Howard’s Heroics Drive Phillies

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Sun, May 31, 2009 02:33 AM | Comments: 10
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HowardsmashRyan Howard crushed two home runs — including a incredible third-deck grand slam — to lead the Phillies over the Nationals, 9-6.

Howard finished with five RBI for the game, almost single-handedly powering the Phils past Washington. The offensive effort saved Cole Hamels, who didn’t pitch well in giving up six runs over six innings. He did strike out seven in his outing, however. Scott Eyre, Clay Condrey, Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge picked up the slack yet again, holding the game after the offensive strike.

Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino each collected two hits in the game.

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  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    Good thing for Howard. Wonder what the comments would be toward Hamels had Howard not been playing tonight? I know on the other posts, there was a lot of “thank god it wasnt Moyer”. The offense (howard) has a great night, and Hamels is excused. Moyer gave up 4 runs in 6 innings last outing, the offense scored only 2 runs in that game, so because the offense didnt show up Moyer sucks? Moyer looked like utter crap against the Mets and Dodgers and decent (not ace like which is what Hamels is supposed to be) in the other games, but he still “sucks” and the “fogey needs to retire”. double standard much? Really it looks like the real double standard comes with Myers though.
    Myers 4.66 in 63.2 innings (most posts say he “sucks”)
    Hamels 5.21 in 48.1 innings (“had on off night” or “but he’s injured”)
    Blanton 6.14 in 51.1 innings (“he sucks”)
    Moyer 7.42 in 47.1 innings (“he sucks” or “fogey needs to retire”)

    I in no way believe either of the other 3 are better then Hamels, and agree he may still be hurting, but what I dont understand is why it is so hard for alot of people to “call it like it is”. If Hamels has an off night against a HORRIBLE team(s) (Rockies and Nationals), its just that, off night, Moyer has an off night against two very good hitting teams (Dodgers and (I hate to admit it) the Mutts) he “sucks” and the “fogey needs to retire”. Myers had a few off nights and a few very good nights, which ended very poorly with a whole lot of hits and runs against him, and him leaving with an injury. I just ask for people to call it like it is. If someone pitches well it should be “he looked good” and not “gee if thats the best we can expect that sad, but workable”. If a pitchers does really poorly why isnt it always “wow he looked like crap tonight” instead of “he had an off night”.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    Sorry for the rant everyone. Just kind of bothers me to see recurring comments of a “double standard” nature. Again, Hamels is the Ace, but he hasnt been himself. He is still the Ace, but the question is is he injured? I dont by the he had an off night with the night he had against the Nationals.

  • Posts: 0 nate

    what are the odds that howard hits number 200 on june 14th when i’m in attendance? he hit 191 tonight.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    I dont want to jinx him, but this is usually when he hits his mean streak. Last year Utley had the most homers until about the first week of June, then Howard lit em up! Hopefully he does the same thing! Not only for your sake to see #200, but also for the Phillies, and the Phans (and our ulcers LOL).

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    nice post Brian of CO- You gotta love your guys until their not yours or something really bad happens. As for Cole it’s been admitted because of last years workload that he didn’t prepare for the season as he normally would and I would assume the problems stem from there.

    I have to say this offense and bullpen is just insanely good. The bats have really worked off one another so far this year and I think its under-appreciated how excellent a job this bullpen is doing once again.

    I have faith the starting pitching is going to improve but boy this offense has raised its game this year.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    NJ, thanks, I love this team, always has, always will, I try my hardest to call it like it is, regardless of a players status or age. As for the bullpen, you are 100% correct that this bullpen has gone underappreciated, IMO due in large part (also sadly) to Brad Lidge. He had a few really bad outings, however, lately he has had a few really good outings. He had said he feels his stuff is back, and while I dont want to say its true after two games, you can’t say he is still doing horrible after the Marlins save bases loaded 1 out and only gave up 1 out and go the 2 final outs, and a 1-2-3 against the Nats. The offense has really stepped up, oddly Im not sure there has been an abundance of games where the ENTIRE offense stepped up, which really shows what this team can do when everyone is hitting and driving in runs. Multiple games were won, almost single handedly by Howard, while other multiple games have been won in the same manner by RAUL, or another player. I too have faith that the Starting Pitching will get their heads arses, hopefully sooner rather than later. All in all, the team that won the WS, was and still is a very youthfull team (excluding a few older players), and maybe some of them didnt prepare the same as they normally would have (like you are referring to Cole). When this team figures the starting pitching out, along with the bats…WOW.

  • Posts: 0 MDefl

    There is nothing wrong, health wise, with Cole imo. I think his location was off at times and the Nats CAN hit. I still liked his velocity and the change, when he was keeping it down, looked great.

    The differnce between Moyer and Hamels is that there has to be a time limit on Moyers. I am not saying that he is finished yet because I really don’t know. However, he is much closer to the end. Hamels had 2 awful starts to begin the year and has since settled down until last night. I would like to see him throw more curves but what do I know?

    The SP era’s are absolutely frightening! Even with that, we are still in 1st place. Imagine how much worse this could be. I really think Blanton will get it together and Cole will be the Ace that we know. After that, I am worried. Happ essentially throws one pitch and I hope the league does not figure him out. Perhaps Bastardo will shock everyone and be a dominant pitcher.

  • Posts: 0 TuffyMurdock

    Boy, I learn soooo much from your incisive analysis. True baseball inisghit. Thank you Brian of CO. Keep the juice flowing and the insight shining

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    My god. There is no injury with Cole. HE SUCKED LAST NIGHT. Bottom line. They hit him hard. Crap happens.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Quick reminder,

    Although the Nationals suck as a team, they are one of the BEST hitting teams in all of baseball. Their pitching is probably one of the worse staffs in the history of modern baseball. Outside of Dunn they are a right handed heavy lineup.

    Cole was off, but our O picked him up. You can’t compare what Cole has done with Moyer. Moyer is a long reliever and only is in the starting rotation to get his 250th.

    Imagine this, what happens if Bastardo turns in a stellar performance? Does he keep going in the rotation, do we still trade for a number 2? If we did who would get bumped from the rotation? Happ? Bastardo? Moyer? Just some food for thought. They need a right handed power pitcher. Carrasco fits the bill but his rotation spot is not up. If it was he would be pitching Tuesday.

    Leave the pitchers along it is June it will get sorted out and our O will carry us in the mean time

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