Feliz Slams Past ‘Stros

Posted by Amanda Orr, Tue, September 29, 2009 10:53 PM | Comments: 81

Wilton Lopez made a huge mistake by hanging a slider to Pedro Feliz. Feliz took advantage and sent the pitch into the left field seats.  The salami and Ryan Madson’s six-out save led the Phillies to a 7-4 victory.

J.A Happ pitched better than his line indicated.  In 5.2 innings, he allowed four runs (three earned) on nine hits.  He struck out six. Happ became the first Phillies rookie to win 12 games since 1959.  Happ made two mistakes: a down and in fastball to Lance Berkman and a middle-in fastball to Kaz Matsui.  Both pitches resulted in home runs.

Jimmy Rollins’ 42nd double of the season put the Phillies on the board, but it was Feliz who provided the big blow.  With the bases loaded and nobody out,  Feliz jumped on the first pitch and took it for a ride.  The grand slam put the Phillies ahead, 5-1.  It was Feliz’s second grand slam of the year, and it extended the franchise record for most grand slams in a season (11).  The rally towels proudly waved and it was loud for the rest of the night.

In the fifth inning, Jayson Werth added insurance with a two-run home run.  The runs proved to be key since the ninth inning is always nerve-racking.

Jamie Moyer ate 1.1 scoreless innings in relief.  However, on the last pitch he threw, he fell to the ground with a groin injury.

Ryan Madson threw nine pitches in the eighth inning, and returned to the mound in the ninth to a standing ovation.  Madson allowed two singles, but struck out Hunter Pence to end the game.  Madson did a perfect job of mixing his pitches and locating them in the right spots.

The Florida Marlins took care of business in Atlanta, beating the Braves 5-4.  This means that the magic number is down to one.

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  • Posts: 0 gabriel

    for the record, 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB lol i’m kidding…
    i wasn’t saying that he def faked it, but it isn’t outside the realm of possibilites… i bet that stuff happens all the time – especially in the realm of the philly media where if jamie doesn’t make the postseason roster, those guys would be all over it… but an injury, nobody could talk smack and everything would be fine come spring training… again, i’m not insinuating anything, just suggesting…

  • Posts: 0 Geoff

    Lets say Madson gets some confidence now knowing he is THE guy in the 9th and pitches well here on out. You cant bring back Lidge and Lidge would not want to come back if he lost his titlle and role. I would prefer an offseason move for a closer, but I doubt they will do that after sinking all that money into Lidge. There are plenty of closers and setup men with closing experience on the market this year. I think that they will bring in two late innings guys to revamp a bullpen that has been brutalized with injuries and ineffectiveness this season.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    Moyer has also reduced his ERA. At one point is close to 6 was he not? I dont remember what his high for the season was, but now he is at 4.94 and ranked 42 in the NL. 4.94 is not great, but considering he was close to 6 at one point, and now under 5, thats a nice drop for him. I agree in the off chance he would be left off the roster, the media (and some fans, myself included) would go into a frenzy, I dont think that he would have been left off, or this was pre-arranged.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    I dont know Geoff, I think the Phillies are too loyal to a guy who was completely lights out, and instrumental to the WS to just get rid of him after one bad season. Looking back on his career, yes, looking at numbers, last year was not the norm, but this year is most definately NOT the norm either. Even looking back at some of the videos of his past blown saves with houston and things like that, I think some of them had to do with his infield. Lidge gave up the home run to Pujols and everyone always points to that, but 2 things. I believe there were two outs. 1. It was Pujols. He has alot of power, like it or not, so at least it wasnt giving up a homer to a guy with NO power at all, but if you look at the hit right before the home run. To me, had J-Roll been his short stop at that time, the game would have been over. It was a ground ball to short stop, that the short stop dove for, but it wasnt up the middle or anything. I look at that, and see a mis play (not an error I know) on the short stop. To me, some of his prior troubles can be put on slow reads, and mis plays (not all). I have been critical of Lidge lately, but I dont want to see him leave entirely just yet. I am curious as to what Duby is doing or saying. Is he working with Lidge on his mechanics, or seeing if he is tipping pitches? Look at Smoltz. He left Boston, and the first day with St Louis, their pitching coach told him he was tipping pitches. He changed it, and look at what happened.

  • Posts: 0 Stuart

    Good win but the bullpen still worries me. Madson let two men get on and that could lead to problems. I really really hope we can get the best record. If we get the best record in the NL and rockies win the wild card, here we come post season. We would face the Rockies, who are not hot and I think we could beat them. Then we would hope for the dodgers to knock off the cards and then we man handle the dodgers, go into the series hot and show everyone that you cant just be like the yankees and buy a championship and beat them down so I can brag to all of the people here in NY.


  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    Wow, if the Phils beat the Yankees in the World Series, I think I would spontaneously burst into flames. My head is about to explode at the thought of living in NY and being able to make fun of Mets AND Yankees fans. That would be so freaking sweet.

    Who would everyone rather play in the first round LA (in LA) or Colorado (at home)?

    I would rather play Colorado but we need to hold off the Cards in order to do so. We’re one game up on them but I believe we win the tiebreaker since we won the season series from them.

    So I hope Ben Francisco and the rest of our bench players can take care of the Marlins this weekend and give us home field advantage in the first round.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    I dont know, we have a much better record against the Cards then we do the Dodgers. But then again, we were playing the dodgers when they were hot as hell at the beginning of the season.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    We can’t play the Cards in the first round. We either go to LA for game 1 or stay at home and play the Rockies.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    In 2007, I was rooting for the Rockies in that extra game against the Padres…because I thought the Rockies were the inferior team… so I’m hesitant to “root” for them so that we play them… But, deep down, I still still I rather face them than the Dodgers just because of the home field advantage.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    I am rooting for home field. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, the Phils are the superior team.

  • Posts: 0 bob

    Home field advantage all the way……the 7-0 track record last season proves that.

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    I agree, let’s get homefield in the first round at least.

  • Posts: 0 Bob Kahn

    Well, I am glad that all the doomers have flipped. People, please, the season is 162 games long, teams go up and they go down, that is baseball. We will win another game, always thought so.

    BUT, the team is not in mode for winning in postseason. For the last few years the hot team is the one that wins (Phils 08, Rockies 07, etc).
    The team to worry about is still the Braves. If they keep it up and manage to beat out the Rockies we may be seeing them in Round 2. IF we make it past round #1.

    Setting the postseason roster is going to be a challenge – especially with all the wounded. After they clinch Charlie should pitch only relievers for two games to see who is in good shape. Don’t laugh, they do it in Spring Training. We need to see if Romero is OK, Park even!
    In the end we need Happ in the back of the bullpen for the playoffs.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Geoff Says:
    September 30th, 2009 at 9:24 am
    “Whew, this was huge.”


    THAT’s what she said!

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    I was at last night’s game. I’m still hoarse from cheering my ass off i feel like I’m catching a cold. The atmosphere was electric but the tension was so taut you could bounce a quarter off it. What a test for Madson and he passed. I’m screaming “Cmon Ryan we’ve got your back!” along with “don’t throw that frigging cutter!” for good measure. I think the wind generated by all the rally towels momentarily solved the energy crisis. Man, the panic set in though seeing Madson warm-up for the eighth because who was left but the Lidger for those last 3 elusive outs….zoiks. Fortunately Madson came in the nineth and though stressful, set up Pence with some chin music for the next and final strike. The collective expression on everyone’s face was that of thousands of sphincters relaxing. Hopefully, the guy whose stuff could make him the Papelbond of the NL, is gaining confidence to anchor the back end of the BP for the post season.
    As much as I love to be at the games, sometimes you miss things that you’d otherwise see on TV. I was so fixated on Vic. catching that fly ball i didn’t see Jamie Moyer go down. I just watched it on MLB video highlights…Anyone who has suffered a serious groin pull will tell you that they wouldn’t wish it on there worst enemy. We’re getting into hex territory with these injuries. So who will now be the new longman? Durbin, Walker, Escolona, Myers, Happ…Out of this uncertainity comes Madson Last night I hope i witnessed Madson’s transformative moment; the moment where is mind is no longer convincing his body that the sky is falling in the 9th inning. This was a big game and yes the WS were all big games but unlike the WS, at that very moment, he was the only option and it was time to put a stop to the bleeding. That’s as real a closer’s moment as it gets.
    And Feliz’s salami …me and this old timer were talking when Feliz stepped up to the plate, at which point, both of us said, “If he swings at the first pitc – ” Kaboom. Man, there’s nothing like a grand slam among fans. Nothing mends the divide between the half glass full and the half glass empty fans than a grand slam…It like the Sign of Peace but way cooler cause you don’t turn to a stranger, high five them, exclaim “F**k ya!” and then say “may peace be with you” in Mass. I’m going tonight. Could things not have set up more beautifully with Pedro taking the mound? I’m giddy.
    Last year when we made the post season, I put a small Phillies flag on my dad’s grave. He missed our WS glory by a year. We had to remove it a few days ago while the grounds crew retro-fitted all the graves’ flower holders. I just found out that, while running errands earlier yesterday, my mom returned to the flag to its rightful place. Is it a sign? Don’t know but I know shpilkes and i got lots of shpilkes all the sudden. Also, listen to this cracky coincidence. After Madson went 0-2 on Pence i turned to the old timer and said, “he needs to drop this m***er f***er and set him up for the kill.” And bingo was hs nameo. That’s double shpilkes with meshuggeneh sprinkles on top.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    “THAT’s what she said!” – Nice one Don.

    j reed, when they came back to the 9th inning, they were advertising their sponsonrs on TV and panning the center field Ashburn Alley crowd. They all looked scared. We at home didn’t know who was going to pitch the 9th. I was saying, Oh no, he didn’t put Lidge in, did he? He couldn’t. But the I am going to puke looks on the fans’ faces made it appear it was Lidge on the mound. Thankfully, after what seemed like a minute, they show Madson on the mound and my heart rate dropped back to normal. It wasn’t until they showed Lidge in the pen that my heart rate shot back up.

    It was a nice effort by Madson. Babe Pence is a Phillie killer but “Madson dropped the m***er f***er” like a stud.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    Bob Kahn, one year before the Rockies run was the Cardinals who were horrendous down the stretch. I think they ended the regualr season 4 games over .500 and lost 8 of their last 10 (give or take). Of course they took the World Series rather easily.

    I’d like to see the Phils go in the playoffs hot but this team is good enough to limp in and play well. Of course it would be nice to get homefield throughout.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Trust me I would rather see the Rockies in the playoffs then the Braves. The Rockies got a gift. Before that game winning homer Chris had a check swing. The umps said he did not go all the way. WRONG. Watch that play. STRIKE 3 your out. These umps are horrible. If Feliz did not suit up. Are you kidding me. If your parents wore a condom you would not be here.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I stepped out for lunch…

    I was in section 134 for the clincher; great seats and it was CRAZY. The way that it ended was incredible… Lidge, perfect for the season, almost blows it but Rollins/Utley bail him out with a tremendous double play. I bought those tickets for my brother (his birthday, September 27th)… my wife was not too happy that she didn’t get to go but she’s coming tonight ;-) Destiny…

    I think that Jamie’s groin is probably a result of them taking him out of his normal routine… you can throw conspiracy theories out there but Jamie could still make an impact down the stretch. The leash gets shorter in the postseason and both Happ/Pedro have battled minor aches and pains lately so Jamie might get a chance to pitch some innings in the postseason and I think that he would love the opportunity to prove his worth on the grand stage.

    I would rather play the Rockies but I think that we have the best team on paper… the only teams that scare me in a short series are the Braves and the Cardinals and it looks like we’ll avoid both of them. The Braves are still breathing but barely and if the Rox get in we’ll get either the Rox or the Dodgers…

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    The groin could have been bothering him before. Remember he worked exclusively from the stretch last night? Maybe the windup was bothering the groin somehow and he decided to work from the stretch.

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    Awww Georgie… Did I hurt your feelings sweet heart? I’m daughrry… Are you Skip “It’s hard out here for a pimp” Bayless?? haha… Your comments mean nothing to me but retarded humor ….. Have a nice day! And thanks for the laugh…. Phils clinch tonite!

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Joedad – yeah let’s hope that pitch was the final ingredient to make Madson the closer he can be. He has had the 98 mph FB but lets hope now the fear’s coming from the batters box and not the mound. He faced some pretty good hitters….once moyer went down…that meant even if walker, rough few outings aside was still in consideration he’d probably stay a long man. No more closer by comittee at this point. Madson’s the guy…I suppose Happ but I think the oblique injury makes him too much of a liability…you know me being the assistant’s assistant GM and all. Or I guess he could be the long man…we’ll see how Pedro throws tonight. Still 3 left handers in a rotation…I might prefer pedro as the 4 th starter just cause he’s a righty

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    We shall see what the score is tonight. I have a hunch that since Madson pitched last night, that Ole Loyal Cholly might give Lidge a shot tonight (oh god, I hope not with how he has pitched). I just have this feeling that Charlie wants him to be the guy who gets the save for the Division. If we go into the 9th, with only a 1 run lead, and Lidge goes in, I may need some assistance from someone keeping me off of a bridge or tall building. (thats a joke but you get the point).

  • Posts: 0 bob

    @ Original Chuck

    I was also in section 134 for the division clincher. What a ballgame, what energy. Prior to that I have never been in a baseball stadium with so many strangers high-fiving and hugging. My arm was so sore from waving that rally towel.

    I got to experience that all over again in section 421 for World Series Game 3.

    Won’t be able to go tonight or tomorrow, hoping they get it done tonight. Gonna find a bar in S. Jersey to enjoy with other Phils fans.

    When they close this 3rd straight division title out, it is no small feat. So I hope everyone enjoys it.

    PS. Madson was filthy last night, way a pitch to end the ballgame. Would of probably even froze Albert Pujols.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I would actually prefer Happ. At this point, you have to be concerned with Pedro’s durability. I worry that if he’s not healthy, he’ll take something off of his pitches to compensate… and when that happens it won’t be pretty. I would rather see Happ get his shot but we should be alright either way because the leash will be short for either one of them.

    Hopefully, the light went on for Madson. Maybe putting him in the 8th inning is the way to go… bringing him in to pitch in his normal role might be a way to loosen him up so that he doesn’t feel excess pressure (like he would entering a game in the 9th). The problem is that he might not be available on back to back nights… I wonder who they’ll bring in to close tonight’s ballgame.

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    I agree… But not in the classic Phillies Nation B.C. (before championship) terms. Lidge will be the closer tonite if needed…. That could be a blessing in disguise. If he gets a 1 run save tonite to clinch the division, maybe that will help get his head together and get some of that conf… back.. With the juries it’s hard to imagine Charlie leaves him home….

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    you know Paronto also was injured…pulled a hammmy…maybe the mound was getting slick with condensation last night. Pitchers basically stand on one leg and fall downhill…if that plant foot slips and your muscles contract….Groin pull at first you can walk but then you lying in bed with and it gets tighter and tighter…mine was so bad I had to have an ambulance come and had to be carried up the stairs. I was in so much pain I’d of stolen the morpine salts from a hospice patient if i could have even walked.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    I think, OK, I HOPE, the only reason Lidge was up was to give Madson a fake sense of security so that Madson THINKS he has Lidge watching his back. There was no way Lidge was coming in.

    They can’t count on Walker. As soon as he started pitching later in games, he started getting hit hard. He was a decent surprise but so was Rodrigo Lopez at one time.

    There are so many open questions with the pitching. Blanton as #2 and, we hope, Madson as closer, are probably the only givens. Depending on how Lee pitches tomorrow, he could be the #1 or #3 with Hamels taking the other spot. The #4 spot is up in the air. Whoever loses that battle, providing they are healthy, goes to the pen as a long man or back end guy depending on Moyer/Park/Romero/Eyre/Myers/insert name here’s health. So many possibilities, we might even see Escolona in the 8th inning of the NLCS.

    I don’t think they will make up the roster until the last possible moment. Let’s enjoy the ride.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Also oblique, or any abdominal strains for that matter are like the herpes of muscle strains. Just when you think as is safe…blam esp when you do things like pitch or bat which involves torso and hip rotation, movements that rely heavily on the obliques. Shoot they are even invovled as stabilzers in walking and assisting the diaphram for breathing. Next is a sportsman hernia…in Happ’s case it woul be the oblique tearing away where it attaches to the rib. He’s way more a liability than pedro unless there is something going on with the old goat that hasn’t surfaced other thatn the neck issue which is way easier to treat than the oblique. That is unless Pedro has a tumor or herinated disc of the cerivical spine.l

  • Posts: 0 Griffin

    I was also at the division last year. The first 11 Phils game I went to, they all lost. Then I went to the division clincher and Game 2 against the Dodgers. Good times.

  • Posts: 0 George


    I’m never upset by morons.

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