Red Sox Reign Over Phillies, 11-6

Posted by Tim Malcolm, Sun, June 14, 2009 10:43 AM | Comments: 4
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Before the rain, Antonio Bastardo and the Phillies spotted the Red Sox a 5-0 lead. That proved to be the difference in an 11-6 loss.

Raul Ibanez socked his 22nd home run, and Pedro Feliz hit another in a fourth-inning rally, but poor pitching from the back end of the Phillies bullpen plagued them. Jack Taschner gave up three runs on five innings in an inning; Sergio Escalona surrendered two runs in an inning.

Jayson Werth went 3-for-4 with 2 RBI after being moved down to the six-hole. Jimmy Rollins, still in the leadoff spot, went 0-for-5.

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    Gentle Readers:

    I have noticed that Boston does not have a bad pitcher on their team. We have one average to bad one (Park) and one disgusting pig (Taschner) who must be outrighted as soon as possible. We have two lefties in the pen (Escalona and Romero). Thats OK. Escalona should stay.

    The Bench

    Matt Stairs is a one dimensional lefty off the bench for a homer. He can’t play the field. But he can stay.

    Greg Dobbs needs more AB’s. He’s gotta play for Werth against righties every now and then. He plays multiple positions. He can stay.

    Chris Coste. He’s a righty and a the backup catcher. Stays.

    The Bruntlett-Bako Affair. Because Bruntlett sucks so bad, Chris Coste has been made the primary righty off the bench which takes him out of the game and creates the need for the third catcher, Bako. This is just silly because Bako takes up a position for doing nothing. Soooooooooo……….

    When we make that trade for the starting pitcher, please get a little speedy middle infielder type who can bunt, field, and hit .270 thrown in. It can’t be that hard. Can it? As a consequence, Bako can be sent to the glue factory (I’ll drive) and we can bring up a Mayberry. Then our bench looks like:

    RH Jose Oquendo, Alex Cora, type guy
    RH Chris Coste
    RH John Mayberry
    LH Greg Dobbs
    LH Matt Stairs

    A helluva lot better isn’t it?

    The Dipsy

    “Always working towards making the Phillies a better team”

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    P.S. When your bench is this screwed up, I don’t think you have the luxury of keeping the 37 year old Mayberry at Lehigh. Bring him up.

    The Dipsy

    “Always working towards making the Phillies a better team”

  • Posts: 0 Morris Buttermaker

    Something really needs to be done about Willie Mays Hayes at leadoff. They need to make him do push-ups every time he hits a pop up. It is disgusting at this point. There is no reason he should be leading off. You start the game off with a guaranteed out.

  • Posts: 0 Greg V.

    I’m at the point, where I’d rather see Pop Up Jimmy batting 9th!

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