Almost Blue: Phillies Embarrassing In 7-1 Loss

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Wed, June 17, 2009 10:15 PM | Comments: 50
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I-crap-ezThe sparse pockets of fans at Citizens Bank Park resembled a late 1997 game at Veterans Stadium. The rain even looked angry.

There was not one redeeming moment in the Phillies’ 7-1 loss to the Blue Jays. No, not the four solid middle innings Jamie Moyer threw — they were cruel jokes jammed from either way by horrendous innings of pinball. Sorry Jamie, but four of seven won’t cut it, not against a strong-armed team like the Blue Jays, a team that shows patience, duty and a businessman’s approach at the plate.

And no, not even the Jayson Werth solo home run could redeem the bleak evening. That homer was straight out of the Citizens Bank Park guidebook: The last ball in the range bucket smacked as hard as possible and landing just on the edge of the green. Werth attmpted to duplicate that sad feat twice more but found himself kneeling at the altar of Scott Richmond after all-too-predictable curveballs. Richmond struck out 11 in eight innings of five-hit ball. Roy Halladay couldn’t have done it better.

The saddest mark on this game is the now-struggling Raul Ibanez, a guesser’s 0-for-3 now showing a .312 average. A far cry from those “he can do anything” days of one week ago. It’s silly to even mention that Jimmy Rollins again went hitless in the leadoff spot. Oh wait, it was mentioned.

No, this was pure embarrassment by a team that, right now, seems more poised and skilled than the phlailin’ Phils. The home record is now a truly head-scratching 13-18. Only Colorado and Washington have fewer home wins.

Oh, wait, there was one positive: Tyler Walker struck out two in his inning of work. Congratulations, Tyler. Get this kid a smiley-face sticker.

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  • Posts: 0 matt p

    maybe this is all for the best, they will snap out of this and everyone will turn it on and make a run for it.

  • Posts: 1650 Tim Malcolm

    Avatar of Tim Malcolm

    Well they just might be breathing after the tough games against the Yanks, Dodgers and Sox. Wouldn’t be surprised if they started turning on the juice again against Baltimore before heading out to Tampa, Toronto and Atlanta.

  • Posts: 0 4daysrest.com

    LOL @ the smiley-face sticker line. Well played.

    And forget about Jayson Werth’s solo homer. Who cares. In his other at-bats, he looks like a special olympics MVP at the plate. What’s up with going down to one knee after flailing your bat at the ball like you’re trying to kill flies? It’s embarrassing.

    Raul is really making me crazy. I know he’s a good hitter and everything, but the point of signing this guy was to bring more consistency to the lineup. I know his early part of the year makes up for this current slump, but isn’t consistency supposed to mean a steady level of play?

    It’s just frustrating.

  • Posts: 0 Greg V.

    Yeah I turned it off before it got to Tyler Walker, whose jersey I am in the proccess of ordering. Thanks for filling me in!

    I thought yesterday was the worst game of the season but this one topped it by a mile! You were right. This game was straight out of the late nineties.

  • Posts: 0 Tony

    What place are the Phillies in?

  • Posts: 1650 Tim Malcolm

    Avatar of Tim Malcolm

    Tony, what do you think, we’re rooting for the defending world champions here?

  • Posts: 0 matt p

    how long until fans start remembering pat the bat?

  • Posts: 0 4daysrest.com

    1st – only because the Mets suck chode right now. If they could string together any consistency, we’d be taking a backseat to the boys in blue.

  • Posts: 0 shag beta sigma delta

    An observation maybe these american league guys know how to pitch Raul, and that is why he is in a slump. If he can come out of it in the next week, maybe split up the lefties again, Werth with the exception of his last at bat seems to be coming around, do we go back to Utley, Howard, Wreth, Raul for awhile,

  • Posts: 0 shag beta sigma delta

    The phillies are an up and down team, down now, but holding onto a lead. They will get hot again, and it is nice to see a little less doom in here then the gameday posts during the game

  • Posts: 0 Paul

    You are right on Tim. I turned this game off the TV after 6 innings. I could tell they were done. Might have been the weakest performance of the year.

    At least the Mets lost…

  • Posts: 0 The Big Dipper

    How come Moyer got the Jeltz? I know he sucked but he didnt suck as bad as the offense did, I think Rollins and Ibanez deserved the Jeltz. If Ibanez didnt GIDP it was a 4-3 game and that might have breathed some life into the offense. Moyer is the scapegoat, the offense was the reason we werent competitive in this game.

    The Big Dipper

  • Posts: 0 mike s.

    if anyone thought Raul was going to hit .350 all year you were wrong.

    its baseball. there are slumps.

    its interleague…. the phils never play well

    1 thing i will say is that jimmy cant lead off anymore

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    Moyer got the Jeltz because he gave up 3 runs before the Phillies even came up to bat.

    An utterly forgettable loss against a mediocre team.

  • Posts: 129 Amanda Orr

    Avatar of Amanda Orr

    Sitting through this game in the rain was awesome……..

    The Moyer bunt DP killed the crowd. Shocked to see the attendance was 42,000, however it was pretty much empty by like the 3rd inning.

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    We can’t play awesome every game…we just came off of a killer road trip they had to cool off sometime…we have 162 games they’ll bounce back!

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    I have this feeling a few negativists here will soon start to turn on Ibanez especially if he appears to have his first little slump. Ah..h.. the fickleness of such “fans”. ;-)

    The reality of baseball says that there is not one hitter or pitcher, no matter how good that player may be, can escape a slump for an entire season. That’s baseball as they say.

    I thought Geoff would gleefully pop in here with his droning mantra of scorn for Moyer. (chuckles) After that rough 1st inning, Moyer settled in nicely and did his thing for the next four innings. Unfortunately, after striking out the side in the sixth inning and the pitch count over an hundred, Manuel gambled and had Moyer going out to pitch the seventh inning as the rain gained intensity. Moyer appeared to tired and his pitches were up. And Manual lost that gamble as Hill, one of the better hitters for Toronto got a hold of a hanger to erase any doubts of the game’s outcome.

    To Moyer’s credit, he hung in there for six innings prior to the seventh to give his team a chance to rebound but unfortunately he was a victim of non support as the Phillies’ hitters went fishing for breaking pitches in the dirt all night long.

    A reminder to those who continue to bash Moyer without justification. In his previous five starts before last night FOUR of those are quality starts of six innings or more and the last three combined for an ERA of 2.84. When compared to the performance of other starters (yes, including Hamels who scuffled in two of last four starts) in the last five turns of the rotation, Moyer has been more consistently effective.

    I sensed the team may be entering into a collective slump offensively. A slump can be very contagious among hitters who are pressing and trying to step up for others who are struggling. It starts with Rollins and Werth and eventually affects others such as Howard and Ibanez.
    I’m hoping that I’m wrong about the current offensive woes and the bats come alive tomorrow night (weather permitting).

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Nobody should be giving a moyer a hey he did ok. He allowed his team to get behind 3 before they came to bat. Not good. I also dont understand this team. Charlie had good success with Jimmy batting in the 6th hole. Then he plays ping pong with him. They only person who thinks he should be leading off is Jimmy.

  • Posts: 0 mg52

    I understand and appreciate what Rollins has done for this team in the past, but he just can’t be batting lead-off now.

  • Posts: 0 Thunder Lips

    The Phils look clueless in interleague play every year (i.e. against Boston, L.A. and Texas in June 2008). At this time of year, they always make you wonder whether or not they have the talent and determination to go the extra mile for the playoffs and ultimately for the title since they never have all parts coming together at once. Just wait until August my friends- that’s when the Phils will have another solid starting pitcher next to Cole Hamels to shoulder the load, plus the bats will be on fire. It’s the way it has gone since 2003/2004 (The David Bell years unfortunately) so why is this year any different with the same core group that is more talented and much wiser in comparison to any other group previously? David Bell was 2nd in the NL in grounding into double plays in 2005.

  • Posts: 0 Miles

    This series really hasn’t surprised me at all. This team is very predictable. We just do not play well during interleague and we do not play well at this time of the year. Hopefully we can snag a game out of this series tomorrow, although it’s always depressing to be trying to salvage a game and fend off a sweep.

  • Posts: 0 Miles

    right on Thunder Lips….btw isnt that Hulk’s name in Rocky III?

  • Posts: 0 T Marty

    Chubber Lang would say yes.

  • Posts: 0 T Marty

    Clubber Chubber, oops.. i was at the game tonight and it was dreadful, it’s never fun to start out with a 3 run deficit, and it was raining throughout, which seems to be any game i go to anymore.

  • Posts: 0 Sean A

    So from Jason Stark’s twitter comes this little tidbit

    “Phillies have gone to their bullpen 30 times since last Wednesday — in 7 games”

    Oh man…

  • Posts: 0 DeanH

    I was there tonight. It was boring and very disappointing. I am sick and tired of our pitchers not throwing strikes and then wondering why they are being hit.

    Raul had a day off Sunday. I was concerned that it may affect his hitting. Did it, never know. I think he will do very well today and we will be happy w/ him again.

    But, our starting pitching has to throw strikes (along w/ our closer). I can deal w/ hits, I cannot accept balls on Major League hitters.

  • Posts: 0 nate

    supposedly the guy starting tomorrow for the jays is a AAA call up who is like 0-8 this year, somewhere out west. hopefully they can hit him and avoid the sweep.

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    To Sean A, commenting on your quote of Jason’s Stark’s “twitter” regarding the use of bullpen. You have to keep in mind that the Phillies played four, that’s FOUR extra inning games during this past week. Obviously, the bullpen had to worked overtime with extra appearances. Stark’s numbers can be a little misleading and implying the starters are the root of the bullpen’s problems. It’s not that simple. Other reasons for bullpen usage can be attributed to lack of offense (thus the extra inning games) and Manuel using double switches and pinchhitting for the pitcher early in the game to try to jumpstart the offense.

    In Amanda Orr’s blog concerning the “tired” bullpen, she used a statistic indicating the bullpen has thrown a total of 217 innings this season, sixth most in the major leagues and more than the National League average of 200 IP. Well..you know it includes those four extra inning games I mentioned plus a few others that were played earlier in the season. Obviously, that adds to the number of innings for the bullpen. Take away the extra inning games and the bullpen’s season total is NOT that greater than the NL average.

    The bottom line is statistics are not conclusive; you have to probe deeper into the issues of concern and go beyond the numbers.

  • Posts: 0 ryan

    enough with all this doom and gloom. you people are truly miserable. we are the WFC for god’s sakes man!!!!! this is baseball. It is a long long season and your team will definitely have its high and lows. Just a little June Swoon right now that goes together well with the weather we’ve been experiencing. Let’s be real, this is still the best team in the national league , if not all of baseball. No worries. RELAX

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  • Posts: 0 Sam D

    we need a change, we need to dump our bench for the exception of stairs, and we need some more pitching and another bat perhaps like a backup ss with some pop

  • Posts: 0 Sam D

    I can’t wait to say raulllllllll again but i might be waiting for a little while til he snaps out of his strikeout funkl

  • Posts: 0 keng

    1. baseballs a marathon so chill out a little!
    2. its true jimmy is obviously killing us right now – but its a very tough call whether to stick by him or not – i like him at 6 – and would have left him there last time around – but who leads off? – v? – r? – and then who’s ur 2 hitter? – if its going right jr should lead off – shame we let those two speedsters go!
    3. ibanez’s slump, howard versus lefties, werth’s look last night are all reasons to be worried right now but not upset – by the by without ibanez super human output in the first quarter we’d be in 3rd or 4th place right now – but who really could have ever expected him to continue that especially at his age?!
    4. biggest concern long term is pitching – i dont think we can go all the way thru with moyer given his age and velocity at this point – not having meyers obviously makes us very fragile – and we need lidge back strong

  • Posts: 0 mick

    It is a long season and everybody needs to chill—However, so far the Phillie starting pitching has been flat out awful-it is a tribute to the offense, defense and bullpen that they are where they are in what appears to me to be a weak division.The front office I am sure is working the phones hard–they have a little more than a month–if they fail and the starters fail to pick it up this club will burn out its bullpen and contend for nothing in October—they need to package a bunch of top prospects for a horse now–believe it or not this core is going to get old fast so the moment is NOW

  • Posts: 0 Steve-o

    So sad to say I went to this game. The crowd NEVER got into the game. It seemed to generally be over as soon as Toronto scored 2 batters in. Moyer really had a rough 2 innings there, and once the rain came, the fans left. I’m with Amanda, I was stunned when the 42,091 came up on the scoreboard. The place had a noise level of about 7,000.
    I’m torn on how to react to this team right now. It’s easy, and factual, to say that this team never plays well in interleague. It’s also easy to say that they are worn out from a nasty stretch of Yanks, Dodgers, Sox, and 2 tough extra inning games against the Mets. It’s also easy to say this team just sucks at home.

    I just hate making excuses for this team. At some point those reasons won’t be good enough. They need to figure out how to win at home….or convince major league baseball they should be allowed to play the rest of their games on the road.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    Ryan Howard did not make an error last night did he?
    His ball handling mentality slipped to 08; the Phils are getting spanked by AL teams again, like they did in 08 and 07 – and these are not real good teams in the AL –
    The scenario is seems to be playing along the same lines – playing worse at home than on the road early.
    If this holds true, look for more of a meltdown prior to the AS break – perhaps a 2 game lead heading into the break. The home series will even out, the road W-L percentage will dim to decent –
    – I’m just sayin’

  • Posts: 0 bull

    They looked clueless last year in interleague play and it turned out fine. Rollins should not be batting lead off for this team, he is killing us in that spot. He is much more productive in the 6th spot, or maybe you bat him 5th behind howard in front of ibanez break up the lefties

  • Posts: 0 J-Mills

    Jamie Moyer does not deserve the Jelt award peroid. Our left handed hitters were nothing short of pathetic! Can Chase hit a curve ball? Left handers hit over .400 against this guy last year and this year are hitting just under .300. Pathetic and frustrating game to watch.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    I whine from a personal perspective as well. Heading into today’s game, the last 4 I have been to have been losses. I believe 4-8 is my record while my friend is 2-6. Fortunate, most of the losses we have seen have not been as bad as last nights.

    How is it that Jimmy leads off game after hitless game?
    When can we throw the bench out and get a new one? Only 1 player has shown a sign of a pulse from the bench and that is Stairs. The Bastardo, Bruntlett, Taschner projects are coming to a close – time to make some moves Chahlie.

    Does anyone know about today’s soaker? We play the blue birdies next week in Toronto – would the league push a make up date in the other city rather than try to squeeze this one in?

  • Posts: 0 Travis

    Victorino should be the Phillies leadoff guy. Werth should be second, Utley third, Howard fourth, Ibanez fifth, Rollins sixth, Feliz seventh and Ruiz eighth.

    I think Phillies get some offense going against Brad Mills who is a lefty and was 1-8 with a 4.48era at Triple A. Hopefully Big Joe Blanton can get his 5th win of the year. It’s funny how the Phillies have 36 wins but yet none of their starters has 5 or more wins. Even the nationals have a 5 game winner (Shairon Martis). Great article on the Phillies home woes by Danny Knobler at cbs sports website. I think bats will be ready to welcome the new pitcher into the bigs. The phillies always do well against young pitchers making their debuts at CBP. Well atleast most of the time. Phillies have been outscored 15-4 in first two games. The bats should be out. Prediction: Phillies break out of slump and take the game 10-4 or 10-2.

    However, this game might be cancelled due to rain. I’m not in Philly, so anyone know if its raining and if the game is gonna be postponed?

    According to Weather.com, there is 100% of POP today and you don’t see that often. Can anyone in Philly, tell me how the weather is there right now. Just looked at hour by hour, 20% of POP at 1pm, 2pm and after that 60%. Hopefully this game gets through and Phillies win. BIG

  • Posts: 0 A.J.

    I am not worrie right now, lots of baseball to come. I also agree, Jimmy has to bat 2nd or 6th. I kind of like him second only because it puts speed at the top of the lineup in a 1-2 punch (IF he gets on). Kind of like Pierre and Furcal on the Dodgers (IF Furcal can get on).

  • Posts: 0 A.J.

    Best thing for the Phightins if the game is postponed. We can win in Toronto when we make it up, just not at home LOL.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    what i don’t understand is this: earlier in the season, moyer’s spot in the rotation was skipped so that he could pitch against the Marlins who he owns…so why can’t the opposite be done, that is if there is a team that he matches-up poorly with, just skip his spot. Such is the case with the blue jays….in last night game thread, someone cited Blue Jay players lifetime stats against Moyer….No suprise this happened. I think the O’s younger team might have been a better match-up for the same reasons that the Marlins are

  • Posts: 0 beta sigma shag

    It is very refreshing to see calmer heads prevail in here today, some of the post on the gamenight thread made me think I mistakingly went to a mets sight, with how bad this team is. A slump is a slump, Yes the Phillies should have scored more than one run, and not strike out 11 times against Richmond, But Toronto is not a bad team, and had a few good games, So you get one tonight if you play and move on

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Travis: I’m not sure about south philly but futher north in Dolyestown it be raining steadily since six AM….Weren’t you the one who posted those stats? I wasn’t sure, if it was you, then good job.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    Travis I live about 20 minutes from CBP – its rough out there with absolutely no signs of letting up..

    Time to regroup and make some decisions Chahlie..
    beta – this has been a recurring theme with the Phils for the past couple of seasons – in 06, the Phils wasted a classic performance by our big man who had his best day as a Phil with 7 rbi – and the game ended with Ryan at bat, 2 out and maybe the bases loaded! They lost 7-9 if I could..
    They need to kick the shit out of this team today or, in Toronto next week as a makeup game.. (hoping)

    More Birds coming in… it looks like Markaikis might be starting to catch fire again – when he is hot the O’s are very competitive.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck P

    Ibanez on 15 day DL with groin strain…

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    keng: you said
    “go all the way thru with moyer given his age and velocity at this point…” Moyer’s velocity hasn’t real changed that much in what 20+ seasons….that’s why he’s been able to last this long much like knuckleballer Tim Wakefield who could have lasted as long as has throwing everyday…Last night if radar clocked Moyer @ lower than his typical range of 80-82 mph then this decrease could be attributable to the colder weather. colder air is denser which can put more drag on the ball, and this mean less velocity.

  • Posts: 0 JeffS

    4daysrest – your entry on that disaster made me want to slit my wrists. Tell us how you really feel! ;)

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    beta sigma shag says~ “..some of the post on the gamenight thread made me think I mistakingly went to a mets sight, with how bad this team is.”

    I had figured out a long time ago that “gamenight” threads are for those who need to release their frustrations/anger with rants that defy logic and rationale. Therefore, I rarely get involve in that kind of thread.

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