Sloppy Defense Leads to Walk-Off Loss

Posted by Amanda Orr, Sat, September 26, 2009 10:59 PM | Comments: 54

When Jimmy Rollins failed to make a basket catch in the sixth inning, Jamie Moyer put his hand over his face.  It summed up the night for the Phillies.  Sloppy defense was the biggest issue in the 7-5 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Paul Bako opened the scoring with a two-run shot in the second inning.  By the third inning, the Phillies led 4-0.  In addition, Ryan Howard hit an upper-decker in the fifth inning.

Kyle Kendrick made a spot start for an ailing Pedro Martinez.  In four innings, Kendrick allowed three runs (2 earned).  Moyer pitched four innings in relief, and gave up two runs.  Braden Looper allowed five runs (3 earned) in six innings. 

The game was highlighted with four errors, two committed by each team.  Raul Ibanez couldn’t keep a ball in front of him.  Kendrick made an overthrow.  Jayson Werth and Chase Utley miscommunicated on a blooper down the right field line.  To top it off, Craig Counsell’s flair bounced off Rollins’ leg, tying the game at five.

The ninth inning must be cursed.  Tyler Walker hoped to send the game into extra innings.  With a runner on, Walker threw a meatball down the middle of the plate.  That’s not something you want to do with Ryan Braun batting. Braun’s walk-off home run cleared the right center field wall.

The bad news doesn’t end.  The Atlanta Braves and Florida Marlins each won, cutting the division lead to five.  The magic number remains at four.  Monday is the earliest the Phillies can clinch.

This ball club has been looking lifeless.  They need to stop worrying about clinching.  Instead, take it game by game and clean up their act.  They’ll try to rebound tomorrow with Joe Blanton on the mound.

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  • Posts: 0 hotstove

    No intensity, No Heart and playing like shit. Im pissed we need Blanton to give us something tommrow. If he doesnt and they string this out until lets say friday I would fire charlie. Hes a great guy but is killing them.

  • Posts: 0 Jason Bintliff

    I don’t know about firing Charlie, but the past two nights have been tough to watch and at the very least, Charlie needs to put a foot squarely up the teams backside. They will make the playoffs, but it’s no longer far-fetched thinking to believe that they could let this thing slip away. This is scary and certainly not the way I envisioned the season ending.

  • Posts: 578 Brian Michael

    Avatar of Brian Michael

    This is where we need a start by our stopper Jamie Moyer.

  • Posts: 0 jt

    brad lidge ruined the team with that blown save in florida yes they won the game the other night but i still think that loss was devistating and their still thinking about it deep down…thankfully amaro had the balls to finally step up and say we’re done with lidge if lidge wasn’t such a fing joke this year we’d already done be clinched but stubborn charlie stand by him even if he’s blown 11 saves and has an era over 7 any other team would have a guy like that off the active roster a long time ago.

  • Posts: 0 DeanH

    I am extremely upset with the way specifically Lidge, Rollins and Werth are “playing” these days. Both are playing Werthless.

    Also, I am about ready to make a new show, “The Three Phillies” along the lines of “The Three Stooges”. This is a disgrace to see them play like this on the field.

    We are looking like the Mets.

  • Posts: 0 jt

    will charlie give werth the day off tomorrow too whats werth 1 for his last 25 or something and has looked sloppy on defense which is sign of a need for day off…get francisco out there dumb charlie.

  • Posts: 0 atlphil

    I have been listening to 610 radio and of course fans have been saying that the Phillies had already won the next 2 World Championships! Say what. Believe me I want the Phillies to clinch ASAP, but this is really starting to feel like 1964. The Mets and the Nats couldn’t beat a little league team. So the Phillies are going to have to win it themselves or lose the division. After that I guess we still have a chance for the Wild Card!

  • Posts: 0 Stuart

    I did not get to see but I am not liking what I am reading. Charlie has been making some awful choices at coaching but idk if firing him is the best case scenario. maybe a meeting with him and let him know that if we have these good of players, we need a manager that can handle them and hes not getting the job dne. light a fire under his arse.

    also why did kendrick get taken out so early? did he not look good? three runs and only two being earned i dont think deserves him being pulled so early. Lee let up what six or 7 and stayed in. I just dont understand whats going on in charlies mind. i really dont.

  • Posts: 0 karen

    I too feel that Charlie may have to go…even though i doubt he will. The entire team has played like they are already 2009 world series champs. Jamie Moyer brought some life into tonight but that quickly faded when rollins and others had crappy-sloppy plays. Charlie needs to motivate his time….he needs to emphasize what might happen if they keep playing like this……stop sticking by the same players

  • Posts: 0 Atlanta_fan

    (Cough) (Cough)! Do you hear that you Philly pukes? Thats your team pulling a Mets! WFC’s you are all jokes with your crappy closer, bullpen, Lee sux! Your whole team is a joke! We will be clinching the division soon

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    Get rid of Charlie?? Just the second man in the 126 year history of this franchise to lead the Fightn’s to the promis land? And I thought I was high. Get the bleep outtaa hereeeeee! Whitey feels the same….

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    Hey, it’s good to see you.. Congrats on your 2009 2nd place finish in the N.L. East. Where have you been all season coward? We will win the div. Now beat it and go on the Rockies board… You and your Mother are going to miss the last bus to the Rockies fans/Braves fans 1am orgy….

  • Posts: 0 george

    Atlanta_fan you guys are no strangers to choking you have one world series to show for 15 divison titles,the phils have 1 world series in 2 divison titles you guys were basically the bills of baseball.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Braves. when is the last time they won anything. We just need to win three games. the braves will lose one. just three. at home we will start to pound away. i am not afraid of larry and company.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Bye the way its good to see bobby cox retire. 15 divison titles and JUST ONE WORLD SERIES. LOL. Maybe he can see a dentist and fix his teeth. cigar smoking will do that.

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    You won the season series..I’ll give you that one. But when you talk about choke you need to look in the mirror… Your team had 2 shots in the last month with the Phils in your house to make a statment with a sweep. What had happened was….We took 2/3 in Atl twice and once at home…The Braves have chocked away at least 2-3 more titles in the Bobb Cox era.. 1/14 or so. Now that’s choking. I hope he changes his mind amd returns after next season. Bobby’s “good o’ boys” favortism has cost them dearly.. Why didn’t Prado and Diaz start sooner? Kelly is garbage. And pulling Esobar in that game against us was genius. Chipper does the same thing, and he doesn’t get benched… Pure genius..

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    Wow. It makes me almost ashamed to be a Phillies fan when I see “Phillies fans” wanting to fire Charlie. He’s made some calls I don’t agree with this year, but he did the same last year and look what happened…Obviously we’re not in the same situation we were in last year, but I can’t believe people wanting to fire Charlie. Blame the Lidge situation on him for letting it last this long, ok. But it’s not his fault the way the rest of the team is playing. You want him to bench Jimmy, Werth, Raul, and anybody else how’s playing like crap? Then what? Tonights loss wasn’t on Lidge, and wasn’t on Charlie. So why the “Fire Charlie” remarks?

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Charlie has his faults but firing him and the team will jump ship so to speak…His strength is understanding the psychology of team dymanics and maintaining a stable environment for 30 plus men with substantial egos who are with each other all day, just about everday for half a year ….I am a hyper analytical fellow: I have found stats and sports science excellent at explaining many things but fail when it comes to clubhouse psychology. This stuff is what ex-players put under the heading of the intangibles. Also, let’s not forget he guided these guys to a WC while grieving the loss of his mother. Are you kidding me. Amazing. Seriously, wikipedia him and read about what this guy’s gone through. They don’t call him “The Grinder” for nothing.

    Stuart – Kendrick struggled some and gave up some runs. He had a balk and hit batsmen which didn’t bode well but I though he was pitching well enough not to yank him so early….Bottom line pitching management has never been his strong suit which is nothing new in baseball. Managers from the hitting side of baseball usually have stronger offensive teams whereas those from the pitching side of things have teams that emphasize pitching. Perhaps because of the bull pen calamities Charlie is using his regulars too much and this has consequences. Baseball is technical/speed sport and things like batting and pitching which involve precisely coordinated explosive movement demand alot of the sympathetic division of the central nervous system which typically functions in actions requiring quick responses. Everyday play eventually depletes the neurochemistry upon which the system runs and usually results in slower reaction/perception speed, inattentiveness, and cloudy thinking. What you get is errors, strike outs, fielding errors and what people generally mistaken for “lack of heart”. I think its more prevalent with the Phillies because it is a team of essentially power hitters many of whom are also fast. While a great asset, this speed also means more fast twitch muscle fibers are used at a greater cost to the aforementioned neurochemsitry. A poster child for this is Jayson Werth….
    I can’t fault Charlie completely as when the word baseball is spoken in the same breath as modern sport science it is usually with much condemnation. For a non contact sport to see a rise in chronic over use injures not attributable to PEDs in light of more knowledge and medical advances means something is rotten in Denmark.

  • Posts: 0 george55

    Everything has been already said: the phillies are a digraceful defending WS team. They have no business in the playoffs the way they are playing. They are on a downward spiral at the wrong time. Defense is lousy, pitching is atrocious, hitting is sporadic but not bad.

    That hillbilly of a manager, i won’t give him the respect of mentioning his name, has ruined this team. He and the idiotic phillies management believed that Loser Lidge could turn it around after 80 some games before the break. It was painfully obvious he was not after 80 games but the phillies in their pipe dream believed he could still turn it around. Fast forward to 100 plus games and the trade deadline. No play for a closer. Big mistake. They still believed he could turn it around after 3/4 of a season done. Manuel and Lidge and Reuben are to blame for the loss at a chance for repeat and as it looks now , they won’t repeat as division champs. Thanks guys…..All of you should have one great party watching the NLCS from your widescreens.
    Pitching is shot. Everyone seems to have some kind of “injury”. The pitching staff is extremely fragile, physical-wise. Walker should not be put out there again – too young and inexperienced and a choker -not his fault but shouldn’t be playing at this level. And where is chan ho park? injured?
    The only hope to win this division is to have a starting pitcher put in a save situation….to save the season. Madson is a joke. Lidge should be out unless phils want to commit complete hari-cari.
    Hillbilly is leaving starting ptching in too long after they give up 4,5,6,7, runs. You can’t come back from this.
    Like i said, my image of the hillbilly is that fat %$%# leaning against the dugout with his gorilla arms draped over the railing, deer in the headlights look out at the diamond.
    If they happen to win the division and that’s a big “if”, they will be swept if they draw the Cards. Colorado, the wild card winner, will take them in 5. So what’s it matter if they don’t win the division. it just prolongs the obvious. They are not worthy. They are playing at a shameful level of ball. They are tired, no fire in them, play like they don’t want to repeat, resting on their laurels, content with one ring, padding their stats for a good salary arbitration deal.
    It’s ironic….Lidge was a huge part of the WS victory last year and a major cause for their non-repeat this year. Funny how fickle baseball can be.

  • Posts: 0 jt

    They ruined lidge by throwing him out there he should of been sent to the minors to figure things out and get his confidince back like myers but charlie threw him out there…charlie not good when it comes to managing pitchers like he leaves the starters in games too long can’t someone like the pitching coach help him out with the pitchers.

  • Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Sloppy Defense Leads to Walk-Off Loss…

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Sloppy Defense Leads to Walk-Off Loss…

  • [...] Phillies Nation’s Amanda Orr provides a recap of the game: Paul Bako opened the scoring with a two-run shot in the second inning. By the third inning, the Phillies led 4-0.  In addition, Ryan Howard hit an upper-decker in the fifth inning. [...]

  • Posts: 0 cfq

    Everyone needs to calm down!!

  • Posts: 0 George

    I agree with cfq.

    I also agree with the Jimmy Rollins remark about “front runners.”

    If some of these Phillies fans had their way, this team would end up being managed like the Pirates, who give upon everybody from Jason Bay to Nate McClouth.

    Maybe Amaro should have shopped more aggressively for a new closer. Maybe he did, though, and couldn’t afford some other team’s inflated asking price. Maybe Lidge might have refused a minor league assignment. Maybe Manuel has made some mistakes. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

    Maybe the Phils won’t win the division, even though last I looked they were 5 up with only 8 games left. And, if they do win, maybe they’ll flub it in the playoffs. But maybe they won’t flub it.

    It’s still all maybes at this point, except the fact that we’re still in first. But I guess that’s not good enough anymore, if it ever was with some of these so-called fans. Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz never had much postseason success. Did anyone stop to consider it might not have been their management so much as it was the difficulty of repeating?

    The Phils not only win as a team, but lose as a team also. At least they win more than they lose, and they win more than most other teams. Playing as a team, win or lose, says to me that management is doing something right.

  • Posts: 0 George

    “upon” should have come out as “up on.”

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    You guys are unbelievable.
    What does Chahlie have to do with Rollins error? Did Chahlie also cause Rollins, Vic, Utley, Werth & Ibanez to go 0 for 22??
    Nooo – I don’t think sooo
    Did Chahlie serve up that 2 run bomb in the bottom of the 9th??
    The boys are feeling snake bit for sure. Not playing like the team they really are. Chahlie can talk and talk and talk but it is up to the bats to come through..

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    Ive had my doubts about the Phillies clinching the division for a few weeks now. I cant say I am very confident now. As for “choking” like the Mets. Well the difference is the Mets were mostly healthy when they did that, the Phillies are FAR from healthy. I also think alot of the sloppy play and no itensity goes back to Charlie and how he handled, or should we say did NOT handle the Lidge situation. The players see that no matter how poorly you play, they will still be a starter. What is the incentive. There is a point when even a loyal guy like Manuel needs to send a message. this season the message is, “you won the World Series last year, and thats all that matter, who cares how you play this season.” The problem is, Charlie TALKS about things, but doesnt act on them. Talks about how the closer situation is a problem then continues to go with status quo. Watching the Phillies this season compared to the last few, makes me wonder was Charlie the great manager we thought he was the last few seasons, or was it Jimy Williams that was pulling the strings on the bench. I wouldnt count on the Braves losing any more games seeing how they are playing the Nats and Marlins. The Marlins are salavating at the chance to knock us out of the playoffs. Whether we have a 1 game lead, 5 game lead or a 13 game lead, the way they are is pathetic. Tonight honestly has turned into a must win. If they lose tonight, they have to win 3 of 4 against the Astros unless the fish give us a gift by beating the Braves twice, and then lose to them. If the Braves sweep the fish, are we lose tonight, and cant win 3 of 4 against the Astros, we will lose the division.

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    I’m keeping my name as Harry Kalas instead of Repeat! until we clinch this div. Which we will. But the walk-off loss to the Brew-Crew happening at the exact same time Penn State gets embrassed yet again by Iowa is some real *ucked up sh*t! The writiers of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” couldn’t even come up with that script…. But today’s a new day. I still think the Phils win today like I do every Phillies game no matter what! George55 is a f*ucktard! Stop writing books on here man…. Go to Amazon.com genius

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    No offense guys and gals but everyone on here wanted Charlie to pull the plug on Lidge and now that he finally has, or so it seems, you can’t get pissed off because the other options her is trying out, or tried out has not worked. Give it time, this will work itself out. Should it have been done weeks ago? Yes. But the reality is, our two best options at closer, in my opinion are both hurt right now. Charlie is doing everything he can with regards to the pen to try and get it worked out.

    As for the sloppy play, the team is just unfocused. Fortunately I did not see the game last night, instead I tailgated the PSU game for 7 hours and then sat in the rain to watch them lose to Iowa…again. And I thought that was awful.

    The Phillies will wake up, they have too because the Braves are not laying down and dying like we want them to. Charlie does need to get in his players faces and tell them that enough is enough. Just turning it on when you want is all well and good except that they should have done it two weeks ago and buried this division when they had the chance. It’s not even just about the division. They need to finish with one of the top 2 records in the NL. The Dodgers don’t scare me but I’d still rather have home field for at least the first series.

    We got steady Joe going today. We win and the magic number is at 3. Have faith Phillies Nation. Despite everything, this team did win it all last year. They deserve the benefit of the doubt for at least one season. Not saying I like it, nor am I living in the past but they did win it. 29 other teams did not.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    We’re struggling but the end is in sight… this was a trap series. Both nights, the team took the field knowing that Atlanta had already won… we should have won last night’s game but untimely errors did us in. Definitely a concern; can’t squander opportunities once the playoffs begin. Milwaukee is a tough team… regardless of what their record says and Braun kills us… but I digress… I would urge you to look at the upcoming match ups. Blanton/Bush, Wilton Lopez/Hamels, Bazardo/Happ, Moehler/Lee, Paulino/Martinez… there are no gimmes for us right now but these are match ups that we should win. My prediction; we win 3 out of the next 5… Atlanta has Livan Hernandez today and then they’ve gotta deal with Florida and they’re going to lose one of those games.

    Clinch date: October 30… I’ve been there each of the past two seasons and I have tickets that night; destiny.

    I hope that Atlanta gets in… they’re going to be tough in a short series (and we wouldn’t face them in round one).

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    The Phils should fire Charlie as he delivers his third straight NL East title…? You do read some funny things here…

  • Posts: 0 Gavin

    I can’t watch. I feel like we’re the Mets. I predicted to a buddy off mine around Sept. 11th that the Braves would win the NL East. I hate that they’re losing on the road, b/c I felt like there would be less pressure there, than at home.

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    Edr…that had to be crazy to be that close….Charlie is not a great manager strategy wise or even a good one..But they play for him…I think we underestimate how important Jimmy Williams was to Cholly. And would someone please get rid of Rich Dubee… It’s funny, but no one talks about the Phils magic number to clinch a post season berth. We’re up 7.5 games on a ps spot with 8 to go. You do the math doubters…

  • Posts: 0 mjkvol

    You people (you know who you are) who call yourself fans are an absolute joke. Do you have a clue what’s involved in putting together a professional sports team, and getting all the parts to work as a unit, given the money, personalities, and egos involved?

    Fire Manuel? Bench everyone to ‘light a fire under them’? Fire Amaro? What the hell do you think this is, high school baseball? That’s the problem, most of you relate the problems the Phillies are having like this is your high school or softball beer league team.

    And I won’t even get into the front-runner aspect of this. I only hope this is a tiny percentage of Phillie fans – I always thought the Philadelphia sports fan had a little more savvy and grit than to quit on a first place defending world champion team because they didn’t clinch before September.

    Do they deserve some criticism for the way things have been handled? Absolutely, but this pathetic whining is nauseating.

    Do the Phils have issues? Absolutely, and they may be fatal come playoff time if they are not rectified. But you don’t reinvent a baseball team in late September, especially a group that has done what these guys have done over the last couple of seasons.

    The huge mistake (after the fact, of course) was rolling the dice that Lidge would come around. It’s pretty clear that ship sailed some time ago, and Charlie held on too long. Amaro obviously felt that getting some guys healthy made it unnecessary to go out and get help, and that was also a mistake in retrospect. I’d like to see a ‘closer by committee’ now, with the hope that someone emerges, like Myers or Park.

    As for the lineup – clinching soon would enable Charlie to sit some of these guys down, which is probably all they need. This group looks shot to me, and needs to recharge for the playoff run.

    It’s very possible that this won’t be the magical season last year was, but this group deserves the benefit of the doubt more than any Philly pro sports team since the mid ’80′s Sixers. There will be plenty of time after the season to second guess.

    I’ll take my chances with these guys, and wouldn’t change much in the off season regardless of how it plays out. The rest of you can jump off the bandwagon whenever you want.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    The Braves aren’t going to win the NL East, some of you need to stop worrying yourself like epileptics at a fireworks display. The Phillies aren’t playing good baseball right now but at worst the Phillies win 2 and the Braves drop 2 and it’s signed, sealed and delivered… Geez…

    It’ll be nice if the Braves stop winning so we don’t have to play the Cards in the NLDS, that’s the only thing I’m watching the Braves for.

  • Posts: 0 NJ

    ^Just to back that up in 2007 with the Mets collapse, inside of the last 8 games the Mets won 2 and the Phils dropped 3…

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    @ Chuck P…I kinda hope you are right that the Phillies clinch on the 3rd of October. Two years ago I had tickets to the game they ended up clinching the division in, but couldn’t go. Had a family engagement I got stuck going to. Last year I went to the game the day after they clinched the division. This year, October 3rd I have tickets and will be taking my mother to her first Phillies game at the new park. She has become a huge Phillies fan over the last few years so I figured she deserved this. I hope she gets to experience something like that.

    @HK/Repeat!…it was insane being at the game, first PSU night game I have ever gone to, and certainly the first white out, the atmosphere was amazing. When they forced the 3 and out to start the game then threw a TD pass on their first offensive play I thought the game was over…but sadly, pathetic play calling and a team that just overall looked like they were trying not to lose ended up doing just that. I have gone to two PSU/Iowa games and PSU has lost them both. Pretty sure I am never going to a PSU/Iowa game ever again.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    don’t look now mjkvol, you werw whining. LOL.

  • Posts: 0 karen

    I think for anyone to call those of us who are concerned about this team “whiners” or whatever is missing the point of what we are worried about. The problems on this team have been noticed almost all year….I will just stick to the lidge situation. Instead of getting him some help by putting him to AAA to work on stuff, charlie and ruben stuck by him 100 percent. What happened? The Phillies lost games because of his blown saves. How embarrassing is it to lose like that in new york, atlanta, LA, pittsburgh, florida, houston???

    Last year is over….that is for sure

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    My math is off since they WC and Div races run concurrently with each other. Even so, we’re winning this division…

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    So many September 27th quarterbacks here.

    Firing Manuel is the most asinine thing I’ve heard. You don’t fire a manager for clinching on game 157 instead of game 154. The Cubs and Angels clinched early last year and were out with a whimper in the first round.

    The Phils have played sloppy like this and then turned around and won 9 straight, 15 of 17, etc. The team is capable of turning it around and playing like the best team in baseball.

  • Posts: 0 J. D.

    Fire Charlie? You have to be kidding. Charlie’s not the problem right now, it’s guys playing like they’ve already won the championship. They need Charlie to give them an ass-kicking and light a fire under their ass. And if they can’t get their shit together, well then they deserve to lose.

  • Posts: 0 ray

    joedad is so right, the fire charlie post has to be up there as asinine. yeah let’s fire a guy coming off a world series championship, who is in first place by 5 games with 8 to play. how many times has this team going in a slump and then come out stronger than ever.
    remember the cardinals slumping into the playoffs a few years ago at 82-80, the phillies had a better record than them that year. well they got hot and won it all
    winning 100 games like the yankees is all good and fine, but would it be a big surprise if the red sox beat them in the playoffs if they played? of course not, we’ve seen some great regular season teams knocked out of the playoffs by some good team that got hot. i predict that by friday’s game against the marlins we’ll be discussing the playoff pitching rotation.

  • Posts: 0 teejvee

    Yah that’s it- if Cholly dresses them down :

    - Rollins will get on base
    - the Phillies will score early
    - Utley will have a clutch game for the first time in a month
    - Ibanez will do something for the first time in 10 days
    - Werth will do something for the second time in 10 days
    - The bullpen will not be batting practice

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    OMG – am I seeing optimism here??? On this blog site??
    Will wonders never cease!

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    Lidge was sent to the minors (on the DL) and pitched 5 games. He did NOT want to be on the DL so I guarantee that he would not accept an assignment to the minors, which he must do as a veteran. I personally don’t think it would have helped. His problem is location, either nowhere near the plate or right down the middle. Combine that with some bad luck earlier in the year and you have his current season.

  • Posts: 0 Brooks

    Joedad, how does that explain how badly he has pitched since Chahlie took him out of the game on Sept 8th. Since then, opponents have been hitting over .390 against him.
    Location? yah, bad luck early? Some – he has the ghost of Houston past now keeping him down – it’s all mental friend.

  • Posts: 0 Atlanta_fan

    We’re on your heels! Mets 07 and 08 = Phillies 09! Watch your pitching sucks! Yea we have one world series but at least we win the division and keep you pukes out of the playoffs! Its coming can you fell it smell it hear it! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Posts: 0 mjkvol

    Hey Brian of CO,

    There’s a big difference between pointing out obvious concerns, and whining that the GM, manager and half the team should go right now, or that the manager kicking things over in the clubhouse will inspire pros like Werth, Rollins, and Utley, like this is some high school squad.

    They might get a good laugh, but that would be about it.

    A lot of wrong calls were made, but they’re only wrong because they didn’t work, like everything Charlie touched last year.

    Unlike the Eagles, who have no room for error, having never won with Reid, this Phillies group should get the benefit of the doubt after what they gave us last year.

    If they don’t win this year, and then pull a Reid by going into next season making no positive adjustments, then all bets are off.

    That’s how I see it, anyway.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    Brooks, I agree. Location is mental. He has been horrible all year and especially since Charlie took him out. I actually wanted him in the Florida game to 1: see if the somewhat important 1-run game would awaken the sleeping giant or 2: prove once and for all he is not the answer. Some say Sept 8th was the once and for all proof, others say earlier. However the luxury of a big division lead allowed them to keep adding rope to Lidge and hold out hope.

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