NLDS Gameday: Rockies at Phillies, Game 2

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, October 08, 2009 01:37 PM | Comments: 473
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Colorado Rockies (0-1) at Philadelphia Phillies (1-0)

Phillies lead series 1-0

Aaron Cook, RHP (0-0) vs. Cole Hamels, LHP (0-0)

Time: 2:37 p.m at Citizens Bank Park
Weather: Sunny, 65
Twitter: Phillies Nation

Less than 24 hours after a complete game dazzler from Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and the Phillies will take to the field looking for a 2-0 series lead.  There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Lee’s outing on Tuesday, but you know how it went.  Save the ninth, it was everything the Phillies hoped for, and more.

Hamels will attempt to match that start in a game where the winds should not be a factor.  After a shaky regular season, this is the time of year Hamels has been known to dominate; his track record speaks for itself.  Last season, Hamels blew through the Brewers, Dodgers, and Rays to capture the World Series MVP award, plus all of the fame that comes with it.  Now one of the most recognizable Phillies, Hamels needs to rekindle that 2008 showing and step one is beating the Rockies to make this a lopsided series.

Aaron Cook opposes Hamels, in what will be just his second career postseason start.  He previously pitched against the Boston Red Sox in the 2007 World Series, were he tossed six innings, allowing just three earned in a hard luck loss.  Cook spent the early part of this season on the DL, but came back to post a decent stat line: 11-6, 4.16 ERA, 175 hits, 158 innings.  His mediocre WHIP (1.405) means he will allow base runners, so look for the Phils to capitalize today.

Yesterday, every starter in the Phillies order had at least one hit, Lee included.  That offensive balance, paired with the outstanding pitching performance made for an awesome Game 1. Today, look for the bats to stay hot, as Cook has struggled mightily against the Phils. He’s just 1-5 lifetime with an ERA pushing six.  In 21 at-bats against Cook, Chase Utley is hitting .381 with a HR and an amazing 11 RBI.

Today’s Lineup: Rollins (SS), Victorino (CF), Utley (2B), Howard (1B), Werth (LF), Ibanez (LF), Feliz (3B), Ruiz (C), Hamels (P).

Hollywood BlondeYour Gameday Beer – Hollywood Blonde
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  • Posts: 0 Andrew

    why use lee on 3 days? you have to win game 5 anyway. But i guess anything is possible seeing how they handeled today nothing will suprise me.

  • Posts: 0 jt

    game 4 will be elimination if we don’t win game 3 i don’t know if i want pedro starting if happ can’t go…who knows what charlie will do.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    MikeB, you mean to tell me you would give Werth the Jeltz? LOL. I really dont think thats a very bright comment buddy. Werth left 3 on base, but did hit a Home Run, and throw a runner out at 3rd from Right field. Ruiz maybe, not for swinging at first pitch for 1 at bat, but for telling Blanton to go to third instead of going with the out.

  • Posts: 0 Mike D.

    By the way, just a thought. I hope that Cole’s kid is a boy, and I hope they name him Harry. Harry Ashburn Hamels.

  • Posts: 0 SpankyYankee

    Geeeeeezzzzz guys Hamels didn’t come thru again….oh and by the way the Rockies had 92 wins so much for fans lite 51-30 at home ….hmmmmm ya might have seen your last philly home game today…as a matter a facto I think ya did ….the series will not come back here…poor Brian of CO ..now your complaining about the time of the games… sounds like a Hamels groupie ….why don’t ya write the back-stabbing Senator Arlen Specter do it quick cause he might change parties again…..he’ll hold an investigation. I doubt if you ever lived in Co. you probably never made it out of Fishtown!

  • Posts: 0 Andrew

    Game 5 is obviously a elimination game why hamstring yourself?
    I certainly dont want the 6th best starter starting more games.
    Happ should have went today. oh well

  • Posts: 0 ray

    everyone’s gunning for the champs..feels good don’t it everybody?

  • Posts: 0 ray

    don’t it = doesn’t it

  • Posts: 0 karen

    Happ will be fine but Charlie truly annoys me more and more. To use 2 starting pitchers in one inning? that was just plain dumb. Hamels was out of it the whole game and should have said that and not pitched. Now, we are stuck with Pedro in game 3? god help us…….Make sure kendrick is ready to go in then……charlie is just not a good manager…and he makes absolutely no sense when talking. I said this all year, so its not just now. And the lack of respect or anything for happ…pathetic. Happ deserves to go to a team who would understand his role and use him in that role

  • Posts: 0 ray

    yeah maybe happ could go to the pirates

  • Posts: 0 Andrew

    Exactly if you arent using Happ why not trade him to a team that will.
    Maybe Hamels could goto the pirates.

  • Posts: 0 cy young

    Guess they’ll be changing my name to the J A Happ award

  • Posts: 0 Anonymous

    WFC II? Not with this pitching. You just CANNOT lose game 2 at home in a short series. Here’s hoping for a snore-inducing Rockies-Twins WS.

  • Posts: 0 glen beck

    Nice to know a moron like me has spankyYankee on my side. I’m glad I’m not the only idiot that confuses the word your with you’re. I’m so glad we didn’t get the olympics because I hate america. Also, I think the only way we’ll be safe from another terrorist attack is if Bin Laden sets off a nuclear weapon somewhere in the united states. Confused? You’re not the only one. Time to go cry again. (Oops there goes another sponsor)

  • Posts: 0 mikeB

    Brian of CO; your comment is insulting, buddy. This is a baseball blog, not a personal critique of one’s intelligence blog. Ruiz had a piss poor at bat. Werth did have the home run but the television video replay of the runner he threw out at third seems to indicate that the Rox runner was safe and the ump blew the call. Werth still left three runners stranded today; had he driven in one more run, it would have wound up tied. I just posted that I thought Werth could be a consideration for the Jelts. I did not say that he should get it. I t is all just an opinion.

  • Posts: 0 SpankyYankee

    now i’m gonna go hang with craig the rockies fan and quentin because i’m gay and like the yankees.

  • Posts: 0 craig/quentin/spankyYankee

    Duh it’s obvious I’m all 3 trying to cover my bases.

  • Posts: 0 jt

    anybody listen to the game on espn 950?i heard chris berman said something about the rockies sweeping the phils in philly?wtf was he talking about because their was no sweep in philly?

  • Posts: 0 ray

    I think it’s great all the other fans come in and try and rile us up..lol They are more interested in us than their own teams. We should all be flattered. How about when the Craig the fake Rockies fan came in here and was giving us crap until the phillies started kicking the rockies ass? LMAO..He showed his true colors by ducking out. Where was SpankyYankee yesterday? There’s nothing any of us can do about the fact that they can come and go as they please. We stay here win or lose. He comes if the rockies win, he’ll leave if they lose.
    Imagine how these idiots who are obssesed with us felt last year when lidge was on his knees with his arms in the air?
    They can hate us all they want, they can enjoy it when we lose, hide from us when we win, but they can’t take last year away from us.
    GO PHILLIES!!! Game 3 is only 2 days away, it’s also on a saturday night when hopefully everyone is off from work, and we can all partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Posts: 0 jt

    their just like the mets ray they were no where to be found this year and when the phils were winning the world series but came on here last year acting like their the best…skankeeyankee seems to forget the phils took 2 of 3 against the yankees at yankees stadium and could of been a sweep if not for lidge…i hope we make it back to the world series and face the yankees because we’ll take em and the frontrunner will be no where to be found.

  • Posts: 0 Philsgirl

    Things are looking bad, for sure; this was pretty much a pivotal game. Thanks to whomever it was who reminded me this might be the last home game of the year. But truly, Hamels had been acting like a pissy little girl; honestly, complaining about having to pitch day games? If it was such a problem for him maybe he could have let that fact be known prior to the set of the rotation. Or just maybe his wife being seconds away from labor could have been his issue, i’m sure he’ll make mention of that now after the fact. Hope they name the kid Scape Goat. Or maybe Day Game.

  • Posts: 0 Philsgirl

    How about Blown Season. Someone stop me…

  • Posts: 0 Andrew

    games 1 3 5 and 7 are always the most pivotal games
    remember that

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