Phillies Stun Rockies, Clinch NLDS

Posted by Amanda Orr, Mon, October 12, 2009 10:42 PM | Comments: 117
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Take a deep breath Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Phillies clinched the National League Division Series with their 5-4 victory over the Colorado Rockies.  Just when all life was sucked out, the Phillies dramatically rallied in the ninth inning.

Cliff Lee was spectacular.  In 7.1 innings, Lee allowed three runs (1 earned).  He gave up five hits, walked three, and struck out five.  However, his dominant performance diminished when Ryan Madson came into relieve in the eighth.

Shane Victorino started the scoring with a solo shot in the first inning.  Jayson Werth’s home run in the sixth inning made it 2-0.  Troy Tulowitzki cut the lead in half with a RBI double against Lee in the bottom half of the sixth.

Lee started the eighth inning, but was replaced by Ryan Madson after the circus came to town.  Dexter Fowler reached with a walk.  Todd Helton hit a soft grounder to Chase Utley who reached out to tag Fowler, but he went airborne, leaping over Utley.  Utley flipped to Rollins at second, but he missed the catch.  Everybody was safe, and  Madson entered with one out as part of a key double switch.  Ben Francisco entered the game for Raul Ibanez and made a terrific diving catch, robbing Tulowitzski.

With two outs, Madson could see his way out of the inning.  How quickly a stellar performance from Lee and an amazing catch were erased.  Jason Giambi’s RBI single tied the game.

Yorvit Torrealba caused the Phillies a lot of trouble, homering off Cole Hamels earlier in the series.  He struck again, ripping the hearts out of Philadelphia fans all across the country with a two-run, go-ahead double that left him dancing for joy on second base.

It seemed as if the game was over – get ready for game five, they said.  The Phillies stranding the bases loaded twice proved to be too costly.  And why didn’t Charlie Manuel keep Lee in?  Well, let’s not forget the Phillies led the league in come from behind wins in 2009.  Once again, they showed their resilience.

With two outs in the ninth inning and Shane Victorino on second, Chase Utley drew a walk against closer Huston Street.  Then, Ryan Howard clobbered Street’s 2-1 offering over the head of Carlos Gonzalez.  Victorino rounded third, but missed the bag.  As he went back to tag, he saw Utley hot on his heels.  Victorino and Utley scored in sequence, tying the game at four.  Jayson Werth followed with a RBI single, giving the Phillies a 5-4 lead.

It was not Brad Lidge who started the ninth, but Scott Eyre.  Eyre rolled his ankle on Sunday night, but that did not stop the lefty from getting two quick outs.  He allowed two runners, which left it was up to Lidge to seal the deal.  He did as  Tulowitzski chased a nasty slider to end the game.

This game – and this entire series – will go down in the books as one of the greatest match-ups in Phillies franchise history.  The Rockies played the Phillies tough, but luckily the Phillies finished on top.  Los Angeles Dodgers, we’ll meet again on Thursday.

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  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    No, but I’ve smuggled hashish plenty of times.

  • Posts: 0 cas

    Don’t be so harsh towards us old-time Phillies fans who get negative. We’ve been burned so many times by seemingly impossible twists of fate that we have learned to squelch our hopefulness to avoid yet another hurt. Even though we sometimes stop believing, we never stop hoping. and we never stop cheering for our guys on a longer than short term basis. We just need to protect ourselves.

  • Posts: 0 F Torres

    Rocktober my ass, rockies, gave a good fight, last night they found out why we are the defending world champs. Now its time to take over Hollywood………AGAIN

  • Posts: 0 bob

    There is a difference between being critical within reason (some of Rollins AB’s, Feliz’s AB’s, Hamels and Lidge’s stuggles this season) and being ridiculously negative and sounding stupid.

    Nothing wrong with 2nd guessing, thats part of being a fan.

    But to “hope Lidge falls off a cliff” (yes I read that on one of the blogs, not necessarliy this one) is a bit extreme. Or everytime Howard strikes out we should trade the bum. Fire Charlie, Or if we lose 1 game in a best of 5 that the season is over. That’s the ridculous stuff that good posters are subject to everytime one thing goes wrong.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    I agree with Stuart, where is the Rockies fan who GUARANTEED the Rockies would win in 4 games with his LIFE? As for the comment from GREENINIL, as much as I dont like the Dodgers, the Rockies have BY FAR the most apathetic, bandwagon, front running, ZERO PASSION fans in the country, no question. I live in Colorado (not be choice) and no matter WHERE in Colorado you go, whether Denver, Colorado Springs, Auroro, Longmont, anywhere, Rockies fans can NOT be found ANYWHERE, UNTIL they actually make the playoffs. If they dont make the playoffs, they dont exist. All of a sudden, they make the playoffs, and Rockies fans crawl out of the wood work, TRYING to talk baseball, but notice TRY. They just dont know the game, or the rules. As much as I dont like Chris Wheeler, he isnt the worst either. You should listen to the Rockies radio announcers. HORRIBLE. I am VERY glad since I live in Colorado that we beat the Rockies. I almost went to the game last night, and DAMN do I regret not being able to go now! Oh and Thunder Lips, get off you freakin soap box, your rants on here are just as annoying and “ridiculous”.

  • Posts: 0 Thunder Lips

    Brian of CO- you sir, are just bitter that I called out your hypocritical ass. Remember when the Phils lost the first game to the Astros in the last week of the season? You were the first one predicting a Phillies downfall to the Braves (even when the Phillies were 97% favorites to make the playoffs) and then when the Phils clinch a playoff spot, you are on here cheering them on and showing your support. You are a bandwagon fan. You want to stomp on the Phils when things aren’t going their way and make yourself look like a know-it all by trying to predict a hugely Debbie-Downer scenario.

    When your far-fetched predictions don’t happen, you turn into an opportunist by going along with the crowd in your “love” of the Phillies. You, like many others on here, are super irritating with your pessimistic, blasphemous comments at times and you deserve to be called out and be deemed an asshole. We all say things on here about the Phils based on pure emotion, but your constant negative rhetoric was more than emotion- it was a state of mind you believed and tried having others jump on your bandwagon. How many games will the Phils lose in this series, Bri Bri?

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    Thunder Lips, Bandwagon…Really? Bandwagon? Uh just so you know, Band wagon fans dont support a team when they are losing, or playing like crap. again, you are on a soap box. Go find a podium and an audience that actually cares about what you say. Because face it, by coming on here and “calling people out” it makes you the idiotic ass hole. And a dumbass to boot. There have been quite a few times this season BEFORE the All Star break when you were calling things lost (IDIOT) at least it took me until they were playing like COMPLETE UTTER CRAP to wonder if they will make it. So really, take baseball and stop being an ass hole and calling people out. See unlike you, I can actually show up here and say I was wrong. See I know you dont post here all the time (no where near as often as some of us, me included) but I can in fact show up here win or lose, and be pissed or happy. If you actually know what a “bandwagon fan” is, you would know I am not one, but I guess you are too much of an ass hole and idiot. A Bandwagon ONLY supports a team when they are winning. A Bandwagon fan does not watch games when they lose, or are losing, or playing like complete crap. Face it, there was plenty of reason for skepticism later in the season, with how HORRIBLE the team was playing, and yet, like a TRUE fan I was on here. Uh, I didnt see you posting very often when they were losing, mostly know that they are winning. Hmm, are you a badnwagon? All I know is that are are one of the most “irritating” people to post on here. You cant just come on here and talk about your opinion about the team, and how they are playing, you are too busing on your soap box, and bashing everyone who doesnt agree with your opinions. And “constant negative rhetoric”? LOL. Thats funny. I became “negative” when the Phillies began to play like utter crap, and losing to teams they should have bean EASILY, and also when the Braves started playing very well. But the Phillies came through and won the games they needed to. Tell me, was I negative at the Beginning of the season when the Phillies had a losing record? Was I negative Prior to the All Star Break when Lidge blow several saves in a row? Was I negative until some time AFTER they got swept by the Pirates? If you have been a consistent PHan on here you would realize, the answer is NO. If you were a real PHan you could have optimism yet STILL call the team out and point out how HORRIBLE they were playing. Yes I was negative with 2 weeks to go in the season. LOL. But being optimisisting the ENTIRE SEASON excluding 2 freakin weeks makes me a band wagon? LOL. All that says to me is that you havent been posting here enough to know what most people are like. You only come on here when “Phillies were 97% favorites to make the playoffs”. Hmm, if you show up or post then, does that make you a band wagon? I didnt think so.

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  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    by the way, If you want constant “pessimistic, blasphemous comments” I suggest you find george55 in prior posts. I thinks its funny you want to lump me with some of those fans when I was negative for 1 or 2 weeks max.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    So Brian of CO what took you that far West…military? I’ve been there once, Fort Collins…absolutely beautiful state but it so laid back it made me uncomfortable…You definitely don’t sound like the stereotypical person from the west coast.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    J Reed, I am an East Coaster through and Through. LOL. The Military did take me to Colorado, and California, so I have experienced the West coast and mountain areas, and 100% agree with you. While California and Colorado are both beautiful…I often cant deal with the people out here. I grow tired of how laid back it is, and how extremely NON confrontational people can be, to the point they just flat out lie through their teeth about things rather than just say what they feel. While I still think Thunder Lips was living up to his name and flapping his lips on a soap box, I at least appreciate the fact that he can say what he feels rather than sugar coating things. Sometimes I get so heated about the people here, that I vent on here. :) I like many of us on here, for lack of better terms “live and die by their teams” I have only lived west of the Mississippi for the last 6 years or so, most of my life has been between NJ and Philadelphia!

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    I meant “I get so heated about the people here in Colorado, that I vent on here at Phillies Nation.”

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Yeah, it’s really Birkenstocky out there…I lived in NoVa for a long time before returning to Philly and it’s nether the South nor North or anywhere people wise…It’s so transient it’s hard to pin down anything that I would call an identity. But they love their Redskins and when Joe Gibbs came back it was like the messiah returned to claim his children. I bet Coloradians love their Broncos, that is a historic organization….do they feel the same about the Nuggets and Avalanche? Or are they too busy skiing in winter to care?

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    The Rockies have the SMALLEST coverage and amount of fans I would say. But really, the fans here just are not like us (Phillies Phans). Ive been to a few games, (Rockies and Broncos games) and they are so BORING! The Colorado fans show up about 30 minutes to 1 hour before the game, thats it! The games I went to when they were playing Philly teams, WOW. For the Eagles it was a SEA OF GREEN 2-3 hours prior to, for the Phillies games, it was a SEA OF RED AND BLUE again, 2-3 hours prior to. Still had AWESOME parking spots because the Colorado Fans didnt get there until we were already heading in for our seats. The Broncos are the most popular, the Nuggets and Av have a following better then the Rockies I will tell you that much. I recall the first game of the season against the Braves this year. Even with the loss, the stadium was still pretty much packed at the end. Some people left, but they were definately ridiculed for leaving early. We showed up about 4 hours early, and we were already LATE. LOL. I just miss the passion for my sports. My wife is originally from Michigan and wasnt really raised with sports, so even she sometimes doesnt understand me when it comes to my beloved Phillies and Eagles. Like was pointed out by many other fans I get heated, I get emotional, I get angry I get overjoyed. I am a Philadelphia Phan through and through! LOL.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Brian – That you even got to see the Broncos tells all….in DC or Philly you have to part ways with a kidney to get to a football game. Christ i wanted to see the Flyers and know someone who can get tickets for the small fee of $150…that’s a little too much for a regulare season hockey game….plenty of Sixers tickets though. Philly has such a rich basketball history, it be nice to see that return on the NBA level.

  • Posts: 0 Brian of CO

    I should have put that in there. Unlike in Philly, you dont have to spend a paycheck to see the game. You go the ticketmaster, and get tickets. For Phillies and Eagles games, Ive spent 150 a ticket, 250 a ticket…At one point, I was EXTREMELY LUCKY that my uncle knew someone with a box seat, so I got to see the Eagles from a Box in 2006 when they played the Titans (when McNabb went out). Had my uncle not come through, I wouldnt have been able to see the game besides on TV. Rockies are even worse (until they make the playoffs). I remember the first Rockies game I went to. WOW. BORING! The tried the wave. It last about 1 section. It didnt even make it past a 1/6 of the stadium. People just sit there, and watch the game. Very little emotion, very little anything. Then all of a sudden in the playoffs, they find their voices? LOL.

  • Posts: 0 Benton Seagrave

    Conflict is inevitable but not necessarily bad. — Paul Gillette

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