Lee Has Worst Start Since Joining Phillies

Posted by Amanda Orr, Sat, August 29, 2009 11:53 PM | Comments: 21
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It turns out that Cliff Lee is human after all.  Since joining the Phillies, Lee has dominated by going deep into games and not allowing any more than two runs in each start.  When he is handed the ball, a win is expected as he fills fans with confidence.  Saturday was a different story.

The start of the game was delayed about 25 minutes due to rain.  Once the game got underway, Chase Utley smacked his 28th home run of the year to put the Phillies on the board.

Entering the game, Lee hadn’t allowed a home run as a Phillie.  His ERA was a minuscule 0.68.  Those numbers quickly changed.  Garrett Anderson’s three-run home run in the fourth inning put the Braves ahead.  It was the first home run Lee allowed since July 21.  Matt Diaz and Yunel Escobar also homered, adding to the lead.  It was the first time since 2007 that Lee gave up multiple home runs in a game, let alone three. 

In his shortest outing as a Phillie, Lee was finished after five innings.  All six runs he allowed were earned.  He gave up ten hits and struck out five.  His ERA dramatically increased to 1.80 with Philadelphia, and 2.83 on the season.

If it was any indication, Lee gave up an unusual lead-off single to Diaz to open the game.  Lee gets into trouble when he surrenders too many hits; that was the case tonight.  The Braves did an excellent job of slowing down the quick worker by stepping out of the box and taking pitches.

Other than Utley’s homer, the Phillies offense was silenced by Lowe.  Improving to 6-1 lifetime against the Phillies, the sinker-baller continues to have success against them.  As a home run hitting team, the offense generally does not have success against most sinker ball pitchers.

The offense had many chances, but went 3-for-12 with runners in scoring position.  In addition, they left 12 men on base.  Even when they were trailing 9-1, they had a perfect opportunity with the bases loaded any nobody out.  Whatever the case may be, this team can not produce runs when runners are past first base.  They’re heavily relying on the long ball.

The Braves added a few more runs off the bullpen, but the rain came down in buckets during the eighth inning to force another delay.  As a swimming pool formed in the outfield, the decision was finally made to call the game.  The 9-1 loss puts the Braves seven games behind the Phillies in the National League East.

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  • Posts: 0 george55

    ibanez O for nothing aaaagain….scumbag. 11 LOB, disgraceful. ibanez probably contributed to half that number…RISP will be the death knell for the phillies. almost never get timely hits…….this should have been a pitchers duel. i hope lee isn’t getting the incompetence disease from the bull pen……
    bench ibanez and put him in a pinch RUNNER or send him to Triple A….he’s bringing the tream down. i will only say thanks to him for carrying the team in the first half..don’t know (i’m so pissed) maybe for that he should stay.

  • Posts: 0 Aaron

    lol wow george, way to over-react

  • Posts: 0 marty

    send Ibanez down?

    dude…you’re a freakin retard.
    are you even a fan?

  • Posts: 130 Amanda Orr

    Avatar of Amanda Orr

    The heck with AAA, send him all the way down to Single-A! ;-)

  • Posts: 0 Dan

    i’m sure glad you aren’t running the team.
    there is a reason charlie manuel is the manager of the phillies and your not…because he knows a hell of a lot more about baseball than you do or any of us do. they guy is in a slump, everyone goes through them. don’t be irrational
    as for cliff lee, everyone is human. sometimes people just have bad days

  • Posts: 0 Jason Grier

    haha! I love this with people who watch baseball… we could be going on a 10 game winning streak and then we’ll lose one game and people start freaking out!

    Lee had one bad game out of 7, can’t say that about many other philly pitchers recently… Raul is in a slump, just as Utley was early, and J-Roll, and obviously howard a lot! But hey, they’re human! geez people!

  • Posts: 0 marty

    hey they are still 7 freakin games up

    so what Lee had a rough outing…

    so what. Everyone has em.

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    I just hope Cliff and A.J. aren’t getting worn down? Not worried or concerned yet, but sometimes Mgrs ride the hot hand just a little too long? I wouldn’t be surprised if Cole is Da’man down Da stretch due to lack of innings/game so far. Baseball is crazy Dat way!

    Here in lies the potential problem with a thin Pen in sticking a problem so long. We won’t know the answer till the outcome has been determined.

  • Posts: 0 fightinphils

    Only a moron would think it would be wise to send Raul down o Triple A or even Single A.

  • Posts: 0 teejvee

    Sam Perlazzo should bring a chair out to the 3rd base coaching box for the times when somebody gets to 3rd w/less than 2 out.
    That way the guy can relax while the next 2 batters pop up to the infield, hit the nice two hopper to 1st or 3rd, or strike out.

  • Posts: 0 george

    hey deucsh dan:

    never wanted to run the team. i play the devil’s advocate so my comments won’t be the same as most of you all’s (rah, rah, sis boom bah!).
    someone needs to know when all is not well and it’s not…..

    you will all look back at this pivotal point in the season and ask yourselves why you settled for mediocrity. why you didn’t bitch more, why you kept on saying “there’s always tomorrow or we’ll get’m next time or it’ll be alright, they’ll come back”……

    I am a phillies fan and i do ride them hard – my nature. i’ve been to games at Connie Mack (anyone remember that ballpark?). I do not want them to rest on their laurels like they did in the beginning of the season and did a months worth of celebrating, White House, etc, before getting down to baseball.

    I don’t want to regret anything at season’s end. In the end the only hope to stop the Lidge madness may be Reuben Amaro (member of that infamous 1993 team). He won’t do anything now publicly but i can only hope he is counseling manuel behind closed doors. Manuel is a prideful, stubborn old man and set in his ways. If he is told to change he will ask to leave at end of season-a quiter he is not.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    “devil’s advocate”? LOL. Nice try. Devil’s advocate would be saying maybe Cliff Lee got lucky his first several times out, maybe this is how he is. Devils advocate is NOT “scumbag. 11 LOB, disgraceful. ibanez probably contributed to half that number…RISP will be the death knell for the phillies. almost never get timely hits…….this should have been a pitchers duel. i hope lee isn’t getting the incompetence disease from the bull pen……
    bench ibanez and put him in a pinch RUNNER or send him to Triple A….he’s bringing the tream down.” Thats called being an idiot.

  • Posts: 0 George

    Once again, george gives the real Georges of the world a bad name! He can’t even spell some of his epithets correctly.

  • Posts: 0 The Dipsy

    Damn! Aren’t the Phillies allowed to throw in a clunker every now and then? Did you guys know know that Sandy Koufax gave up 6 runs in a game once? I banez is in a slump…..ok. He’ll pull through.


    We can carry 8 for the playoffs. FYI. And I don’t think taking out Walker right now is as easy as you think. My picks to go: The first to me is easy – The Durbinator. The second? Ummm…errrr. God, I love the idea of having 3 lefties in the pen. I’m torn between Pedro and Jaime. I keep Walker.

    All this as of 8/30/09.

    Further, doesn’t one have to give pause to the thought of keeping Stairs on the roster? He’s totally not hitting, can’t run, and can’t field a position. We now have THREE guys on our bench hitting under .200. Wow. Stairs got smoked on his at bat the other night with hittable fastballs. They say that boxers get old in one fight..and then they’re done. When Stairs can’t catch up to the heat anymore, I don’t think he’s a viable MLB player

    The Dipsy

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    I would say my concern about last night, besides the typical concern of late of the lack of offensive production and the reliance on the Homers of lately, would be Cliff Lee after the first home run he gave up. Did he have a bad night, or did he get really flustered after giving up the first home run? Did he let his emotions get the better of him resulting in 2 more runs (1 HR) in that same inning and another homer the next, or did he have a bad night? If he had a bad night, oh well, it shouldnt be expected that he goes all the way through the remainder of the season without giving up runs, but if he is the type to get flustered when he gives up runs like, thats a slight concern that if he gets hit again, is he the type to be all or nothing? Is he the type to be either completely LIGHTS OUT, and AWESOME, get hit upside the head like “batting practice”. I dont know, because I dont know what he was like in Clevelnd. I would tend to think that last night was just a bad night. It just so happens he had a bad night the same night as the offense. But we have had alot of trouble with Lowe this season. While I know we are 7 games up, I still never feel comfortable talking about the playoffs until we are in. However, if this is the slump, HOPEFULLY the Phillies get hot AGAIN like they did last season at the right time. I just hope that this slump doesnt continue to long. If we can hold onto first and break out of this slump and get hot just before the end of the regular season, that could be a fun post season if we are in. However if the Phils play like this if they make the post season, we are in serious trouble. It just depends on when they get hot again.

  • Posts: 0 george

    thanks Brian for regurgitating my points again…..couldn’t do it without ya amigo…….
    I do agree “scumbag” was harsh. I aplogize. I have to simmer down before i keystroke.

  • Posts: 0 psujoe

    Win today and we win the series. It’s really is that simple. Marlins face the Braves for 4 games next. Only problem is we face Sanchez, Lincecom and Zito.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    The difference george, is that I point out that the TEAM is having problems with RISP, you point out Ibanez as the only reason the Phillies are having those problems. It is possible to question the current slump of the Phillies yet still say positive as this is still a VERY good team, with the ability to put a CRAP load of runs past the plate. With this team, if they have RISP with less than 2 outs early, and they actually hit the ball, watch out, because I notice, if they get 1 hit early (f1st or 2nd inning) with RISP less than 2 outs, the rest of the team follows. The problem is the rest of the team often follows if they dont…i.e last night. Either way, we are still in a good position right now. I would MUCH rather slump now, and how onto first place, and get HOT AS HELL again with 1 or 2 weeks left, then to get hot now, and get COLD at that time. Thankfully we have a 7 game lead. As long as the Phillies hold onto first, and get hot, they have a good chance continue.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    At least Cliff had his bad outing in the regular season and *hopefully* not in the playoffs (CC Sabathia last year, anyone??)

  • Posts: 0 saa

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