The Dip: A Happless rotation or just a pain in the neck?

Posted by The Dipsy, Tue, September 22, 2009 02:04 PM | Comments: 8
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With September winding down, Charlie Manuel is no doubt giving thought to setting his rotation for the playoffs. While Lee, Hamels and Blanton are the top three, the question of who will occupy that fourth spot is again very much an open question.

J.A. Happ was removed from his start the other day with a “tweak” of his oblique (that rhymes by the way). To me, “tweak” translates to “still injured” even though Happ says he feels fine. If J.A. can’t make his next couple of starts, then it looks like Pedro would be your fourth starter and J.A., I guess, would try and pitch out of the pen. Except…

Pedro was removed from his start this weekend with some sort of neck thing that he got while trying to hit. He indicated earlier this week that he “could not commit” to pitch in his next start. Words like this from a gamer like Pedro makes my ears perk up. Is it possible that he might miss his next start also? And then another one?

I hope the injuries to both of these guys clear up this week. If they don’t, then Charlie might find himself in the first week of October without knowing who is #4 is going to be. That would be bad. Waiting for medical clearance…how far can they go in a game?…is he still hurt?…pitch counts…blah, blah, blah. We can’t have this. The playoffs are no place to try and settle back in to the rotation after an injury. If there is any doubt as to Pedro’s fitness than he shouldn’t be on the playoff roster. He can’t be shortened up to relieve like Happ. If both these guys are iffy health-wise, I would put Happ in the pen (where he probably does the Phils the most good anyway). Pedro would have to be left off the playoff roster. Yes, that means Jamie Moyer is your fourth starter. I see it like this: I would rather Moyer pitch than put out a gimpy Pedro or a Happ that may not be able to go five innings.

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    Dipsy, you seem like a pretty intelligent guy and I generally like your opinions, but you’ve got to have someone proof these posts.

  • Posts: 0 Stuck In Class

    I normally agree with you… and I want to here, but a gimpy Happ or Pedro can go 4/5 innings, but a totally healthy Moyer only goes 5/6 innings – provided he’s not getting shelled. And against the bats that we’re likely to see in the playoffs… I don’t see Moyer’s heater being too useful.

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    Speaking of Moyer, why isn’t he pitching in the afternoon game?

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    Moyer does not have the effectiveness for pitching in the playoffs where it is vitally important to hold the opposing team down and keep the game close.

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    Why not break from the norm and try something crazy. If the team does not have a suitable 4th or 5th starter bc of injuries for the playoffs, why not go with a 3-man rotation….esp. if the 3 starters can shut down other teams and provide quality start after quality start….
    This may be only a break glass in case of emergency type of rotation, but with Lee, Hamels, and Blanton, why not at least think it over a bit….

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    Happ is the most consistent pitcher we have, and I am sure he will will recover and pitch as well as he used to.

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    My thing with Pedro right away that he was just looking to get into a team favored to get into post season…this will help to improve his stats and negate the bad stats when he was on the mets. The problem with this is he is not truly a Philly. I think he knows himself best and will do what he knows he should do.

    Moyer……just not someone I would put up in those big games.

    Happ…..I love him and want him in the starting rotation….but the playoffs change everything so I just hope he gets in some games and helps out

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    @ Stuck in Class…. Moyer went 7 today and allowed 3. Should have had a win if the bats wouldn’t have went silent all of a sudden. An unhealthy Happ or Pedro are basically crapshoots. They may go 8 without a problem. OR they may get hurt in the 1st. Get them healthy and re-address this issue after the NLDS.
    @ Tools of Ignorance…. At first, I had this same thought. Then I realized we need to keep those guys as fresh as possible for the NLCS. Overwork your horses in the WS, not in the NLDS.

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