Commentary: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Posted by Pat Gallen, Sun, August 23, 2009 08:30 PM | Comments: 59
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It’s a question that will never be answered with yes; especially when it pertains to the Phillies and Mets rivalry.  Between two teams that have a genuine dislike for each other, it gives the feel of hockey hatred, not baseball animosity.

As we enjoy back-to-back wins for the Phillies (and hopefully three in a row on Monday afternoon) it pains me to jump back into a sore subject.  Not trying to be the buzz kill.

On Saturday night in Queens, the Phillies got a superb effort out of J.A. Happ once again.  He fought hard through seven innings, giving up eight hits, but only one run, en route to a 4-1 Phils victory.  While Happ fought on the mound, the fighting in the stands came to a head.

Undoubtedly you’ve either seen the live broadcast, the YouTube video, or heard through the grapevine that two parties – one rooting for the Phillies, the other for the Mets – got into fisticuffs in the seats, leading to ejections and the like.  There was beer spilling and haymakers, all in what intends to be a family-friendly environment.

It is yet another black eye for our fan base.  Maybe it wasn’t the Phillies fans fault, perhaps it was the New York group egging them on. But nonetheless, it adds to the already incessant negativity tossed our way.

I’m here to say the machismo has gone far enough. Whatever Mets fans do is their own business.  If they want to brawl in the stands and act like jerks, then so be it.  But lets be better than this, Phillies Nation.  I’m as sick as you are of having to hear that our town is filled with bullies and thugs.  That we care only about drinking and fighting, more so than what goes on within the diamond. That our crime rate reflects on our baseball-loving supporters. That our education system breeds incompetence and unsportsmanlike behavior.

Phillies faithful are often thought of as some of the most passionate and knowledgeable in all of sports.  But they also let their blood spill onto the canvas more than most, and it’s a trend that needs reversing.

As for Saturday, the long, hot day, on top of the alcohol, added to the heated conflict that has been brewing for nearly three seasons. People will fight – it’s nature.  We witnessed this recently in our own backyard as a Phillies fan was killed in the CBP parking lot over a spilled beverage.

However, this shtick is growing tired, and its time for us all to do something about it.  I’m not here to tell people how to live or how to react to a confrontation.  But I can say that I hope we all grow up enough to realize that we are rooting for a team, a band of brothers, and that our own agendas should be set aside for the betterment of those around us.

The black eye continues to grow.  And while some believe they are simply backing their hometown team by fighting for them, in actuality it hurts us as a whole. Unfortunately, it’s the few who believe their masculinity is more important than being a decent person that have pushed this issue to a new level. Let’s use our best judgment from here on out, because the fact is we are the best fans in sports, and we do put forth the most passion and we are the most well informed baseball followers.  But the extra-curricular activities are barbaric and just plain disgusting.

We can at least try to get along.

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    Coatsey’s right… LET ‘EM FIGHT!

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    I’m a Phillies Fan and I’m afraid to go to games anywhere – I used to think it was frustration, its not – its alcohol. People binge drink at the games. If they didn’t have beer at the game would you go?

  • Posts: 1376 Pat Gallen

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    Good point osuphan. I thought the same thing, but there is definitely a correlation. It’s sad too because its become more about frat-like partying and less about the games. Believe me, I enjoy a good tailgate like the rest, but I’m there to enjoy a baseball game and be entertained. Not be entertained by fools.

  • Posts: 129 Amanda Orr

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    Great article Pat. Totally agree. It happens everywhere, but in Philly its looked at the most. Sadly, it probably won’t stop anytime soon.

  • Posts: 0 Jason Bintliff

    I have been a season ticket holder for the Phils my entire life. I have seen fights in the stands and had the misfortune of being a part of one, while sticking up for a friend of mine who was getting jumped. I tailgate before every game and knock a few cold ones back, however, in some cases, people take it way too far over the line. Smack talking to opposing fans is as old as the game itself, but when booze is involved, especially by those who can’t handle it, things escalate really quickly. Good article Pat, we are quick to cry foul when we are painted as barbarians and then an image such as the other nights appears on T.V.

  • Posts: 0 Jason Bintliff

    That being said, I think the media attention we get as Phillies fans is unfair because it’s really only a few bad apples. Sure we are tough fans but 99.9% of us know when to stop.

  • Posts: 0 Michael

    Well said. As much as I love our Phils…I am sadly ashamed at the behavior of some of our fans.

  • Posts: 0 Joey

    Its a problem everywhere really. drunk people do stupid things no matter where you live. In the NE corridor you just have a lot more out of town fans coming to visiting parks due to proximity of stadiums so you have alcohol and rival fans which make a bad combo. We do need to start being bigger than that though if we want the stories to stop. smack talk the team, dont get too personal of the other fans, leave women and children alone everyone should have a good time.

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    I agree that the fighting and rowdiness needs to come to a halt, but on the other hand, I believe what makes me the die-hard Philadelphia fan that I am and that I’m known for is because I am willing to fight and die for the name on the front of my jersey.

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    I’m pretty sure the people reading this blog aren’t the ones fighting so this is probably not reaching the right crowd. That being said, it’s something that we just have to deal with (unfortunately) but it really happens everywhere. The media just likes to publicize it whenever it happens in Philly because it sells.

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    I love drinking at games, but alcohol is a HUGE reason that these fights happen. I remember they used to sell beer in the old Yankee stadium bleachers until there were 3 or 4 brawls every night. They had to ban booze in the bleachers. Some duches just ruin it for the rest of us.

  • Posts: 0 Keith E

    @Phillin’ ‘er up!:
    “I am willing to fight and die for the name on the front of my jersey.”
    Fight and die for your particular brand of entertainment? WOW!
    GO PHILS!!!

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    i cant remember if the games was on csn or phl17 or whatever its called now but i was really surprised that they even decided to air it ,was that just a mistake or what, i mean they never show the jerk who runs onto the filed anymore but they show a fight while its going on in the stands? or did they just point the camera there at the right time. i dont remember them showing fights while their happening at CBP but only the aftermath, what gives this time?…….. oh yeah mets/phillies ,seems like the broadcasters/producers got sucked into sideshow too!!

  • Posts: 1376 Pat Gallen

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    BSG, I was blown away that they actually showed that. Shame on whichever channel it was on.

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  • Posts: 0 Greg V.

    I have no respect for people who act like idiots at the ballgame. But those who want beer banned from the ballpark are morally flawed! Beer at the ballpark is part of Americana and an essential part to a ballgame! I enjoy one every game I watch! The people who act responsibly shouldn’t have to answer for people who should be controlled by stadium security.

  • Posts: 0 Sean

    The real truth of the matter is the perception of Phillies Phans is that they’re drunk, dumb and ready to fight. You can’t change people’s perception and any chance to perpetuate that perception the media seems to cling to. It’s sad, but it’s the way it is.

    I live in Orange County, CA. Angels games are wonderful, nice fans but no passion; it’s about the same in San Diego except the ballpark is nicer. The parks i mentioned provide a good family environment. Upon my first visit to Citizens Bank Park this year, I found the Phillies have beaten the Angels and Padres by far. They’ve done a fantastic job! To those who wish to group our fan base with the few idiots should go to a Phillies home game and see a great, family friendly fan base in action.

    But… about an hour or so north of me, is one of the worst stadiums to see a ballgame in, Dodger Stadium. In my opinion the torch for rough, tough, and rude fan should be passed to Dodger fans, and the sadder thing is the organization has done nothing to curtail these out of control drunken fools. I was at Game 4 (Matt Stairs, like i should remind you.) in my Phillies gear. I was only pelted with peanuts and profanity until Mr. Stairs shut them up, but when I talked back during the 6th inning I was taken aside by security and threatened to be ejected for “taunting”. Despite my argument that I had been taunted for 5 previous innings, it was to no use. I had been warned. Stairs belted the homer, I stood up yelled “YES!” and then looked around and returned to my seat. I held my jubilation through Lidge’s save and eventual Phils win to my friend (a dodger fan) grabbing my shoulder and saying “Shut up until we get out of the parking lot.” I nodded and exited in silence.

    But that’s not all at Dodger Stadium, this year I went to Dodgers v. Mets wearing an Utley shirt and was there to root for the Dodgers (It was May). There was the barrage of “F**K THE PHILLIES!” etc. Water off the back, didn’t say a word. But it was when the Phils came into town I saw again the horrible beast that is the Dodger fans. We went to the Hamels masterpiece, followed by the Moyer almost masterpiece ruined by Mr. Lidge. During the Moyer game my Dad went to the bathroom wearing his Phils gear (of course) and a Dodger fan carrying his 2 year old son said “F**k the Phillies. F**k the white people too.” Seriously? And we have the bad rep? After Andre Eithier hit the walk off double off Lidge to win the game for the Dodgers we exited the stadium hanging and shaking our heads. It was there i saw the worst thing I had ever seen at a ballgame. A Dodger fan who had left the all you can eat section of the park, full bag of hot dogs in hand was arguing with a group of Phillies Phans; 2 Guys 2 Girls wearing red. I saw this person in Dodger blue sock a female in the face and just walk away with his Manny jersey and bag full of Dodger Dogs.

    We may have the reputation for being the worst, but that’s not true. Not by a long shot. Honestly Dodger Stadium is scary, you could be wearing no baseball gear at all, a band t-shirt, but you’re still not sure you’re getting out without getting into a fight. It’s the pits.

  • Posts: 0 Joe

    You’re probably saying that ’cause the Phillies’ fans got their asses kicked. Stay out of our stadium, and if you decide to come, please be respectful. I’ve been to many a game between these two the last few years, and the Philly fans who show up are routinely drunk and disrespectful, so when the Mets’ fans have some drinks, you can’t expect them to love that. You’re in the opponent’s ballpark. Be respectful.

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    Fights happen all the time. Between people routing for the same team more often. If you ever sit in the upper decks you should see an issue once a game. Its going to happen where ever you have alcohol and a lot of people. Nothing you can do about it. No reason to menstruate on a blog about it. The only reason its getting any attention is because it was accidentally aired. Stop crying nothing you can do

  • Posts: 0 Phillygirl

    I love the Phillies, and some heckling is part of the game and does make it fun. I was at the Phils/Red Sox game this year, the last one Ibanez played before going on the DL and a Red Sox fan was using the F-bomb up and down. I’m not a big fan of the word, but I usually let it go. However, there were little kids there. I told him to watch his language to respect the young kids and he looked at me like I had two heads. He asked me what I was going to do, I responded with I’ll report him. I mean, come on, we’ve been heckling each other, but geez… why take it too that level? I understand that you’re going to get booed in Philly if you have another team on, but that should be about it…

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    I’m not saying I’m going around looking to harass and fight everyone in a mets jersey but I’m saying if I’m getting sh!t I’m gonna give it right back

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    First, I agree with Sean. Second, Joe, last time I checked YOU are on PHILLIESnation.com. Dont come in here and lecture us about how to act. Maybe you should read your own post and if “You’re in the opponent’s ballpark (in this case website). Be respectful.” If I want a lecture I would go back to college. Sean has a valid point that you completely ignored! Third,I dont completely agree with the “three seasons” comment. Heated altercations and hatred have been brewing far longer than 3 season, though it may have hit the boiling point within the past 2 seasons at least.

  • Posts: 0 Brian Michael

    The Phillies Nation crew was sitting one section over from the fight last night, and a few innings earlier we saw the guys who were involved and someone to me said “Those are the kinda guys who start fights.” No joke.

  • Posts: 0 Miles

    Wuss, your mentality regarding this is the reason its become a problem. Why do we just say things like “oh well fights happen so get over it.” If we just accepted all of the things that are wrong with our society, America wouldn’t be nearly what it is today. There is NO reason for these fights to break out. Alcohol is obviously a big factor but it’s more than that. We are bred to hate the opponents. I certainly hate them.

    I’m not trying to be all psychological and sh*t I’m just saying that there is a certain level of maturity that should be maintained and we cannot just accept that fights will happen. I appreciated the post Pat….it won’t help anything but I’m glad that someone else feels the way I do.

  • Posts: 0 zeeka

    right idea, wrong forum.

    barring the occasional pests that seek confrontation rather than information, sites like this don’t generally attract the morons that engage in such barbaric activities.

    call me prejudice, but i don’t associate that type over person with someone that would read when they don’t have to.

    those people need to hear it from the people they at least half-respect; phillies (and eagles for that matter…i’d feel comfortable betting money that those responsible for the bad reputation are as or more passionate eagles/football fans) players. sadly, that would probably a futile effort, but i see it as the only chance for change.

    good post, though. never hurts to promote the good in spite of the bad.

  • Posts: 0 Wuss

    the wrong mentality? the fact that im realistic and am understanding that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to stop it? There are always going to be assholes and it will always happen and that is that. A certain level of maturity should be to accept that it will happen and not cry about it when it does. I do not fight ever and walk away from these situations but i do accept that it. This post makes me cringe to be a phillies fan. It sounds pathetic, fights are a common thing when you combine crowds and alcohol. wtf, accept it, dont make a deal about it, ignore it and move on.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Here’s some statistics you can dish out to counter all this negative stereotyping:
    “By the 1960s, an average of 25 hooligan incidents were being reported each year in England.In 1985,incidents during Liverpool-Juventus caused 36 deaths and exclusion of all England teams from UEFA competitions until 1990-91. ”
    “In 1964 more than 300 football fans died and another 500 were injured in Lima, Peru in a riot during an Olympic qualifying match between Argentina and Peru in 24 May. In Argentina, over 70 people died in 1968 when crowds attending a football match in Buenos Aires stampeded after youths threw burning paper on to the terraces. In 2002, the Argentine government announced emergency security measures because the football violence continued, with three people dead and hundreds injured in two weeks”
    “A 2002 investigation into football hooliganism in Argentina stated that football violence had become a national crisis, with about 40 people murdered at football matches in the preceding ten years. In the 2002 season, there had been five deaths and dozens of knife and shotgun casualties. At one point the season was suspended and there was widespread social disorder in the country.”
    “In Johannesburg, South Africa, on 14 January 1991 forty people died when fans surged toward a jammed exit to escape rival brawling fans at a match south west of Johannesburg”
    LIBIYA: “Eight fans died and 39 were injured as troops opened fire to stop both pro and anti Gadaffi sentiments being expressed in a Tripoli stadium during a match between Al Ahli and Al Ittihad in December 1996.”
    GHANA: “Up to 125 people died and hundreds were injured when football fans stampeded at a match in Accra in 2001.”
    MAURITIUS: “In May 1999, seven people died when rioting football fans threw petrol bombs into a casino, following a match in Port Louis between the Mauritian League champions, Scouts Club, and Fire Brigade SC.”

    This doesn’t include incidents occuring in the rest of Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East. I didn’t even bother with Asia, Australia and Latin America. For more indepth look check the article I lifted several of the above passages from
    To say it’s jaw dropping would be modest.

  • Posts: 1376 Pat Gallen

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    I’ll take pathetic. I’ll take pathetic if it means everyone in the stays safe. If it meant that a man didnt die out in Citizens Bank Parking lot while being repeatedly kicked in the head by “fans.”

    Im not some nieve person that believes everything in life is roses. But at a baseball game, its a place of reprieve from our problems at work/life. Its not a spot to get hammered and make fools of ourselves. At least it shouldnt be.

    Baseball isnt a sport that breathes fire. Its not football where every play is meant to hurt the other person as much as football. There arent fights like Hockey and in basketball every play basically uses physicality. Baseball is supposed to be a gentlemanly sport.

    Maybe I’m reaching too much here in hoping for a utopian baseball society. But for anyone who condones fighting at any sporting event should be ashamed of themselves. Those stats J-Reed put up should prove that while other countries come off as barbaric at soccer games and the like, we should at least hold ourselves with some dignity as being better than that. After all its just a sporting event.

  • Posts: 0 Michelle

    Hear, hear, Pat.

  • Posts: 0 kreiderr

    People… it’s only baseball. It’s a game. The fans care more about winning and losing than the pampered, over paid players. Remember, “For What? For Who?” or “Practice…we’re talking about practice…” These athletes make more in 1-2 seasons, than I will make in my lifetime and they get paid whether they win or lose. I love the Phillies, but I am not going to “bleed” for a sports team. I will NEVER get into a fight to defend the honor of my sports teams. Please, keep things in perspective. There are thousands of things to be more concerned with in the world right now, than baseball. I wish people were more passionate about things that really matter in this world, other than a GAME. That’s what it is…it’s a game. Don’t base your self-esteem and your identity around a sports team. If they win, that’s great. If they lose, they lose. But I don’t base who I am on how the Phillies are doing. Get a grip people!

  • Posts: 0 George

    Preaching to the choir, I’m afraid, but I do agree with Mr. Gallen. Violence needs to be curtailed somehow. Alcohol sales should be restricted, perhaps, although many fans probably arrive drunk.

    I note here that some of the posters seem to think that fights are okay; that they will fight for their team. This is part of the problem. In my experience, the only way to win a fight is to walk away from it, or maybe even run away. In any fight someone gets hurt.

    Yes, there are idiots everywhere, and battles may be inevitable. But it does appear to me–and I’ve attended ballgames for a few decades–that the problem is worsening. It’s not just booze, because I can remember when they served beer the entire game and there were fewer fights. They began to cut off beer in the 7th not because of fighting, but because people needed to sober up some in order to drive home safely.

    I think our attitudes are what have been changing, and we all need to rethink our priorities. A game is a game. We aren’t even participating, we are only watching. Fight for a team? Fight over a game? How stupid can people get? I’d never break someone’s nose for calling Chase Utley a foul name, and when around aggressive fans of other teams, I’ll root silently. IT’S A GAME! A SILLY GAME! We might just as well fight over “Simon Says” or “Tag.” We might just as well call each other “Poopoo Head,” as we did back in kindergarten.

  • Posts: 0 karen

    Anytime you mix alcohol with the competitive and fan based activity such as baseball, there is a high likelihood that something will happen. Philly fans may have a bad rep but based on the incident in chicago, all sports teams have problem fans.

  • Posts: 0 mikemike

    alcohol is a problem, But to stop someone from attending a game is crazy. Why let them ruin it for you, I have had one incident with a drunk fan who push my brother who is small , I grab him held him down and called security no biggie. The moron shouldn’t ruin it for you,

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    Philadelphians drink. A lot.

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    The problem isn’t sports, the problem isn’t alcohol, the problem is people. Alcohol is a catalyst. Nothing more.

    I am not far removed from college and I saw fights there, I have seen fights at concerts, I have seen fights at sporting events/tailgating etc. Does alcohol play a huge role in all of those? Absolutely. But so does a lack of self control and the over all care for other people’s well being.

    A few weeks ago I went to an O.A.R. concert with my wife down in Columbia, Maryland at a place called the Merriweather Post Pavillion. I had never been there before so it was a totally new experience for me. It is a fantastic place to see a concert, especially if the weather is nice, which it was. But, the amazing thing, what stuck with me more than the concert itself, and this is sad, is the drinking. You are actually able to park in a shopping mall parking lot across the street from the concert venue absolutely free of charge, which was great. But while I was walking from my car to the venue I saw hundreds, maybe thousands of teenagers, early adults and even adults in the parking lot tail gating. I said to my wife that I was almost sure that at minimum 60% of the people that were drinking were under the age of 21. Now mind you, I myself drank before I was 21 so I am not a total hypocrite but to see that many people, many of which were underage binge drinking in a mall parking lot, a place where parents go with their kids was just disgusting. I wondered to myself how many of those people, under age or not would go into the concert drunk, pay the $8 or 9$ bucks to drink more at the concert and then get in their car and drive home? Anymore than 1 is a problem.

    My wife and I talked about what we saw for the 10 minutes it took for us to find our seats and one of the things I mentioned to her was the Phillies fan who was beaten to death a few weeks ago because of an incident that started in McFaddens. I explained to her that going to a Phillies game is honestly my favorite thing to do in life. There is nothing better than taking in a Phillies game on a nice spring/summer day or night. But that it is becoming less enjoyable because it seems like each time I go to a game I find more drunk a$$holes there than I did the game previous. It is a family environment that at this point, precludes more families from attending than it does invite them. If I had kids I would think twice about taking them to a game. Or if I did take them to a game I would want to get the most expensive seat possible. Not because I can afford or, or because I think the view is better(there isn’t a bad seat at CBP) but because the people in the better seats are better behaved.

    I feel that binge drinking has become more acceptable if not expected at things like concerts or sporting events. You see it all the time, and yes form time to time you see cops there giving out citations, maybe even arresting people but it isn’t helping. Just like the war on drugs. Millions of man/woman hours, billions of dollars, and for what? People that want to drink and people that want to do drugs will do so regardless of the law. That’s just the way it is. I would love for alcohol to not be served at games all together. Honestly, you can’t go 2-3 hours without a drink? If you can’t than maybe you should be spending your time at A.A. and not a ball game. But the reality is, if you remove alcohol from the game, then people will drink more before and after the game and that is just as bad, if not worse.

    I wish I had a solution to this mountain of a problem, I really do. I am all for fans going to the game and having a good time. I have said many times on this site that I am all for fans of opposing teams coming down to CBP and rooting for their team. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. You want to cheer when your team does something great, then by all means. Stand up, clap, yell Go(insert team name) but don’t get in someones face and tell them that their team sucks, or flip them the bird or curse at them, or call someone names. And Phillies fans, if a Met’s fan or a Braves fan or even a DBacks fan(do they have fans?) comes to CBP to root for their team, let them do it. If they want to be low class and do the things that I just stated above then let them do it. They will be the ones to look like an a$$hole. They will be the ones to get the dirty looks. If it makes them feel better to act that way then so be it. Be the bigger person. Perception is reality. Change reality and you change perception. But in order to change reality we as fans, and as people need to change how we act, towards each other. I love the Phillies probably more than I should but I will be damned if I will bleed or make someone else bleed because of them.

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    PS: Sorry that was so long, I just got on a roll and didn’t realize how much I said/typed.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I’m a little annoyed… in a weekend where we take 2 of 3 from the Mets at Citi AND turn the second unassisted triple play to end a game in baseball history, the first thing that I see on here is an article highlighting a drunken fight by a couple of idiots…

    Listen, there were more Phils chants than Mets chants this weekend… it was amazing and something that makes me proud. HOWEVER, with every chant, I could almost feel the frustration brewing. It was almost like we were kicking them while they were down. You had to expect that something was going to boil over. If we are going to BE the nation, we have to respect other teams in their ballparks and I feel like we have done that with the exception of NY. Rivalries make people do stupid things… you haven’t seen this type of outburst in any other stadium. I think that it’s unfortunate but I also think that it’s the exception rather than the rule. I think that some of these articles about acting “proper” aren’t really necessary. Yes, there are idiots that get out of hand but for the most part, we’re not much different than any other fan base. No need to act high and might or saintly… if you don’t drink, that’s fine but most people… the NON IDIOTS… can handle themselves.

  • Posts: 0 Evan

    Booze and jackasses exist wherever you go. It isn’t going to stop just because the overwhelming majority of the fanbase is rational.

  • Posts: 0 Maverick

    beating up a few guido mets fans is OK in my book

  • Posts: 0 Mets fan

    I was at the sat night game and sat in section 139 second row behind us were at least 200 phillies fans who for the most part were good (except for the F the Mets when Tom Seaver was introduced) I did witness 2 arrests of phillies fans and 1 being escoreted out of the stadium all in the same section 134-137. There were all drunk I have been to many games at shea and I have never witnessed so much fighting as when the Mets and Phillies play. I was there with my wife and kids and actually after watching it my kids were laughing at the guys arrested because they could barely walk. So if that is the representation of your city so be it but I would think they are the minority.

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    First of all, Pat, great post.
    Second, I can’t believe some of these comments, hopefully some of you are joking (Maverick) and the guy who said he’d DIE for the team. Are you SERIOUS? Do you think any of these players would EVER fight in your behalf, let alone put their life on the line? That has to be the most idiotic thing I have read on here to date. How can you say it’s ok because it happens everywhere? My God, a month ago a young man lost his life at CBP due to this very same mentality, and still some of you can’t get it through your thick heads, it just blows me away.

    I will never understand or condone violence, it doesn’t make you a BIG man, it shows what a LITTLE man you really are.

  • Posts: 0 Mets fan

    Well said Georgie, Think of it this way when these guys retire or leave baseball or are traded how many come back to Philly or whatever city they played in? Unles they were born and raised there you won’t see them. They have no allegence to you it’s about the money! And to the guy who said he would die for the team, try getting an education and a real job, you’ll go further in life….

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Let’s join hands and sing together!!! MJ said it best…

    Heal the woooorrrrrllld
    make it a better place
    for you and for me and the entire human race
    there are people dying
    if you care enough for the living
    make a better place
    for you and for me!!!

    Oh wait, this is a Phillies blog, right? Nevermind… write your congressman, tell him that you support prohibition.

  • Posts: 0 Big Mets Fan

    Here’s an idea: stop killing people in the parking lot, and maybe the thug reputation will begin to wane. But as long as fists and death are the way you deal with (what, winning the World Series????) you’ll be seen as thugs. Frankly, there’s little evidence to suggest that you guys aren’t.

  • Posts: 0 Maverick

    NEw topic please….

  • Posts: 0 Chris

    I think they should give everyone 5 shots of tequila upon entering the ballpark and a pair of boxing gloves. Then everyone can film all the fighting and post it on you tube. Whoever beats up the most people wins a prize!

  • Posts: 0 Rich

    Can’t we all just stop drinking heavily everywhere we go and in everything we do?

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    There are little kids RIGHT NEXT to these guys fighting.. there is a little boy on the right.. and a little girl a few rows down …

    but seriously it takes a real tough guy to throw a few punches knowing that any “fight” will be broken up in 10 seconds anyway

  • Posts: 0 Mets fan

    Phillies fans are the worst fans ever. They actually have an event in Philadelphia called Wing Bowl where everyone gets drunk and watches fat people stuff their face with chicken wings. That is the epitomy of that city.

  • Posts: 0 Val Veeta

    Living in Central NJ, I belong to a “mixed” family of both Phillies and Mets fans. We used to love to go to the Phillies-Mets games, and root for our respective teams sitting side by side as friendly rivals. My in-laws and I would battle for the baseball soul of the kids, getting them both Phanatic and Mr. Met shirts, and we all had a great time.

    Sadly, my husband and I feel we can no longer attend these games, either in Philly or NY, because the family-friendly atmosphere is long gone, and we are afraid of what the little ones might witness.

    I will not point fingers at anyone, because there are classless boors among both sets of fans. However, I must agree with Chuck P above, that the behavior of the Phillies fans at this time is like “kicking them when they’re down.” The Phillies and the Mets are going in completely different directions, the Phillies to the playoffs and the Mets down the toilet. Why this rivalry remains so heated, I have no idea. The Mets are no longer threats to the Phillies’ division title, and since they plan to keep their wonderful management team in place, will probably not be for years to come.

    I also feel that Mr. Rollins has taken this rivalry up a notch with his disgraceful comments about the Mets players at what should have been the high point of his career (WS parade). The crowd ate it up, but I felt it was like pouring gasoline on an already volitile situation. I had never heard of a player at the professional level diss another team’s players before. IMO this ratcheted up the emotions of both sides.

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