Gameday: Phillies (73-51) At Pirates (52-72)

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Philadelphia Phillies (73-51) at Pittsburgh Pirates (52-72)

J.A Happ (10-2, 2.59ERA) vs. Charlie Morton (3-6, 5.21 ERA)

Time: 7:05 p.m at PNC Park
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 80
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The Phillies and Pirates will play the rubber-match game of the series tonight.  Even though the Pirates are a last place team, they’ve kept pace with the Phillies during this series. The games have been close and down to the wire.

The Phillies will hand the ball to J.A Happ, who has the lowest ERA of any rookie since Hideo Nomo in 1995.  He has been one of the most consistent starters, and isn’t phased when runners reach base.  Happ allowed one run in seven innings when he faced the Buccos in July.  He limited them to four hits, and walked two.

Charlie Morton gave up two runs in 6.1 innings in his last outing, rebounding from a game in which he allowed ten runs in one inning.  Morton faced the Phillies last season and gave up five runs in two innings.  Shane Victorino homered off him.  Victorino, the team’s leading hitter, is batting just .222 in the last seven days.

The offense needs to provide Happ with run support, something they’ve lacked in the past two games.  With the ninth inning troubles, it would be nice for the Phillies to get a comfortable lead, big enough so that it is a non-save situation.

Tonight’s lineup: Rollins (SS)/ Victorino (CF)/ Utley (2B)/ Howard (1B)/ Werth (RF)/ Ibanez (LF)/ Feliz (3B)/ Bako (C) Happ (P).

I.C. LightYour Gameday Beer – I.C. Light
When in Pittsburgh, drink the beer I suppose. This staple of Western PA carries little sophistication other than the many different tailgate games that it’s good for. The macrobrew is about on par with Miller, Bud and Coors (only around 4% ABV) except maybe with a little more soul. Eat it with some classic ‘burgh food like brats or any sandwich topped with french fries. – By Brian


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  • Posts: 0 mikeB

    I swear that sometimes it seems like a motivational thing with many of these guys. It just looked like they could not get up for this Pirate team on the road.

  • Posts: 0 Mike D.

    Christ, the Phillies sure like to screw with my emotions.

  • Posts: 0 Mike D.

    In other news, I’d bet money that with last years bullpen, Charlie goes to Madson in the 8th and Lidge in the 9th, ready to go after last night’s night off. But, because our pen can’t close anymore, Charlie is forced to extend the starters into 8. Happ is done after 7 last year. I thought he was done. Yes, the offense crapped the bed, but we might have won this game last year.

  • Posts: 0 nm

    really sucks for happ…he deserves a win…hopefully he realizes it wasn’t his fault, it was the offense

    how does the phillies offense seriously expect to win scoring only 2 runs?? and only 1 last night into the 9th…these pitchers aren’t exactly cy young winners

  • Posts: 0 Repeat!

    also.. let’s look at the positives. Defending Champs and a 7 game lead as we head towards September. We’re going to sweep the Braves and put them to bed for 2009.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    Phillies offense scored 9 runs in 3 games vs the Pirates. 7 of those 9 runs came via the long ball…can we say serious problem?

    On a positive note…our starters and Rollins had a good series.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    what’s worse is i was there this evening so endured a bunch of drunk college kids erupt when Garrett “the Phillie Killer” Jones crushed that HR. It stung evenmore when I caught the 8 LOB for us vs. there 4 LOB on the scoreboard from the corner of my eye as I watched the ball careen over the wall. Then to make it worse I was subjected to jackasses wearing Penguins shirts. Embarassing for Philly. Great stadium. I thought Ibanez’s slump would be coming to an end…good line drives hard luck outs but tonight he looked horrible.

  • Posts: 0 Repeat!

    Vick: 4-4 for 19yds. Nothing special. Nothing bad though. Joedad, I’m sure you must have shed a tear….. Standing ovation was very classy, and I was proud. That man has a wife and children. Of course he should’ve thought of that before, but he paid his dues. He’s not an attorney or a doctor. He’s not an account or a politician. He’s not an electrician or a teacher. He’s a football player. If he screws up again that’s on him. But to call the standing ovation the worst moment in Philly sports history is beyond insane. How about the Michael Irvin incident? Or the Jackie Robinson incidents? Or the J.D. Drew incident? Or the “laser show incident? Or the “T.O. first trip back to Phily” incident? When thousands of fans brought empty prescription bottles with them to the Linc and taunted T.O. with them? Or the death match incident outside the Bank? Get real dude. Your statment is the embr

  • Posts: 0 Repeat!

    sounds like you had a real tough time there jreed. I lived in that town for two years. They talk funny with their “yens’” and their other country sounding phrases. Don’t worry there were plenty of Pirate fans that got jealous of the Philies WS gear. In 1990, The Reds got’em. In 1991 it was the the Braves. Same in 1992. The Flyers will win another Lord Stanely and the Eagles will when a Superbowl. Then it’ll be Cadillac Time.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Repeat! – Its a hard pill to swallow: 4 WS, 6 Super Bowls, and 3 Cups for that odd city. Great stadium but the all the gothic revival architecture from the early 20th century is a little over the top which combined with all the federalist sytle buildings makes me feel like I’m in stuck in some Bizarro version of Deutschland circa 1935. Steel mill coverted into a college town. Parts of it are spread out like a mid west city but also has the verticality, and narrowness of Philly or NY. I’m stuck here for the weekend for a relative’s wedding. Got any suggestions?

  • Posts: 0 karen

    I do not understand Stairs. And Bruntlett running for Bako? WHY?????? There are a few things that are off:
    1) Why leave Happ in when you have Park (maybe even moyer) in the pen and not used for a while? Last year Hamels had a huge jump in innings pitched and it may be harming him now.

    2) Matt Stairs? I get beaten up when I say this but seriously???????? They did call Cairo up for Dobbs. Cairo was doing really well down in Lehigh Valley? Why not give him a chance?

  • Posts: 0 karen

    It is really depressing actually…..I am a huge lover of Happ and was feeling good about his outing and that came crashing down. If Charlie is trying to boost the confidence of Stairs, Lidge, etc…….he risks damaging the confidence of the starters…..Happ was definately upset, Hamels was probably upset last night, same with Blanton.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Well you run bruntlett for bako in case you have to go first to third or you or you needed him to score from 2nd base on a weak single. Bako’s an older catcher. Catchers even the young ones in general are slow due to the fatigue in their lower extremities esp. once they have put in a couple of innings behind the plate. Also they need more static strength in there lower extremeties to maintain their squat. This type off strength requires more slow twitch muscle fibers than those of the fast twitch variety which we use for activities done at maximal speed like baserunning. Russel Martin and Joe Mauer are the only two catchers i know of who have decent speed and aren’t late game liabilities on the base paths.

  • Posts: 0 Trout Boy

    Here it is a nutshell…2 out of 3 to the PIRATES? WTF?

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    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Gameday: Phillies (73-51) At Pirates (52-72)…

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