Phillies 2nd Pick Is OF Kyrell Hudson

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Wed, June 10, 2009 09:34 AM | Comments: 78
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With their second pick – at No. 106 – the Phillies selected outfielder Kyrell Hudson from Evergreen High School in Washington. A toolsy outfielder (speed, fielding, some bat), he is also thinking football as he ponders attending Oregon State University. He’s said to be possibly unenthusiastic about baseball.

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    We did sign COsart last year and Dom Brown a few yrs ago, Both over slot.

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    I disagree with your argument, Dipsy, about anyone that can walk without tripping can be converted to OF/1B. Granted, it may be easier to do that than trying to make a SS out of an outfielder…but it takes a lot more skill than just getting to a ball and catching it to have a really GOOD outfielder. Strong, ACCURATE throwing arm, hitting the cutoff properly, playing balls off the fence properly, etc. are all skills that some guys just don’t have. If all they’re good for is catching a routine can of corn and hitting dingers then they should be a DH in the AL.

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    The Daily News described Jimmy Rollins 9th-inning jam-shot to RF as
    “a sharp single to right that led off the ninth inning”

    I found that amusing..

    About which pitch to throw a guy trying to bunt.. if you throw a curveball, the batter can still square that up pretty easily, only it creates more spin off the bat, and makes it much tougher to field..

    a fastball comes straight off the bat, given the fielder the easiest chance to make a play..

    That said, I think a HIGH fastball is the toughest for a bunter to direct, and that should be the pitch

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    Corner-OFs are the easiest spots to learn.. less demands than almost any other position.. less reaction time is required.. less -quick-range is required.

    Playing the ball off the wall is something you can learn.. and if you can’t hit a cutoff man, you shouldn’t be drafted by an MLB team

    basically the OF isn’t a SKILL position.. Pat Burrell, Matt Stairs, Adam Dunn, Manny Ramirez, etc.. come to mind

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    Section 113, I mentioned that we signed a few late round guys overlslot, Cosart was a 38th round pick and Dom Brown was a 20th round pick.

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    Section 113, I mentioned that we signed a few late round guys overslot, Cosart was a 38th round pick and Dom Brown was a 20th round pick.

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    True…it’s not a skill position like an infield position…and you can learn certain things over time….but to totally ignore that at draft time like The Dipsy suggests is ridiculous too.

    Pat Burrell was a serviceable LF for us and Stairs is really there for his bat….he CAN play the field and won’t embarrass himself. Manny is Manny and Dunn is a slugger…their bats are good on any team..

    I’m just glad that we’ve upgraded the LF position defensively and that Werth is in right. He has a cannon for an arm that is accurate more than it is not. Not all guys possess that ability.

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    Kyrell Hudson is “unenthusiastic about baseball?” Huh?

    This article claims the exact opposite:

    “But baseball is his passion, his true love.

    “I’ve been playing baseball since I was 5 years old. I wasn’t a normal 5-year-old,” Hudson said. “I told myself I was going to be a professional baseball player back then.”

    A lot of children dream of being a pro ballplayer, but Hudson actually went to work from that day forward. He did not just practice from time to time; he trained as much as he could.

    “He lived at the Little League park,” said Cusick, whose son, Kyle, has been friends with Kyrell since those Little League days.”

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    Here’s a funny excerpt from a draft recap chat on ESPN:

    “Why are the Phillies in love with tool-laden athletes who can’t hit a baseball? Can you say anything nice about their draft?”

    Keith Law:

    “They’ll definitely win the Gulf Coast League flag-football title this year.”

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    From Baseball Prospectus:

    “Phillies make a splash with Brody Colvin, a prep righty from Louisiana who is at least a second-round talent.”


  • Posts: 0 Don M

    haha.. Keith Law IS funny..

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    I learned a while ago that there are a few analysts in every sport that hate Philadephia, Keith Law is one of them.

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    You teach pitchers that when someone squares to bunt, you throw a high & inside fastball that they will either foul off or pop up.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    Brody Colvin, a RHP was picked by the Phillies in the 7th round and was ranked 43rd overall by Baseball America. He is 6’4” and throw 90-93. He will be a tough sign and will require overslot money.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    In the 8th round, the Phillies select left-handed hitting Jonathan Singleton, another hard to sign high schooler with massive talent.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Good…so theyre going overslot in the later rounds…eeeeexcellent. another good pick looks like Matthew Way (LHP) out of Washington State U, who was their staff ace.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    I’m getting all this info from PhuturePhillies, but apparently they also picked some guy named Susac who is ranked 91st overall but wants 1st round money and another guy name Jake Stewart who is all but a lock to go to college, so he’ll be a tough sign.

    I guess their strategy was safe signability picks early on with high upside but risky signings later on.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    Andre Susac is a high school catcher taken in the 17th round, whose dad says they will demand first round money.

  • Posts: 0 Justin

    I watched video of this canadian kid they drafted right after Way, Itch is his name, nothing too impressive, more of a minor league arm or something because he was throwing a fastball at like 86, and unless it’s deceptive for a HS Sr. to only throw at best 86 that’s not overly impressive for where they took him. Maybe they see something I don’t.

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    I think ya’ll ought to take a closer look at Matt Way’s record, where he pitched, who he pitched against, etc. I think you’ll find that he is a hidden gem of a lefty and had a pretty stellar senior season at Washington State…….it’s the quality of his games against some pretty darn good teams, including a great head to head battle with Arizona State’s Mike Leake, including a stellar performance in Oklahoma and the first round of the college playoffs. A pitbull of a competitor, good ballspeed, good command of his location……but more than me saying it, go look at his season and who he faced and how he did to get his .239 b.a. against, his strikeout total, and how many times he went late in the game only to have the bullpen fail him after handing off a lead against some pretty high quality teams. I’ll enjoy seeing how he does

  • Posts: 0 ken

    i am rather surprised but at the same time not. This Kyrell kid i have watched him play since little league. This kid eats, sleeps and breaths baseball and i can’t wait to see you guys eat your words. never beleive everything you hear.

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    i went to evergreen with kyrell and i played on the baseball and football team with him. i know for a fact that he loves baseball i just think he loves football a little bit more. i think whoever interviewed him just got the wrong idea

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    kyrell isn’t a football player. yes he was outstanding but he liked the hype and the crowd and all. His first love has always been baseball. You want to know how i know. Because i coached this kid since he was 5 years old and watched him play foothball for the first time and he ran to punt returns for touchdowns in that game. I know the kid well. He will be a outstanding pro. I can’t wait. critics are like ah everyone has one.

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    Just remember what they said about Piazza and look how things turned out! I’ve known this young man since he was in pre-school. He used to haul around my bat bags and play pepper in between innings or play catch with us. This is the kind of player the Phils need. Being a lifelong Dodger Blue I was hoping we would have taken him. I’ve taught him to switch hit and how to watch motions before release point. Being a highly touted ex-pitcher (right and left handed) and a .300+ power hitting switch hitter who threw it all away right before signing by being smarter than everyone, I can tell you back seaters that have never been there, that Ky loves baseball and when he is surrounded by others that love the game as much as he does, he will do even better. It’s always interesting to read these rants from the “Major League” naysayers, the people in the seats that only wish they were good enough to be picked to do something more than pick up sunflower seed shells or the gum from under the bench. A good thing to learn in your miserable, pathetic little life…Assumptions are the termites of relationships!

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    To all of you who doubt Kyrell Hudson (phillies pick this year 106 overall) I have news for you! Please go ahead and tell him he can’t do something! I have watched this young man from T-ball and have seen a lot people say he can’t do this and he can’t do that in Baseball, Football and in Life and he proves them all wrong over and over again! Sure it’s going to take him some games and he is going to have ups and downs but we all do in life! I would never count Kyrell out.

    We love you Kyrell and the sky is the limit for you my friend

    Joe C ( ACC DAD)

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    uhm? yall is some hatterss!! kyrell its my boyfriend and his very qood at what he does!! baseball its his number 1 priority rite now! and his very qood at it! & all of yall who are doubtinq him yall sit down and watch! his qoin very far!! ilove you babyy your number 1 fan:maria m.( 1*25*10)

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    Kyrell Hudson is actually a really good friend of mine and I’m glad that he’s doing his thing right now. He will be a definite starter on the Phillies once they realize his talent.

  • Posts: 0 true

    kyrell is an outstanding baseball player, as well as football. i have known him since grade school. he exceeds and pushes himself further than i’ve seen one do. he will go very far in whatever he chooses, including with the phillies. you all are just rude ignorant people. and maria you are not his girlfriend lmao. nice try though.
    ~true (unknown)

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