Embarrassing Effort in Near No-No

Posted by Amanda Orr, Fri, June 26, 2009 10:34 PM | Comments: 43
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The Phillies have made mental mistakes. Their pitching has given up key runs. But like the last 11 of 13 games they have played, they have found a new way to lose.

Ricky Romero no-hit the Phillies for six innings before Chase Utley broke up the no-hit bid with a single in the seventh. He pitched seven shutout innings allowing only two hits and one walk. He struck out seven.

Cole Hamels struggled and was ejected for arguing balls and strikes after he left the game in the fifth inning. In 4.2 innings, Hamels allowed four earned runs on eight hits and two walks.

The bullpen continues to have its woes. Chan Ho Park left the game with a knee contusion. Brad Lidge gave up two earned runs in 0.1 innings.

The Phillies ended their streak of 97 straight games with an extra base hit. They scored a run on a sacrifice fly in the ninth, however, this loss is on the offense. Tip of the cap to Ricky Romero who pitched a terrific game by keeping the Phillies off-balanced, however, it is always embarrassing when a potent lineup like the Phillies is no-hit for six innings.

The Phillies lose 6-1, but are lucky that the Yankees won, therefore remaining a half game above the New York Mets.

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  • Posts: 0 The Checkered Demon

    The stink continues. Get ready to hold your noses as the Phils plunge to mediocrity. Mr. Amaro should learn from this. Baseball is all about pitching, pitching, pitching. Let’s open the door for the Mets as they climb into first place. I really hate this, but let’s be realistic. The Phils are hurting, hurting badly.

  • Posts: 0 JH

    pathetic. Thanks alot Hollowood. I don’t care what any one says they need to get atleast a legit 2. I can’t take this 4 innings crap anymore.
    Question for those out there want a pitching horse would you do this deal???

    Toronto Gives:
    Roy Holliday
    B grade prospect

    Philadelphia Gives:
    Kyle Drabek
    Lou Marson
    Drew Carpenter
    C Grade Prospect

    Bottom Line: No Prospect is untouchable

  • Posts: 0 Stuart

    I watched part of the game and I am soo sick of Ryan howard ruining potential rallies. We were down 4-0 with two men on and no outs. He hits right into a double play, only a couple pitches were thrown to him. When is there going to be something done to fix these problems? Charlie needs to work on the lineup and we need our pitching coaches to start working with our pitchers because they arnt doing anything right.

  • The worst part about this fall is that the Mets are playing with stubs for arms and legs right now and are still hanging around.

  • Posts: 0 Terri

    This is from Scott Lauber Twitter:
    Phillies had closed-door meeting for about 20 minutes after the game.

  • Posts: 0 Greg B

    Howard hit that ball on the nose. Thats baseball.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Howard is a bum. Never should of given him that money. Strikes out way to much. If he is not hitting homers he is not helping this team. This team is so lost right now.

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    JH, I don’t know how often or how long you have participated on this site but I’ll repeat a question asked countless times by posters here who are realistic. WHY WOULD TORONTO TRADE AWAY THEIR BEST PITCHER WHEN THEY ARE STILL IN THE RACE AS CONTENDERS IN THEIR DIVISION? Geez!

    By the way, Toronto’s pitcher, Ricky Romero is a bonafide candidate for rookie of the year honors in the AL. He has nasty stuff and had command of all his pitches tonight in his near no-no against the Phillies hitters and their “ZERO” concentration (as broadcaster Chris Wheeler so aptly described).

  • Posts: 0 Miles

    I’m probably one of the most optimistic Phans you will find, and I can’t say I remember a stretch this long where we played absolutely pathetic. I actually reached my breaking point with Feliz’s baserunning error yesterday and told myself I would take a break. So I didn’t watch the game tonight, but it sounds incredibly painful.

    There is no point in picking on Howard here. This has been a team failure. That double play, which I saw on replay, was absolutely hammered and the play was #2 on Baseball Tonight’s web gems….so cut the guy a break. Our entire offense has tanked.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    For the last time, ROy Halladay is not available. Do you READ the sports feeds?

    They better have had a closer door meeting.

    Ricky Romero SUCKS. Scott Richmond was a 29 year old rookie. Theyve got SERIOUS issues right now. This is worse than their normal slumps, and they need to get out of it soon.

    Id suggest trading the two bad applies: Romero and Rollins. Those two guys are TOTAL j-offs.

    Hamels needs to get his head right too, he has been a major letdown this season. This whole team needs a kick in the behind. They act like theyre the greatest and they ALWAYS need to lose and get behind in the race to wake up. It happens every year. They get a lead, blow it, and then wake up and start playing well. This time is different though. Brett Myers is lost for the season, Brad Lidge hasnt been effective in a month at least – the most predictable pitcher I have EVER seen. JC Romero has been terrible since being “clean.”

    Wake up time guys, I think they need to make a deal and shake up their precious little egos….but thats too drastic for this team. The Phillies are losing pitchers and players left and right to injury because the Phillies are conjuring up bad karma by refusing to make a move. They needed to make a move when Myers went down and they REFUSED and just accepted that there are not enough “sellers” yet. NO, you CANT wait, and with each bad performance and each injury youre only making more work for your team down the line. JUST MAKE THE MOVES NOW…YES, you have to overpay But THATS YOUR FAULT! Go get it done. And get the rest of this team off their behinds and taking their jobs seriously again.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Theyre the World Champs and they will be again, but its time to start preparing and playing like it in every phase of the game.

  • Posts: 0 Mike

    Truly embarrassing. It’s almost counter-productive taking the field these days. I love the Phils with all my heart, but it pains me to see them failing so miserably at the simplest tasks. Maybe I need to pull a J-Roll and take a few days break from the Phils.

  • Posts: 0 Keystone

    JH, Bruce and Geoff are absolutely right, Halladay is going nowhere.
    And on top of it prospects alone will not get the Phils the caliber pitcher that they need. They WILL have to give at least someone from their everyday lineup. A team wants to have an ML player not just minor leaguers.
    One more thing, all this talk of getting a number 2 pitcher, they need to go after a number 1 pitcher right now. I believe Hamels will turn it around but they need someone with a sub 3 ERA.

  • Posts: 0 Keystone

    Arizona is out of the playoff picture, Dan Haren has a few years left on his contract, throw everything you can at them and see if they bite.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I agree. We know how good Cole is. We know that person will eventually come back out of him again. But they really need someone who is absolutely outstanding. And they WILL be giving up an everyday player to get that at this point because the pickings are slim and theres not many out there to begin with. Rollins, Werth Victorino, Romero, not to mention Michael Taylor…one or more of those guys will be moved. Mayberry will replace an OF if an OF goes.

    If you were Cleveland would you trade Cliff Lee for all minor lg players? NO. Im asking for Shane Victorino, Carlos Carrasco and Michael Taylor. Or some combo of top talent from the Phils. Cleveland wants to compete next year too and if theyre trading their ACE they will have to be blown away. Other than Lee, not much is left out there…

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    YOull have to give up a LOT. Like Werth or Victorino, Carrasco, Taylor, maybe even Romero or Savery or Escalona, Kendrick or DOnald.

    I mean thats even if Dan Haren is available which I doubt.

  • Posts: 0 Philsphan

    Damn, I’m really upset with how we’ve been playing too, but some of you guys need to calm down. We’ve still got plenty of baseball to play and plenty of time to nab a top-notch starter. No need to start saying things like dump the farm system for a starter. That would seriously jeopardize the future of this franchise and I fully expect the Phillies to go on a run in the NL East like the Braves did from 93-06.

  • Posts: 0 Trent Holvick

    Im sick and tired of watchin the Phills…..I keep tellin myself that the teams gonna turn it around….but suprisingly they havent. Philsphan you’re definitley right, but the Phills wont be able to go on a tear with Jamie Moyer and Antonio Bastardo in our starting rotation. I still have leaps of faith in the team but they have to make a move fast even if it means losing one of our top notch outfielders. WE NEED PITCHING AND WE NEED IT BAD. The Phillies could be therotically 9 games up in the east, but because the team has lacked on securing a simple victory were only 1/2 game up on the terrrible MUTS! I still have faith but our front office has to make a move FAST!

  • Posts: 0 A.J.

    Do we want an injured Halliday and why would the Jays give him up if they are in the mix.

    Dan Haren is a much better realism, IF the D-backs would give him up. If they were to deal though, NOW is the time to do it as they are horrible.

    We have to go to teams who are below .500 and those not in the division.

    And ummmm, we played bad last June too. I am disgusted, but not any more or less than I was last year.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I’m just as disgusted as last year… we’ve been really atrocious both times. But the difference now is that we really need a top starter with Brett Myers out for the rest of the season. That’s by far our biggest loss in 2009.

  • Posts: 0 Mike D

    Oh jeez was i glad I was working tonight. Sigh. I swear ever since that pretzel commercial aired with Harry’s voice in it, it’s been Bad Newz Bearz for us. There have been a lot of games where I’ve been glad I’ve been working. Last season I regretted missing games during work, even in June. This season’s been rough to handle.

    At least the Flyers traded for Pronger!

  • Posts: 0 A.J.

    Manny – absolutely, my friend, Myers is a great loss. I believe he has been the difference of the games too. I am optimistic, I think we will be OK, but honestly, I do not see a good recovery until August. I have been wrong before though, and I HOPE I am wrong now and we won’t fall any more. Our pitching has not been as great, but with our offense, our pitching has done as fine as expected. The offense failed. I am hoping Rauuuul will be the difference maker and motivate the others.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    Truly pathetic. Thank god Jamie Moyer came up huge along with the Offense against the Rays the first game. As for “Get ready to hold your noses as the Phils plunge to mediocrity.” Well hell, I dont know about you, but I have been holding my nose since the first series against the Jays, and its only gotten worse. This team is truly playing pathetic now. So know instead of being 3 or 4 games up against the 2nd place team, now the Phils are only up .5 game against the Mets and 1 game against the Marlins. Seeing how we have been playing, we will lose first place this coming week (if not tomorrow) and this is NOT last year or the year before, chances are, when we lost first, its gone. Chances are its not coming back. The pitching is getting worse, and the bats arent doing anything. Question is why did it take until end of June for Manuel to finally have a closed door meeting with the team? Thats pathetic. We are BARELY above .500. We are 9 games under .500 at home, 12 games over .500 on the road (however creeping close every game to .500). The only reason we arent 0-10 in the last ten is the same pitcher that the majority of fans says is a geezer and sucks and needs to retire. Moral of the story, Moyer is NOT the only problem on this team. There are numerous one at this point. Manuel is not the manager we all thought he was. Cholly is nothing without Jimy Williams. The Phils had similar problems last year, however, it didnt take until end of June for Manuel (Williams) to open his mouth and express pure disgust.

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    Guys, I’ve talked about this in another thread, but this is just not their year. The sooner we can admit this and move forward, a lot better we’ll be in the future.

    There’s just way too many holes on this team to think one stud pitcher will fix it all. The thing is the do have some really nice players in the minors that will be able to help next year. We can’t lose focus on this. If we blow the farm this year and don’t make the playoffs, the next 4 years could be really bad.

  • Posts: 0 mikeB

    Amaro’s failure to add a top notch starter last off-season is looming large right now. A number of good pitchers were available last winter.

  • Posts: 0 Dhall

    There’s a baseball team in this town? I haven’t seen one play in over 2 weeks.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    MikeB like who? How was Amaro failed so miserably?

    I’m as befuddled as any as to how the Phils are loosing so badly but this is a very good team that’s lost its way in a league where ALL good teams loose its way at least once a season. There’s aren’t multiple holes on this roster, there’s just holes in the play.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Like Failing to pay the piper to sign Derek Lowe. Which they had the money to do. Its a lot, I wasnt exactly for it but he was out there.

    Now theyre forced to hope Cliff Lee is available and then proceed to get taken to the cleaners in order to land him – like the FLyers did to land Chris Pronger thus forcing them to have to get taken to the cleaners to clear cap space now as a result.

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    NJ – What are you talking about? There are tons of holes on this team. I’m a die hard Phillies fan, but I have no problem giving an honest assessment about this team. The more I look at last year, the more I realize it was a team that caught a lot of breaks and some guys played over their heads.

    Let’s see…

    1. Last year, they had very few injuries to their pitching staff.

    2. Brad Lidge had a career year. We basically took this guy off the scrap heap in Houston and he put it together for 3/4 of a season. Even in September, the warning signs were there. A lot of his saves were tightrope jobs.

    3. Ryan Madson suddenly added 3-4 MPH to his fastball and was pitching with confidence. This is a guy whose biggest problem is always going to be his head

    4. They took JC Romero off the scrap heap from Boston. He’s always walked too many batters since he’s been here, but he’s always had a knack for getting out of jams. Maybe his magic is running out?

    5. Scott Eyre. Well, I just don’t think he’s that good. He was let go for nothing from Chicago, and came here and pitched well, but I think that’s starting to wear off.

    6. Jamie Moyer. He’s pitched better as of late, but to think he’ll replicate that 16 win season is crazy.

    7. Jason Werth. Might be one of the more overrated guys on this team. A nice platoon player, but I still don’t think he’ll ever be an every day player.

    8. Jimmy Rollins. Maybe when he’s 35 the light bulb will go on and he’ll realize he’s not Ryan Howard. Wishful thinking, but we can hope.

    9. Bench play – Time and time again, we got key, clutch hits from our bench last year. Looks like Dobbs has come back to earth as well.

    Guys, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for last year. But as this season goes on, I think we’re going to realize we had a lot more in common with the 93 Phillies than we originally thought.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    That’s bull the Phils went hard after Lowe and Atlanta jumped in and paid the premium to stop him landing with the Phils or Mets. That’s just the way it goes, sometimes you get outplayed on the market. That’s 1 guy the Phils didn’t get, can’t see who else in a plethora of front line pitching Amaro ‘failed’ to land.

    The don’t NEED a guy like Lee, they WANT a guy like Lee. The Phils haven’t had consistent pitching all year and now the bats aren’t getting the job done when the pitching is good. The Phils need stable pitching in most starts and disciplined hitting most nights to dig themselves out of the hole. A ‘number two’ is just another arm taking a loss when the bats don’t show up.

    Before saying we NEED a ‘number 2′ at all costs look at the breakdown of the last month, you’ll see a lot of nights where Blanton, Moyer, Cole didn’t get even adequate run support or great performances ended up in no decisions or losses. A ‘number 2′ doesn’t change that, better team play does.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    Matt most of the ‘holes’ are from bad play or unexpected injuries. You can’t break down the roster and expect all-stars, lights-out relievers, .300 hitters and 15+ game winners from every spot on the roster. I’m not saying for a minute this team couldn’t and shouldn’t be playing better but I’m advocating the play from what’s on the roster has to be better for the Phils to contend.

    Look down every roster in this league and you’ll see mirror images of the guys your calling off-the-scrap head players. Werth has been called underrated by several major insiders this year, he’s just playing poorly. Romero and Eyre have put up very good numbers this year. Lidge has been hurt. Moyer’s done fine leading the team in wins with putrid run support that could have seen him up around 8 or 9 wins already, Madson’s been fantastic apart from a bad spell.

    This team is just playing badly, we all have to deal with it. Your not going to see all-star play and numbers from every player year round… Deal with it. Just hope as I do this team starts playing good, fundamental, strong defensive baseball and then is able to lure a frontline starter like a Roy Halladay (but don’t expect it as an absolute).

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    If you dont think they need top quality starting pitching youre crazy. Now even Bastardo is hurt. Blanton is capable of being a 2 sometimes but not always. Though he has improved. However, to rely that heavily on Jamie MOyer is a joke and is a failing losing thing to do. Be happy he gives you whatever he gives you. But dont count on it, hes simply too reliant on factors other than himself to be successful.

    Happ is good but still needs to improve and Bastardo is up and down because hes a ROOKIE. Just adding some run of the mill guy at this point is a waste of prospects. cIm a fan of Marquis Duke and Maholm as backup plans but not main targets. You have to go out now and overpay for top notch. Cliff Lee, Dan Haren (not available in my opinion), guys of that ilk. Theyre going to have to move Werth or Victorino to get a guy like that, thus moving Mayberry into an everyday role. They still need a RH bench bat. They still need at least one reliever to help the cause back there.

    Ruben COULD HAVE gotten the bench bat and the reliever easily but did not do so. Now we have to cough it up for them too. He added the big name in Ibanez and signed some good extensions but he failed to plug the holes weve all seen for months.

    IN baseball, you ALWAYS go and sign a reliever or two every season because you know guys will break down or struggle. THats an annual rite of the bullpen and bc it didnt happen to them in 08 they shirked that. They went looking for a RH bat and still havent gotten one. Really? there are guys around. they just need a bit of pop and the ability to succeed as a bench/part time player.

    Then they went and settled for Moyer BEFORE derek lowe signed. which is mind-bogglingly retarded. then they gave him a big contract as a “reward” which always is a bad idea and is even more retarded.

    Lidge needs to spend a few weeks in the minors like Myers did because the guy I saw last night was a shrivel of his former self. He cant get anyone out right out and he cant adapt to be less predictable. He gets ahead in the count then throws three sliders that they dont swing at, then he either throws a meatball or walks the batter. Same pattern everytiime. JC Romero is “clean” but all of a sudden cant get people out anymore either.

    Theyve run out of time and they need a move to bolster this squad and give a lift to the team. They also need to shake up the roster to show the players that even though they got out of it last year that slumps like this are not acceptable. Rollins I guess youre stuck with and youll have to hide him in the back of the order, other than his defense now he is a totally useless player to a major league team and anything you get in return for him is a bonus. He cant steal bases anymore, he cant get on base, he cant hit, all that mysterious power is gone, all he can do is play defense. I would include him in trade conversations at this point. A change of scenery would help him. I would also involve Romero in those talks. Those two guys are negative influences on the team and against Charlies authority in the locker room.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    OF course the roster play has to be better…but they still have to give to get in the pitching dept. If you paid attention during the playoffs youd have noted the importance of Brett Myers as that guy. They have noone to do that now despite Blanton rising from a 4th starter up to a solid number 3 type stopper.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    For one it’s still early in the season and barely any teams have made major reliver or bench moves so Amaro CANNOT be faulted for making a move no-one else can make.

    I’m not saying the Phils don’t need quality starting pitching. The Phils have been getting pretty decent pitching in the last few weeks that has been squandered night after night. Look at the months results, you’ll see a hell of a lot more bad offense than pitching.

    Not ‘top quality starter’ is going to immediately change the fortunes if the team play isn’t better. That’s all I am saying.

    People here like to rubbish so much of this team on bias and nit pick at one of two bad nights out of plenty good. It’s tiring, it’s the kind of trash you’d expect from Mets or Yankees fans who expect all-star play night-on-night.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    -”Blanton rising from a 4th starter up to a solid number 3 type stopper’

    Can we PLEASE stop throwing out numbers for starters like it’s the wheel of fortune.

    Frontline starter
    Middle of the rotation starter
    back end rotation filler

    Now look around the depth charts and you’ll see the Phils are comparable to pretty much everyone (outside of the Yankees). The insiders say 90% of baseball teams are pretty much the same with 5% good and 5% bad. The kicker of it is almost every team is virtually the same no matter the moves and it comes down to play.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Its almost July now, I dont consider this early at all. I consider it nearing midseason. Right into the grind. No excuse for poor play. Rollins cant get away with that excuse anymore.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    I’ll agree with you there is no excuse for CONSISTENTLY poor play but Geoff I know you check sources like mlbtraderumors.com like most of us, so how can you say there are deals to be made when multiple sources say the trade block is barren right now… No-ones available.

    Just like we can’t wish up a deal for an ace no matter how much we’d like, right now we can’t wish up deals for anything until people start becoming available.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I see the 3rd starter as someone who pitches like a frontline starter at times (not necessarily like an ace) but who doesnt do it enough to be considered one – like Joe Blanton. Moyer is back of the rotation trash filler, and anything you get out of him is a plus. Those 16 wins were golden out of a guy like that.

    So to me they have an ace who isnt pitching like an ace. A good 3rd starter who can be better sometimes. A trash throwing old man, and two promising young back of the rotation starters (happ, bastardo) with the potential to become more than that but who still have to go through growing pains. Happ can be a good mid rotation guy with more consistency.

    You have to see where guys slot into the rotation and right now they dont have all of those slots filled even if they do on paper.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Ive been reading it and the top guy getting action is Cliff Lee, who will cost a lot. Theres not a lot thats for sure. But there are guys around

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    NL rotations
    Dodgers- Billingsley, Wolf, Kuroda, Kershaw, spot-starter
    Mets- Santana, Maine, Pelfrey, Henandez, Perez (at best)
    Cubs- Zambrano, Lilly, Dempster, Harden, Wells
    Brewers- Gallardo, Suppan, Looper, Bush, Barns (with Parra sent down)
    Giants- Lincecum, Cain, Johnson, Sanchez, Zito
    Reds- Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, Owings, spot-starter
    Cardinals- Wainright, Carpenter, Wellemeyer, Pinero, Lohse on the DL
    Braves- Lowe, Jurrjiens, Vasquez, Kawakami, Hanson

    Sure the Cubs have the best rotation but that’s possibly the best in the league and look at their struggles. The teams getting good pitching are those who’s pitchers have exceeded expectations or are teams built around pitching with lesser offences. ’90% of teams are the same with 10% eitherway’… The Phils need to play better, not get hung up on waiting to play until a frontline pitcher arrives, the front office will be doing it’s job but its no guarantee. The team is good enough to win, they need to play like it.

  • Posts: 0 A.J.

    It is too early to say it is not our year. It may very well not be, but we are in this right now and until we are out of it, we are in it. There is no admission necessary except by Mets’ fans who think we are out of it. We are not even halfway through. In 2007, were we going to be in the post season 9/10? No way, but it happened. We may not be WFCs again, but we are far from out of this.

  • Posts: 0 A.J.

    OH and as long as we get to the post season this year and the Mets don’t I am fine. I am grateful for 2008 as well. I just am not ready to admit we’re done.

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