Gameday: Astros (72-83) at Phillies (90-65)

Posted by Amanda Orr, Mon, September 28, 2009 06:24 PM | Comments: 202
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Houston Astros (72-83) at Philadelphia Phillies (90-65)

Yorman Bazardo, RHP (0-2, 9.55 ERA) vs. Cole Hamels, LHP (10-9, 4.11 ERA)

Time: 7:05 p.m at Citizens Bank Park
Weather: Sunny, 69
TV:Comcast Sportsnet
Twitter: Phillies Nation

BREAKING NEWS: According to Meredith Marakovitz of 950 ESPN, J.C. Romero has been activated from the DL.  She also reports that Carlos Ruiz could be back as early as Wednesday.

This could be the deciding series for the Fightin’ Phils.  With their magic number at three, the Phillies could clinch as early as Tuesday depending on the Braves’ outcome.  The Phillies need to take care of their own business by beating the Houston Astros, who swept them in four games at the beginning of September.

When the games get bigger, Cole Hamels gets better.  In his last six starts, Hamels is 3-1 with a 2.01 ERA.  He struggled against Houston, allowing four earned runs in six innings.

Hamels will be opposed by Yorman Bazardo, who his seeking his first win of 2009.  Bazardo is making his fourth start of the season.  He has not lasted more than five innings in any of his starts.  Bazardo allows a lot of base runners, 2.08 walks and hits per innings pitched.  Opponents are batting .341 against him.

The offense has been better lately, and they should be able to handle Bazarado.  However, they have a tendency to struggle against pitchers they’ve never faced before.  The “RISP” stat will be a key stat to look at during tonight’s game.

The Phillies were unable to clinch on the road, but it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise if they can clinch in front of the home crowd.  The rally towels will be out tonight, and the rest of the series.

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  • Posts: 0 ray

    I’m am thanking god this is baseball and not football because we would have to wait a whole week to digest this. Tomorrow get back out there and let’s win a friggin game

  • Posts: 0 DC

    Suicide watch has started on the Walt Whitman and Ben Franklin bridges. The Tacony Palmyra isn’t that high so they are just banning anything that fans can tie to themselves to weigh them down.

  • Posts: 0 ray

    good thing this is a 6 run lead or we would be watching brad blow another game

  • Posts: 0 Keeg

    Yeah, bad week for Phils fans.

    On one hand, if we do clinch, the playoffs don’t look good when you look at how we’ve played recently against hot hot hot teams like the Rockies, Dodgers, etc.

    On the other hand, if we don’t clinch…well it’ll probably be the worst collapse. Probably worse than the Mets, at least for us. Never thought we’d be put in their shoes, but it seems likely now.

    I still do have some hope. But before this last weekend it was about 72-28, ratio of hope to despair. Now it’s at 54-46. Teetering on the edge.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    Uh oh. We are in trouble. I think ESPN playoff % for the Phils might go from 99.9% to 99.8%. BIG BIG trouble that extra one out of 1000.

  • Posts: 0 Tom

    I really don’t see them turning this around…why would you believe they can?

  • Posts: 0 Tom

    the really sad part is…if they were playing top-notch teams, head to head and losing…but they’re playing and losing to triple A teams!

  • Posts: 0 DC

    Phils used to own September. This year they have been awful. The Braves are owning September.

  • Posts: 0 Tom

    look at all the empty seats….used to believe in comebacks…half the folks left REAl early in this one!

  • Posts: 0 Gavin

    This is just like the Mets. i wish I could go back and get their quotes. This team has no sense of urgency. Who really cares if we make the playoffs b/c we wont win shit. This team has no life. I officially give up on them. I’d rather be the Nationals than the Phillies right now.

  • Posts: 0 Gavin

    The Phillies will not make the playoffs. Thats reality.

  • Posts: 0 ray

    this team has slumped horribly twice this year and we went nuts and then they came out of it and went red hot. if form holds we should be able to get rolling for the playoffs. how’s that for glass full? lol, i’m not worried yet

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Honsetly – no desire to win…no heart…gutless…at least give your champions enough respect not to critize them with this psychological tripe, . Does that exempt them from criticism no, but seriously just because they are talented team and are underperforming doesn’t mean they aren’t playing with heart, or have no desire to win. There are other reasonable explanations out there. One is, the elemet of chance is great in baseball, you can’t will a base hit…you do things to make it more likely and yes they don’t always do that…you can hit the ball hard right to a fielder 12 times in a row, or it will fall in between two fielders and your on 2nd base.

  • Posts: 0 Tom

    how could an entire team be in a funk like this?! time for mgmt to kick some ass!!!

  • Posts: 0 BS

    Brian of CO, thank god you’re not on the team, cuz the Phils should might as well head straight to the golf courses, huh?

    I’m getting annoyed as shit at the hitting and pitching inconsistency. But we’re 4 up with 6 to go. There’s no guarantees, but you’d have to be a prick not to take those odds. I’ll stand by this team until there’s nothing left to stand by. But I’m not gonna sit here and throw the towel in just because they’re playing poorly right now.

  • Posts: 0 Tom

    look at the faces…don’t know what’s in their hearts, but come on..show alittle fire….a liitle too cool for me…they’ll be watching the Flyers games next week.

  • Posts: 0 Me

    Phillies are trying so hard to lose the division. It is painful to watch.

  • Posts: 0 Tom

    4 hits…bring on the Iron Pigs….I would bech all tonight’s starters and put in bench players…I am sure they could get 4 hits!

  • Posts: 0 Mike D.

    Well…life will go on, folks. Radio0 said it best – world champs in 2008, and no one can take that away. Win or lose, for awhile, we were the best, and until next time, we’ll have that.

    Time to watch the WS DVDs until my eyes melt.

  • Posts: 0 Wetzel


  • Posts: 0 teejvee

    ,500 ball seems almost impossible for this team right now.

    Hamels is batting practice.
    Lee is batting practice.
    Blanton gets hit around
    The bullpen is a complete shambles
    Utley( king overrated), Ibanez and Werth are automatic outs.

    Rollins and Victorino never get on.

    Where are 3 wins coming from?

  • Posts: 0 george

    of lidge 11 blowns save this year the phillies have went on to lose 8 of them have went on to be phillies losses…if lidge has an avergae closer 5 blown saves and 3 of them go on to be phillies losses,the phils are around 97 wins right now and have the divison clinched prolly last week at least…sorry i place the blame for this on charlie for continuing to use lidge and amaro for blind siding it and hoping lidge figures it out…why weren’t they in the running for george sherrill,chad qualls,or heath bell at the trade deadline we have the prospects to get any of them guys.

  • Posts: 0 DC

    The 2007 Mets in disguise

  • Posts: 0 timb

    Charlie Manuel couldn’t get a job at a McDonalds with the way he operates an interview. why even bother with a post-game interview? he babbles like an idiot.

    i almost hope we choke and miss the playoffs just so him and Milt get fired. two worst coaches in baseball.

  • Posts: 0 DC

    Panic in the air in Philadelphia. 1964 is haunting us, the 2007 Mets are haunting us. Lets call the Ghostbusters so that the Phils can wrap this thing up by Thursday.

  • Posts: 0 Tommy from GA

    let’s go braves – Phillies will collapse like mets in 2006 – marlines will kick phillies out at last game- u will see

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    Before you jump off the literal or proverbial bridge, consider the Braves have gone 15-2 in their last 17 and have gained 5 games on the Phils. That is 5 games in 17 playing out of their minds, incredible baseball.

    There are 6 games left and they are behind 4 games. That isn’t a mountain. That is Everest on one leg.

  • Posts: 0 DC

    @Tommy from GA. It was 2007 and you aren’t a true Braves fan. Just a bandwagon.

  • Posts: 0 Tommy from GA

    only 6 games left – braves only 4 behind phillies – braves will win all 6 games- phillies probally will win 1 from astros and get sweep by marlines. Braves win NL east :)

  • Posts: 0 Matt M

    teejvee just lost all credibility saying Utley is overrated. On to the team, tonight was the most embarassing effort I’ve seen from them since the 2000 team finished last. I know they have a hard time with sinker ball pitchers but there was no excuse for just two runs in just under 6 innings against a guy who has been rocked in every outing he’s had. I’m not happy but I won’t give up on them until they actually come close to blowing this lead. They’ll win three more games and the Braves are going to lose atleast once. People on here need to ignore the overly negative idiots who constantly wait for the other shoe to drop One thing I noticed is that they’re catching a lot of bad breaks. The Astros had a lot of bloop hits that just fell in. Things don’t look good right now but I wouldn’t trde places with Atlanta right now.

    And for people who are balming Charlie for this race being closer by using Lidge despite his awful season-who else was going to come in? Madson couldn’t do the job and every other viable replacement got hurt.

  • Posts: 0 george

    charlie gonna have to have another meeting soon and let em know like after they got swept in houston,don’t wait until the astros sweep us again and the braves are within 1 game of 1st place dumb charlie.

  • Posts: 0 ray

    wow are the braves up 4 with 6 to play?

  • Posts: 0 Matt M

    ray Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 10:39 pm
    wow are the braves up 4 with 6 to play?
    You would think so with the way people are already jumping off of the ledge.

  • Posts: 0 ConnieMacKid

    I don’t know what is worse, an 8 year old boy in 64 or a 53 year old man in 2009 having to deal with this. We will most likely win the division but a lot of psychological damage has been done here on top of the quiet bats and bad pitching. Somebody needs to do some MAJOR ass kicking in the locker room tonight!

  • Posts: 0 Tommy from GA

    it will be insteresting if braves n phillies n rockies are 3-way tie at the end season.

  • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

    Avatar of Pat Gallen

    Calm down folks. The Phillies are 4 games up. FOUR. They are not FOUR back. Wake me when its tied. Am I happy how they are playing? Not at all, its a joke. But come on. Im a skeptic by nature but all this negativity is unreal.

  • Posts: 0 Tommy from GA

    anything is possible – look at mets in 2007 – they play tight n panic – blow 7 games lead with 17 games left.

  • Posts: 0 Thunder Lips

    Yes, yes, yes I know we lost tonight. We lost badly. We lost to a guy starting the game with a 9+ ERA, BUT… we basically have to do something that is unbelievably difficult to do, which is lose four out of six while the braves go 6 for 6 to end the season. Even if we lose 4 of 6 and the braves win 5 of 6, then we win! Put some things in perspective. If we lose the next two in a row while the Braves win the next two in a row, then we should maybe start to sweat it hard. Until that happens, let’s not jump to conclusions.

    Brian of CO has been a consistent post-person on this site. He obviously is full of passion and love for the Phillies most of the time, but dude, you are poison for this site right now. You are saying that the Phils are going to lose the division? Are you serious? We are up 4 games with 6 to play!!! We are even up 2 games on the Rockies right now as well just in case your Braves go 6 for 6 to end the season. The Rockies have the Brew Crew for 3 games then the Dodgers for 3, which is 6 games against formidable opponents. Your attitude is cancerous to a point where it is spreading to everyone else on here. You would think that the Phillies are out of the playoffs at this point with the venomous/negative chatter on here. You are the Randy Quaid character of Major League 2 with all of your negativity! We will make the playoffs, folks. Don’t drink Brian of CO’s kool aid.

    P.S.: Amanda, thank you for your youtube post

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    George – yeah qualls would have been nice hadn’t he dislocated his patella…i think he’s done for the season. I was saying last night our only chance to get Sherill or another hot commodity closer would have been if no one before us in the waiver claims line picked him up. Being the WS champs I believe puts us at the end of the waivers line. Doesn’t mean Charlie’s off hook for his blind loyalty to Lidge or the upper management is not to blame for welding the war purse shut or working out a multi-mid range prospect deal for some middle relievers in case the bull pen sustained injuries from the early season abuse it endured to cover for the abysmal early season pitching. That Charlie only went with Madson is what is frustrating…at a time when we had games to burn he should have experimented with differnt guys… we might have struck gold. And even if we didn’t suceed the old adage “nothing beats a failure but a try” would have been more than enough for me and proved that we were victims of circumstance. It’s unfortunate but not unforgivable.

  • Posts: 0 ray

    I agree with thunder lips. I just went back and read a lot of brian of CO’s posts and it’s is friggin annoying. The one where he says he has been saying for 3 weeks they were going to blow it? I don’t mind seeing people call like they see and not be a homer, but reading the posts from this guy is sickening.

  • Posts: 0 indy Shenandoah

    Hi Brian of CO, what does that mean, Brian of Cretinous Obduracy? (look it up)
    Speaking of being a “whining moron”, its apparent that your vitriolic remark regarding my tiny little essay on the ineptitude of Manuel is somewhat dubious considering its basically the same sentiment that every one of your so called non whining Phillies comrades are expressing.
    However, I would bet your a Republican – is that a remote possibility? You probably listen to that oxycontin saturated sociopath Rush Limbaugh right?
    But enough of the insults, I don’t care if your a transvestite or mutant Rhesus monkey, this is about a Phillies team that is disinigrating and somebody has to be held accountable – who would that be, the trainer, the bat boy? Something is rotten in Philadelphia sports and its not dead fish – if you can’t see it, smell it and taste it, then you are truly the moron with the dunce cap:-)
    However, what would Jesus say? He would say “who”?

  • Posts: 0 From section 113

    I was utterly disappointed by the effort this team put forth tonight and just don’t understand how they can be so completely lost in every aspect of the game.

    That being said there is SOOOOOOO much on our side:

    -Last yr we went 4-2 in our last 6
    -The ’08 Mets in their collapse went 3-3 And lost every other game.
    -WHile the Braves have owned the Nats this yr they are still 10-4 against them. That’s 4 losses and the Nats are a good hitting team.
    -The Braves are 7-8 against the Fish. Yup, 7-8. Who’s to say the Braves win the next 2 at all.
    -We are 8-7 against the Fish, that’s right a winning record.

    We’ll at least go 2-4 if not 4-2 in the next 6.

    -When was the last time the Braves had a 14 game winning streak?

    It ain’t pretty but we’ll be fine. If you constantly look at the glass as half empty, why bother coming back to the glass at all?

  • Posts: 0 ChuckS

    It is time to start blaming the man that should be blamed, Charlie Manuel. Charlie Manuel’s loyalty to his players may have cost the phils a playoff spot. For whatever reasons Brad struggles may have been having him go out there with his crappy location and hanging sliders night after night was definitely the right call. Eleven blown saves later the phils have a deminishing lead in the division, the playoff lookind damn far away, and a pitcher that wears #54 no good for anything. It may have been avoided with a trip to scenic Lehigh couldn’t hurt.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew

    Brian has been saying it forever
    He makes me laugh. He doesnt need to be pointed out that much.
    The nagativity here is usually really bad

    I have been sick as a dog the last 3 days with the flu is why i havent been posting. Phlls are int eh playoffs of course. ABSURD to even talk abotu them not being there.

    Now once they arein? I was saying win the WS last year. this year I am thinking not. Unless this bullpen comes around in a big way.

    BOC I hope you are on next time I am posting. you make me laugh and I enjoy bantor with you

  • Posts: 0 Andrew

    Also if you look at ATL they have won 14 of last 16? with the only 2 losses coming to us at thier house.
    Tells me alot about the phils charachter and what this team can do.
    I do still believe. If the pen is good in playoffs we win series again

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    ray – yeah …this cat, spankee yankees, does this crap alot. I thought maybe he was trading shots with someone in the blog over the early interleague play when we beat them 2 out 3 or 3 out of 4….but even then still odd…I think we match -up well with the Yanks and out of the NL play-off hopefuls we are certainly are the most explosive and have bested their ace whose paltry post season numbers would let no fan sleep comfortably….this assumes the bull pen is performing with at least 75% of last year’s efficacy. So maybe this guy’s anxious about us but assuredly, not at this moment with our bull pen woes. Yankee fans reek of entitlement but most of their acrimony is directly toward their own team and the Red Sox . If you grow up with that fabled history woven into your life either a] such insults would beneath you or b] you’d have the common decency not eat fillet mignon in front of the those whose histories are the polar opposite of yours. There are no atheists in baseball…we all answer to the baseball gods and even a true yankees fan know hubris doesn’t go unoticed. The most grevious offense of course is hip swinging when your payroll is twice that the median. I think we should start calling this guy Kobe Byrant.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    ray –
    that’s “…hip swinging when your payroll is twice that of the median.”

  • Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Gameday: Astros (72-83) at Phillies (90-65)…

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Gameday: Astros (72-83) at Phillies (90-65)…

  • Posts: 0 teejvee

    Section 113, you can throw all those stats out the window right now.

    After last night, they are in big trouble and everybody know it.

    With that bullpen and an offense that is completely in the tank, where is a win coming from ?

  • Posts: 0 Phan in TN

    I’m just holding on and wishing for the best.

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