Phillies Stun Dodgers with Walk-off Win

Posted by Amanda Orr, Tue, October 20, 2009 01:00 AM | Comments: 142
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Never doubt this team.  The Phillies were down to their last out, but another clutch hit led to another stunning victory.  The 5-4 win gives the Phillies a 3-1 lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series.

Ryan Howard continues to sizzle.  He greeted his former teammate Randy Wolf with a 2-run first inning home run.  The Big Piece tied Lou Gehrig for most consecutive postseason games with a run batted in.  Howard’s streak is more impressive because he did it in one year; Gehrig’s was over two years.  After the homer, Wolf settled in and retired 14 straight.

Joe Blanton had a similar streak, retiring the first ten batters he faced. He allowed a walk to Matt Kemp, and then the wheels fell off.  Two RBI singles tied the game in the fourth inning.  An inning later, Kemp homered to give the Dodgers the lead.  Blanton’s struggles questioned why Charlie Manuel did not lift Blanton for Happ.

Blanton’s line was decent: he allowed four runs (three earned) in six innings.  He gave up six hits, walked two and struck out two.  He was dominant until his pitches started to become flat, but it is also notable that the strike zone was consistently small.  But Blanton wasn’t the story.

Besides Howard’s homer, Wolf only gave up one more run (Chase Utley’s RBI single).  The Phillies had plenty of chances to score, but the Dodgers’ bullpen wiggled through jams.  The biggest opportunity came in the eighth inning.  With two on and one out, Howard struck out.  The Big Piece can’t always be the hero.

With two outs, a familiar face appeared on the mound: Jonathan Broxton.  Broxton was able to strand the runners by getting Jayson Werth to fly out.  The ninth inning was a different story — a story that would define this Phillies ball club.  With one out, Matt Stairs was called upon to pinch hit for Pedro Feliz.  With game four of the 2008 NLCS fresh in mind, Broxton did not give in to Stairs. Following Stairs’ walk, Carlos Ruiz was plunked.

Greg Dobbs made the second out on a soft liner.  The crowd that had been silent for most of the evening had all eyes on Jimmy Rollins.  And boy did he deliver.  Rollins smashed Broxton’s 1-1 offering into the right center field gap.  Eithier chased, but Eric Bruntlett scored easily.  Ruiz scored from first, sliding into home safely without a play at the plate.

Rollins was deservedly mobbed by his teammates, but the bullpen deserves some credit too.  The ‘pen threw three scoreless innings.  Brad Lidge earned the win, striking out two batters in 2/3 of an inning.

This game will go down as one of the most unbelievable endings in postseason history.  Jonathan Broxton blew game four of the National League Championship Series, and Cole Hamels will be on the mound for game five.  Sound familiar?  This is what October is all about.

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  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    That’s exactly why Bruntlett was added….and how about Chooch??? Man, that dude can chug along!!

  • Posts: 0 Keith

    can’t wait for Wednesday :D

  • Posts: 0 Morris Buttermaker

    My Love-Hate relationship with Eric Bruntlett is well known around here. First of all, I bear a striking resemblence to him when I grow a beard. If I could find someone to do it for cheap, I would convert my Thome jersey into a Bruntlett jersey. Last year after Game 5, I was tossed in the air a few times while people chanted “E-Ric Brunt-Lett!”

    During the regular season, I always say that once you see Eric Bruntlett enter the game, no matter what inning it is or what the score is, the game is over. There will be no score changes. I also usually describe his at-bats as the baseball equivalent of a punt. But more than anything, the more you curse him, the better he plays.

    But you have to give the guy respect, he will forever be the answer to a trivia question.

  • Posts: 0 SDO

    Charlie should get the credit for knowing how to place his players into the right situation. Stairs + Bruntlett is the elixir against Broxton in the bottom of the 9th.

    He knew this all along before this series started, and that’s why he went for the extra man on the bench.

  • Posts: 0 Paul

    We are hooked up, everyone! What a team; enjoy the ride!

  • Posts: 0 Brian Sr. of CO

    The Original Chuck P, first, thanks, second, I am also a Bruntlett supporter. True I think he sucks overall, but he has A TON of HEART, and I think he has a brain for the game of baseball. I find most of his “mistakes” or “errors” are because of his skill or lack of, NOT for this lack of brain for the game. I think most of the time, he makes good decisions, he just doesnt always have the skill to back it up. I am a youth soccer coach for I guess what I would describe as bunch of little brutlett’s, LOL. The really dont have a lot of skill, but they play with ALL HEART! To me as a coach, a player like Bruntlett is a necessity to a winning team. I go back to the movie “The Replacements” when Hackman is walking off the field and he asked how they will get back in the final game. He replied, simply with “HEART”. Also I sent a responce to the reporter who wrote that article. Here is what I wrote. ENJOY my PHellow Philadelphia PHan Brothers (and sisters). “You should be proud, that was one of the worst articles I have ever
    read. Objectivity USED to be a necessity in reporting, even in
    opinion based articles. This was just down right bad. You can try
    all you want to bash the Philadelphia fans with “As you know, Fox
    will be broadcasting the World Series and it likes to put the camera
    on the face of every single fan sitting in the stands, these fans as
    ugly as any in the country.” and “But this is considered
    entertainment here, the only bright spot if they draw the Yankees
    now, getting a look in the mirror at fans who might remind them of
    themselves.” I suggest you actually attend a game to see just how
    BAD the Dodgers fans REALLY are. Actually come to think of it, thats
    a compliment to the Phillies fans because Dodgers Fan are FAR worse
    then Yankees fans. Yankees fans usually actually have a level of
    CLASS. So I guess that means Phillies fans have class.”

    Now the regulars on here know me. I have a tendancy sometime to also throw ALOT of emotion into my posts and it sometimes comes off wrong, but I dont write for a major “news”paper. But When it comes to me, you can attack me, I will attack back, but don’t ever bash the following things.

    1. My Family (MAJOR NO-NO, and this includes wife, kids, parents siblings)

    2. My sports teams

    3. My Phellow Phans

    Don’t get me wrong, you bash my family, you probably wont make it out of a fight alive, bash my teams, or fellow phans, No offense to you guys, I wont risk my life, but still watch out, I can and will be VERY NASTY. ;) LOL

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Eric Bruntlett IS bad ass .. but.. with two outs.. every single player on the roster scores on that hit .

    I’m a big defender of Bruntlett, Bako, and any other scrub on our team because they are ON OUR TEAM .. so I cheer for them.

    but I wouldn’t say his baserunning was anything special last night.. he just happened to be on the right base at the right time

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    No doubt anybody scores from second with that gapper. But….putting Bruntlett in obviously was the right move, strategically, because it WOULD take someone like him to score from FIRST base on that hit. The fact that Ruiz got on base just made his job easier.

    I think the point is well taken though that just the sight of him in there, along with Stairs and Chooch HAD to mentally get to Broxton in some way. Even if he’s completely focused on the batter it’s gotta be in the back of his mind somewhere.

  • Posts: 0 Brian Sr. of CO

    The key to me on that one is he didnt come to far off the bag, and over committ to go to 3rd and get thrown out at 2nd. which has happened far to often to some other plays (Vic comes to mind, even though he is one of my favorites). Actually didnt Chooch do that in Game 3? Not like it mattered in game 3, but it didnt happen last night!

  • Posts: 0 SDO

    Yeah, Chooch got doubled up at 1st base when he over-committed to 2nd.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Speaking of base running errors… our favorite ex-Phils fantasy stat machine, Bobby Abreu, was caught over running second base yesterday. Luckily, he was bailed out by his team and the Angels proved that they’re not going to lay down.

    Players do stupid things when they have a chance to do something special with the game on the line… gotta stay calm and focused.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    By the way… I said that I thought that a win yesterday could send a message to the remaining opponents. It sure sounded to me like the MLB Network was buying into the idea that the Phillies could pose a threat to the Yankee “juggernaut.” Despite their penchant for a Yanks/Dodgers series, they were doling out a lot of praise for the Phils…

  • Posts: 0 BrewTownPhilsPhan

    So last night we were trying to get my kids to go to sleep in the same room for the first time, and I was up and down the stairs all night trying to make it happen, and finally around the seventh or eighth inning I actually got to watch the game seriously.

    It was an incredibly intense game, but two thoughts kept running through my mind. One was, we’re OK even if we loose this, because no way does this team loose two in a row, so we’re bound to win the series. The other was, I can’t quit watching because these guys believe it’s never over, and if they believe it, it becomes true!

    And I was thinking, Wow, it’s not much like being a Phils phan, is it? I mean, I’m used to that sense of impending doom – the dread that no matter how good it looks we’ll find a way to mess it up. It was with me all through the post-season last year. I hardly know how to watch a game with optimism! So it was intense, but the intensity was waiting for IT to happen, because I sort of knew that IT had to happen!

    When Jimmy’s line drive went into the gap, I was jumping up and down and around in circles in the living room, hyperventilating! I had my hand clapped over my mouth because the kids were finally asleep, and if I had screamed my better half would have killed me. I finally fell on the ground and started pounding the floor. No question about it – that was the single greatest moment I’ve witnessed as a sports fan. I’ll never forget the absolute glee of that moment.

    But when I told my wife in the morning, she said, “Oh no! They’re going to make the World Series again, aren’t they! I’m moving out for two weeks!”

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    MlB Network is pretty good. They’re intelligent and not biased towards any team. The highlight show in the morning is great. I love all the cuts they play of the different announcing teams.

    The Yankees ARE beatable. It’s just gonna be challenging. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves….we still have to beat the Dodgers one more time. Let’s just stay in the present.

  • Posts: 0 Philly Mac

    At Buttermaker – In game 3 the Phanatic fought some clown dressed up as a dodger fan. It was a pretty funny skit

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Yankees need to beat the Angels before they make other plans..

    and we need to win one more against the Dodgers before we worry about either of the AL teams

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    the funniest part about the Phanatic boxing skit was when they said that his Opponent, “Mr. Hollywood” or Mr. LA or something..

    his favorite activities include:
    “Long walks on the beach”
    “and Arriving late to Dodger games, and leaving early”

    the rest of the skit was pretty weak

  • Posts: 0 bob

    Exactly, the Yankees have a series on their hands. Angels aren’t going away.

    We need to beat the Dodgers one more time and they will not lay down for us.

    IF (when?) we clinch the NLCS, we can worry about the AL team. Both are tough with good hitting, pitching, bench, you name it. It would be our biggest challenge for this core to date. We will be the underdogs, but if there is any team that can thrive under that spotlight, its our WFC’s.

  • Posts: 0 A Detectible Met Horror

    By the way… I watched that Utley play at 2nd where Belliard spiked his knee (and happened to be out on the play as well). The more I watch it, the more I realize how much that must have hurt. It shows the play in slow motion and there is contact between the spike and just above the kneecap on the fatty part. I will be interested to see if this is a problem for Utley because in my (no doubt unprofessional) opinion, he definitely has some type of puncture or horrible bruise on his knee now. Knowing Utley he will never let on to any injuries… he’s just too baller, but I’m certainly going to keep an eye on it.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    The Yankees have their hands full for sure. The Angels are a GOOD team. They didn’t get to the postseason by dumb luck. And, yeah…the Dodgers are still in our way. Expect them to come out tomorrow expecting to take this thing back to LA.

    Everyone is wondering which Cole Hamels is going to show up. Same question can be asked of Padilla. If he’s anywhere close to as effective as he was on Friday then tomorrow’s game will be tough. We need to slap him around early,give Cole a nice lead and watch the nail being hammered into the coffin…


  • Posts: 0 Brian Sr. of CO

    While I agree that the Angels are not going to lie down, the Yankees have home field advantage, and this year it is a VERY distinct advantage because they play in a wiffle ball stadium that a 12 year old can hit a home run in. Case in point Game 2 at Yankees stadium. ANY other ballpark in the WORLD that A-Roid hit was an out, but since they play in that joke of a stadium that is a home run, and they do extras. The Angels can not put enough runs on the board to beat the Yankees at home. Do I think it is because they are that good? HELL NO! They are a good team, yes, but that absolute JOKE of a ballpark is a disgrace to Major League Baseball. I honestly think that the only team that has a chance to beat the Yankmees at all in New York anymore is the Phillies, and the only reason I think that is the amount of Lefty power we have. We were all flipping out about having too many lefty’s, but really that could be ticket to a repeat.

  • Posts: 0 bob

    Finally how all the “Experts” saying how great the LA pen is and blah, blah, blah have now had it stuck in their face twice in key spots in our 4 games.

    Meanwhile our bullpen has been done the job. Yes Games 1 and 2 were shaky a bit. But the pen held up in Game 1 to get the win.

    They were great last night……and props to Brad Lidge. I think he deserves some praise for his performance last night

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    The play where Utley got spiked.. I can’t believe the umpire missed that

    clearly his foot hit Utley’s knee .. Chase was limping back towards the mound before giving the ball back to the pitcher, and then they showed a bunch of replays.

    It was a GREAT play by Chase.. and I knock him a lot (I love him as a player, but I feel like people give him way too much praise, and give Howard too little) .. but that play last night showed just how hard this guy plays the game and how much he’s willing to sacrifice to win

    He blocked 2nd on a steal better than some catchers would block home with a game on the line.. covered in padding.. Utley is moving on up in my mind

    BUT.. I’m really glad my guy Rollins came through last night!!! good for him!

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    So i hear that Charlie called Rollins’ walk-off last night to Thome. Are you kidding me…And he pointed to right center….whoa

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    bob…Brad Lidge was AWESOME last night. That was the best I’ve seen him pitch in a long time. Our pen really did the job….and their’s sucked….

    But tomorrow is a whole new game. Either pen can shine…or choke. Hopefully, ours shines again

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  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    One of the networks (I forget which one and which analyst) actually thought Chase was “illegally” blocking the bag and that the ump should have called interference and the batter safe on those grounds. Not sure I agree with that statement.

    Either way, it’s a disgrace that the umpire wasn’t in the right position to make the call. What is it with these guys?? How easy would it have been for him to move few feet to his left so that he could see the bag better.??

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    If he was a few feet to his left.. he would have been out of position.

    But being in the correct position doesn’t guarantee you’ll see the play..

    similar to the Moyer-to-Howard play in the World Series last year, Moyer dove for the ball, flipped it to Howard who caught it with his barehand, but the Umpire (who was in the correct position) couldn’t see Howard catch it, because he was sheilded from the play by Howard’s body.

    the umpire last night was watching the play.. watching the ball.. sometimes you call what you think you see.

    People only think the umpires are terrible now because every play has 59 different camera angles. and sometimes even in super-slow-motion-freeze-frame .. you still can’t tell . These guys get one look at the play, at full speed, and have to make a call … and generally do a great job

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    …if he moved a few feet to his left, he would’ve been hit with the throw from Ruiz

    …if he moved a few feet to his left, he would’ve had his eyes moving, instead of him getting set to see the play ..

    My bad Chuck, not trying to knock you.. just saying why its easier said than done. He was in the correct position, and sometimes that position doesn’t give you the best angle on the play .

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Fair point, Don….it just seemed as though he had a hard time seeing the bag, that he was behind the runner too much. But you’re right…Ruiz would have hit him with the throw.

    It was a tough oneand Utley was tremendous in handling it the way he did.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Is it illegal to block a bag with your leg? I’ll admit that I’m not sure… I kind of thought that it was an unwritten rule.

    Utley does that all the time… it’s a courageous move on his part but it’s also a serious injury risk. He is the ultimate tough guy… he runs hard, dives for balls, loves getting hit by pitches and best of all, he doesn’t say a thing.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    The umps do a good job… I think that replay could be used more (fair or foul; the Twins got robbed against the Yanks) but I like the human element. I like the fact that baseball is about interpretation. There are unwritten rules that should be upheld. I’ve seen guys not touch the bag on double play balls and in that instance, the player is trying to avoid a nasty collision. Are you going to allow managers to challenge those calls? I think that the only plays which should be challengeable are HR’s, fair or foul calls and force plays (including putouts at first).

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    I don’t think it’s illegal. But the point was made that Utley COULD have been called for interference. I forget which analyst said it (TBS, MLB Network??). I personnaly think that he was fine where he was….the runner WAS out….but called safe.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    A fielder without the ball must allow for a runner to have a path to the bag.. which Utley did.

    and Utley has as much a right to make a play on the baseball, as the runner has a right to the base.

    that wasn’t interference.. nothing that Utley did prevented the runner from having access to the bag (maybe it wasn’t “easy” access, but the play was fine)

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Exactly. That’s why I questioned this guy’s argument. It made no sense when I heard it.

  • Posts: 0 HotDogs

    Regarding the LA Times article….
    Why pick on the poor Phanatic, he can’t even speak up for himself?

  • Posts: 0 al

    t. j. simers has issues, one is that the dodgers fans don’t know
    baseball. years ago I went to a phillies dodgers game in la, fans
    come in the 3rd inning and leave in the 7th. that should sum it up for you.

  • Posts: 0 Keith

    the Phanatic is thee best mascot by far, for anybody to pick on him is just silly and to be ignored.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    the guy is just a clown.. he makes his living by saying things dumb enough to have people talk about him

    now his name is known across the country.. he couldn’t be happier at that.

    Who the hell cares anymore about the other teams writers, or the announcers, or the experts picking the other teams to win ..

    screw it . .

    we’ve got a great team here.. WE think we’re going to win again. Let’s enjoy the ride, and let the others do what they do

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Well said, Don…

    I’m sick and tired of the REST of the country acting as if they more about our city and our team than they do. It’s complete horsesh!t.

    Go Phillies!!!

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  • [...] Phillies 5, Dodgers 4 [...]

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