Phillies Now Have 3 Leaders In All-Star Voting

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Mon, June 08, 2009 12:53 PM | Comments: 77
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Raul Ibanez leads all outfielders and Jimmy Rollins all shortstops in National League All-Star voting. They join Chase Utley, who leads all second basemen. Utley closed in on Albert Pujols for the overall lead, as our second baseman leads Orlando Hudson by more than 1,000,000 votes.

Meanwhile, it gets interesting:

  • First Base: Ryan Howard is now 900,000 votes or so behind Pujols, now in second place in first base voting.
  • Third Base: Pedro Feliz is fourth among third sackers, behind David Wright, Ryan Zimmerman and Chipper Jones.
  • Outfield: While Ibanez is well in front, Shane Victorino is in sixth (about 200,000 shy of third place), and Jayson Werth is in eighth.
  • Catcher: And Carlos Ruiz has entered the top five, less than 300,000 behind leader Yadier Molina.

Chances are the Phils will slip a tad with the next round, as it’ll reflect the current Phils’ road trip. But keep voting by clicking here.

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  • What an amazing turn of events. And they jumped that high over the last week while being away from home. Thats a great sign. Maybe we can be like the Big Red Machine of the 70′s and fill out an entire roster.

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    Pat, as Tim indicated, latest vote count is prior to Phillies road trip. It’s likely the leading Phils will see their lead slip a little.

  • Posts: 1650 Tim Malcolm

    Avatar of Tim Malcolm

    I believe the results reflect voting up until the end of last week, so it didn’t take votes collected during the Phils series in LA. The next round of balloting will get the LA and NY series, so expect some drop (but shouldn’t be too much, really).

  • Yeah I wouldnt think so. People around the country are finally beginning to see this team as a National team. Puts us up there with the Yanks, Sox, Cubs…which is nice to finally see.

  • Posts: 0 Kevin

    Awesome news for the off day before the Mets. Rollins must be getting votes for his defense and his name, right? Certainly not for his bat this year.

  • Posts: 0 Craig

    Now that you can vote up to 25 times on the Internet, I’m not sure how much difference a road trip makes anymore.

  • Posts: 0 ChaseUtleyMVP

    I think the only one to really slip will be Jimmy.

    Raul will finish in the top 3 and be a starter (deserved)
    Chase would need to not get a single vote for the rest of summer to lose his lead

    Jimmy doesnt deserve to be the starting short stop

    but Chooch and Pedro deserve to e on the team

    and Vic deserves to be a reserve

  • Posts: 0 Keith

    it’s funny cuz u can vote more than 25 times. I have.

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    What a joke. Im NOT going to vote for Rollins BECAUSE HE DOESNT DESERVE TO MAKE THE ALL STAR TEAM!!! The others I will vote for, including Ruiz and Feliz.

  • Posts: 0 Nationals#1

    It sucks because Jimmy Rollins is my favorite player and I have to agree that it’s a joke that he leads al NL shortstops. Maybe getting voted into the all-star game will help out his confidence or whatever is wrong with him.

  • Posts: 0 Keith

    well he does have the best arm at SS

  • I agree he’s the best defensively, which does help. We maybe put too much stock in the offensive production, thought it would be nice to see him above .230. On those numbers alone, no, he doesnt deserve to be there. But many times before him people did not deserve to start, this would just be another case of that. He’s a household name.

  • Posts: 0 Richie

    I got a good question in on Buster Olney’s chat check it out. I asked him:

    Richie (Philly): Hey Buster, great stuff! Could we potentially see the Phils move a bullpen piece with their overload there(Condrey pitching well, Eyre, Romero, Madson, Lidge, Durbin, Park) and a nice prospect for a decent starter? Wouldn’t that make sense?

    Buster Olney: (1:44 PM ET ) Richie: You know what? For now, I’d hold on. Bastardo has looked good, Happ has looked good; rival scouts are impressed. I’d play it out for awhile. Sure, they’d like a high-end guy, but it’ll be tough for them to get an Oswalt or Peavy, and Bedard in Philly might not be a good match. So long as I had Moyer and Blanton in the rotation, I’d keep the bullpen deep. At some point, they can probably add a starter cheaply, whether it’s a Penny or a Marquis.

  • Posts: 0 pb

    I vote for “The Hangover” it’s hilarious!!

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    The guys on the roster that deserve All-Star spots are Ibanez, Howard, and Utley..

    I am a huge fan of Rollins.. and Ruiz… and I defend Pedro Feliz all the time.. but there are other guys having better years at 3b

    Chipper, Wright, and Zimmerman are all having good years.. and as the more popular names, they’ll get the votes

    Pedro is the best defensively of the group though, its a shame that doesn’t matter for All-Star voting

  • Posts: 0 GWFightinsFan

    Even if Rollins gets voted onto the team, he shouldn’t go, and instead take the few days off to sit down, clear his head and get his act together..

  • Posts: 0 pb

    oh god I have a really bad rectum itch. im trying to scratch it but my arms are to short to get to it. its painful

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    There is a lot more to baseball than just a guys Offensive numbers… and Rollins does everything else very well, every year.

    He’s struggling at the plate, but still bringing it on defense.. there still aren’t many SS in the league that I would rather have

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    No, I can’t really justify voting for Jimmy this year, as sad as that makes me feel, it wouldn’t be right.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    I think Charlie might select Ryan Madson for the all-star team. Madson has a 2.22 ERA in 28 innings so far.

    Also, I was one of the Raul critics in the off-season and I look like a total idiot now. Where were those people criticizing Madson re-signing for 3 years/$12 million. Talk about a steal for the Phils.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    I have a bad case of the piles.

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    You really think if Rollins gets voted in he will not go and stay home?


  • I wrote an article saying Howard should definitely be there, but I’m second guessing myself. Is he better than Fielder and Gonzalez? All are very similar…who should go from that crew?

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    Howard, Gonzo and Pujols will all make it. If Howard or Gonzo don’t get voted in, Manuel will bring the other.

  • Posts: 0 Keith

    Mets are a fun team to root against :)

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    Ryan Braun will start for the NL

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    Tim, you gotta do something about these idiots coming on to your site.

  • Posts: 0 Keith

    Mets aren’t even the best team in their own city, hahahaha

  • Posts: 0 Keith

    I agree with Little Guy, something must be done

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I thought Fielder sucks, but he’s having a great year so far..

    only 3 errors..

    .298 avg, 15 HR, 54 RBI, 35 Runs

    Gonzo not only deserves to be on it.. but he and heath bell are the only guys they’ve got this year..

    Pujols is a lock.. Howard will make the team.. all four will be on it.. maybe Chipper Jones doesn’t make the squad and we carry only Zimmerman and Wright at 3b?

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    The Mets may put a good year together and do something but that still doesn’t change the fact too many Mets fans spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about taking us from behind.

    This isn’t the year for Mets fans to be gloating, that’s a terrible team their putting on the field.

  • Posts: 0 Mark B

    I wish there was a way to automatically block anyone with an IQ of less than 50 from posting here. That would effectively rule out the large majority of Mets fans.

  • Posts: 0 ChaseUtleyMVP

    hey douchebag

    The state of New York has more woods/forrest areas than the State of PA…
    nice try though



    D. and this is my favorite


    that is all

  • Posts: 0 Mets troll

    Terry, why are you wasting your time on here? this is not a Mets site. it is clearly a Phillies site, leave them alone and get a life. join me at a Mets site.

  • Posts: 0 Mets troll

    terry nobody can challenge you because you lack a life it is quite sad but what can anybody do? not even a Mets fan can save you now. be prepare to be a loser for the rest of your life.

  • Posts: 0 Mets troll

    terry you need a life please let me help you find it

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Ok…getting back to the issue at hand……

    Raul, Howard, Utley, Ruiz and Madson should be on the AS team. Much as I love J-Roll I can’t justify his being on the team.

  • Posts: 0 Woodman

    Tim, You have to do something to keep Muts morons off here. This Terry d!ck is the typical Muts fan. Sad & pathetic!

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Usually, I’ve been voting Chase, Howard and RAUUUL… I simply can’t vote for Jimmy with the way he’s been playing… Though in an All-Star game, I think defense is more important than hitting so maybe it’s good to have him in there. But I still can’t vote for him now. Get his avg above .250 and maybe I’ll start throwing in a couple of votes for the guy.

    For catcher, I was voting for McCann because I think he’s much better than Yadier Molina… but now our man CHOOCH is playing awesome baseball and is only 60,000 votes away from McCann… So I’m voting CHOOCH starting now.

    For 3B, I really want to vote for Pedro, but I think Zimmerman is slightly more deserving and has a better chance of knocking Wright off the top spot.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Zimmerman has the offensive numbers but Pedro has the defensive edge. Offense usually rules though in these voting scenarios.

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    Opposing fans don’t bother me. It’s people who speak nonsense and can’t even type complete English sentences with correct capitalization, and punctuation.

    Makes me wonder what the New York City school district is doing up there? I know the inner city public schools in Phila aren’t so great, but NYC makes them look like Harvard.

    I went to Catholic school by the way. FJHS! Yate.

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    terry, it’s spell christian. God bless you. ;-)

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    terry, is that your evil twin typing?

  • Posts: 0 Bruce

    terry, how many personalities do you possess?

  • Posts: 0 Terry the troll

    I can do people form Pa hey Jeb lets go to the fishing hole. shoot me a deer.

  • Posts: 0 Philly Geoff

    Madson needs to be on the all star team… not only does he deserve it, but the game means something and he is one of the best middle relievers in the game.

  • Posts: 0 Terry the troll

    I will just keep writing you cant stop me by doing this you will make me stay longer. you are making things worse for your self ha ha

  • Posts: 0 Terry the troll

    stop delting my comments I wrok hard

  • Posts: 0 Philly Geoff

    Wow… are you really that lonely? Seriously?

  • Posts: 0 Grrrumpy Miner

    I see the Lets go Mets dog and pony show has arrived again.As an Amazins fan….the next 4 weeks will tell the tale of the team.Mets are playing teams that have a combined 62 games over .500 and it won’t be pretty.15-15 over the next 30 games will not cut it for me.If come July 15th and the Mets are 10 games out and no answers in our direction,its gonna be EXTREMELY difficult to pass the Phillies.Am I conceding the season,OH HELL NO.but the Amazins need to do something other than roll up and die these next few weeks..

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