Happ, Offense Look Strong in Win

Posted by Jason Bintliff, Thu, September 24, 2009 11:45 PM | Comments: 17

Losses like the one the Phillies suffered last night against the Marlins can be demoralizing for a team and can be a catalyst for what becomes a downward spiral. Losses like that can also be a wake-up call for a ball-club and a signal to everyone in the clubhouse that the time to get serious, is now.

Thankfully, the Phillies decided to heed the wake-up call, in game one of this four-game series against the Brewers.

In what was another fine display of timely hitting, the Phillies bats exploded against Brewers starter Jeff Suppan. Suppan who had come into the game 3-6 with a plus-six ERA against the Phillies in his career, continued his futility against Philadelphia.

In 4.1 innings, the Phillies offense touched Suppan up for eight runs, seven earned on 12 hits.

The Phillies got the scoring started early when  Chase Utley came home on a Ryan Howard single in the first. After the Brewers tied the game in the bottom of the third, the Phillies regained the lead in the top half of the fourth when Ben Francisco scored on a Pedro Feliz double.

Jayson Werth started the hit-parade in the fifth when he reached base on a one-out throwing error. Following the error, the Phillies scored three runs on  four straight singles, including an R.B.I. single from pitcher J.A. Happ. Jimmy Rollins capped off the inning with a three-run shot to give the Phillies the commanding 8-1 lead.

With the six run inning, the Phillies tied the Brewers for the most innings with five or more runs scored at 23.

Starter J.A. Happ looked dominant after lasting just three innings in his last outing due to a tweak of his oblique. Although he lasted just 5.2 innings, he pitched well, allowing two earned on just six hits. He finished with seven strike-outs. With the win, Happ moves on to 11-4 on the season with a 2.79 ERA.

With the Marlins and Braves both idle tonight, the Phillies magic number now drops to four games.

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  • Posts: 0 Aaron

    Ahh omfg fire charlie manuel blah blah blah. just figured i would do that for all the haters from the 9/23 thread about lidge blowing the save against the marlins. still cant believe people think he should honestly be fired lol

  • Posts: 0 george55

    The Phillies won this game because they scored enough runs where they didn’t have to bring in that no talent loser Lidge. I have confirmed it. Because he has absolutely no confidence, he lets in a run automatically so he can settle himself down. That explain the runs he allows in every recent closing appearance. Rather than prevent runs, which his is paid 12 million to do, he allows runs to get rid of his jitters. Problem is when he let’s in the run, he opens the proverbial floodgates.
    I say you let your starting pitchers close, like the 2001 Arizona WS champs, where Schilling and Johnson closed out the key game and avoided using the flaky Korean guy. You can only do this for one key game or you ruin your rotation. But for one key game in each series, you can use a starter to finish out the game. It would be a 4th or 5th starter in the rotation.
    The philly locker room was probably pretty quiet after that horrible, disgusting loss by Loser Lidge in the Florida finale. What can they say? Morale is slowly going down. Manuel and Lidge and Madson are sabotaging this team.

  • Posts: 0 Whizwithout

    Manuel isnt sabatoging this team moron. Madson has not had many flaws this season in his role either, the setup guy. Lidge IS hurting this team. Bring in Happ as the closer in the playoffs, and maybe even leave lidge out of the playoff roster.

  • Posts: 0 Papa Thompson

    Morale looked anything but low last night. Lots of smiles in the dugout all night long, and that’s the way it ought to be. The phils are on the verge of their 3rd consecutive division title and have a real shot at the best record in baseball. Yes, Virginia, there will be a new flagpole on Ashburn Alley.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff Dowder

    Does anyone else think the playoff ticket “lottery” is a joke? 20 people here at work registered and nobody got selected. Yet, there’s a single seller on Stub Hub with 18 seats. Is there collusion between MLB and Stub Hub? As much as I love the Phils, I won’t be paying five times face value for a ticket.

  • Posts: 0 Papa Thompson

    One point I want to make about Madson — though he pitched poorly when assigned the closer’s role earlier this year, it was understood from the get-go that the arrangement was temporary and eventually would be given back to a healthy Lidge.

    Madson never had to adopt a closer’s mindset.

    If he were given the job now with the understanding the Phillies have given up on Lidge, things might turn out differently.

    Granted, it’s pretty late in the season to try make a top-notch set-up man your closer, especially when he’s failed in the role already. But Madson, to me, has the best stuff on the team and I’m not convinced he can’t close effectively.

    While moving Happ or Pedro to the closer’s role might be a good idea, one thing I don’t like about it is you lose their availability to make an emergency start or work long relief, if needed.

    If a series goes long, if there are a couple extra-inning games, and your fifth starter is now your closer, you’d be looking at starting Jamie, even Kendrick, in a game.

  • Posts: 0 Papa Thompson

    On the lottery … well, maybe if it weren’t for those 20 people at your work, I would have gotten tickets.

    I’ve never been picked in three years of lotteries, but my wife got NLCS and WS tix through the lottery last year.

    Playoff tix have been listed on stubhub since long before they were drawn. I don’t know what the situation is in Philadelphia, but in most cities ticket brokers own a lot of the diamond club seats, so they know they’ll have them to sell.

  • Posts: 0 BrewTownPhilsPhan

    Anyone planning on being at Miller Park tonight?

  • Posts: 0 Jeff Dowder

    Are Diamond Club owners getting SRO tickets? How does a single seller end up with six SRO tickets? Is this a person that won the lottery twice? Twelve seats in the 300 level look like they’re from a single seller also. Are these tickets the the Phillies give directly to Stub Hub?

  • Posts: 0 Karen

    J is just an amazing pitcher. I am definately biased as I have been a fan while still in minor leagues, but he certainly handles situations well

  • [...] with a 2 hitter, the Phils broke this one wide open pounding Suppan for a 6 run fifth inning.  The Phillies Nation blog recaps the inning: Jayson Werth started the hit-parade in the fifth when he reached base on a one-out throwing error. [...]

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    I love the Steinbrenneresque attitude some fans have like any blemish on the season is grounds for a firing squad. Charlie can be stubborn, flat-footed tactically and the Phillies do at times do some very questionable things on the field… But Charlie is about to deliver his third straight NL East title and as skeptical as anyone might be he’s building up what could be a pretty decent legacy for a guy many Phillies fans lucked his way to success.

  • Posts: 0 Doug D.

    Good win last night! It’s always nice to see the Phils RALLY. The bottom of the order fueled the offense, while Jimmy golfed a low and inside 2-seamer off the facing of the 2nd deck. He just dropped the head of the bat on the ball…and see ya! As a shorter hitter, low in the zone is his happy place. Jimmy will become a much better lead-off hitter when he learn to lay off the high heat…The one thing that disturbed me last night was Rhyno’s fielding. He dropped two throws – from Chase and Pedro – that reached him on the fly. Both times, he boxed them up because he was trying to catch them with two hands. With taking throws from the infield, 1st base is a one-handed position. The 1st baseman is supposed to stretch as far as possible to catch the ball as EARLY as possible. Catching the throws with two hands requires Rhyno to catch the ball closer to his body, and LATER than catching it all extended. Earlier in the year, Rhyno seemed to be doing this, but he looked tentative last night. Both throws arrived low and would have been easier to catch one-handed.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    There is collusion… no doubt. I got six seats in the 200 level for LCS and LDS games… my WS tickets are in the stratosphere. I bought six seats (section 143) for the regular season (plan B) and they told me that I got the best seats available… Section 430. Somehow, that doesn’t seem right to me.

    You get as many seats as you purchase. There are four plans that share my seats… we each get an opportunity to purchase seats. If they sold 80% of 45,000 seats via season tickets, and 50% of those season ticket holders are partials, that would mean that there are 108,000 tickets gone right off the bat… three full attendance games are only 135,000. Add the players’ and Phillies personnel tickets and there’s not much left. I won the lottery last year for WS tickets… it does happen. I didn’t get my notice until shortly before the World Series…

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Now I believe they’re asking for your credit card number to register for the lottery… which I think is a good move to keep it fair for everyone.

    Last year, I got the 2nd opportunity chance to buy tickets for an NLDS game.

    But more importantly, Happ got his 11th win!

  • Posts: 0 Jeff Dowder

    I don’t get your comment, Papa Thompson. The 20 people at work are all people who go to games, so why shouldn’t they be able to register and what do they have to do with your lottery chances? We’ve gone to six games as a group in 2009, so that’s 120 tickets that we’ve purchased. I’m just surprised that none of us won in this “lottery”.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    “Sabatoging” LOL. Manuel Lidge and Madson are INTENTIONALLY making decisions or pitching poorly to hurt the team? LOL. More insane comments I guess. I agree Manuel has made some poor decisions, but “sabatoge”? Come on. Lidge has SUCKED this year, but intentional (sabatoge)? Thats insanity. Thats one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. As for Madson? I dont think he has the closer mentality period. I dont think he can develop it. “it was understood from the get-go that the arrangement was temporary and eventually would be given back to a healthy Lidge.

    Madson never had to adopt a closer’s mindset.

    If he were given the job now with the understanding the Phillies have given up on Lidge, things might turn out differently.” I completely disagree with that honestly. I can understand your confidence because of how good Madson usually is in the set up role, however he WANTS to be the closer. He originally turned down a contract because he wasnt the closer and wanted to be. Seeing how bad he wants to be a closer, I don’t think he can just develop the mentality for it. If he only had 2 or 3 attempts when Lidge went to the DL, maybe, but he had like 8 or 9 I believe. I like Madson, and think he is AWESOME usually in the set up role, I dont think he has it for closer role. Just my opinion though.

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