Burnett Burns Phils, Yankees Even Series

Posted by Jason Bintliff, Thu, October 29, 2009 11:41 PM | Comments: 171

They say sports make for great theatre. There’s drama and nail-biting action. Perhaps the element that makes baseball the most entertaining are the story-lines that highlight each game. When Charlie Manuel announced that Pedro Martinez would get the nod in New York, the script was written, it was just waiting to be performed.

Unfortunately for the Phillies, Yankees starter, A.J. Burnett wanted the lead role and seized the spotlight from the flashy Phillies veteran.

In a game that featured a pitchers duel of duels, Burnett and the Yankees finished on top, beating the Phillies 3-1, evening the series at one.

Despite surrendering three earned runs, Martinez pitched a solid game, keeping the Yankees off balance most of the night by sneakily mixing in his change-up. Ironically it was that same change-up that got him into trouble in the fourth when Mark Teixeira took one deep into the short right-field porch, tying the game at one.

The Phillies jumped out to the early lead, thanks to an opposite field double from Raul Ibanez, followed by an opposite field, R.B.I. single from Matt Stairs, in the second inning. The Phillies looked to have had Burnett figured out, but the righty settled in nicely, smothering the Phillies line-up, thanks in large part to the generous outside corner of the plate. He finished with nine K’s in seven innings, while walking only two.

Pedro Martinez finished the game with a quality line, six-plus innings pitched, eight strikeouts, two walks and three earned-runs. New York broke the dead-lock in the sixth off the bat of Hideki Matsui, a solo-shot to right. They would add and insurance run in the seventh off of reliever Chan Ho Park, credited to Martinez.

Yankees turned the ball over to Mariano Rivera in the eighth. The Phillies threatened in the inning, with two on with one out, but Chase Utley grounded into the twin-killing, ending the prospect of a rally off of baseball’s all-time best closer.

All of the hype surrounding Martinez’s return to New York and “Who’s Your Daddy,” and what not, Pedro came out unfazed. He made two mistakes that were rightly hammered for long-balls. However, everywhere Martinez goes, a show is sure to follow. For six innings, Phillies fans got exactly that.

Both teams will enjoy an off day before resuming action Saturday night at Citizens Bank Park.

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  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    But even if we lose Game 3, Manny, it’s not over…it just makes Game 4 a MUST WIN..

  • Posts: 0 GREENINIL

    Mike & Mike on ESPN this morning said that when the WS is tied at 1, the game 3 winners have gone on to win the WS 36 out of 51 times. That’s a 70.5% clip. Time for Cole to step it up big Saturday night!

  • Posts: 0 Bob Kahn

    Boys! Just cool it! Yes, I would have sent the runners but I can see the argument both ways. As for Pedro, he did fine and the 7th did not matter anyway. Lose 2-1 or 3-1. Nothing automatic about our bullpen in any case.
    Yankees got the better pitching in game 2, just like the Phils got the better pitching in game 1. Note I did not say better pitcher – just better performance on that day.
    I took some comfort in getting runners in scoring position in both innings off Rivera. I thought that JRolls at bat was fantastic.

    It was a good game although the strike zone was a little large for me but it was so for both sides.

    I have no idea who is going to win this thing but being in the WS two years straight is just heaven. For those of you unhappy I just say that you are wasting emotion. Would you rather be fans of the other 28 teams?

  • Posts: 0 Kandi Kornhauser

    I am not comfortable putting the load on Cole Hamels on Saturday, despite his excellent stuff. He has not shown up this year. Hopefully he will pack a lunch and regain his “ACE” status. We really need it from Hollywood Hamels. He is the difference-maker. Also, we need to get on base and not leave so many runners stranded. Is Pedro Feliz exhausted out there? He looks like a zombie at the plate.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    Im not going to layoff charlie. sorry. pedro was looking real strong against the dodgers too and he pulled him. charlie does not do a good job with pitchers. he should of learned from grady little leaving pedro in to long. of course if you go to pedro in that 6th and say can you keep going, he will say yes. they got 6 great innings from him. they yankees just scored two runs off of homers. enough is enough. bring in park. so they leave him in and boom two big hits.

    then not running the speedy guys was a mistake. utley wasnt going to k. rivera is horrible at keeping runners on base. take a chance at that point. there would of been no double play. charlie does a bad bad job. i have no confidence with cole going. we have happ waiting and we dont use him. what a mistake. he is good lefty pitcher. use him and not waste him.

  • Posts: 0 Kandi Kornhauser

    Am I the only one who gets really irritated with Tim McCarver? He makes me really miss Richie Ashburn and Harry K. Blab, blab, blab, blab. He simply goes out there and bullshits us most of the time. Perhaps I would not be so irritable if the Phils had won.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    Chuck: Oh, it definitely wouldn’t be over by any means… but I felt the same way last year with Moyer in Game 3… it’s game 1 in your home field, you gotta start strong. Pivotal, pivotal.

    What was that stat that the Phillies haven’t lost back-to-back postseason games in the last two years? I think that says a lot about the attitude of our team, and that the offense will bring the big bats Saturday. I’m slightly optimistic about Game 3, we just gotta be loud as we can and give the Yankees absolute hell!!!

  • Posts: 0 bob

    Well people better get comfortable with Cole going because he is the one on the mound tomorrow night. Then some people will be ready to rip Charlie for starting Blanton in Game 4. Yada, yada, same old crap. Lose one game and all of a sudden the sky is falling.

    If you can’t trust Cole Hamels then you probably should pack it in and stop watching. He is a big key for us, we need that 2nd pitcher to get us a great outing ala what Burnett did for the Yankees last night.

    I have all the faith in the world in Hamels. He is well-rested, seems relaxed. If we continue to keep limit baserunners for the Yankees, we will win this series. Time to use OUR park.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Bob Kahn…..

    EXACTLY!!……We are experiencing something that this city (and a lot of cities) has never had….back to back WS appearances!!! We are the defending champs. Yes…we may lose…It’s a possibility…and what are all of you going to do if that happens?..Jump off the Walt Whitman??

    Enjoy this ride. It’s awesome…for you…your kids (if you have them)…this city and region.

    Kandi K….

    McCarver can be annoying at times…but he’s actually a pretty good analyst…and you have to admit…these guys are at least more impartial than those TBS losers that we had to deal with in the last 2 rounds..

  • Posts: 0 Chuck


    Absolutely. Everyone needs to get behind Cole. Yeah…he’s starting to irritate me too with his prima donna attitude and all….but he’s still the best option for Game 3. And Blanton is a great choice for 4. These guys will keep us in these games….time for the offense, the bullpen and the crowd to do its thing.



    Gotta keep that stat going!!

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I think that the Phillies took the wrong mentality into this game… Before the start of game two, I heard too many players say that their goal was to win one in NY. It almost seemed like they were content…

    It’s tough to waste a good outing… our 2-4 starters are not very consistent so good outings cannot be wasted. With that being said, we did take one in NY and that’s a victory for us.

    Re: Werth getting picked off… I think that you have to give a lot of credit to Molina. As a base runner, when you see a ball heading towards the dirt, your first instinct is to take a few steps towards the next base. Molina snagged a ball in the dirt and threw a rope to first… I’ve told you guys before that I’m not a huge Jayson Werth fan but I think that sometimes you have to tip your hat to the other guy (same thing with the Matsui HR… he hit a great pitch).

    Pedro pitched game 2 to give Hamels a better chance to win game 3 at home… it’s tough to believe that these bats will stay quiet forever but I expect another pitcher’s duel. I expect Hamels to be well rested and sharper… but the bullpen is going to play a huge part in game 3 because neither of these pitchers is going to go more than 6 innings. It’s going to be a good one.

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    Another key moment last night was Howard’s strike out in the third with two runners on (after they intentionally walked Chase.) Walking Chase was a huge gamble.

    And on the second pitch to Howard, Burnett made a big mistake: fastball right down the middle and low in the zone — right in Howard’s sweet spot. He’s been crushing those pitches lately.

    Howard put a good swing on it and fouled it straight back. He just missed it and you could see him grimace when he missed that pitch.

    Another inch one way or the other and that ball is in the seats for a 3-run homer or in the right-field corner for a 2-run double. Would have put the Phils up 3-0 or 4-0 and might have ended the series.

    But, hey, he just didn’t square up the pitch and then struck out and the Phils never scored again. As Charlie would say, that’s baseball.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    I have a hard time believing that that was an overriding mentality in the clubhouse before Game 2….to be happy with a split. I’m sure those guys wanted to win. Is it a tough loss?? No. But….it just makes winning Game 3 that much more crucial. The pressure is definitely on the Phillies…..but we’ve seen them respond many times to that pressure.

  • Posts: 0 Bonezy

    I agree Kandi…McCarver reminds me of Dan Dierdorf. I used to throw shit at the TV when he was on MNF.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Pete Rose is on 97.5 The Fanatic (950 ESPN) right now…awesome insight into the game…

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Philly Texan – great point. I had a conversation with my wife about that at bat.

    He came up to the plate looking very focused with good plate posture and I thought that he was going to come up with a big hit. After Howard misses that pitch (the one in his sweet spot), his entire demeanor changes… he grimaces and steps back into the box standing almost upright. Gotta shake it off…

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    Chuck P, agreed, though in Howard’s defense, that was his one pitch to hit and he knew it.

    With Burnett throwing that devastating curveball last night, it’s tough not to think you missed your shot. I remember he hung in there — fouled off a pitch or two. But he never saw another good pitch.

    I can’t really blame the Big Man there. He did everythign right: waited for his pitch, saw it, put a good swing on it. Just didn’t square it up. It happens.

    I will give Howard credit for at least being agressive early in the count. Most other Phils just stood and looked at fastballs down the middle.

    If they see Burnett again, they have to change their approach and be more aggressive. They can’t wait for him to lose his control. They need to MAKE him lose his control by jumping on some first-pitch fastballs and rattling him with a few hits. That’s what the Angels did.

    I kept thinking the Phils would get more aggressive early in the count the second or third time through the order, but they never did.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Chuck, I know that’s not like our guys but I heard Utley and Ibanez both say almost the exact same thing and I have a hard time believing that they didn’t feel a bit content… especially after watching the game. Here’s the comment that I heard (not word for word… paraphrased as best as I can) “We came in here with the goal of winning one in NY and now that we’ve won one we’d like to try to win two.”

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    O Chuck P……

    That DOES sound a bit like they were content….I understand the feeling of going into Yankee Stadium and being happy with a split..But as a team they probably should have taken an approach that was more suggestive of a knock-out punch….because you really don’t know what is waiting around the corner… let’s hope it doesn’t burn themin the end..

    In their defense…Burnett was REALLY good..

  • Posts: 0 bob

    Its gonna be interesting to see when we see Lee and Sabathia again. Can anyone see the Yanks starting Gaudin or Chamberlain in Game 4, if they are trailing 2-1 (that would be great of course).

    I don’t think we see Lee until Game 5 no matter the outcome tomorrow. Charlie is reluctant to pitch Lee on 3 days rest, seeing that he’s never done it before. Blanton-Lee-Martinez?-Hamels should be able to take us home in the event this goes 7 games.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    My opinion……it would be a HUGE mistake to start Lee in Game 4…

    If we can’t win one of the next 2….setting up a tied series for Game 5 and a fully rested Lee….then we’re probably not gonna win the series anyway…despite what happens in Game 5.

  • Posts: 0 Tom P

    I agree with Chuck. I don’t think it makes any sense to bring back Lee in Game 4. It just feels like a desperate move. Obviously tomorrow night’s game will go a long way into how desperate the Phillies will feel. If Hamels goes out and throws the way I expect him to, we should go up 2-1.

    This is going to be a really tough series. I think overall the Phillies would’ve been happy with a split. That doesn’t mean they didn’t play their tails off last night. It was just too much Burnett.

    Also, look for some great Philadelphia Phillies memorabilia from my client, Steiner Sports. It has some great stuff from last season’s run. Hopefully we’ll follow it up with another title this season.

  • Posts: 0 Tom P

  • Posts: 0 bob


    Didn’t think of it that way in regards to Lee but that is 100% right.

    I do think it’s almost certain that we will see CC in game 4. I don’t think Girardi trusts Chamberlain or Gaudin and that would hurt his middle relief.

    If Blanton/Happ or whomever aren’t up for the task of beating Sabathia, then we aren’t winning anyway.

    Just a look ahead, since I am a fan and can do that.

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I agree with not starting Clifton in Game 4.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    And I guess if we are down 3-1 going into Game 5…there are going to be some who will second-guess Charlie’s decision not to start Lee in Game 4…

    Makes for great discussion, huh?

  • Posts: 0 Richie Allen

    Mccarver is annoying this year,but he was much worse last year when we played LA.All he and Joe Buck wanted to talk about were Mary Hart in the stands and how good the dodgers were.And how the Phils were lucky to be there.
    As he is a former Phil,I was pretty much hating him for that .
    This year they seem to be falling all over themselves to compliment us.
    But that’s annoying too…
    I wish we could use Philly guys.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I feel good about Hamels tomorrow… I would go with Happ for game 4 but I’m ok with Blanton. Can’t stick Lee out there on short rest.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Man somebody had to remind of the two Werth mistakes made in the second game of the ’08 series….just when I was getting over his latest Jeff Spicoli move last night. He’s been caught off guard on the basepaths a few times this year. Granted it was a curveball in the dirt but with 1-0 lead in the 4th inning of a pitching duel err on the side of caution esp with a Molina bro behind the plate. Still I’m glad to have him on the team.

  • Posts: 0 bob

    It’s good to be debating all this on October 29. Means we have a hell of a team!

    It’s gonna be a different atmosphere for CC and Burnett pitching in front of OUR fans and the fact that our lineup will have seen them a 2nd time. Our offense tends to make nice adjustments.

    This doesn’t HAVE to go back to NY, but one game at a time.

    -Hamels and Petitte could be a wash

    -CC advantage over Blanton, but we’ve all seen Blanton at his best is capable and history has not been kind to CC at the Bank.

    -We would probably then see a Lee v Burnett matchup and despite AJ’s outing last night you would think that the Phils would have an advantage in that matchup to start.

    -We have made Rivera look human last night, it’s not like he dominated. I feel better about that matchup if we need to face him

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    So if Werth is Spicoli, does that mean that Charlie is Mr. Haaaaand?

    I agree: we won’t see Lee until Game 5. Can’t win a world series with only one good pitcher. We need Hamels to pitch well to beat the Yankees. But we all knew that before the series anyway.

    To me, Game 3 is the key to the whole thing. If Hamels pitches well and Phils win, then we’ll see CC again in Game 4 up 2-1.

    That would mean the phils would head into Game 5 either tied 2-2 or up 3-1 with a chance to clinch. Either way, I’d feel good with Lee facing Burnett (on three days’ rest.) The Phils will hit Burnett next time — I guarantee.

    But if they lose game 3, then it’s CC against Blanton with the Yanks maybe going up 3 games to 1.

    So Game 3 is huge.

    I’ve stood by Hamels the whole year. I’ve defended him to my friends and family and on this site. I’ve waited patiently for him to turn it around.

    But after that last Dodgers start, I’ve given up. I have no idea what we’ll see from Hamels. Hoping for the best, but fearing the worst…..

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    I’d take Blanton over Happ…Happ hasn’t looked sharp ever since he reinjured his oblique. Also Happ’s really a fly ball pitcher and the last time he pitched against the Yanks, that line-up was showing signs of picking up the invis-a-bal.l Granted he wasn’t throwing as much off speed stuff as he has been of late, but he has struggled to throw his off speed stuff for strikes these days. Blanton also has a good slider for righties and that improved change-up for the lefties. His last outing wasn’t bad considering the ump’s strike zone was tight plate wise and height wise. It was the most stingy strike zone I had ever seen. This current umpire crew is pretty good and I think Blanton would do much better. And just on performance alone this year, I think he deserves a chance to start. He really put the rotation on his back after Myers went down earlier this season. And we all have been waiting for Hamels to shnow up…Pump up that fastball Hamels…I know he can get it up to 94 if he gets out of his head and throws…enough painting.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Yeah, I don’t think we make the same mistake twice with Burnett….I expect the Yanks rotation to run out of gas the next time thru.

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    I read somewhere a rumor that the Phils thought Hamels might be tipping his pitches.

    That would make a lot of sense.

    The TV analysts keep saying he needs to throw his curveball more — that he’s become a two-pitch pitcher.

    But I don’t remember him throwing his curveball much last postseason either. It was a spot pitch, but that’s all. (It seems that curveball gets hit out of the park a lot anyway.) He was a two-pitch pitcher last year too and it worked.

    Anyone else heard that he might be tipping his pitches?

    That can make all the difference (see Lidge 2007 vs. 2008).

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    I think Cole “question mark ” Hamels is why we all feel uneasy about last night . Even my mother who hardly knows the game was upset last night because she doesn’t trust Hamels one iota.

  • Posts: 0 bob

    Just heard that Blanton is Game 4

  • Posts: 0 shag beta sigma delta

    If the bats can catch some fire so Hammels just has to give up 3 or 4 runs then we still get the win. I see game 3 as more of the offensive showing some people expected from this series. Also even though they have been up and down this year I think the pen can get it down in the 7th and 8th. So if Hammels can go 6+ and 3 ER I think the phillies can win it. But game 3 is always the biggest game of a 7 game series, Home at night sold out crowd I think Cole will show up.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Philly Texan….

    Wait a second…..Cole really didn’t pitch all that poorly in the Dodger game. He gave up 3 mistakes…which inexcusable …..but he DID make a lot of good pitches.. I think he’ll be ok..


    Mike Missanelli just said on the radio that he’s not comfortable with Blanton facing CC in Game 4 if the Phillies are down 2-1…

    I have to disagree….Blanton is fully rested….has experience with playoff baseball….and has been our most consistent starter all year….CC will be on short rest (3 days) and we have all seen how he has faired in those situations and at the Bank…

    I’m not scared of that matchup at all..

    Take it a step further….if the Phillies go UP 2-1….Blanton is STILL fully motivated….because he knows Cliff Lee pitches in Game 5….on full rest…and with a chance to win at home..

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Philly Texan – I’ve preached more curveball or at least a third pitch all season….For a starter with two pitches you don’t exact have alot to mix up you patterns so a few line-up turn overs and you become predictable….I don’t think he’s tipping in so far as he’s predictable. Relievers are different cause they usually work one or two innings. If he gets his fastball velocity up he can at least blow it by batters who are sitting on it. Also he throws a 4 seamer which has the least movement on but easiest to locate because it’s a straight arrow pitch for the most part. You can get that “rising” 4 seamer only if you get the ball to the plate quicker. This is partly because the ball takes less time than normal to reach the hitter, but partly also because the Magnus force has a substantial upward component of force. The Magnus force is the result of unequal drag forces acting on the lower and upper surfaces of the ball. This type of pitch is often called a “rising fastball,” because hitters often claim that the ball rises as it moves towards them. Actually, this is an optical illusion created by the ball’s smaller than expected rate of fall. Yippie.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Philly Texan – Also Hamels matched-up perfectly with the Rays last year…If you look at pitchers they struggled the most with it was The Chi Sox’s John Danks, a tall left handed power pitcher with a nasty change-up…Sound like someone you know?

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    J reed, OK, you lost me at Magnus force…..

    I hear what you’re saying about hamels being too predictable.

    But it’s a balancing act, because his curve is his worst pitch, and he hangs it at least half the time. Against the Rockies, he was pitching well, then goes to the curveball and Yorvit hits two-run homer. It’s tough to give up the key hit on your third-best pitch.

    I agree that his fastball has little movement, which is a problem.

    Does Hamels have a cutter?

    If not, he should develop one for next year to jam righties. Mix that with the dying quail changeup outside, and he’d be devastating.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Chuck – Agree on Blanton. Why does everyone one forget about Blanton…I think he has a 4 pitch variety pack that would work well against the Yankees….

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    J reed, yeah, but Hamels also dominated the Brewers and Dodgers (twice) last year — two of the top offensive teams in the NL.

    It’s been clear that he wasn’t the same pitcher this season. For whatever reason.

    It seems like every time he makes a mistake, it gets pounded. And when he makes nasty pitches, they get fouled off again and again, raising his pitch count. All that makes me wonder if he hasn’t been tipping pitches.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Philly Texan – Actually his curveball against the dodgers looked good…I have to give him a pass on that game his wife was in labor, but that’s it….a curveball was also a dumb choice for a 2-2 count to a right handed batter so I wonder who called that, him or Ruiz. He should have busted him inside. I think his curve works well against left handed batters though. Yeah needs a cutter or a two seamer…i prefer the later because it induces more groundballs. His Pitch f/x data says he has been throwing a two seamer but not a whole lot and furthermore it has movement values similar to his change-up with only a 3-4 mph differential…I guess the two seamer is a work in progress. I just wish we could download Chan Ho’s two seamer into Hamels brain for the game.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Philly Texan – remember that each of those line-ups are young and vulernable to a crafty lefty. Hamels was still a mystery then…now he has a target painted on his back. Teams adjusted to him but he counter punch their adjustment. I did read that he fooled with his mechanics earlier…perhaps doing has let batters see his pitches better. It could be that he’s not hiding the ball as well anymore.

  • Posts: 0 cas

    To Kandi: You missed the best (or should I say worst) broadcaster blunder of the Game 1 telecast–but it was by Joe Buck. He said “Both of these teams have won 7 games in the post-season this year”. My husband and I just looked at each other and said “Duh!” That’s how you GET to the World Series. These guys have no concept of the effective silences that made Kalas and Ashburn great. They just blather on to hear themselves talk, and if they have nothing to say, they think something up, no matter how stupid. And to all those who say Hamels must come up big tomorrow night….there is absolutely NO reason to think he will. He’s blown enough important games. We have to win in spite of him, not because of him.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Philly Texan – That’s “…but he didn’t counter punch their adjustments.”

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    We can talk ALL we want to about curveballs, cutters,etc.,etc. all we want…..I think the bottom line with Cole is he has lost just enough of his mojo to where it has affected his confidence…..and then THAT has an effect on his pitch selection…..

    Last season he looked like a man on a mission….this year not so much..

  • Posts: 0 Philly Texan

    j reed, that does seem the best explanation — that hitters have figured him out and he needs to adjust.

    In that sense, hopefully he’ll be better tomorrow since the Yanks haven’t seen him much.

    And I can only hope he spent the past 10 days watching video and making the right adjustments…..I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    cas – I think in big event network broadcasting dead air is seen as not working. Actually I find some of the best broadcasting in tennis…they seem to understand those the imporatance of silence to punctuate what you say. Though I don’t like his voice, Scully of the Dodgers has excellent delivery and can spin a good yarn. But he also know when to shut-up

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