NLDS Gameday: Phillies at Rockies, Game 3

Posted by Amanda Orr, Sun, October 11, 2009 09:07 PM | Comments: 687
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Philadelphia Phillies (1-1) at Colorado Rockies (1-1)

J.A Happ, LHP (0-0) vs. Jason Hammel, RHP (0-0)

Time: 10:07 p.m at Coors Field
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 35
Twitter: Phillies Nation

There has been much anticipation for the third game of the series, and the wait is finally over.  Originally scheduled for Saturday night, snow postponed the National League Division Series.  Play returns tonight with better weather conditions.

Cole Hamels’ hanging curveball to Yorvit Torreabla is the main reason why this series is locked at one.  The Phillies had an opportunity to take advantage of their home turf, but now they’ll have to carry their road success into the postseason.  The Phillies were a National League (tied with the Los Angeles Angels for MLB) best 48-33 away from The Bank this season.

Pedro Martinez was originally scheduled to pitch game three, but thanks to the postponement, J.A Happ will be handed the ball.  Happ was struck in the knee during a relief appearance on Thursday, forcing him to exit the game.  Happ suffered from a contusion, but insisted on being fine.  The rookie, who won 12 games with a sub-3 ERA, will make his first postseason start.  On August 5, Happ tossed a complete game shutout against the Rockies.  In that outing, he struck out ten.

The Rockies opted to go with Jason Hammel, who came over from the Tampa Bay Rays at the very beginning of the season.  Hammel went 10-8 with a 4.33 ERA and a 1.39 WHIP this season.  He started the year in the bullpen, but spent the majority of the season as a starter.  Hammel pitched 9.1 innings against the Phillies, including one start.  He allowed five earned against the Phillies, whose collective lineup batted .359 against him.   Jimmy Rollins and Raul Ibanez each homered off him.

Tonight’s game is the most important one yet.  A victory would give the Phillies some breathing room, but a loss will make their chances of repeating much more difficult.

Tonight’s Lineup: Rollins (SS), Victorino (CF), Utley (2B), Howard (1B), Werth (LF), Ibanez (LF), Feliz (3B), Ruiz (C), Happ (P).

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  • Posts: 0 ray

    hotdogs i feel ya..i’m wide awake now..lol

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    alright keep the hubris on the DL … the baseball gods hate hubris….

  • Posts: 0 GWFightinsFan

    HUUUUUGE WIN!!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 brian nicas




  • Posts: 0 Sam


  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    Agreed “Dollar Dog Nite”

  • Posts: 0 Phil

    WOW, what a nerve racking game. i think i stopped breathing at some point during that last inning Awesome Win, GO PHILLIES!!

  • Posts: 0 Mazinman

    Shouldn’t it be 6 pm Brian?

  • Posts: 0 ray

    I say the ashburn should be given to the whole bullpen because happ didn’t hold up well there a lot of pitches in 3 innings along with 3 runs. Going to the bullpen that early was scary but they came through. Gotta love the clutch hitting too

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    where’s mcfadden’s…i just moved back a year ago and i moved to doylestown which means i am pretty close to “where they eat there own” territory

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    whoops i didn’t see the “in CBP” part…doh!

  • Posts: 0 HotDogs

    still watching TBS….what is with these announcers???? Why are they laughing at Evre on the ground???? They stink more than the umps in this game!

  • Posts: 0 beta sigma shag

    Yes it was a little tense, Chooch great game, Ryan clutch sac fly, and yes even Jimmy if you are only going to get one hit make it a lead off single in the 9th, Phillies play small ball with the best of them.
    And Madson, pitched well, hope Eyre is ok,
    I think Chooch should get the Ashburn, two clutch hits, or Maybe Lidge just because it would be nice

  • Posts: 0 ray

    player of the game for postgame on comcast is carlos ruiz

  • Posts: 0 Mazinman

    The local announcers in Puerto Rico SUCK! They were claiming that Ibanez’s production went down because of the steroid talk while ignoring entirely his injury.

  • Posts: 0 ray

    The bullpen is supposedly their weakness coming in, they are injured beat up everyone is tearing them down but here’s the line 6 IP 2 ER how can you go wrong with that..they should get the ashburn

  • Posts: 0 Jeff

    This was my first game on the dishnetwork. What a great picture. My wife sleeping next to me. I had to be calm. I had the blanket over my eyes and I chewed two tums. My cat wanted to lay next to me but I did push her away. I cant sleep.

  • Posts: 0 ray

    mazinman you’re right they do suck. not only that, they are idiots. did they even know he got hurt? geez lol

  • Posts: 0 PHilly In NYC

    That was ones of the most exciting, hardest to watch Phillies games I’ve ever endured. Kept calming my nerves by switching to a documentary on PBS about Lewis and Clark. WTF?

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    seriously….the post game guys on tbs….cliff lee can’t handle Coors field…yeah cleveland in may is a vertible paradise

  • Posts: 0 HotDogs

    ESPN has Jim Tracy on and the caption read Rockies lead 2-1 in the series….or am I just seeing things?

  • Posts: 0 ray

    j reed that’s why i always watch our postgame on comcast

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    she slept

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    ray – i just figured that out. thank god. the broadcasters and post game guys utterly dreadful…like they had money on the rockies.

  • Posts: 0 HotDogs

    Ok….goodnight all from northeastern PA! See you all later this afternoon! Sleep well, my friends!

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    ray – i figured that since the game wouldn’t be broadcast with our crew on csn channel that they wouldn’t do the post game esp. with how late it was

  • Posts: 0 Jeff


  • Posts: 0 PhxPhilly

    Utley had a good game as well. Ruiz did K in a critical AB though. Madson almost saved the 7th. Who’s available in the pen tomorrow?
    Madson has to be. Blanton and Happ probably not. Eyre, unknown. Is Martinez really going to get the call from Charlie? I’m guessing with the lead it is Durbin, Madson, Lidge and Bastardo for a lefty?

  • Posts: 0 Colorado Joe

    That was completely awesome… The Phillies fans in my section were all congratulating the Rockies fans for their victory when Brad was introduced… amazing game… made the cold worth it… Let’s finish it off tomorrow!

  • Posts: 579 Brian Michael

    Avatar of Brian Michael

    Yes, 6pm at McFadden’s – it’s in Citizens Bank Park on Pattison.

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    Why did Utley try to tap one the rbi sac fly…. It was kinda close at second…

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    glad you got to see the phillies live Colorado Joe

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    don’t forget Krazy K in the bull pen as well as myers

  • Posts: 0 ViennaPhilliesFan

    It’s 9AM here in Vienna, Austria but I’m wearing my Phillies cap proudly to school today. I’ve been up all night listening to the game on my computer but it was all worth it. Phillies fans are loyal no matter where they live in the world!

  • Posts: 0 mikeB

    j reed; yeah that David Wells on that TBS post-game show was kind of a joker with his comments about Lee pitching out there tomorrow.

  • Posts: 0 cas

    I never did go to bed. I ended up going back downstairs and watching most of the rest of the game. I did fall asleep late in the game (allergy medicine does it every time), but was awake for the last couple of batters. Besides the terrible umpires, awful broadcasters, and ridiculous starting time, there’s one really bad thing about this win: it may inspire Charlie to think that Lidge can be a reliable closer again, until he blows a game that costs us a series. How badly is Eyre hurt?

  • Posts: 0 Brad Lidge

    Phils fans,
    Thank you for having faith in me. Since I not officially represent Rollaids antacids, I can promise you they will stop heartburn in a jiffy!
    I was totally just kidding with you all during the regular season though, just wanted to give you something to worry and talk about. I’m in playoff mode now.

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