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Posted by Brian Michael, Mon, October 05, 2009 10:47 AM | Comments: 11
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It’s playoff time and Phillies Nation has you covered for following the Phillies deep into October.

Phillies Party!First off, no matter where you live, you should make it a point to enjoy the game with fellow Phillies fans. We’ve put together our listing of Phillies bars to help you find each other, but also feel free to leave comments there if you’re planning a party elsewhere. Wear your red, get rowdy and show the world that Phillies fans are a force to be reckoned with.

Besides the many impromptu congregations we hope to facilitate, we are also planning two official parties for games this week.  On Thursday we’re rolling out the grill for a tailgate lunch before Game 2.   Come to the M Lot (also known as the Jetro lot) at 7th and Pattison Ave by 11:30 am for some afternoon drinks and plenty of Phillies fun.

Then this Saturday Monday, the Phillies will be in Denver but the party will be at Citizens Bank Park. Come to McFadden’s for an official Phillies Nation game-watching party. Besides watching the Phils, there will be lots going on so make sure to sign up for the VIP list below. This will get you a bracelet at the door entitling you to $3 domestic drafts and mixed drinks during the game. Furthermore, if you want to rock one of our awesome new t-shirts we’re making in conjunction with Philly Phaithful – your first drink is FREE! Not only that, we’re going to have the same deal on Sunday (if necessary) and you get a free drink then too. Plus if you buy a shirt, you’ll be entered to win a $25.00 gift card to McFadden’s. We’ll be unveiling them later this week and will also have them for sale at the door of McFadden’s.

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  • Posts: 0 Whizwithout

    There should really be a better list then this for locals in the tri-state area for good phillies bars to go to….everyone knows chickie and petes is a good stereotypical place to watch the phillies games or mcfaddens..how bout some more local type bars

  • Posts: 0 Padilla Flutilla

    Anyone in DC? I’m going to Ventnor Sports Cafe in adams morgan tomorrow afternoon unless anyone has better places in mind.

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    MLB playoffs time again! It’s like Christmas in October… I felt that way before the Phils made it back to the show in ’07…. So you know I’m practically bouncing off the walls right now… Rockies vs Phillies II…

    1st time: Charlie was out managed, Our Pitching was no match for them, our lineup hit well below the Mendoza line, and the team gave up after the Rockies went up 2-1 late in Game 3. (Remember that Werth brain-freeze in Left). I was very angry when I saw the players’ body language during the top 9th in Game 3. You would’ve thought we were down 8-1…

    You won’t see that again. Our pitching is better, Our bp this time around is still better than the 2007 version, and Charlie has a ring…. There’s something about Rockies’ Manager Jim Tracey that makes me feel a tad bit more confident… He’s been great for them, but their run is more about the players… Jim Tracey has a history of some brain freezes of his own…
    Of course they saids the same thing about Charlie…

    I am going to continue to say what I’ve been saying for a few days now until I’m proven wrong…I like the Phillies in a very surprising 3 game sweep… Four Tops…..

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  • Posts: 0 Sccarlett O'Hara

    hey padilla – will you be at ventor sport cafe on thursdady?i’m going up to the game wednesday – 4 hour drive,,,,(though there doesn’t seem to be much going on – all on thursday and saturday- be backin the dc area on thursday…love to watch it with a bunch of phily fans in a decent place!!bout 1 1/2 hours away from me, but could be worth it……. gotta be strength in numbers to help us beat the rockies whether you’re at the game or not: – )

  • Posts: 0 Pat Rieck


  • Posts: 0 Jay

    Phillies fan also looking for suggestions in DC for Phillies Playoffs — heard mixed reviews of Ventor Bar – TV’s small etc …

    Any other places or thoughts —

    GO PHILS!!!

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I think Ventnor is the only real Phillies bar in DC… but Porter’s in the Golden Triangle area is supposed to be a Phillies bar on Wednesdays (never been) and Capitol Lounge on Pennsylvania Ave. usually has a Phillies crowd…

  • Posts: 0 John Snowden

    I’m pretty sure I’m the single phillies fan in the entire sovereign republic of texas. So … sadly I will decline. God i miss home.

  • Posts: 0 Phillies Redhead

    I would open up a Phillies bar if I had the funds.

    Also live in Arlington, but watching at a friend’s tonight. Maybe trying out Ventor’s on Friday. I’ve been to Porter’s during the regular season and they always had the games on (some network I had never heard of before that didnt show commercials) but I might have been the only fan there. They used to have at least one Phils pennant hanging in the bar but last time I was there it was gone.

    (posted on the listing of bars blog too)

  • Posts: 0 Jessica

    Tonight could be clincher and wanna watch with lots of fans …. im in Columbia MD anyone know places willing to go into Baltimore or DC

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