Rosenthal: Phils Will Add Big-Name Starter

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Sat, May 30, 2009 03:58 AM | Comments: 57
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Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports Ruben Amaro Jr. is in the market for one elite-level starting pitcher, whom he would like to acquire at or around the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

Rosenthal names Erik Bedard and Roy Oswalt as possible targets, denying a mid- to low-level name such as Brad Penny.

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    I’d offer Marson, Donald, and Carrasco for Peavy. Peavy makes us the front-runner for the WS this year, Carrasco isn’t anything special, Ruiz is a fine MLB catcher for our future (most importantly he is great behind the plate), and Donald will never be an elite SS (he has never really had power or speed). I feel like Peavy would have to accept being dealt here, he’d look like a joke if he turned down an offer from the defending champs, and I think he’d pitch well, CBP or no CBP.

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    Do not blow up the farm system for a “big name” starter. I would much rather see them go after a Marquis/Penny for a mid level prospect than give up a Carrasco,Bastardo.Drabek for a pitcher that could let CBP get into their heads.

    I never liked the idea of giving up your best prospects as wel as take on the salary of the acquired star.

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    The first thing you do is call Toronto and offer a massive package for Halladay — Carrasco, one of the outfield prospects, Marson, and another pitcher (one of those sizzline A- or AA-guys) and maybe even a mid-level prospect as well. And Donald is utterly expendable. If they want a starting outfielder, you throw in Vic and subtract the outfield prospect. Basically, you sell the farm for Halladay.

    If that fails, you go after Peavy, Bedard or Oswalt. I still don’t like Peavy — he strikes me as a guy who doesn’t want pressure. But I think he has the talent, and I’d welcome him here.

    Your best hope is that Toronto continues tanking hard and finally realizes that they have no shot this year. While you’re at it, sniff around Arizona, Cleveland and whoever else is bottoming out. But the No. 1 choice should be Halladay. He would own the NL. We would repeat. Ruben would go down as the best GM ever in this town.

    Phillie South, you have good points. But this team shouldn’t be worrying too much about the future. It should be worrying about the next two years. We have a championship-caliber team for this year, next year, maybe one more after that. Sometimes, teams rebuild in cycles. We shouldn’t be afraid to go ALL IN now and accept the idea that we may be in a “rebuilding” stage in a few years. Win another championship or two, and we will have the revenue and reputation to rebuild quickly if we have to.

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    I don’t know who we should trade and I don’t know who the Phils will trade for. From what I can see by following the Phils minor league system, there may be a a LOT of talent down there. My only point being, I believe that if we had to give up Marson, Donald, Carrasco for a real good pitcher, and I really do think that in the end that will get you one, that the farm system will be just fine. Also, I think Drabek is on his way to becoming a “super prospect” or “uber-prospect” or whatever you wanna call those guy. 4-0 CG win last night. Get him to Reading, please!

    P.S. Why am I more excited about our minor league system than our actual TEAM???

    The Dipsy

    The Dipsy

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    Lewisauce, I agree 100%. Our “core” guys are here for @ least 3 more years, so let’s make our push while we can. None of our farm players are lights out, yeah some guys are nice, but there’s no up and comming guys like a Cole, Utely, or Howard. We can always replenish our farm w/ talent over the next few years. I would take 1 more WS w/in the next 3 years, 2 years of rebuilding after that, and than being a legit contender after that. That’s the cycle of baseball.

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    Halladay and Peavy top the list to me, no matter what’s come out of the guys mouth Peavy’s still a great pitcher no matter the mixed feelings you wouldn’t turn down. I question what Roy Oswalt has left as an elite pitcher and in the last year of his contract with his health and attitude issues I think Erik Bedard should have a stay away tag because that guys rumored cost is way above value.

    To the future point- A team not emptying its farm for all the talent it can get at the time isn’t being conservative and not doing everything you can to ‘win now’, teams that are considered to have the ability to win every year all have great farms- Red Sox, Angels, Cubs, Dodgers and even the Yankees(of now). The Yankees of the past, the Mets now show you can throw it all in for one shot but it really doesn’t increase your chances of a championship, it just limits your ability to challenge for a championship because a couple of years down the line you can’t sign guys because you’ve given those extra years to free agents, you can’t trade for guys because you have nothing left in the farm and you can’t rejuvenate the farm because you’ve lost your high draft choices and don’t have the money to be able to scout and sign great young talent both through the draft and abroad. Again take the Red Sox, they could and do try to lure elite free agents but they know no matter how battered up they are they can still mount a challenge and continue to invest in developing players and it keeps them relevant.

    Great teams are built on great systems- Great personnel guys (Red Sox) or great coaching (Cardinals). What the Phillies need to do now is take system to the next level, they’ve entrusted the future to a young GM and nows the time to better everything around so you don’t have to drain your resources for questionable gains, am not saying I wouldn’t like to acquire an elite pitcher and I do believe the Phils have the talent to get a deal done, I’m just crossing my fingers that the excitement won’t result in grossly overpaying and I’m more interested in seeing what the Phils can do in recruiting young talent which in this generation can be up with the big league club in a hurry.

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    The Dispy- because deep down you deep down great talent on the farm on a big market team means you have an elite franchise on your hands not just dabblers.

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    How does one pitcher make us a lock for the World Series this year? What about the other 4 games they play without him pitching? Granted Cole is coming around but seriously, blow up the farm system for an “elite pitcher” this early in the season. Bring up a young guy and give him a shot.

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    But NJ, as I see it, when you have a good system in place this enables a team to:

    1) Funnel talent to the major league club, which they will do with their pitching and outfielders in years to come, and;

    2) Give the team the flexibilty to go out and make the trade they need to have happen.

    This also something the Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, and Braves do.

    Braves take the shot with Texiera
    Sox with Manny
    Cubs with Harden and on and on.

    I think the Phils can have both of the above, and I believe that the Phils have players that, while really good prospects, may not fit in the Phils immediate plans. I know I keep harping on this but I just don’t think that Marson will catch for the Phils because I think that Ruiz is one of the solid type catchers that will do you well for years. RE: Donald, I just love Feliz. And I think we have an option on him for next year. How about this?….overall, these two guys might not even be in our top ten overall as far as prospects are concerened. Your thoughts? That said, I think those two guys might attract a lot of attention from other teams and they’re players that we could lose and not take a shot to the bow. Now if you were talking Drabek, Worley, Taylor….thats a different story. Carrasco? I don’t know how I feel about him. As I said yesterday, and I was hoping I would get your reply, since we’re BFFs now, why not sacrifice a “reasonable” amount of future for a lot of “now” beacuse after all, this team is built to win.

    The Dipsy

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    I’m not an expert on our minor league rosters, but it seems to me that The Dipsy is correct. Our farm seems deep. OK, we have shite for picks this year, but that’s all right. I have no problem giving up Donald, Carrasco, Marson and an A- or AA-, high-ceiling pitcher in exchange for the best chance of winning now. Utley and Rollins won’t be young forever. Howard is gone after this contract (to an AL team). Ibanez will be done after this contract (he’s 36!). Werth will try the open market. Cole will try the open market. This team has a two-year window, and after that, it’s a totally different team.

    You gotta pull the trigger now. One WS win was awesome, but Ruben should be gunning for a dynasty. And if you win, say, two WS in two or three years, you will have the revenue to rebuild quickly by signing some FAs while your farm recovers (ask the Red Sox). And we’ll have more flexibility when Howard, Cole, Werth, Madson are gone. But we should try to win while they are here.

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    I agree we do have enough flexibility to make a move, I think we target a specific guy who’s going to be around for a while or if Amaro comes up trump then make a couple of low-key moves to go with what we have a manoeuvre in the off-season.

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    Becomming back to back champions is as easy as calling up the Orioles and let them have their pick of the litter for Eaton…

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    One last thing. For those who poo poo making a difference making trade with the logic “after all, nobody ever wins back to back championships” So we should just close up shop and not try? When’s the next time you’ll have a shot at trying? I’m old and this is only my second try.

    The Dipsy

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    Lewisauce, I’d sell my left nut for Halladay, but it just doesn’t seem like he will ever be available. Plus you have to figure if he becomes available, the Yankees, Rangers, and Red Sox would all offer more than the Phils even have to give. What would we offer if the Yanks offered Ian Kennedy, Shelley Duncan, Jesus Montero, Zachary McAllister. Those 4 alone probably have more value than almost our entire farm system, and Cashman would use them to (and whoever else he needed). Steinbrenner has wanted Halladay forever.

  • Posts: 0 mikemike

    The farm system is rated 11th in baseball, it has Drabek[ace potential]. Brown five tool prospect but he is only at high a , Taylor double a good prospect, Worley and Stutes not elite, and Knapp at low a. a top of the rotation prospect he has been clocked at 97-98. d”arnuld catcher, Galvis, and remember its getting better but don’t start making it out as eltie or top yet, Marson and Donald are still question mark prospect and Carrasco is a head case. Now without a first round choice this year if the phillies do what they did in 06-07 and go cheap then we are not going to keep this system going. But if they do what they did last year and spend over slot for prospect like ,Pettibone, Cosart. For those who don’t know what over slot is the commissioner sets bonus money for rounds. like maybe in the second round you pay bonus not to exceed a certain number, if you go over they fine you, the redsox, detroit, marlins yankees do it all the time. now one of the good things is the phillies spent the other day 350.000 for a prospect from latin market a 16 year old named santana. last year they basically ignored the latin market.

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    Lewisauce take your point but the Sox let everyone and his dog walk after breaking the curse and everything from that point was about Ortiz/Manny but now the Red Sox look in a better position to win with a core of Youk/Pedroia with great mostly internally developed pitching.

    Just one point for arguements sake- ‘ you will have the revenue to rebuild quickly by signing some FAs while your farm recovers (ask the Red Sox)’. Signing free agents dents your ability to invest in the farm unless you have your own guys walking with type A status, the only reason the Red Sox found the highly drafted prospects they have was by letting guys like Lowe, Cabrera and others walk and Coco Crisp, Julio Lugo and JD Drew have been big reminders to them you can pay more for a hell of a lot less unless you stay true to what your doing. Look at the Angels, they can do anything because they produce guys that can play left right and centre keeping them relevant whilst giving payroll flexibility because for them its about the system in place and not the name on the line-up card.

    None of us could or should expect the Phils to win any more WS rings with this core but you build towards the point you are an elite franchise capable of doing so. The post season is littered with unheralded heroes and failed superstars. Once your there the chips fall in the last way you expected which is why we won a championship.

    Throwing it ‘all’ in for a short window is just admitting it’s about the players and not the team.

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    Going for that second title has to be done with sense and focus, doing less can be more and we forget how much more some of the ‘core guys’ on the roster can give and what that’ll mean. Look at the Mets- K-Rod and Putz to get over the hump and their a weaker team because the focus on ‘stars’ and their in a mess because there no-one past the stars.

    By all means make the moves but I want to see our Lester and Ellsbury, Bucholz’s, Bard’s and the handful of other guys they have and have used to maneuver their roster.

  • Posts: 0 Ed

    Guys I like what is being said here. I do think we have the talent to make a big splash, and still not have depleted our farm system. That being said, one thing that you all need to realize is that just because our system is rebuilt to the point that we actually have prospects does not mean we will continue to have prospects. The guy primarily responsible for our farm system being what it is is not Ed Wade, it’s not Pat Gillick, it’s not Ruben Amaro. It’s Mike Arbuckle who when he was passed over for the GM job took his talents to Kansas City. So just because we have the talent in the farm system now does not mean we will in a few years from now. Especially if we trade it all for a big name guy or two.

    That being said, I would offer up the farm for Halladay and that’s about it. I think he is the only one we have a chance of getting if he is ever on the market. I would not trade the type of talent the Mariners will want for Bedard without having negotiated an extension, much like they do in the NFL. Even with that though, I am not sure I want Bedard long term. He has a history of injury problems and is supposedly not the best club house guy.

    I really don’t see Peavy coming here but I would take him if they could get him. He is atleast under contract for a few more years.

    Oswalt stinks, don’t want him.

    I’d love Matt Cain but I don’t see that happening.

  • Posts: 0 Ed

    NJ I love the analogy with Lester, Bard etc….I completely agree with you.

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    NJ you can throw it in and go for it , if you committ yourself to the draft, where you can replace some high end talent with cheap on the rise talent case in point, This year Myers will not resign, If the phillies would have committed the money to Porcello instead of Savery, they would have his replacement, If they would have signed Gibson from 2006 draft they would have a kid who is going to be drafted in the first ten picks, so he would most likely be ready if he signed out of high school. The red sox back in 99-00 had the worst farm system, but now it’s one of the best but they go out and sign the kids who have strong college committment. but money talks and that how they get kids to sign. Last year I believe they got a kid who I think is a stud to sign, even though they took him late in the draft because no team though he wouldn’t go to college, but the sox gave him first round type money and he signed. And before all the people say we aren’t the redsox. the marlins do the same. and they only have a 29 million dollar payroll. They paid Galloway 750.000 last year he is a stud outfield prospect the average in that round was about 175.000. and this kid has a chance to be special he is already at 18 at a level which is real good and near a 300 hitter. what he hasn’t shown is power but he is young and that comes with some time.

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    The one guy I would be most hesitant in giving up is Dominic Brown. He has all the tools and is putting it all together, I think he’s a future star.

    Halladay would obviously be great, but the Blue Jays hot start will make him untradeable until they fall out of the race.

    Peavy can be had now, but may not accept a trade to Philly.

    The Astros will ask for a TON for the face of their franchise.

    I think Bedard is the most likely option.

  • Posts: 0 mikemike

    The astros won’t get a ton for Oswalt. if they do if would suprise me, my offer for him would be Carrasco and donald, and if pushed maybe a lower level prospect. like a swimmer or berg too relief type pitchers, Oswalt is 32 and not pitching great , how does anyone know if he will turn it around here.

  • Posts: 0 Howard

    I’ve never been sold on Bedard. He’ll probably the most “economical” meaning we won’t have to give up as much for him, but he’s never appeared to be a stable rotation pitcher to me. I don’t know if it’s because when he played for Baltimore he was a good pitcher on a bad team, and he’s in a similar situation in Seattle, or if he’s a newer version of Rawley Eastwick slowly showing his true colors. Here’s the ESPN.com page that gives his trend right now to support my statement: http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/players/profile?playerId=5099. I wouldn’t throw Marson out there for 2 reasons – Ruiz (although he’s proven himself over and over) repeatedly been having minor injury issues since he’s been here, but more importantly Coste isn’t long on this team. Marson proved to me that he’s ready to step up. I also wouldn’t put Donald on the block, as Feliz is much like Ibanez, short on time. Donald is versatile enough that we could have a longer term at 3B with him. Everyone else on the farm would be available for a Penny, Peavy, or Halladay.

  • Posts: 0 Ed

    I dont know mikemike. After the pounding we gave Wade in the Lidge deal I wouldn’t be shocked to see him over reach just to be a prick. I’d do it if I were him. It’s not like in San Diego where the owner is telling the GM…”you have to trade this guy to get under my 40 mil payroll mandate.”

  • Posts: 0 Ed 2

    The Phils farm system was ranked 11th or 12th coming into the season. But, if you have followed it through the first 2 months of the season you will notice that there have been some significant developments. Everyone knew Drabek could be good, but now he is proving it. He usually doesnt give up his runs until the 6th inning, showing elctricity up until then. He was barely recorded on most preseason prospect lists because of his surgery. Michael Taylor’s 2008 was undervalued because it was seen as flukish. He has only gone on to have a .338 average while lowering his strikeouts and improving his slugging. Baseball America was the only one to see Dom Brown as a legit top talent threat…he has exceeded their expectations. All three are not just doing their jobs, but improving everyday. All three are top 25 talent in the minors. They do not yet have the name recognition of a LaPorta or a Hanson, but if the season were to end today that would change.

  • Posts: 0 Keith E

    As it stands now the GM didn’t pay close enough attention to the potential of the staff completely imploding. He rolled the dice on the #3 and #5 starters and #5 is out and #3 is looking as though the fat lady is warming up. The staff was always an injury away from being a train wreck. We will kill our bull pen at the rate we’re going. A 6 inning start by the back end of our staff is a major accomplishment anymore. We need a top notch pitcher; go buy one. There will always be a shortage of talent but never a shortage of cash. The organization is on the cusp of becoming one of the elite teams in baseball and we need to start thinking big. We support the team by selling out CBP and the front office should not be afraid to spend. Go to Houston with a bag of money and come home with Oswalt, ala the Yankees!

  • Posts: 0 Ed R. (formerly just Ed)

    I’m just curious…why would anyone want Oswalt? His ERA has gone up every year for the past 6 years and 5 of the past 6 years his K’s have gone down…? To me, this is a guy who at 31 is on the back end of his career. Not sure he is worth it to me.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R. (formerly just Ed)

    Furthermore, Oswalt makes as much, if not a little more than Peavy and is a few years older. Would you rather throw your money at Peavy or Oswalt? And secondly, Oswalt is not even averaging 6 innings a start this year.

  • Posts: 0 mikemike

    To me Oswalt is a risk, but donald is nothing but a ulitily player or a starter on a bad team. People can say what they want, but keith law and others who I think know a lot about these prospect tells us over and over he isn’t a major league star. as for carrasco he could be a solid 3 but is a head case{galvin floyd] seems to blow up when things start to go wrong, maybe he straights out or maybe not? with drabek knapp, worley, stutes, bastardo, we can risk losing him.

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    Howard, do you mean Rawley Eastwick or perhaps, Shane Rawley?? Its a balancing act: We cried when we dropped our kids off to college because we didn’t want them go and we’ll hate giving up some of our prospects. Lets just hope Ruben makes the right deal that it is good for us now but doesn’t make us regret we did it later on.

    “Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    Howard, do you mean Rawley Eastwick or perhaps, Shane Rawley?? Its a balancing act: We cried when we dropped our kids off to college because we didn’t want them go and we’ll hate giving up some of our prospects. Lets just hope Ruben makes the right deal that it is good for us now but doesn’t make us regret we did it later on.

    “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    I’m with mikemike about Jason Donald, he’s near major league ready, but does not have a lot of upside. “donald is nothing but a ulitily player or a starter on a bad team.” I couldn’t agree more.

    When I mentioned that the Astros would ask for a ton for Oswalt, I didn’t imply that he was worth that, I just think that Drayton McLane loves him and will ask for a king’s ransom.

    I’d see what could be had for Donald, Marson and possibly a Taylor. Carrasco could help the Phils next season and as I mentioned previously, Dominic Brown should be untouchable.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I really, really like Bedard…. no need to sacrifice the entire farm and the guy is solid, in his prime.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    I’m with you Manny, we should trade some good but not great prospects for Bedard, since he is a rental. I would imagine he’ll qualify for Type A free agent status after the season, so the Phils could offer him arbitration and if he accepts, they get him back for another year, if he declines and signs with another team, they get two picks as compensation.

    Would a package of Marson, Donald and something else decent get it done?

  • Posts: 0 MDefl

    This is a really good discussion. I would trade Donald, Marsen and a good pitching prospect for a front line pitcher in a moment’s notice. I would not want to give up Carrasco or Drabek but would do it if that was the only way the deal could get done.

    Marsen and Donald are blocked. This team is built to contend through 2011. Go for it now. By the time Marsen and Donald would be able to start, there will be other prospects ready to take a shot.

  • Posts: 0 MDefl

    BTW – Bedard is the one guy I don’t want. Also, Peavy does not want to play in Philly because of the distance to San Diego. It is a family thing. Halliday is a pipe dream. That leaves Oswalt and a couple of other guys. Would Wade do a deal with Amaro?

  • Posts: 0 Hollywood Hamels

    Can everyone relax. You have me on the team. We dont want these pitchers. We need to bring up our next star. Stop giving the farm away. Bring up Kendrick for now, then look at bringing up Carrasco. This is the Hollywood report.

  • Posts: 0 M.P. AKA Phillies Phan SC #54

    I have to express my opposition to Peavy as well. I am really against bringing in any big names at the moment, as I think we need to give this farm system a chance before. No problem with doing it in July IF the system fails. Here is my thought: If one of these minor leaguers surprises us and puts up great numbers, why pay and trade? HOWEVER, if we cannot find talent and we can contend with the Mutts and Braves, THEN I would be for trading.

    This is a July 15 discussion – but a very good discussion though!

  • Posts: 0 MDefl

    Hi Cole (yea, right):

    Neither is a bona fide #2. That is what this team needs right now. After you (haha), all we have is a bunch of 4′s and 5′s. It is too early to tell if Happ can be a 2 over the long haul. They need to make a deal.

  • Posts: 0 MDefl


    My fear is that we will fall out of contention by July if we don’t have another quality sp. Maybe I am wrong and we could band aid this with guys from the farm. It is a chance that I don’t want to take. This team is built to contend for the next 3 years. I don’t want to waster one of those years.

  • Posts: 0 M.P. AKA Phillies Phan SC #54

    Hollywood – I am for giving Kendrick two starts with a short leash – no more if he puts up those numbers again though. I also like Park as the long guy combined with Kendrick, I think those roles will suit THEM – as Park did well the other night. I just think we have unexplored talent we need to investigate before we trade or pay more money. Let’s keep the ticket prices where they are and keep dollar dog nights!

  • Posts: 0 M.P. AKA Phillies Phan SC #54


    I am going to be honest, I think the Mets won’t keep it up and I think the Braves are also in the same boat. I think this will be a three-way race until August where the Mets will dive (unless THEY trade) and the Braves will be steady, but not excel. Having watched all three teams this year (I like to know how the competition is) I think we can be competitive, and I also think NOW is the time to explore. Remember last year we DOVE after June 13 and came back. I fully agree, if this does not work, we MUST act in early July and we can be OK.

    As with you, I could be wrong, but I have been wrong before and will be happy to apologize here if I am. It is just a feeling. I do believe we will do it in the end, I also am just not sure how.

  • Posts: 0 M.P. AKA Phillies Phan SC #54

    I will also add if it is not us, I really hope the Braves or Marlins beat the Mets LOL Heck, I even would root for the Nats and poor Manny Acta LOL

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    Hollywood Hamels~ you’re the voice of calm and reason. That is the wise route to go for the team. Besides, as GM Amaro wisely stated..

    ” With two months still left before the July 31 trade deadline, Amaro said few teams have declared themselves sellers. “We feel we have a good enough club that in July we’re going to be a buyer,” Amaro said. “We’re certainly in that mode. We’re not sure about other clubs. The pool of talent and the type of player we’d pursue may not be available for another several weeks. You can’t say, ‘Pretty please, trade this player to us.’ That’s not how it works. It takes two and sometimes three teams to tango.”

    So patience is needed to get a better idea of the situation with the rotation that includes probable addition of Kyle Kendrick. In the weeks that follow, the risk of losing our best prospects may become moot if Kendrick can repeat the success of 2007.

  • Posts: 0 M.P. AKA Phillies Phan SC #54

    Bruce – I also concur with the choice of Kendrick – it is worth the risk for two games.

  • Posts: 0 KM

    Halladay or Peavy would be my choice for an “impact starter.” Oswalt is not the pitcher he was 4 years ago, and he makes a rediculous amount of money for the next few years, while guys like Marquis and Penny are marginal players, due to age, and injury history. If we are going to trade for a Marquis or Penny, we might as well keep the prospects and take a flier on a guy like Pedro Martinez who wouldn’t require a trade, and wouldn’t require a huge salary.

    As far as the rest of the rotation goes, Happ seems like he is going to settle into a nice 3-4 starter for the team, and I can live with Blanton and Moyer as 4th and 5th starters for the time being, granted that we can acquire a solid 1-2 starter.

    If Moyer’s struggles continue, and I suspect they will, I would give Bastardo a shot. He has clearly been our best minor league pitcher this year, and has the kind of stuff that could fool guys who haven’t seen him before.

    We don’t need another run-around with Kendrick. Kendrick success was largely due to the fact that we averaged over 6 runs a game in his starts. At best, he is a pitcher that will have an era of around 5.50, and a whip of around 1.50, and that won’t translate into many victories during his starts.

  • Posts: 0 mikemike

    Maybe the phillies will make a Kevin Brown type deal. Remember he lived on the west coast, and in his contract, the braves gave him a number of tickets on private jet so he could go home. On off days he went home.

  • Posts: 0 phills

    i would love to get marqu and street fo any thing they wnt the future is the future

  • Posts: 0 Keith

    Adam Dunn is a terrible fielder lol

  • Posts: 0 Keith

    oops, ignore that please :D

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