Heartbreaking 9th Sends Phils to 3-1 Series Deficit

Posted by Pat Gallen, Mon, November 02, 2009 01:19 AM | Comments: 343
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This one is hard to write.

As the Phillies now sit on the brink of elimination – the season truly hanging in the balance – there are several what-if’s to look back on that occur throughout an at bat, a game, and even a series.  There were many throughout this gut-wrenching Game 4 loss that now has the Phillies in a 3-1 series hole.

What if Brad Lidge throws Johnny Damon a 3-2 slider after two consecutive foul balls on fastballs?  What if Lidge or Carlos Ruiz cover third as the rest of the Phils infield was in a shift?  What if – before this game even starts – Charlie Manuel tabs Cliff Lee to start this game?

All of those what-ifs are completely moot as the Yankees demolished any sort of hope the Phillies had of regaining momentum in this series by winning 7-4.

In the eighth inning, with the Phillies trailing 4-3, Pedro Feliz gave hope that this would again be the series everyone thought before it began by hitting a solo home run off of Joba Chamberlain.  With a tie game going into the ninth, and spirits high, the old Brad Lidge struck again.

Damon would come to the plate in that ninth inning following two quick outs; a pop out by Hideki Matsui and a strikeout by Derek Jeter.  Lidge found himself up in the count 1-2, but Damon waited out two pitches that were overthrown by the Phils closer, and the count was 3-2.  The Yankees left fielder then fouled off two pitches into the seats before finally catching up to a 94-m.p.h. four-seamer that dropped into left for a base hit.

Mark Teixeira came to the plate, and the shift was on for the Phillies defense.  Damon capitalized by stealing second base, then taking third after Lidge and Ruiz failed to cover the base.  Teixiera reached base after being plunked by Lidge and Alex Rodriguez stepped up in a most crucial position.

Rodriguez jumped on an 0-1 fastball and bounced it off the left field fence to score Damon.  The Feliz home run became a distant memory.

Jorge Posada followed that up with a two-run single of his own, and was thrown out at second base, although the damage was more than evident.  The Yankees took a 7-4 lead, and just like that, there was no air left to breathe.

The greatest closer of all-time, Mariano Rivera, came in to finish things off in the ninth inning as he has done so many times before.  Three straight putouts by Teixeira at first base ended things for the Phillies late on Sunday night, and possibly for the 2009 season.

Lost in the crushing defeat was the ballsy effort put forth by Joe Blanton.  Big Joe went six innings, giving up four earned runs while striking out seven batters.  He was not unhittable by any means, however, he kept them in the game, which is all you could ask for.  Chase Utley continued his domination of CC Sabathia, but in the end his solo home run was not enough.

Lidge’s meltdown is another perplexing reminder of just how quickly things can go south.  One day ago, we saw the same sort of disintegration from Cole Hamles.  The two darlings of the 2008 postseason have proven to be two of the Phillies Achillies Heels this year.

It’s not over, but it sure is close.  The Phillies pride themselves on being a resilient club, but games like these are daggers.  Do they have a three-game winning streak left in them?  The comeback begins tonight at 7:57.

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  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Lidge does suck, but that was known coming into the series. He was more of a liability than your undisciplined lineup who while having a ton of power makes way too many unproductive outs. We will close it out tonight. Cliff Lee doesn’t have two starts like that in him. If he does, I will tip my cap to him and we’ll do it back up here in the city.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    Actually, the one start he had on 3 days rest in 2004 was after a start where he lasted only one inning. Wow, this is really a gamble by the Yankee$

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Jeff G. – Ibanez has a Sportsman Hernia ….he’s most likely going under the knife this off season. And ever since Happ reinjured his oblique he hasn’t pitched a decent game and has gotten into hitters count just about every appearance he has made this post season although if we get to a game seven then we’ll have to use him because Hamels can’t do it. Drabek? yeah lets fast track another two pitch pony but with the added bonus of having had Tommy John surgery the year prior to this. He still needs another viable pitch to handle lefties

  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    3peatbeginsnow: Thank you for making my point in a different way: ” … Posada, Chamberlain, Melky, Cano, Hughes, Coke and Gardner are all fam system guys” — and they have, with the exception of Posada, been nonfactors. And you forgot to include, ahem, Texeira to your bought list.

    The core of the Yankees pitching staff and its sluggers are all big-ticket imports.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    It was a team loss… I think that both Charlie and Chooch should have been on the mound after that Damon play. Lidge was obviously shaken but there were still two outs… Ruiz got scared to call that slider but we all know that is his best out pitch and he was working it last night. I want Ruiz to go out there and say (in his Panamamian tone), “Listen Brad, there are two outs… we’ve got this. Don’t worry about the runner; he’s got nowhere to go from third so all you’ve gotta do is focus on the batter. So here’s what you’re gonna do: you’re gonna throw that filthy slider and we’re gonna make Tex look like a little leaguer. If it’s in the dirt, I’ve got it. You just throw the damn ball like you know how…”

    Lidge should have covered third… but it’s Jimmy’s job to remind him. We’ve all seen Jimmy get to balls like the one that Jeter hit in the 5th… We’ve all seen Utley make that flip to second base.

    This is a game of inches… hard hit balls don’t always find gaps. How many bloop effing singles have we seen the Yankees get in this series? They’ve had lady luck on their side, much like we did in 2008. To overcome that, the Phils have to take advantage of every opportunity that is on the table…

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    People bitching that Lee didn’t pitch last night are somehow forgetting that it takes 4 wins (doesn’t matter which games) to win the World Series.

    I read today that Cliff Lee has NEVER?? pitched on short-rest… if that’s the case, then experimenting with him in doing so in World Series Game 4 isn’t the right spot..

    Win tonight, worry about Game 6 after that…

    If you’re telling me that you don’t think
    Lee can beat Burnett
    Happ? could beat Pettite ..
    and Pedro could beat Sabathia (on short-rest again)..

    It ain’t over til its over.. this Yankees team is GOOD, not GREAT..

  • Posts: 0 Scarpa

    I don’t how you can want to get rid of Hamels. He carried the Phils last year and is 25 with insanely good stuff. Even supposed postseason gods like Beckett have off years in October (see 2008/2009). The Phils core is young and ridiculously talented…they stampeded through the DS and CS this year, and the Yanks haven’t tarred and feathered them or anything. Both Game 2 and Game 4 could have gone either way…it’s reflective of how the postseason really is a crapshoot. I understand the desire to overreact, but Phillies fans really should step back from the precipice and appreciate that they have a dynasty in the building. Plus, 3-1 does not make for a done series, especially when your game 5 and 6 starters are Cliff Lee and Pedro Martinez and game 7 is all-hands-on-deck.

  • Posts: 0 maniac424

    Hey Brian of CO do I think the Philly pitchers hit A-Rod on purpose, no. But I do think they were very careless in their efforts to pitch him inside. Seems like an attitude of we pound him inside and if we hit him , we hit him, better he be on first than 2nd or hit a home run. I think A-Rods comment was more out of frustration, can’t be much fun being plunked 3 times in 2 days with a major league pitch, and please you can’t really think A-Rod is still on steroids with all the tests they’ve been running on him. Or are you really a conspiracy believer. Someone lumped Pettit in with A-Rod & Clemens, that’s just wrong. What did he do, take a couple of HGH shots while on the DL in an attempt to heal from an injury so he could get off the DL and help the Astros. How much different than getting a cortisone shot was that. From what I remember HGH wasn’t even illegal at the time. It’s not like it was giving him increased strength.Clemens is another story , never liked him even after he came to the team ( already a roid head). Until this year a huge number, if not a majority of Yankee fans were not wild over A-Rod, sure he put up big numbers but the majority of them were meaningless home runs and RBI’s, ones that just padded Yankee leads.Then came this year and all of a sudden he started getting game winning hits on a regular basis. I think after all he went through in the off season and spring training a load was lifted and he could finally relax. I say this kiddingly but maybe his divorce helped, maybe his wife was always dogging him, why don’t you get the respect Jeter gets, why don’t you get the endorsement deals Jeter gets, why did you have to move to 3 rd base. In my earlier posts with Mike Schmidt I was mostly having fun with his pretzel logic and couldn’t beleive what little respect he was showing the Phillies saying that they were playing scared ever since the home run call and then when he started whining about the Yankees winning with such a low team batting avg over the 4 games and that they should be embarrased to win with such low avg., all this when the phillies were actually batting 15 points lower. I guess he never heard the old addage, that good pitching will always stop good hitting.
    You made the comment”The people who say last year doesmt mean anything because it was against the Rays…Hmm, probably mostly Yankees ” is not true, Yankee fans were glad to see you beat Tampa Bay. We can’t stand them since the 2008 Spring training game when Ray’s infielder Elliot Johnson rammed into Francisco Cervelli and broke his wrist in a meaningless game. You must have gotten us confused with Met fans, allthough I can’t see how that’s possible, we have a lot more class than them.lol
    Obviously the umpiring has been pretty sad with bad calls going both ways. Amazing, the harder they’ve tried the worse they’ve gotten.
    Finally I’ve gotta say, from what I’ve read on this thread, the Phillie fans here have shown them selves to be a much saner and respectful group than ones I saw on another Phillie fan site. Apparently this Phillie fan got the Yankee fans at the game confused with Met fans and said they should all go home get cancer & swine flu and die. When a Yankee fan wrote back asking him how he could say such a thing, the Phillie fan replied “Why don’t you come down here and I’ll make a lamp shade out of your skin”.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Scott in D.C.

    …Thank you … to suggest the Yankees “homegrown” talent is the reason they are winning anything right now is a joke .. I would rather the Yankees fans simply say that there isn’t a salary cap in baseball and that we’re just jealous they can afford Players X,Y, and Z

    Joba Chamberlain sucks balls.. outside of Jeter and Rivera, their “homegrown” stars don’t do much

    2-3-4-5 hitters in the lineup, Damon, Tex, Arod, Matsui were all bought
    and their top two pitchers Sabathia and Burnett were bought too..

    that is a bad arguement by any Yankme fan

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Joedad – yeah i thought something was rotten in demark on Burnett. Petite looked flat but he did make pitches when he had to…still put up 4 on him….but this is why if we get out of our own way and Lee gives us a reasonable chance we force a game 7….winning game 7 another story all together. Even CC looked shaky. Oh an d Melky Caberra is he out for the series…did he get hurt last night…he a troublesome fella in the bottom of their line-up that i don’t want to see.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    What’s the point of hating the Yankees? They’re a big market team with a big market payroll. It might seem unfair but there’s a lot of risk to spending $400 million on four players… it stinks because small market teams can’t afford do that but that doesn’t mean they can’t build a champion. There are different formulas for success and inevitably, the owners decide how they want to spend their money. The Yankee owners have decided that they want to invest in their roster… it could be worse. I mean, they could keep all that money and change their name to the Eagles.

    3 peat- the reason Cole doesn’t get a free pass is because he’s not the type of player that this city associates itself with. He spent the offseason doing interviews and living it up… he was unprepared. Further, he’s not a team guy. He can’t wait for this season to be over… really? That doesn’t sound like something you should say while your team is competing for a championship. He’s a primadonna and Charlie has said that he doesn’t like high maintenance players… he doesn’t fit the mold and I would be very surprised if they kept him around.

  • Posts: 0 Scarpa

    Dear Don M-

    There isn’t a salary cap in baseball, and you’re just jealous that the Yankees can afford players like CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Mark Teixeira, Johnny Damon and Alex Rodriguez.


    An honest Yankee Fan

    P.S. You gotta admit: Pettitte, Rivera and Jeter are pretty friggin’ awesome. Even there, though, the Yanks spend the $$$ to keep those players, too (or in Pettitte’s case, bring him back) so the financial disparity still sits front and center.

    P.P.S. Your real beef should be with MLB – and honestly – all of the other owners who:

    a) really, really like revenue sharing and the Yankee – I mean, luxury – tax on top
    b) admit in private that having the Yankees, Sawx and Dodgers as contenders every year is actually much better for business.
    c) your own ownership, who also swims in scads of cash, but fails to have the same monomaniacal commitment to winning that bizarre group of people known as the Steinbrenners do.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Yankees have more cash than any other team because they play in the biggest market ..

    I’m glad that our payroll isn’t $200 Million …because I like to be able to go to games, and I’m positive that REAL YANKEES FANS can’t afford to do that..

    I know this because, the fans that left World Series games early couldn’t possibly be REAL FANS.

    In Philadelphia, we stay until the last out..

  • Posts: 0 Manny

    I’m with you Don M….

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Phillies fans..

    Can we PLEASE be smart enough to understand what Hamels meant by his comments ????

    Clearly he doesn’t want his team to lose .. he meant that he can’t wait for HIS season to come to a close since he can’t seem to figure things out right now ..

    No need to make more of his comments.. he doesn’t want the team to lose… let’s not try to flip words around to make for interesting stories

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    ScottInDc – We have a three man rotation and two of them are free agents. In that regard you are right. Half of our lineup are free agents and half are homegrown. The rest of our pitching staff is homegrown. Lidge, Feliz, Lee, Pedro, Blanton, Ruiz, Werth, Ibanez are not homegrown products. What do they say about people living in glass houses?

  • Posts: 0 Chuck


    Most of the intelligent Phillies fans on here DO appreciate that there’s a
    “dynasty in the building.”….This is a very good Phillies team…that will be largely intact for a few more years…a tweak here and there and there’s no reason to think thay we can’t be good for awhile….

  • Posts: 0 Foul Hal

    Trade Cole hamels for Roy Halladay. Throw in Lidge if necessary. Sign John Lackey or Brandon Webb. Seek two quality relievers — one lefty and one righty. Next year’s rotation: Lee, Halladay, Lackey or Webb, Happ, Blanton, and Martinez. Use Kyle Kendrick and Jamie Moyer in the bullpen in long relief or if someone gets hurt as spot starters. Strive to sign both Lee and Halliday for three or four year deals.

    Sign Chone Figgins to play third and bat leadoff. Move Rollins to the sixth or seventh position in the batting order.

  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    3peatbeginsnow: They are “halves” in number only. I’ll say it again: The nucleus of the Phillies is homegrown; the nucleus of the Yankees is not. Sure, the Phillies have availed themselves of the free-agent market to strategically plug holes. But the Yankees are *built* on free agents. As the saying goes, they don’t rebuild; they reload.

    Rivera and Jeter are two of the best players of all time, no doubt about it. The others you cite — Cabrera, Cano, Posada — are good baseball players, but not the kind of exceptional talent that’s required to carry a team through multiple championships. For that, the Yankees pay ridiculous sums of money.

    As others have noted, it’s not worth crying about. It’s a fact of life. But it *is* a fact.

  • Posts: 0 nyynontroll

    Hey guys, I just want to say that as a Yankee fan I am embarrassed by the trolling by classless Yankee fans that has gone on during the game threads. I usually check out the opposing blogs just to see how they are seeing things (what is being colored by team loyalty) or if they hate the announcers as much as we do. I don’t ever comment because it’s classless to gloat when we’re winning or to antagonize when we’re losing.

    I find trolling, no matter who is doing it, to be classless and senseless. Fan blogs should be for the fans of that team to celebrate and commiserate together without interference and I apologize for Yankee fans who don’t get that.

    I was wincing as I read the last few game threads to see such behavior from so-called Yankee fans. Stay classy guys.

  • Posts: 0 Scarpa

    Well, real Yankee fans do go to games. They just sit in the cheap seats. There are actually a few of them in the New Stadium.

    Personally, I’d prefer that the Yanks didn’t have the payroll that they do, and that they endeavored to cycle their runs at championships like most clubs do (draft, develop, trade and add key FAs). But they don’t. And you don’t choose who you root for when you grow up with it in your bones. So, I’ll enjoy that the Yanks owners decide to pump money back into the team and experience operating losses as opposed to other equally rich owners who try to squeeze as much profit for themselves as they can.

    Philly has the fourth largest tv market in the country (2.9 million), behind New York (7.4 million), LA (5.5 million) and Chicago (3.4 million), and it has one MLB team, whereas each of the others has two. They ain’t poor.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Are we paying these guys with Monopoly money??

    Lee, Halladay, Figgins … ??

    Let’s get Lebron in the offseason too

  • Posts: 0 Chuck


    I’m one Phillies fan….and there are LOTS more that aren’t jealous that we don’t have Sabathia, Teixeira, and Damon (we’ll all take Lee, Howard and Ibanez any day, thank you)….As for A-Rod….yeah, he’s an upgrade OFFENSIVELY over Feliz…..but no thanks, Idon’t want him and his baggage on MY team….and AJ Burnett??….it’s not like we’re talking about Roy Halladay…

  • Posts: 0 bob

    real yankee fans go to games all the time…and if you think our teams large payroll cheapens beating philly trash in anyway think again… its hilarious how many “real” philly fans have jumped ship. You want to fire your manager every loss, trade your best players, and crucify last years world series mvp. Enough with criticizing the yankee fans, team, and organization and take a look in the mirror. Your city is second rate and so is your team.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    There have been something like 7 different winners of the World Series in the last 10 years. How much money you spend has nothing to do with whether you win the World Series or not. Ask the Marlins, Cardinals and Angels about that.

    A salary cap in baseball wouldn’t mean a whole lot. Agents will always advice their players to go to New York because that is where you can make the most money. It happens in all sports yes even ones with salary caps. See Eli Manning. You want advertising dollars. You want high revenue streams? You want to maximize your value? You probably want to play in New York.

    Also, the Phillies 5,6,7 and 8 hitters are not homegrown. None of their top 3 pitchers (Hamels is a 4 in this guy’s opinion) are homegrown. Free agent pickups and trades are all apart of the game. Thee is no rule saying you have to have more homegrown players than not.

    I went t ocollege in Philly and now live in Brooklyn. I see that the little bother inferioity complex is alive and well. I never really saw it until this series. The reasoning behind Yankee victoy and Philly defeat is asanine. There are some great fans, and I don’t want to paint everyone with a boad brush, but there is a reason why the fans in Philadelphia have the reputation that they have amongst the general populace. Get a grip people. We’ve had moe timely hitting and have pitched better. That’s why we’re up 3-1 in the seies. Here is anothe newsflash. We have a better lineup and better pitching which is why we will win the series. This is not rocket science. The difference between the two teams is minimal, but there is a difference.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Phillies spend what they should on payroll .. Yankess spend more than they should ..

    and for the guy saying our players aren’t homegrown either…

    Lidge, Lee, and Blanton .. we had to give up prospects to get them

    Ruiz.. he’s ours

    Werth was picked off the scrap heap by Pat Gillick, a genious

    Ibanez, Pedro, Feliz .. Free Agent signs

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Don M- you and I usually agree… I know what Cole was saying but even knowing what he was saying… about wanting HIS season to be over… I still have a problem because OUR season is NOT over and we still need him. He doesn’t want the team to lose but his confidence is clearly gone and saying something like that adds to the weight that is already on everyone else’s shoulders. It’s a LONG season and the urge to pack it in grows with every 40 degree contest… comments like that make fighting that urge to call it quits much more difficult. I think that he’s selfish… I think that he’s a primadonna… I think that he has a lot to prove in 2010 and hopefully he’s willing to work on it. If not, let someone else deal with him.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    As a matter of fact, more than half the Philly lineup was acquired and not homegrown. All of you pitchers wit hthe exception of Happ and Hamles were acquied and not homegrown. Unbelievable that you all would use that excuse. Here’s an idea, how about people stop bitching about how the Yankees spend their money to build their team, and worry about how their own team is being built. The Phillies have a ton of money, but similar to the Eagles they would rather spit in the face of their fans and not spend it. Why not get Halladay and Cliff Lee? You guys sure could use anothe pitcher now. You had the prospects and the money to do it, but you didn’t. They are both under contract for next year so you guys wouldn’t even have the decision to make this offseason. A move like that is one that the Yankees make. Kind of like signing Sabathia AND Burnett.

    FYI – Cano is having a terrible series, but he hit .320 with 25 hrs and 80 rbis this year. As a matter of fact, Cano and Jeter are the fist double play combo in ML history to both have 200 hits and 100 runs scoed and hit over .320.

  • Posts: 0 Scarpa

    Chuck- I was just having a little fun there with Don, who asked that Yankee fans be honest and instead of pretending like their payroll isn’t bankrolling their perennial contention (*cough* 3peatbeginsnow *cough*) rather go to the “you’re just jealous” routine. I just picked our highest-paid, highest-profile FAs, who all do happen to be pretty good and obvious reasons for the Yanks even being here. I’ll go on to say that even the “homegrown” guys – Jeter, Rivera and Posada – cost a boatload of cash, and the Yanks are one of the only teams that can or will pony up that kind of dough rather than lose them to FA.

    The Yanks are a mercenary team. Personally, sports are entertainment, and when it comes down to it, in this type of fiction I think it’s kind of fun to root for Darth Vader. It’s pretty simple, really, and Yankee fans who try to spin it any other are delusional.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Can we give him the chance to work on it in 2010, before we all try to trade him for pine tar and batting gloves this offseason??

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Don M – My apologies. You’re right in that uiz belongs to you guys. Your logic is so faulty and subjective that I can’t even begin to break it down. When the Yankees win the World Series this year, it will be of many New Yorkers opinions that they spent the appropriate amount of money this past offseason because the end goal is to get to and ultimately win the World Series.

    You call the signing of Werth genius and he has been a great pickup for you guys. I call our identifying, courting recruiting and signing of Teixeira and Sabathia genius. It was well known that Sabathia wanted to stay in the NL because he likes to hit. He is a Cali guy that loves teh wam weather as well. We sold him on a rotation that he would be the head of for the next decade that will do nothing but try to get to and win the World Series every year. Teixeira was indifferent between NY and Boston. However, Mrs. Teixeira greatly favors NY over Boston. Most high end rich women do.

    Are we really talking about a salary cap when the Tamap Bay Devil Rays got to the World Series last year and baseball is the sport that has the most parody when it comes to winners and loses of championships? Come on people. I respect the Phillies a great deal, but two things need to be acknowledged:

    1) The Yankees are going to win this 105th World Series
    2) The Phillies have nothing to be ashamed about. They lost to a better team that has a better manager as well.

  • Posts: 0 Don M


    its not even close.. one involves lots of risk.. the other involves a checkbook

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    manic424 – thought i could clear this up for you…You said,
    “How much different than getting a cortisone shot was that. From what I remember HGH wasn’t even illegal at the time. It’s not like it was giving him increased strength. ”
    Accepted medical uses in adults include but are not limited to the treatment of the wasting syndrome of HIV/AIDS and hGH deficiency. Unless there was substantial aptrophing of an injured muscle i doubt a doctor would prescribe it (controlled substance so requires prescription) when conservative therapies though more time consuming work just as well and are practically free of any adverse side affect like water retention and joint pain that HGH can cause (among other things). It does build muscle mass and like anabolic steroids can therefore result in strength gains…but what these substances do is allow an athlete to recover from workout much quicker so that they can work out more often…that’s where the real strength gains come from. Without working out though it wouldn’t really make that much difference in performance…you more than likely just to get cranky and fat. Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory steroid that can ease pain or decrease swelling. HGH is not the same thing as cortisone by along shot.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Did it take a lot of man hours for your scouts to Identify and Recruit such unknowns talents as Teixiera and Sabathia?

    Diamonds in the Rough those two…

    It’s all well and good if you want to talk about actual things regarding the Yankees-Phillies, and the World Series. .. but don’t be on a Phillies website yapping about nonsense

    I was able to go to multiple playoff games the past two seasons.. most Yankees fans can’t do that ..

    The Rays, ..Marlins, Cardinals, Rockies etc.. can make it IF they have homegrown talent.. which eventually leaves for the big paycheck.. and allows the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, etc.. to reload year after year.. which is why other fans hate those teams . .

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Don – Just because you open your checkbook, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any isk involved. See Carl Pavano.

    Scarpa – I am not delusional. I know it’s an advantage to be able to spend money and get top guys. My only point is that’s not why teams win World Series. you win because you execute. We haven’t executed in 9 years thus we haven’t won. We have spent money that entire time. I think we spend ou money a lot wiser, and I think a lot of credit for this year’s team has to go to Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi. Look at eveything we have been through:

    1) Spring Training – Arod
    2) ARod out the first month
    3) Slow start including losing the first 8 games to Boston

    Once we got rolling, it was pretty clear that we were indeed the best team in baseball. I also thin kadding Swisher and Burnett did something to the team dynamic that was missing.

  • Posts: 0 TrappedInNYC

    As an old timer I just have to say treasure this moment…imagine waiting 30 years between Phillies World Series appearances. But tonight we get to see them for the second straight year in the Series…so it is a day to remember…we have one more shot to knock the smug off the faces of the Yankees fans…so sit back and just enjoy. This series has been fairly close with an edge to the Yankees, but that can easily turn…win tonight and send it back to NY. Anyone from Philly who thinks it is over should be deported to NYC.

  • Posts: 0 JRoll new prediction

    jeez – you would think that you guys are rooting for the minnesota twins on this site – yankee fans get this crap all the time but I honestly wasnt expecting this from another big market team

    isnt your team riding a pitcher to the world series that you got in a salary dump from cleveland? I am not going to deny the yankees have a distinct advantage over the rest of baseball but so does YOUR team. What was the payroll discrepency between your phillies and last years’s AL reprentative to the WS?

    and I got news for you – if you want this phillies team to get built into a dynasty you better get ready for a payroll explosion – just like the yankees in the late 90s – when their payroll went to astronomical levels in large part due to having to extend the contracts of Jeter, Posada, Mariano, Pettite, Bernie, Tino, and O’Neill all around the same time – the phillies will have to do the same with your core players. I hope they keep your team together if nothing else than to shut you people up

  • Posts: 0 Chris.I

    As a life long Phillies fan I’m embarrased by our ”band wagon” fans in the crowds yelling and chanting ”The Yankees suck”. Thats not class at all, and all they were doing is adding fuel to the Yankees lineup. They need to stop that shit. What they need to be yelling is ”Phillies fans suck”

  • Posts: 0 Steve-o

    Just got to get it back to NY. One game at a time. Phils can’t focus on winning the series at this point, just need to win game 5 at this point. Anything can happen after that…

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Don M – How can you say that most Yankee fans don’t go to playoff games when we have set attendance records at the new Yankee stadium thorughout the playoffs. Your problem is that your logic is wholly subjective.

    Sabathia and Teixeira had their choice of what 32 ml teams. Would you agree that any team in the majors would have those guys on their teams. Yet the Yankees were able to land them both. I thank Mrs. Teixeira and Brian Cashman logging frequent flyer miles. Everyone just assumed that Sabathia was a foregone conclusion. It took time and effort as well as money. There is a lot of pressure that comes with playing and performing on the big stage. A lot of people can’t handle it and will refuse to go to New York. Those that accept it will eap the rewards.

    You guys should have gotten Halladay as well. That was your big mistake.

  • Posts: 0 Chris.I

    Oh and this series is far from over…We can sweep this team in 3 games, IF EVERYONE plays together as a team, and gets their heads out of their asses to play some damn ball

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Excellent point JRollNewPrediction. When the hell did the Phillies become a “small market” team. That is patently false and pretty absurd. The Series certainly isn’t ove, but it’s nice to know that even if we lose this game we will have the all time winningest pitcher in postseason history followed up by our 19 game winning number 1 pitcher who in spite of being “dominated” by the Phillies has a statline of 7 ip 2 er and 6.2 ip 3 er in his 2 games started this series. He will be opposed by a 76 year old Pedro Martinez and then Cole “I just want it all to be over with” Hamels. Game, set, match Yankees. Doesn’t take anything away from the Phillies and the fine season that you had. We were 12 games better than you all in the regualr season playing in the much more difficult league due in part to the DH. No one is talking about how we have overcome not having the DH in the National League park. I thought that was going to be a huge factor?

  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    Thanks, Scarpa, for being honest.

    Thanks, nynontroll, for being classy.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    They must have taken the attendence before the 8th inning, huh? .. when there were still fans in the seats

    The Yankees were able to land them both …. BECAUSE the Yankees outbid themselves to pay these guys record-contracts ..

    If you’re praising their signings as smart financial moves, or giving Brian Cashman credit for doing anything other than paying them a ton of money,… you don’t really have any arguement at all

  • Posts: 0 TrappedInNYC

    just remember back to 2004…game 3 ALCS NY 19 BOS 8…the Yankees fans were drunk with arrogance…and Boston smacked them down next 4 in a row…this is sports and these are two very good teams…I can’t wait for a good game tonight

  • Posts: 0 Chuck


    Thanks for telling us all that we “have nothing to be ashamed about.”….nice of you to be so kind with your words….

    But please explain why, IF the Phillies lose (last time I checked the series isn’t over til someone wins 4 games), that it would be to a “better manager.”

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Phillies don’t have enough pitching to win 3 in a row. You will need dominant starting pitching over the next 3 games to win. You can’t bank on Pettitte, Burnett and Sabathia all faltering because “they are pitching on 3 days rest”. One of the luxuries of winning 103 games and pretty much clinching your division by mid-August is the fact that you can give your starting pitchers tons of rest, and setup your rotation for the playoffs. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but Joe has been remarkably consistent in sticking with the 3 man rotation. Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte. Minnesota is done. Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte and the Angels are done in 6. Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Sabathia, Burnett. These guys are being paid the big bucks to do a job, and they are doing it. Meanwhile, I’m hearing calls for JA Happ, “What about Cole?” calls , “Do we pitch Pedro?” calls, “Cliff Lee has NEVER pitched on 3 days rest but we should try it now” calls. We don’t even have to delve into the bullpens.

  • Posts: 0 Scarpa

    “…and allows the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, etc.. to reload year after year.. which is why other fans hate those teams…”

    This is completely true. With their resources, these teams should have a much shorter development cycle, and most of them do (alas, not the sad and downtrodden Mets). Payroll disparity is a major contributor to who’s in the thick of it year in and year out. Part of what makes for postseason parity is that luck plays a really, really big role in who wins in a seven game set. A great example is the Yankee fifth inning yesterday, where they scored two runs on dribblers and bloops.

    It is a little bit rich for Phillies fans to cry poverty, though. The Phils do play in the fourth-biggest tv market. They’re larded with resources, and currently have a salary 40% higher than the league median, 7th highest in MLB.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Who is saying the the Phillies are a “Small Market team” … I haven’t read that anywhere..

    The arguement is Yankee fans on here ranting like your entire organization is brilliant .. when really, you guys just sign the best player to the biggest contracts you can ..

    one a select few teams in baseball that can do that ..

    The Phillies as a “big market” team has the ability to sign some players, but since that money was mostly spent on homegrown players (Rollins, Utley, Howard, Hamels) .. we had to be creative in bringing in other players via trade.

    the only player in the lineup that is a “Free Agent” in that sense is Pedro Feliz ..

    We did get Cliff Lee pretty cheap, but it was a good deal on our part, one that cost us a few of our Top Prospects

  • Posts: 0 Ben

    if you think CC and Tex said “hmm, lets look at all 32 clubs and see which one I’d like to play for” you are joking. about 6 clubs could have landed CC and the yanks are the only team that could land tex, CC and burnett.

    didn’t tex not sign with baltimore b/c he said he was going to where whomever would pay him the most money?

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