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Posted by Nick "Beerman" Staskin, Wed, May 06, 2009 12:00 PM | Comments: 119
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This is “Keep the Change,” a new feature by Nick “The Beer Man” Staskin. Nick is a beer man at Citizens Bank Park; he’ll post weekly with observations from the fans at the park, trying to get a good sense of where the Phillies stand in the eyes of those who most matter.

BeermanWelcome to the second edition of “Keep the Change.”

Don’t look know, but going into their second short series in a week against the Mets, the Phils are the hottest team in the National League and have risen to the top of the NL East. What did we take out of last weekend’s series? Well … not much … not much at all really after Sunday’s rain, which hasn’t left the area since, washing out the rubber match.

The Two-Game Split
Friday night, the excitement was in the air. Sadly, Chan Ho Park was on the mound. Last week, a couple readers questioned whether the fans knew anything about J.A. Happ. After another ugly start by Park, more and more fans are getting familiar the possibility of seeing Happ in the rotation. Phillies fans are generally a pretty well-educated bunch, and it doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to see that Park won’t be in the rotation for much longer. Joe Blanton’s strong start Monday night against the Cardinals definitely did not help Park’s status, either.

One fan summed up Park as “this year’s Adam Eaton.” Tough to argue with him. Hell, the Mets fans at The Bank were pretty happy when Charlie Manuel let Park work through his struggles, just because it meant more innings out of him.

Saturday, the Phils got to the Mets bullpen. The Achilles heel of New York was right back at it again. If you can leave K-Rod sitting in the bullpen, chances are you are going to put up some runs. If you told me the Phillies would manufacture a run without getting the ball out of the infield to win a game, I’d be pretty surprised. If you had told me it would come against the Mets bullpen … not as surprised.

The Rivalry … Slows Down?
Will the Mets fans dish it out as hard as we did last weekend? Tough to tell, but something was missing this weekend. I know it was early in the season, but it didn’t seem as many New Yorkers made the trek down the Turnpike as they had in years past. I guess walking into the stadium of the World F’n Champions can be a little intimidating.

Finally, two random observations from walking the stadium:

  • I did not see one attractive female Mets fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not above looking at a woman regardless of if she likes the enemy. The Beerman’s eyes don’t discriminate. Could I date a Mets fan? Of course not, but I’d look. BUT THERE WERE NONE IN ATTENDANCE! The Phillies female followers did not disappoint, as always.
  • Mets fans smell like hoagies. I don’t know what it is. But all Mets fans smell like hoagies to me. When they walk past me, I just pick up a whiff of salami and onions. Go figure.

See you in the stands … or next week. Whichever comes first?

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  • Posts: 0 Dan

    David the mets fan….who cares who wins the NL east…that’s the difference betwen the Phils and the Muts right now, we want to repeat as World Champs, you want to beat the Phillies soooo bad!

  • Posts: 0 David, the Mets fan from Queens


    I concur with everything you’ve said in your succinct, but efficacious post. When one cannot efficiently explicate how he or she feels or what he or she thinks about a certain issue, person, team etc., he or she will resort to laconic statements that are most likely pejorative; I guess my mentioned description of ineptitude qualifies as ignorance. I was guilty of such a rash reaction, regardless of its subtlety; I guess it wasn’t that subtle if you were able to notice it, Evan.

    What was your opinion of Shea Stadium? I solemnly miss Shea. I suggest that you visit Citi Field at your soonest convenience as it is an aesthetically beautiful stadium with various amenities. It looks and feels very similar to Citizen’s Bank Park, but nonetheless has a unique vibe to it. The stadium security is very proper and responds to any minute disturbance throughout the game. For the prices we, Mets fans, pay to attend those ball games, I’m glad that they’re escorting pernicious drunks out of the stadium.

    Do you think that Chan Ho Park will have a prolific performance tonight, or will he blunder mightily like he did this past weekend? I’m curious as to how the Phillies batters will respond to Santana’s junk, given that this is his second year in the league. Many sports commentators on SNY are talking about Lidge’s seemingly new-found fallibility and how hitters have lost their initial fear of him – what are they saying in Philly? You guys are fairing well, regardless of Hamels’ injury. I how the NL East standings will change when both Hamels returns healthy and Ollie Perez finds his groove once again.


  • Posts: 0 vito

    I’m thinking shutout.

  • Posts: 0 terry

    I hope your right Vito

  • Posts: 0 David, the Mets fan from Queens


    Using rudimentary logic, in order to win the World Series, we must win either the NL East or the Wild Card. Seeing as the Phillies will win several games, we most likely will have to beat the Phillies to win the NL East. Also, seeing as the Wild Card will (arguably) come out of the NL Central, we’d need to beat the Phillies to also gain some edge on the Wild Card. Henceforth, we need to beat the Phillies to win the World Series.

    I know that my argument is inductive, but it nonetheless holds true.


  • Posts: 0 Jason B.

    Terry, I really hope you’re not physically or mentally handicapped. I will feel bad calling you an idiot and a moron. First of all, The Phillies are the OLDEST team in baseball.(Actually The Pirates are, but they were called a different name, we have the longest going name) You do not survive 127 years in one place without having a consistent and large fan base. To say that we are all frontrunners is a joke. Second, please kindly proof read your responses. Look for grammar and spelling. I suggest a dictionary for the spelling and a 5th grade English book for the proper grammar. Lastly, please go to a Mets blog and chirp. nobody on this site really cares about what you are saying. All you are doing is making yourself look foolish, and are giving reasons for people to rip on you.

  • Posts: 0 terry

    Vito who pitches tomorrow for the mets??

  • Posts: 0 terry

    Is that Jason Bay writing to me?

  • Posts: 0 vito

    I belive that Mike Pelfry Pitches next

  • Posts: 0 Phillies fan in NY

    I’m thinking terry is a kid… that’s really the only explanation.

  • Posts: 0 terry

    I blow baboons for enjoyment i recieve from it. I like it a lot.

  • Posts: 0 terry

    My mom touches me and i like it a little. does that make me wierd?

  • Posts: 0 terry

    when i am alone at night, i think about fernando tatis, a lot. bad thoughts. dirty thoughts. thoughts of him and jose reyes high fiving each other seductivly

  • Posts: 0 terry

    thinking of mr. met makes me want to rub penut butter on my baseballs and encourage my dog to lick it off. mmm Mr Met and penut bitter. mmm yea.

  • Posts: 0 Chase Mutley

    Who is Fernando Tatis?

  • Posts: 0 The Beerman

    LOL…this is some good stuff. Dan…the story is in good humor…get over it. I’ve done my fair share of straight-forward reporting for different sites such as Philly.com and ComcastSportsNet.com. This is a Phillies fan blogsite, and the weekly column is served as a way to lighten up what can be a long season…a very long season if you are a Mets fan. Getting ready to watch the game now, but I’ll be looking forward to checking the rest of these rants when I get back…

    …but thanks for reading

  • Posts: 0 terry

    lol thats funny

  • Posts: 0 terry

    who ever wrote in my name has a sense good sense of humor. very funny

  • Posts: 0 cm

    you live in a subrub, terry?

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