Phillies Finish Grapefruit League Play Vs. Nationals

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Thu, April 02, 2009 12:19 PM | Comments: 57
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The Phillies close Grapefruit League play today when they host the Nationals. Game time is 1:05.

Your lineup, courtesy David Murphy: Victorino (CF) / Utley (2B) / Werth (RF) / Howard (1B) / Ibanez (LF) / Feliz (3B) / Bruntlett (SS) / Ruiz (C) / Moyer (SP). Jack Taschner is also expected to pitch.

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  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I think Donald does need a whole season in AAA, just because theres really nowhere else to put him where hell get good PT. Catchers are different – handling the staff (that sounds bad) is so crucial to a catcher’s viability in the major leagues. Plus, Marson catches Carrasco, so youll need him when you bring up Carrasco.

    Mayberry should be on the MLB roster as the 4th outfielder, getting the start 2-3 times a week but getting into almost every game as the primary RH pinch hitter when he doesnt start. You could also use him as a REGULAR defensive – 7th inning replacement for Ibanez if Ibanez makes too many blunders in the OF. Mayberry can play any outfield position which makes him valuable to this team right now. Like Happ – hes been through the minors every which way, and he has to adapt to a role that makes him valuable to the team but he is good enough to play in MLB. Happ has to adapt to the bullpen (though that might be shaky at times) in order to stay in MLB UNTIL Moyer or someone gets hurt or tanks.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I guess I maybe just don’t like that fact that you are always looking to replace everyone on the roster, Geoff. Every month you pick a new player or two that you are 100% SURE is going to flame-out.. we need to replace them, release them.. promote whoever, and trade for the other guy..

    Thankfully, you’ve been wrong most of the time, so I look for Coste to hit around .315 this year, and Moyer to win 14 Games.

  • Posts: 0 John Fire

    it’s funny how some people are predicting a Chan Ho Park flame out by mid-year despite how dominating he was this spring, how motivated and focused and how well he performed in limited starting duty last year. I almost think people want him to fail… I know we all want to see what Carrasco can do, but the kid needs some further development. He was visibly rattled often this spring (though he pitched lights out other times)… let him take some time to mature and then bring him aboard slowly. I think we’re all going to be pleasantly surprised by Mr. Park.

    Moyer on the other hand… yikes. Happ, you’d better start warming up. Your time to step up may be near.

  • Posts: 0 Woodman

    Moyer will be fine, maybe not matching his 16 wins last year, but will be a solid 3/4 starter. Coste is a gamer and will show up when the bell rings. Not to worry.

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    Geoff seems obsessed with Moyer and takes every opportunity to be critical of him even when not justified.

    Hey, Moyer has proven you wrong BIG time last season and I’m looking forward for him to do the same again this season. ;-)

    Moyer, the crafty veteran who is the master of deception will continue to befuddle the hitters as he has done for so many years. And brings to mind another great pitcher of longevity from the past…Warren Spahn, who ended his 23 year career at age 44 with 363 wins once was quoted as saying… ” Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.” Moyer would say AMEN!

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Don, I think we agree more on this Coste/Marson thing more than we disagree. The difference is that I just see Marson nearly ready for the MLB and not truly a “prospect” per se… One year ago, there was a consensus that he would be our Opening Day Starter in 2009 or get a mid-season callup.

    Today, though, I really like what Chooch has done and will continue to do, and he’s our No.1 catcher without a doubt. And, like you, I’d rather see today Coste getting a key-at-bat instead of Marson…. But IF Coste doesn’t improve his hitting and stays around a .215 average or below through late June, I’d rather see Marson getting the call up and staying with the big club even if he’s gonna be the backup catcher. I think the guy’s ready. We’ve been saying he is for a while now.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck P

    You guys have all completely and collectively lost your minds… let’s take a deep breath and repeat after me… “It’s spring training.”

    Let’s put away our “Jump to Conclusions” mats and let the season play out. How many times have you seen a player OR a team have a terrible spring and perform great during the regular season? Need I remind you that the Detroit Lions were undefeated in preseason last year? There are always a few key battles going on that mean something but the rest of SPT is rather meaningless. We’re all glad to see Chase and Pete Happy back on the field… that means something. We’re upset that Hamels had a setback… that means something. Howard and Myers appear to be in better shape. Lidge was able to go on back to back days… that means something. Park vs. Happ = both winners… that means more than anything because we have depth. It’s ok to be concerned but I would stop short of making any predictions right now because nothing we have in the minors is good enough to make me believe that we need to change the formula for last year’s success (if we had a David Price down there, you could reasonably predict he would be up by the end of June because his demotion is a business move, not a baseball move).

    Ibanez makes too many blunders in the OF… really??? The guy hasn’t shown me anything that indicates he can’t finish a game. We haven’t played a meaningful game yet. He certainly looks better than Pat and with the way he has run the bases, I’m convinced that he’s going to go first to third FAR more than Pat did which means that our 6 and 7 hitters will have more opportunities for easy RBI’s… the book is still out on Amaro but Gillick, the team advisor, probably had something to do with that signing and I trust his judgment.

    The Phils look really good and they’re getting no love…. which is good. No egos, no overconfidence… the beginning of a ________. You betcha.

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