Bell at an Eagles/Steelers game, he couldn’t have chosen a more fitting place to take his leave of us. But still way, way too soon.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    listening to the game at work. Franske and LA really sound like they’re just going through the motions.

  • Posts: 0 Mazinman

    I heard about it a short time ago from a friend and now its kicking in as tears are pouring down my eyes. My thoughts with his family, friends, and all of us who have had the joy to listen to him work. Schmidt’s 500 and Lidge’s final strikeout from Game 5 from last year will be in my mind forever.

    Rest in Peace Harry. I still can’t believe I am writting this.

  • Posts: 0 TIFF

    It’s a sad day for the Phils. I remember back in ’93 Harry singing “High Hopes”. I have him calling Lidge clinching the World Series as my ringtone. Many of my phillies memories include him.

    On a brighter note, at least he got to see the Phightins win the World Series and receieve their rings. His lived his dream on a daily basis. He died doing what he loved.

    RIP Harry

  • Posts: 0 Dick

    R.I.P. Harry, Philadelphia will never be the same

  • Posts: 0 Tom G

    the Greatest PHILLIE of all-time…bar none!

    I grew up listening to his voice, paint the image on my mind better than HD…he was the greatest voice in sports…baseball, Football, NFL FILMS, and Notre Dame highlights…

    Love him, will miss him

  • Posts: 0 SJ Mike

    I still can’t believe that we will not hear the voice of Harry anymore. I am so deeply saddened.

    It may be unorthodox since he is not a player, but I think Harry should be a posthumous induction in the Phillies Wall of Fame.

  • Posts: 0 mike

    The only good thing out of this tragic loss is that he got to see his beloved phillies win a title and get there rings, and watch that banner fly over the park. He now is with richie calling games for the field of dream team. Met him once at the off track betting parlor in south philly .It was derby day years ago and he came in and was next to me at the bar, he ask me who I like we talk he remember that he knew my brother who work for the airlines, he talk like he was my brothers best friend . really a nice man.God bless you harry and no one will ever take your place, not many people leave there mark on so many like you have rest in peace.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck P

    How many of you listen to games on the radio when ESPN has the TV rights?

    Harry’s in a league of his own… a voice meant for broadcasting.

  • Posts: 0 Nick

    Phillies games and MLB baseball will never be the same again. My heart and prayers go out to his family and everyone who knew him. Listening to him everygame, I’m just don’t feel the same. I’d like to hear peoples opinion on who should be the main “voice” of the phillies now.

  • Posts: 0 mme36

    Our house is a house of mourning today. I knew Harry was having some health issues, but losing him is one of those thing you just can’t bear to think about. My one consolation is that somewhere, Harry and Whitey are having a beer, catching up on old times.

    Harry, we will miss you. You truly were the voice of the Phillies. May you rest in peace, and may God be with your loved ones.

  • Posts: 0 Nick

    whitey, “vuk”, johnny marz, and now harry the k, your all missed and will always be missed.

  • Posts: 0 Saint Peter

    Mr. Kalas, we are truly honored to have you.

    Together, we will keep watch over your beloved Phils, for all eternity.

  • Posts: 0 Doug

    My two favorite memories of Harry were when the Phillies won the National League and the 2008 World Series final out. Phillies games will definitely not be the same without the voice of Harry Kalas

    RIP Harry :(

  • Posts: 0 I know Sal....

    My brother, myself and a friend of ours had the privilege of meeting Harry a number of years back, before a game. We ran up to him as he was entering the Vet. We asked him for his autograph, which he obliged without hesitation and then we asked if he could do a homerun call for us. Again, without hesitation, he proceeded to do a re-creation of a Michael Jack Schmidt homerun call, that will live with me for my entire life. Thank you for that, and the many, many more memories that I have of Phillies baseball Harry. You will be loved and remembered for a lifetime. on behalf of my family our condolescenses go out to the Kalas family.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck P

    A long-tenured HS football coach in my town (Souderton) retired a few years back and one of the assistants (a close friend) thought that it would be cool to have a professional do the voiceover for his highlight video. The first person that came to mind… of course, Harry Kalas. Somehow, he found a number for Harry. Mr. Kalas was happy to help out… he did the entire video and wouldn’t take any money for doing it. A league of his own.

  • Posts: 0 whizkidfanatic

    Sincere condolences to the Kalas family and the Phillies extended family.

    I first heard the “voice” when he was in Houston as a young announcer. When he got the Phillies job I was happy for him and Phillies fans as I felt he would be a great addition to Phillies broadcasting. He became that and more. I don’t know where the Phils go from here but I have been most fortunate in over 60 years of Phillies fandom to have broadcasters as great as By Saam, Gene Kelly, Whitey Ashburn and Harry Kalas do their turns. That Harry became the greatest of them all is fitting tribute to the man, his family, fans and all in the Phillie family.

  • Posts: 0 Grrrumpy Miner

    WOW! I am in stunned disbelief,I never saw this coming.Even as a Mets fan,this shook me to the core.I know there is no best case scenerio in death,but the best case was,he died doing what he loved,there for the Phightin Phils to call a game.Harry Kalas is to the Phillies what Bob Murphy is to my Amazins.God Bless You Harry.

  • Posts: 130 Amanda Orr

    Avatar of Amanda Orr

    Listening to games will NEVER be the same.

    We love you Harry. YOU are the man. RIP

  • Posts: 0 Purple Hayes

    He will be missed. Listened to him call games on the radio in the summers during the 1980s growing up in upstate NY.

  • Posts: 0 PhillyGirlinMichigan

    God Bless Mr. Kalas & family…Sad news.

  • Posts: 0 eric

    This really is terrible. I can’t imagine this summer without Harry calling games. Someone made a point today that I thought had some merit, even if it is too soon. Hopefully during their search for someone to sit in Harry’s chair, they give some thought to having his son take over. It was something to see them both call the World Series for a few innings last year. Nobody will ever be able to fill those shoes, but he deserves a look.

    RIP Harry.

  • Posts: 0 Shawn Victorino

    You are going to be missed Harry the K

  • Posts: 0 Johnny Snowden

    My prayers go out to Eileen, Todd, Kane and Brad Kalas and the millions of phillies fans that have been apart of Harry’s family since we first tuned in.

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    Grrrump, I don’t mean to be contentious at a time like this, but Harry Kalas was to the Phils as Bob Murphy was to the Mets? Ummmmmmmmmm, well, uh, thanks for the thought at least. When Richie and Harry were at their best, there was usually a baseball game going on while the two of them talked.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    The Phillies mashed multiple home runs in their defeat of the Nationals and I spent the day moping on the couch as the announcers paid tribute to the greatest voice in baseball and laid a legend to rest. Summer will not be the same without the voice of Harry the K, and I’m more than thankful that I got to spend the first thirty years of my life listening to him announce the wins and many, many losses of my favorite sports team. Rest in peace Harry…it won’t be the same without you.

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