Phils Continue to Sputter Towards the Finish Line

Posted by Brian Michael, Mon, September 28, 2009 11:48 PM | Comments: 74
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The Phillies dropped another important game down the stretch.  This was not another blown save, nor did a Phillies comeback  fall short – they straight up lost.  Cole Hamels pitched poorly and the offense was anemic in front of their increasingly frustrated home town fans.

Hamels cruised through the first three innings, allowing just a single hit after Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley manufactured a run in the bottom of the first.  He coughed up a run in the fourth and two more in the sixth before the Astros really took it to him.  With two outs in the seventh, Michael Bourne singled and stole second.  A Miguel Tejada RBI single and intentional walk later and Hamels gave way to Tyler Walker.  Walker allowed another three runs to score in the inning and with an 8-2 score, the game was out of reach.

Astros’ starter, Yorman Bazardo – whom the Phillies released in Spring Training – kept the Phils’ bats in-check despite allowing a run on a balk.  Chase Utley saw only 8 pitches the entire night as the zombie lineup mustered just four hits.

So yes, the Phillies magic number rests at three with six games to play.  Yes, the Braves won (again).  And yes, the Phillies have now lost 5 of their past 7 games.  Talks of 1964 have surfaced, albeit prematurely.  But let’s focus on some positives.

The Phillies activated J.C. Romero from the disabled list today and he threw a scoreless eighth while allowing two hits.  With barely a whiff of pressure, Brad Lidge pitched the ninth without allowing a run.  He did hit a batter though.  Chan Ho Park and Brett Myers both had successful rehab assignments throwing on the side prior to the game.

If you’re questioning whether or not the Phillies will make the playoffs, you’re overreacting…but not by much.

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  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Hamels also has 6 games that he registered a Quality Start, but got a No Decision ..

    Not counting the game against Baltimore where he went 8 innings, 2 ER, 10 Strikeouts .. but the Phillies lost the game 2-1, and Hamels got the Loss

    so his 10-10 record could easily be 16-9.. his 4.25 ERA isn’t good, but isn’t bad

  • Posts: 0 DHall

    Cole should just up and pitch. Put your money where your mouth is and earn your money. Just for the record Don, here’s Carlton’s stats from his 1973 season. Wins – 13, Losses – 20, ERA 3.90, 223 K’s. He did decline quite a bit, but he also started 40 games, completed 18 of them and pitched 293 innings. Here’s Cole’s numbers: Wins – 10, Losses – 10, ERA – 4.25, 166 K’s. May I also point out that Carlton played on a horrible Phillies team back then. Cole is on a defending World Series team. I was overjoyed with what he and the Phillies accomplished last year, but that was LAST year. They have a chance to make a mark as a dynasty for 3 + years. It’s been 30 years since they’ve had this type of nucleus. Heck this team might even be better than the late 70′s team.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Lots of young pitchers pitch alot of innings. dam these pitchers are not nancy boys. go back in time when they were thowing every 3 days. now they have 100 pitch counts. please. cole did not come to camp ready to pitch. thats the bottom line. he got a big money contract. he even said it. he is not pitching like he was last year. he always has excuses. he is a diva. he does not have the mindset of a pedro, curt, smoltz, santana. these guys are tough guys. give me the dam ball. not throw the ball at charlies feet and walk off the mound because he got hurt. man toughen up. if my boss came to me and said jeff your numbers are bad this but I said hey last year I was number one. He would say who gives a sh*t…

  • Posts: 0 David M

    Charlie needs to yell at the Phillies and have a serious meeting again. We need to win this. I have faith in my Phillies.

  • Posts: 0 pb

    If anyone is interested in tics for tonights game let me know, pborges25@verizon.net

    Sec 330 $45 for the pair or best offer gotta be able to meet up in south jersey

  • Posts: 0 DHall

    Well said Jeff.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    cas – You wrote,
    ” I think Hamels will be fine again next season–you know that old story about the season after a pitcher throws a whole lot more pitches than he’s been used to….the body has to adjust. Anyone here old enough to remember Steve Carlton in 1973 after his 27-10 season?”

    Muscle recovers in a couple of days, the body adjusting a year after the fact sounds much more like the body compensating for laxity in the connective tissue esp the ligaments. This isn’t good as the ligaments hold joints together and the ligaments are nearly as elastic as muscle. It’s more or less permanent. Strengthening surrounding muscles helps and there are injection therapies (not cortisone) to help remedy this but the latter would require baseball to think alittle outside of the box and the last time that happened…..can’t seem to remember. A sports writer for the Daily News who covered the Phils in the 70′s discovered that Carlton’s problem the year after his 27-10 season was too much partying….seemed he liked the ladies as much as he liked sliders.
    Doubt that the case with Hamels…perhaps a bit distracted with his charity stuff, but at least its for a good cause. Doesn’t excuse those dreadful “Power of Two” photo advertisements I’ve seen in recent issues of Philadelphia magazine. Absolutely, 100% non redeemable cheese. As to Hamels health i don’t thick there’s the damage i described…more curveball works pretty good. He just adjusted poorly to a league that adjusted to him. 3rd pitch is a good remedy….Even Linececum knew that the league would be gunning for him after his Cy Young season last year…so he developed a change-up. But its not like I’d go tell the 25 year old world series MVP to do anyhthing in the off season after taking us to the promised land. I sure Hamels will be fine. When? Who knows but he’s too much of a competitor to run away from new challenges.

  • Posts: 0 bob

    I remember not too long ago that everyone was scared of the Giants?

    So when does that playoff series start with them?


  • Posts: 0 joedad

    If you silly Phillies fans (not all Phils fans are silly, just the silly ones that are going to jump off the top of the Comcast building) are ascared, just think of how ascared Detroit is. They are down 3-1 in the top of the 10th agains the Twins and are up by 2 games in the division.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    Detroit’s lead down to 1

  • Posts: 0 cas

    I just remembered something: Cole Hamels said that he didn’t follow his usual off-season training regimen over the winter because he was too busy with appearances, etc. He also said that if we lost the division by one game, it would be his fault. I would instead blame Charlie for sticking with Brad Lidge about 6 games too long, but even Cole doubted he’s be at this best this year. I guess it’s hang on for 2009 and hope the nucleus stays young and healthy. One other thing…Cole’s wife (obviously, from that awful magazine cover) is going to have a baby. Remember how that supposedly unhinged Donovan McNabb last season? I thought it was the WOMAN that had to deal with all the changes of pregnancy!!!

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    cas, did that loon ever get her stick figures from Africa?

    I put on more weight than my wife when she was pregnant with our first. Stress can do those types of things to you.

  • Posts: 0 The Little Guy

    This is ridiculous.

    You have Geoff releasing the bullpen, and talking about trading for Bobby Jenks? People questioning Cole Hamels work ethic? People their going to clinch the division, and head into the playoffs. If all on our minds is the playoffs, what do you think is going on in their minds?

    Their cold at the moment, i rather have them cold and clinch right at the end, than to have clinched about a week ago on a hot streak, than Charlie start resting people, screwing up their timing before the playoffs and what not.

    Front running bastards

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Joedad – Well I ‘m sure Hamels has lived a pretty self-absorbed life up until now with a child on the way. That’s definitely stressful…i can’t even fathom it myself, in fact there should be a state law denying my right to procreate. How much it affects him….who knows but as we have seen Lidge rise to the occasion only to fall we can’t assume that Hamels is as stalwart as his MVP WS performance suggests. We’ll see…I’m off to the game tonight. Later

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Look even if Hamels admitted to some off season slack he gets a free pass in my book….if it means a hiccup in what promises to be an excellent career so be it….doesn’t mean he’s immune from any thoughtful criticism…I know lets trade ‘em for Bobby Jenks and sack of magic beans.

  • Posts: 0 George

    Those who say Hamels was only good last year, and is not an ace should look at his 2007 stats. Seems to me he won 15 games that year. He’s having a bad year, maybe, but it’s still better than a lot of pitcher’s years.

    I just read that Chad Billingsly, the Dodger’s “ace” is questionable for the playoffs because he’s been pitching so badly here of late. Bad years are not necessarily due to being a “prima donna.”

    I’m totally sick of hearing what bad players the Phils have. Even if they can’t get things together, how many other teams would still be behind them? Seems to me some of them are pretty decent, or they wouldn’t have maintained a lead so long, especially with injuries to some key pieces. Ibanez, Hamels, Myers, Lidge, Park, Ruiz, Romero, Eyre, Condrey, Happ, Martinez, etc. have all missed time or been on the DL. Maybe it hasn’t been as bad as the Mets’ injuries, but even so, its been worse than anyone else in the division besides the Mets. Remember, the Phils had Bastardo in the rotation, had Lopez in the rotation, and have had spot starts by Carpenter and Kendrick. They had left field patrolled by fourth and fifth outfielders. Seems to me, the remaining players were pretty good to pick up that much slack and still lead the division.

  • Posts: 0 Yo!Doc

    This is downright ugly. The is blue funk with a bad stink on it. I don’t see the TV game, so I listen on radio, and these past 15 games have generally been unbearable. Just plain bad. Things look bleak for the red and white boys.

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    Nope! Vodoo-Quack! You’re double dead wrong dude! Phils win tonite. And the Braves loose!

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    Magic Number down to 1………

  • Posts: 0 GWFightinsFan

    A Phils win and Braves loss would be huuuuge

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    The Phillies will clinch the 2009 N.L. East title on Wednesday….And Phillies Nation takes a cold shower…

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Just a random thought: would they still celebrate if they clinch right after a loss?

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    Hell to the bleeping Yeah… A post season spot is a post season spot..

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    it might not be on the field, but they’ll spray the Champagne in the locker room regardless…

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