Phillies 2nd Pick Is OF Kyrell Hudson

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Wed, June 10, 2009 09:34 AM | Comments: 78
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With their second pick – at No. 106 – the Phillies selected outfielder Kyrell Hudson from Evergreen High School in Washington. A toolsy outfielder (speed, fielding, some bat), he is also thinking football as he ponders attending Oregon State University. He’s said to be possibly unenthusiastic about baseball.

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  • Posts: 0 Justin

    Well I’m glad the Phils wasted their 2nd pick of the draft on a guy that’s “unenthusiastic” about baseball.

  • Posts: 0 gabriel

    lol this is a unexpectedly anti-climactic post tim

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    His name is Kyrell. WTF

    I wonder sometimes if some of these moms that have kids, do they even know how to spell the name or do they just wing it off the top of their head?

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    With both of these picks are over slot and theyre reaching for high talent. However, I would never draft someone that might not even like baseball. thats stupid. Hopefully he can get it together and pan out.

    The first pick looks GOOD. Pay him, get him in here and start the development. Switch hitter, good defensive 1b (though they think hes an OF). I like that Dugan kid.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Now they need to go and get some pitching.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I’m just glad we aren’t drafting any College – Thridbaseman.. its not like we could use a prospect that might be ready to play in two years

    Lets pick “toolsy-OFs” each pick.. maybe mix in a few guys that project as Relievers with fastballs that top out at 88mph too

    MIKE ARBUCKLE, please come back

  • Posts: 0 RumorMonger

    Dude i heard Ibanez might be doing the juice…. any truth to this speculation? he is on pace for 60 homeruns and 180rbi’s this year at the age of 37

  • Posts: 0 Justin

    Some blog in the midwest threw out their speculation then everyone saw that and it caught steam, no truth to speculation, it’s heresay, now because of Bonds, and other juicers anyone who gets off to a fast start is juicing.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I like the first pick though, but the guy is CLEARLY a 1B.

    I dont like how they drafted someone that MIGHT NOT LIKE BASEBALL!

    Ibanez is not on the juice. he looks the same as he did before. now hes NOT on a bad team. now hes not THE guy to pitch around. you HAVE to pitch to him when he hits ahead of or behind howard. thats why hes having a good year…and the ballpark too.

    If you know anything about baseball, you can tell hes not on it. If he was on it, youd be able to tell. Guys like A-Rod and Manny were OBVIOUSLY always on it. That wasnt really hard to figure out. But because a CONSISTENT .300 AVG 90+ RBI HITTER HIS WHOLE CAREER has a career season all of a sudden people start talking about steroids.

    its not like he sucked before…he was good before which is why he was a TYPE A FREE AGENT!

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Ibanez will clearly slump sometime and bring his numbers back down a bit anyway…

  • Posts: 0 Justin

    He’s gotten better pitches behind Chase Utley and Ryan Howard because teams feared those two so they’d get pitched around and chance going after Ibanez and he burned them, plus he’s in more hitter friendly ballparks as opposed to the ballpark the size of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Why can’t a guy just have a freakin’ career year without eyebrows being raised….thanks Barry, Roger and all you scumbags for ruining it for players that just have the ability to play real hard and get results.

    And did any of these rumors include the reasoning that Ibanez has switched teams AND leagues and that that is maybe why his numbers are the way they are. Yeah…the more pitchers face him they will make adjustments and his numbers will most likely go down a bit.

    Sure is an upgrade in RF though…..Pat…what was your last name again??

  • Posts: 0 From Section 113

    Don M- “I’m just glad we aren’t drafting any College – Thridbaseman.. its not like we could use a prospect that might be ready to play in two years

    Lets pick “toolsy-OFs” each pick.. maybe mix in a few guys that project as Relievers with fastballs that top out at 88mph too”

    Oh please stop, stop. Don’t you think our Front Office knows more than you about this kid. I am sure they somehow figured out how to “scout” and he is easily the next Jim Edmonds. No doubt about it. I just LOVE how everyone on here thinks they know more than the major league front office and think they know what’s better for the team.

    Why not just e-mail them a list of names for them to draft and they’ll just draft from that list. Yeah I think that’s the smartest way to go about the draft.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Um…hey. They need someone to replace Pedro Feliz. They have no one in their system currently even PROJECTED to be ready for that in 2 years. Donald has played liek 10 games at 3B…The corner infield in VERY weak…thats why the first pick was a good one.

  • Posts: 0 Nationals#1

    weren’t you just pretending to know more than the front office in relation to calling up bako in the other thread? now you’re siding with them? I think you just like stirring up arguments.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Hey 113…so just what is your constructive ideas for the front office?? Oh, and in case you’re just tuning in….the reason this blog is here is for people to share their opinions…good or bad…about what this team is doing…and that includes the front office.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    oh snap.. it does sound weird when people bitch and complain about the moves the Front-Office makes, huh??

    how about that!!

  • Posts: 0 Doug D.

    Hey, Justin, it’s not even hearsay, it’s SLANDER!!! It’s just some guy throwing around his conjecture without any facts to support his opinion. I would love for Raul to slap a lawsuit on this guy. Up to this point in time, bloggers have gotten a free ride on the coattails of real journalists. Maybe it’s time for someone to be held accountable…Concerning the draft, I don’t know how people can make some of these comments. Unlike college football and basketball players, amateur baseball players, whether in HS or college, play under relative obscurity. Also, the baseball draft id much more of a crapshoot. There’s 50 rounds, not 7 (like in football), not 2 (like in basketball), but 50. It’s obviously not an exact science, so to criticize the Phils after just taking 2 draft picks is ludicrous. Ryan Howard was drafted in the 5th round. Ryan Madson was taken in the 9th round. Some of our best outfield prospects (Quintin Berry, 5th, 2006; Michael Taylor (5th, 2007) and Dominic Brown, 20th, 2006) were all taken in later rounds. We have a couple of pitchers (Michael Stutes, 11th round, and Michael Schwimer, 14th round) from the 2008 draft who are opening eyes everywhere they pitch, as is another low pick (Julian Sampson, 12th round) from the 2007 draft. Too many people are too quick to pass judgment on others. Have a little faith in the front office. They brought us a title last year and we have a great shot at repeating this year. The farm system was entirely depleted under Wade, and now we have one of the best systems. Doesn’t management deserve the benefit of the doubt?

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    113, is the guy yesterday that was knocking the front-office for Eaton.. saying CHAN HO PARK wasn’t going to win the Cy Young (as though they signed him to be a front-line starter instead of a long-reliever)..

    and bringing up that it took a perfect season from Lidge, along with a great season from Madson.. to overcome the sorry season from our 25th Man, So Taguchi.. who clearly didn’t produce enough despite his multiple plate appearance per week. (sometimes as many as 2-3 per week!)

    “stop, please stop” seems to be your favorite phrase.. and you talk to people like you have any idea what is going on with baseball..

    You wanted to call up Marson, Donald, and every other prospect to ride the bench yesterday, failing to realize that they still need to develop in the minors..

    and your witty comments about Carrasco not being that great RHP to go alongside Cole Hamels was really good.. considering that is his “highest possible projection” .. but most places label him as a top-to-mid rotation Starting Pitcher.. which you need to contribute to win in MLB.

    I do agree with one of your statements though:
    “I mean I am just amazed with how consistent our front office is in making decisions.”

    Considering they kept a lot of homegrown talent.. and obtained the right pieces to lead us to two NL EAST crowns.. and the World Series Championship.. and got Ibanez to replace Burrell this year.. I would have to agree with your statement for the most part!


  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I think Hewitt is supposed to be a 3B but hes SO far away from the major leagues noone can tell. Hes still ike 4-5 years away. Is he even on one of the significant A-ball teams?

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Theyve got a lot of good talent at the lower levels of the system that are just now filtering up into the upper levels..especially pitching.

    i just think there are going to be a fe gaps that open up on the big club within 2-3 years that theyll need to plug with youth to CONTINUE the run of championship contention.

  • Posts: 0 From Section 113

    DOn M.. Chuck..and others- Listen forget all this. I was just trying to point out how I get blasted for making an opinion on Bako who concerns our 2009 team but people get angry about drafting a player for our 2012 team??? If he ever signs or plays.

    I hear alot of, “This is a site where you can state your opinion” BUT if you say anything bad abou front office moves you are burned at the stake like a witch.
    I frankly am soo happy about last yr that last nights game, while it sucked we lost didn’t hurt as much as it would have last yr. I just love the fact my team, yes our team won a WS in our life times. But that shouldn’t stop any of us from questioning ofdd moves by the front office.

    2 of which are Duncan and Bako.

    - The Farm System is good right now but it must maintain its current roster of quality prospects every year. Unless they go out and sign some major Latin American players OR sign a ton of over slot players in late rounds this has the looking of a cheap draft.

    - Ithink we have cornered the market on toolsy OFs who have questionable hitting tools and will take years to develop. I am just saying.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    We have SO MANY toolsy HS outfielders…theyre all about that..

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    .. a blogger saying that Raul Ibanez may or may not be using PED’s isn’t all that different from if a radio-caller said the same thing.

    I don’t think there is anything that can be done about it on Raul’s side.. I think it was someone that posted under a “screename”.. not a legit journalist ..?

  • Posts: 0 Maverick

    Have any of you heard anything about the “reality TV” show that’s based on the phillies bullpen?

    I remember hearing about it before the season started but haven’t heard anything since… interested in knowing how thats all working out.

  • Posts: 53 R.C. Cowie

    Avatar of R.C. Cowie

    They guy who started the rumor emailed our site and practically bragged about starting this dibocle. Though he did apologize, kinda, on our Twitter.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Ok…now I’m confused 113…”But that shouldn’t stop any of us from questioning odd moves by the front office.” Direct quote by you. Yet another direct quote posted 26 minutes earlier reads, “I just LOVE how everyone on here thinks they know more than the major league front office and think they know what’s better for the team.”

    If I could type a head scratch right now I would…

  • Posts: 0 Maverick

    Geoff… so what ur saying is in 4-5 years were going to have a team full of Tools?

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    That is my whole point.. that thing you have the most of is “TOOLSY OF’s”

    Michael Taylor, Quintin Berry, Dominic Brown come immediately to mind..

    Maybe they are looking for replacements, as they know that those players will be demanded in any trade for a Starting Pitcher??

    But assuming they pick up Feliz for 2010 at $5 M … Jason Donald either gets traded or become a bench player for us next year.. (after reaching his ceiling playing at AAA????) .. we need a 3b of the future.. and from the initial reports I read about last year’s top pick, Hewitt.. he projects as on OF ??

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I heard that blogger is 42 and lives in his mom’s basement

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Maverick: “The Pen” premieres Sunday at 8pm (ET)!

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Maverick: “The Pen” premieres Sunday at 8pm (ET) on MLB Network

  • Posts: 0 Maverick

    Thanks Manny!

  • Posts: 0 Justin

    Hey Geoff, Hewitt, is playing in extended spring training, soon to be either the GCL Phils or Williamsport because Rookie ball is going to be starting soon this month. As soon players move up from Lakewood to Clearwater he may go there but the fact that he didn’t even start the season in Lakewood isn’t a promising sign to start off with.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    That blogger isn’t any different than some of the Mets trolls that show up here..

  • Posts: 0 From Section 113

    Chuck- Forget it. I was just trying to point out in later posts how people LOVE to all hate on other’s opinions. But god forbid someone hate on theirs.

    I am hoping we get a top Latin American signning or this might be another one of THOSE yrs for Philly prospects.

    Don M- It really is humerous when you think about all the names Michael Taylor, Quintin Berry, Dominic Brown, AND then Collier, Gose, The OTHER Taylor who was a COMPLETE flop, Golson, Myers, and now this guy. I think sometimes there should a smiley face symbol that’s just shaking its head in disapprovement.

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    Yeah Mike and Mike were talking about the Ibanez situation and then they brought it up on ESPN First Take at 10 a.m. Ibanez tore the dude apart saying he would give all his money earned back if they found anything in a urine, hair, blood, stool sample. He thought it was a disgrace for a “42 year old guy sitting in his mothers basement” to make comments like that without having any truth or insight about it.

    While their isn’t anything Ibanez can do, i feel his pain, it has to eat at him knowing he’s having a career year with a contender and all people want to talk about is that he has to be on something, because people think don’t realize that a change of leagues, team, ballpark, surrounding cast could and have all influenced his production on the field.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    IN MY OPINION.. The Phillies believe in drafting the “best available athlete” too often, instead of drafting for their needs..

    that can be good for making trades and stuff.. having good prospects is always important.. but in the high rounds they should take some College players that are closer to MLB ready.. and in the lower rounds go after athletes

    I’ll admit I don’t the first thing about any of the high school of college prospects though, besides who everyone has heard about in the past few weeks.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    and….sometimes the “best available athlete” isn’t the best available baseball player…

  • Posts: 0 Justin

    The one thing I know about the MLB amateur draft is that you cannot draft for need unless the player is a sureshot to make the roster by season’s end. Players need to go through the minor leagues to see if they can make it at the next level and most times it takes years to know if the player will be the player they expected them to be. So to draft for need for a guy that may need 3-4 years in the minor leagues anyway isn’t a good thing because you never know what your team will need in 3-4 years, or if the pick will pan out.

  • Posts: 0 From Section 113

    Don M-

    Are you afraid that Arbickle was more imporatnt to this Front Offtice than we realize?

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    You draft for PROJECTED needs. We have no one to be the future 3B when Feliz leaves. So you draft a COLLEGE 3B who PROJECTS to fill that FUTURE need. Thats how its done in teh early rounds.

  • Posts: 0 From Section 113

    Geoff- I think the problem is when he was drafted he was announced as an OF

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I think people do realize.. .but Arbuckle was more on the prospect-and-development end.. Amaro was heading more towards the GM-and-Contract Negotiation job

    Whichever one didn’t get the GM job after Gillick was gone.. which is a shame..

    But Amaro knows what he’s doing. I’ve got lots of faith in him.. he won’t panick and sign “names” ..he signs the players that fit with this team

    That 3-4 year window is pretty accurate.. but if you get College Players.. they are more likely to be 20-22 years old.. and so at 23-24, 25-26 ..they would be close to ready

    If you draft the 18 year old High School kid.. he has less baseball under his wings.. if he’s a pitcher, he has yet to pass his injury-prone years (Drabek, etc..)

    it’s all a risk.. most draft picks never pan out anyway.. but I wish we had a plan in the works for Feliz’s replacement (maybe they think Hewitt will move quickly and be in AA by next season?)

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I agree…even the guy we got in Rd 2 is CLEARLY a 1B/3B type…but hes only 19…he seems closer to being ready than Hewitt, but hes still years off.

    Hewitt is SO far away you cant even tell what position he projects to play…thats how much of a reach that is…he has tools but hes so raw it could be like 5 years!

  • Posts: 0 The Dispy

    If I ran a team, I would pick nothing but 3B/2B/SS/C/P. Thats it. Because, after all, anybody that can walk without tripping over their feet can be converted to an outfielder or first baseman. Who found it galling last night that we lost basically because Santana punch shotted a meatball for the game winning RBI. And pulled it. If you know the dude is gonna bunt, give him curve for god sake.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Maybe so..but Hewitt isnt even in Lakewood or Clearwater yet!

    Its ok to reach and so over slot with a HS player like that, but you cant do taht ALL THE TIME. and thats the problem I have…the phillies seem to favor college players in later rounds, when I think it should be the other way around. today theyll probably pick up a few college pitchers..which is ok…but i hope they dont go out and draft like 10 more short guys with speed who are 18 and you cant tell what position theyre going to play.

  • Posts: 0 From Section 113

    Lets be honest, Hewitt ain’t moving quickly through this Organization. Either Donald is the answer to 3B or they must trade/sign one. But we lack IF propsects.
    Feliz gives us 1 more yr for a reasonable amount. With Donald struggling and Galivs out for nearly 2 months it looks pretty bleak for IF prospects.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Condrey got TOTALLY suckered into throwing a meatball. IT was a flat out brilliant move by Santana..

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    The pitch that Santana hit wasn’t a fastball down the middle, it was a hanging slider.

    Hewitt wasn’t an overslot pick. He’s in extended spring training because he struck out in over 40% of his ABs last year. Last year’s 2nd round pick, Zach Collier, was also a raw high school kid who has a sub .300 OBP. The Phillies did go overslot for a few guys in the late rounds last year, but they haven’t busted slot for a big time player in the last few drafts.

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