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Posted by Tim Malcolm, Wed, May 27, 2009 10:00 AM | Comments: 44
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asglogoYour first plea:


And while you’re at it, VOTE Chase and VOTE Pedro. I won’t blame you if you VOTE Howard or VOTE Victorino, too.

But for the love of Raul, VOTE RAUL.

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  • Posts: 0 JeffS

    Taking the stepdaughter on Saturday. Maybe I’ll get there really early and set her loose on a stack of ballots. Think they’ll give us a carton of them?

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Awesome, Tim! Make sure this post stays on top !

  • Posts: 0 Miles

    My buddy was out in CA for a vacation and saw the Mets/Giants game the other week that was on Sunday Night Baseball. He said the Giants gave out free Lincecum bobbleheads to anyone who filled out a stack of ballots that was as high as their ticket. How sweet is that?! The Phils have to get a promotion like that going because with the attention our players already get from around the league our guys should all be closer to the top of the list.

  • Posts: 0 TwoTonsOfIrony

    I did my part. Had Howard, Utley, Feliz, Victorino, Raul, and Matt Stairs for good measure

  • Posts: 0 Manny

  • Posts: 0 DHall

    I just voted my maximum 25 times….all Phillies!

  • Posts: 0 Joey

    Also throw a few votes in there for Raul and Ryan for the DERBY!!!

  • Posts: 0 M.P. aka Philles Phan SC #54

    Yes, this post needs to be pinned up top.

  • Posts: 0 Dan

    Voted 100 times, I have 4 different e-mail addresses. All Phillies.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    DO NOT VOTE FOR BREWERS PLAYERS! They’ve been out of control.

    Bill Hall in 2nd place after Wright? I’m voting for Zimmerman who’s having an amazing season!

    J.J. Hardy in 1st place in SS? WHAT!?

    Jason Kendall in 2nd place in catcher?!!!

    Rickie Weeks in 2nd place in 2B?!

    Corey Hart just 2,000 votes behind RAUUUUULLL????? Mike Cameron with MORE votes than RAUUUUULLL??!!! AGH! I hate those pesky fans. Last year they snubbed Pat the Bat with the Corey Hart campaign… we can’t let the same happen to Raul!!

  • Posts: 0 T Marty

    Right behind you Dan, voted through all my email addies, Got my wife, family to vote too. and have filled out about 20 at the games. No hanging chads! This truly will be a campaign, like Burrell last year, but Raul is as deserving as it gets.

  • Posts: 0 Mike

    Had to put my votes on K-Rod instead of that bum Lidge we have. Another one year wonder.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    Vote Ryan Fitzpatrick…

    Just be thankful enough of the all-star team is chosen by the manager so you know Raul’s in even if he misses the retard… sorry ‘fan’ vote

  • Posts: 0 M.P. aka Philles Phan SC #54

    Manny – as I said on the other board, Milwaukee is mobilizing their Brew Crew fans well, we need to do the same… make it a Phillies/Brewers All star game LOL

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    Vote on K-Rod? Considering you cannot vote for pitchers……

    Just voted 3 million times on my own! Kidding, did it 25 times tho.

    Brewers suck.

  • Posts: 0 Stu

    Just voted 50 times for most phillies & no Brewers.

  • Posts: 0 mikemike

    Just voted for hall. I would like to see the league pick the players, scouts who see these guys and managers not the fans who will vote in there players no matter how bad they are. I really would like a write in campaign for brunlett. lets do it.

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    Just voted 50 times for all Phillies and Ryan Braun….Hes too good..Im sorry..He will get in regardless…although he just got injured

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Voted 50 times with 2 email accounts so far… I want this NL team to win, so I’m not voting for any of those pesky Brewers… Ryan Braun will make it regardless. We need to get JJ Hardy out of 1st place in SS, too. He’s no All-Star.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck P

    How the F is JJ Hardy in 1st? He’s batting .234 with 5 HR and 0 SB.


    Charlie gets one selection and if by chance RAULLLL doesn’t get in, Charlie would have to pick him or face death by stoning… or some really harsh booing.

  • Posts: 1650 Tim Malcolm

    Avatar of Tim Malcolm

    My ballot:

    Brian McCann
    Albert Pujols
    Chase Utley
    Ryan Zimmerman
    Hanley Ramirez
    Raul Ibanez
    Carlos Beltran
    Ryan Braun

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    I thought it was a secret ballot!? Oh No!

  • Posts: 0 NateB

    Charlie will pick Raul if he doesn’t make it. I’m starting to despise the Brewers… Hardy, Weeks, and Kendall????? C’mon these guys don’t deserve it.

  • Posts: 0 Ryan

    Tim has what should happen if all people had brains..

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Tim, we have very similar ballots… but I’m voting for Howard because he should be the 2nd firstbaseman, not Prince Fielder! I really wanna see Howard in his hometown.. he’s god in that ballpark.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I’d be much better to get Raul in the All-Star game via fan voting, though.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck P

    My ballot was the same except I voted for Howard on half of my ballots (homer pick, I know… Pujols is having a hell of a year), David Wright and J. Russell Martin. I might have voted for Adam Dunn on some of the ballots, too… he’s having a phenomenal year.

  • Posts: 0 Joe

    50 more votes for the phightens

  • Posts: 0 Geoff A.

    100 more votes for the Phillies!

  • Posts: 0 Ed

    Just an FYI…vote for who you think should be there 25 times. Voting for all Phillies and no Brewers is really no different than basically what the Brewers fans are doing. This whole process is flawed. I just wish that all star games were not the popularity contests that they have become. In reality the only Phillies who currently deserve to go to the All Star game are Utley, Ibanez and Pedro. Maybe Howard but thats about it.

  • Posts: 0 mikemike

    Ed agree but I have to vote as many write in as possible for brunlett, because the way they pick now is stupid. It’ a popularity contest. and that is a shame.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck P

    Ed obviously missed the Napoleon reference… Pedro doesn’t deserve to be an all star.

  • Posts: 0 ActuallyChilled

    Also, VOTE RonpAUL

  • Posts: 0 Keith

    just voted like 100 times. :D

  • Posts: 0 Ed

    Obviously I missed nothing. Pedro has the 4th best numbers of any 3B in the NL with only Zimmerman, Wright and Blake ahead of him. And if you look at his numbers with RISP, 2 outs and the 7th inning or later they are just crazy good. No reason someone like that shouldn’t be rewarded for that. 25 rbi with just 2 home runs means he is getting guys home without hitting the long ball…which is a topic for another discussion. How does a right hander not kill balls to left field when they play their home games at CBP? I don’t get it.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Im with you on that one man…audit the fed!

  • Posts: 0 R.C. Cowie

    As much as Auditing the Federal Reserve would be a great idea, I don’t believe that is a proper topic to present on our website.

  • Posts: 0 PhillyCooke

    And the best strategy to help Raul is to ONLY vote for Raul in the outfield. Don’t vote for any other outfielder. Voting for more than one waters down the impact of your vote for Raul. And, sorry, Shane & Jayson, but you’re not making the team this year. Maybe next year.

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    Voted 50 times, is their a site where you can see like updated count on votes?

  • Posts: 0 Ed

  • Posts: 0 Keith


    yea I just saw that.

    anybody see what Zambrano did? lol hahaha.

  • Posts: 0 Sean

    The only philly all-star right now is Raul… and hahahaha… how about your Lidge… ain’t so perfect is he…… World Series my ass

  • Posts: 0 Eaglebeagle

    Man I hope they don’t put in Lidge…the phillies will lose

  • Posts: 0 Eaglebeagle

    Wow Lidge beat the Nationals.wow…hes great….man o man his is so good…..they beat the nationals….man o man

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