Heartbreaking 9th Sends Phils to 3-1 Series Deficit

Posted by Pat Gallen, Mon, November 02, 2009 01:19 AM | Comments: 343
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This one is hard to write.

As the Phillies now sit on the brink of elimination – the season truly hanging in the balance – there are several what-if’s to look back on that occur throughout an at bat, a game, and even a series.  There were many throughout this gut-wrenching Game 4 loss that now has the Phillies in a 3-1 series hole.

What if Brad Lidge throws Johnny Damon a 3-2 slider after two consecutive foul balls on fastballs?  What if Lidge or Carlos Ruiz cover third as the rest of the Phils infield was in a shift?  What if – before this game even starts – Charlie Manuel tabs Cliff Lee to start this game?

All of those what-ifs are completely moot as the Yankees demolished any sort of hope the Phillies had of regaining momentum in this series by winning 7-4.

In the eighth inning, with the Phillies trailing 4-3, Pedro Feliz gave hope that this would again be the series everyone thought before it began by hitting a solo home run off of Joba Chamberlain.  With a tie game going into the ninth, and spirits high, the old Brad Lidge struck again.

Damon would come to the plate in that ninth inning following two quick outs; a pop out by Hideki Matsui and a strikeout by Derek Jeter.  Lidge found himself up in the count 1-2, but Damon waited out two pitches that were overthrown by the Phils closer, and the count was 3-2.  The Yankees left fielder then fouled off two pitches into the seats before finally catching up to a 94-m.p.h. four-seamer that dropped into left for a base hit.

Mark Teixeira came to the plate, and the shift was on for the Phillies defense.  Damon capitalized by stealing second base, then taking third after Lidge and Ruiz failed to cover the base.  Teixiera reached base after being plunked by Lidge and Alex Rodriguez stepped up in a most crucial position.

Rodriguez jumped on an 0-1 fastball and bounced it off the left field fence to score Damon.  The Feliz home run became a distant memory.

Jorge Posada followed that up with a two-run single of his own, and was thrown out at second base, although the damage was more than evident.  The Yankees took a 7-4 lead, and just like that, there was no air left to breathe.

The greatest closer of all-time, Mariano Rivera, came in to finish things off in the ninth inning as he has done so many times before.  Three straight putouts by Teixeira at first base ended things for the Phillies late on Sunday night, and possibly for the 2009 season.

Lost in the crushing defeat was the ballsy effort put forth by Joe Blanton.  Big Joe went six innings, giving up four earned runs while striking out seven batters.  He was not unhittable by any means, however, he kept them in the game, which is all you could ask for.  Chase Utley continued his domination of CC Sabathia, but in the end his solo home run was not enough.

Lidge’s meltdown is another perplexing reminder of just how quickly things can go south.  One day ago, we saw the same sort of disintegration from Cole Hamles.  The two darlings of the 2008 postseason have proven to be two of the Phillies Achillies Heels this year.

It’s not over, but it sure is close.  The Phillies pride themselves on being a resilient club, but games like these are daggers.  Do they have a three-game winning streak left in them?  The comeback begins tonight at 7:57.

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  • Posts: 0 NickFromGermantown

    You live in the past, you die in the past. Games 1 through 4 mean nothing right now for the Phillies. It’s time to dig in and win the next 3 games.

    I was pretty angry last night, but I came to realize that mindlessly thrashing at everyone and everything is unproductive. The team needs our support now more than ever.

    Now is not the time to write-off the Phillies. The Phillies were the best team in 2008 and with 3 wins they can maintain that status. I sure hope we can win the next two and to witness an all-hand-on-deck performance by the pitching staff in a Game 7 win. I don’t think it could get much better than that! Keep your heads up. It’s not over yet!

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    “I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but Joe has been remarkably consistent in sticking with the 3 man rotation. ”

    That’s a really Good catch there, I don’t think anyone had pointed that out yet

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Chuck – Why not start Hamels in Game 2? I know he’s a head case, but the lefty pitcher in Yankee stadium is what you probably want to do with the short right field porch. Wouldn’t you know it, but Matsui hit a cheap homerun down that short right field line to effectively put the game away. It also lets Hamels know that he’s not even the 2 anymore which has to be a blow to his confidence.

    Why not straight steal more. For the most part, Utley and Howard have struggled. Why not try ot manufacture some more runs to give them some easier RBI opportunities even ones where they can drive in a run while making an out. This goes back to my theory that while the Phillies lineup is very good and vey powerful, they make far too many unproductive outs.

    While personally, I wouldn’t have started Cliff Lee on 3 days’ rest if he had never done it before. Sabathia vs. Blanton leaves the Yanks with all the confidence in the world going int ogame 4. We saw it from the outset and it is actually a testament to how great the Phils actually are. We start off with 2 runs. Phils fight back to even it up. We get two moe runs, you guys fight back to even it up.

    That brings me to my last mistake. Brad Lidge struggled against National League teams all year this year. He had been nursed back into looking mediocre with situational matchups and 1 and 2 out saves. To face the best lineup in baseball is another story. Charlie almost got away with it just like he almost got away with starting Blanton against Sabathia.

    Perhaps it’s not Charlie’s fault, but moe or less constraints with the roster that he has been given. You guys have scrapped and clawed and fought, but other than Lee’s starts, the Yankees have the psychological and physical advantage in these matchups going into these games.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Oh come on – “I call our identifying, courting recruiting and signing of Teixeira and Sabathia genius” Both are superstars, no genius necessary… given the structure of MLB if you can afford it why not. I don’t begrude the Yankees for doing that…. Does it give team an advantage of course it does but it is not a guarentee and those titles have been earned. What’s annoying is when you put on airs that your self-made…your not. There is nothing genius about buying the best, and there less skill in managing an All Star line-up esp. a team in the AL no less…the team practically manages itself.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff Y.

    I haven’t heard any fat lady yet. Take it one game at a time.

  • Posts: 0 CZ

    Its been a rough morning for all of us Phillie fans and maybe we deserve some of this vitriol that all of the Yankee trolls are spitting. Confidence can do that to you. We wanted to face the Yankees and thus far they are doing to the Phillies exactly what the Phillies did to everyone else. Its painful to watch but we can not lose perspective. Its been said before but I will reiterate that there are plenty of other teams that would love to be in this position. The Yankees clearly have an advantage monetarily, to say that isn’t true is asinine, but to a certain extent so do the Phillies. Obviously the margin of error is much smaller for a 120mil team compared to a 200mil team but the truth is we have spent money…and it has paid off. TWO WS APPEARANCES IN A ROW PEOPLE.

    I’m never going to understand the need for people to go on blogs and troll and brag and put people down. Its so classless and despicable. However, I’m sure there were plenty of ‘Phillies’ fans who ran their mouths after game 1. I would hope that a team from a ‘classy’ city like NYC would understand that we are just ‘philthy’ and that they should just ignore it but the fact is that all teams have both. Everyone in this world gets a bit too emotional about sports and everyone likes winning. Yelling and screaming about it and getting arguments about it isn’t going to change anything.

    I would also like to address the Hamels debate. Obviously the media is always looking for a scapegoat when things go south and Cole has admittedly been performing well below his standards but can we please look at what he actually said and objectively look at the way this season has played out for him. Cole has caught zero breaks this season…ZERO. He’s hurt in spring training because he didn’t have the time to train because he was fullfilling TEAM ORGANIZED PUBLICITY functions and constantly flying back and forth from FL to Philly. Why do we make it sound like he chose all of this stuff. The FO was banking on his popularity…plain and simple. Then in each of his first few starts he gets hit with batted balls, twists his ankle…etc. He never got on track and despite the fact that his peripheral stats were identical to seasons past he never could put it all back together. He was asked FIRST what he thought about a game 7…to that he answered that he WANTED THE BALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, he was asked hypothetically that if game 7 did not arrive how would he feel. He honestly answered that this season has drained him mentally and that he looks forward to an offseason to get right. He doesn’t want this team losing…he wants to win as bad as anyone on this team. He just happens to wear his emotions on his sleeve…so sue him.

  • Posts: 0 Scarpa

    “The arguement is Yankee fans on here ranting like your entire organization is brilliant .. when really, you guys just sign the best player to the biggest contracts you can ..”

    In his defense, since Cashman has wrested control of all moves in 2005, the organization has been run a lot better. As poor as they’ve been this postseason, both Chamberlain and Hughes played big roles for the Yanks this year, and they have stockpiled a ton of young arms with significant talent in the minors. They have some outstanding hitting prospects on their way up. They also basically punted last year, holding off on emptying the prospect coffers for Santana and choosing rather to wait for CC. Despite the embarrassment of FA signings this past offseason, they still managed to reduce their payroll. So while it’s ridiculous to suggest that landing CC and Teix amounted to any deep or shrewd scouting, it’s also unfair to characterize the Yankees as nothing more than a robotic money dispenser.

  • Posts: 0 NickFromGermantown

    The Hamels comment was taken out of context and he had a poor choice of words. Get over it already.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Don M – Only pointed to the obvious there to show how our pitching is MUCH more settled than yours.

    Ben – It’s still their choice whether they wanted to sign fo those teams. Carlos Beltran said he would have signed to play for the Yankees for less money than the Mets if we had made him an offer in that same ballpark. We didn’t though. It’s not a matter of who can afford to pay people, but where they want to go. Money factors into it, but a lot of people won’t play in NY regardless of the money. See Jake Peavy, John Lackey and others who have stated such.

    JReed – These are 27 grown men with 27 egos and 27 different sets of problems. Morover, you have 1/3 of these guys who make a ton of money and 2/3 that don’t. I won’t say that you comment “the team mangaes itself” is stupid because I see where you are coming from when you say it. Don’t you think it’s a little naive to make a statement like that though knowing the dynamics of a clubhouse and professional spots nowadays in general? There is a reason why Phil Jackson wins chips in spite of the fact he doesn’t handle strategy on offense and defense. I’ll give you a hint: it’s NOT just because of the fact that he’s had MJ, Scottie, Shaq and Kobe.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    How is that unfair … to know that this season doesn’t matter ..

    all you need to do is NOT trade away your best prospects.. and then as soon as the season is over go grab the three best Free Agents out there

    ROBOTIC MONEY DISPENSER is a pretty good label for that type of action.

    I’d have more respect for them trading something to get something.. (doesn’t always work out for that team, example METS with Johan Santana) .. but that is why people don’t hate the Mets as much as they hate the Yankees (on a national scene)

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    One more thing rebuilding a repilca of your stadium, what should be a historical monument in my opinion was so Donald Trump….tacky to no end. I expected more from the cultural mecca of this country. Such friggin uncreative McMansion, nouveau riche bullsh*t.

  • Posts: 0 Shag beta sigma delta

    I am having an off day, up Sunday morning 6am and off to work, get out early around 3pm, drive 6 hours just to get into Doylestown to stop by at the bar and get my heart ripped out at midnight. Then to the couch at my mom’s house to try and sleep. Nothing to watch because I do not want to relive that ninth inning and Lidge not throwing sliders over and over again to Damon, or TX or A Rod. Now I come back on here and actually read some good stuff. This series is not over, just win tonight that is all we need.
    I know it is only one or two posters but it is extreamly annoying, trade this guy And with a potential rotation of Lee, Happ, Hamels,Blanton and a pick of like 3 or 5 guys to be your fifth starter for an entire year. We will be back. This is a streaky offense we should all know that by now, and can get on track quickly.
    When was the last time a Phillies team has been to back to back WS?
    Oh yea NEVER. So I am going to be loud and proud at game 5 tonight and cheer this team. Just one win tonight tomorrow will take care of itself

  • Posts: 0 Foul Hal

    Next year, the Steinbrenners are having YANKEE HATERS DAY at the new ballpark. “Anything to make a buck,” is what old George said. He also said that if it is successful, he will have two YANKEE HATERS DAYS in 2011.

  • Posts: 0 Ed R.

    27 grown men? Aren’t the rosters 25 men?

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    I’m not saying that it was a genius move to get Teixeira and Sabathia. I am saying that credit has to be given for how the process unfolded in getting them here. I can tell you that it wasn’t just “we can pay you the most money so come here” negotiating.

    Cashman deserves a ton of credit. Our farm system is in great shape, and we have basically all of ou guys (Damon is a fa and Matsui is probably gone) under contract for atleast the next 3 years. We have 3 guys under the age of 25 with ml experience who will be at the backend of our rotation along with Sabathia and Burnett at the top for the next 4.

    We could have signed Santana and given up our 8th inning guy (Hughes), our centerfielder (Melky) and our 2nd baseman (Cano). Instead we signed Sabathia for a few million more (3 mil/yr more) and kept all of our young talent. We are witnessing the start or should I say we are at the beginning of anothe cycle of Yankee dominance for years to come.

    Also, I feel I have been respectful and in no way vitriolic in our debate this morning. I respect the Phillies a great deal. They have made it to back to back World Series which is an incredible accomplishment.

    Part of my excitement in addition to the parade is that I bet a lot of money on Yanks to win and Yanks in 5 for the to win odds were pretty poor. I was told that this would be atleast a 6 game series and I heard John Kruk and Mitch Williams who are supposed to be impartial say Phillies in 5 or 6. Also, it should be fairly obvious through voice inflection and commentary that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are squarely against the Yankees. I apologize if I have insulted or come across as coarse to anyone on the board.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    You just keep digging a bigger hole…look Giardi has managed a good series and has been aggressive when we’ve been passive i give you that …and don’t drag another sport in the debate…it an apple and oranges thing…basketball is an a much more challenging sport to coach, as is hockey and football probably the hardest. It’s a dumb comparison just like using other sports to discuss the cap issues…too complex for such a surface level analogy.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I think that we should stop talking about fairness and the Yankees… it’s what baseball wants. Big market teams have a certain competitive advantage, yet nothing that would make it impossible for other teams to have a chance. You want big market rivalries and successes… and guess what, we’re a part of that. We are a bigger market and we spend more than most teams. The Yankees have a formula for success and MLB has a formula for success and right now, both are working in near perfect harmony.

    I think that these last three games will show the true character of this team. This series is a lot like our series with Tampa in 2008 – we won by virtue of getting more breaks. We haven’t played our best so far in this series but we have some decent matchups over these next two… You have to feel good about Cliff Lee and Burnett/Pedro is something that everyone would love to see. Let’s get to a game 7 and worry about CC later.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Ed R – Sorry. 25 grown men.

    JReed – The architect had his own ideas for the stadium. Have you been? I think by and lage most people love it/will love it. It’s in our nature as human beings to hate on things that ae luxurious/glamorous. See Jerry Jones Cowboy stadium. We’d much rather knock someone or something down a peg than to give credit where credit is due.

    Don M – Let me get this straight. You don’t respect the Yankees because they go out and sign people? That sounds very Eagleish to me. After all, if the Yankees have the ability to sign free agents, why should they? Who wants to spend money on the team when they could just sit on it and horde it right. Afterall, the only people who enjoy seeing a quality product on the field is the fans. Who cares about them? Do you see where your logic is flawed as a fan to complain about spending money to imporve the very product that you are consuming?

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    We have a farm system…you guys have a strip of grass.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Jreed – By bringing the salary cap up as an impediment to fairness, you are doing the very same thing. Because a salary cap has made sport x fair, it will also make sport y fair is the crux of the salary cap argument. What I contend is that there is no problem with baseball as far as parody in winning championships is concerned. I also contend that a salary cap will not even out any perceived issues with parody anyway. There is a salary cap in football yet the same 5-6 teams win every single year. Again, difficulty in managing between sports is wholly subjective. Baseball requires fewer decisions to be made, but the importance of those decisions are given greater weight as a result.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    JReed – Yet, we have more guys from our farm system on our pitching staff and starting lineup than you do.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff Dowder

    I think it’s obvious that the Phillies need a big time righthanded bat next season. Werth can’t do it alone against lefties. Matt Holliday would be the logical choice, but the Phils would need to move Ibanez first.

  • Posts: 0 CZ

    I AM AN ARCHITECT and that stadium is an abomination. I live in NYC and went to a game early in the season against Cleveland. I enjoyed myself because I enjoy baseball but I think that was in spite of the stadium, not because it.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    3PEAT… I was thinking about buying tickets to a game up in NYC and it seems like there are a lot of POSSIBLE OBSTRUCTED VIEW seats. Is that true?

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Oh give a me break it’s a friggin ball park…it not Versailles…luxurious and glamourous…i don’t know where to start with that gem.

    And your tearing down a piece of history for this the new corporate playground. there’s alot i don’t like about the Yankee organization but I love baseball and its interwined with our country’s history. The yankees are a big part of it…Tearing down that stadium is wrong… Wrigley and Fenway still stand…

  • Posts: 0 CZ

    Not to start talking about next season necessarily because this one is not yet over but we can be assured of one thing – the Phillies WILL BE overwhelming favorites to return to the WS again next year. We can wish all we want but the lineup will remain identical. Ibanez and Feliz will still be here. They will try to sign some bullpen arms but the real help will come from a healthy Romero, Bastardo in the pen all year, Scott Matheison being brought up (with his high 90′s heat and power slider), etc. The big work needs to be done improving the bench which will be hard becauise there isn’t much promise of playing time for bench guys on this team. Good problems to have in my opinion and I feel like they can be much more focused this offseason because the needs are smaller.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Dude doesn’t even know how many players are on the god damn roster … im done talking baseball with him

  • Posts: 0 HotDogs

    Ok guys. I am off to the game. I am in NEPA so it takes a couple of hours to get to the city of the World Champion Phillies. Ususally I am on here rooting all night long so I leave it in your more than capable hands to cheer on our beloved Phillies. Just remember. Yesterday and the days before that are OVER. Today is a new day. Do not waste time and energy on the “what ifs” or the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” stuff. It does not matter. What matters is right now….the here and present. What matters the most is that the Phillies 10th man is up for this game. The PHILLIES PHAITHFULTonight the Phillies must…strike that…WILL WIN! Get those towels WAVING!

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Yeah and who had all the goodies at the trade deadline…and we kept the best ones, a possible ROY pitcher and got Cliff Lee and Francisco for a handful of mid level prospects and some cash.

  • Posts: 0 NickFromGermantown

    On the bright side, Philadelphia won overall matches this weekend against New York. While the Phillies dropped 2, we had great winning efforts from the Eagles, Sixes, and, you guessed it, the Passion!

  • Posts: 0 Richie Allen

    We are still in the F—in World Series for Christs sake……Its a 7 game series where whoever gets hot wins it.(More money seems to win it too).
    I am just going to sit back and enjoy the fact that we are in the series because ….,I could have been a Pirates fan.(Remember those fans that never have hope).
    We can blame Lidge or Hamels or Charlie all we want,but those bad moments are over now, ( remember how great they were last year).

    Somebody above put it best ..we will not win another game unless the entire team shows up.(If somebody could figure out how to make that happen,they have a job waiting in Amaro’s office for you).

    Finally,its not over…Lets go Phils

  • Posts: 0 Benjamin D

    Even the the phils are down 3-1, I dont look at their situation as an uphill battle. I am a die hard phillie phan and when, (notice I said When and NOT IF) Cliff wins tonight, the phils are gonna be in a 3-2 predicament. I look at the 3-2 like a 2-1……Then they go into the next game looking to tie. Easy as pie…Remember fellow phillie phans, 27 outs at a time……Crucify me for this but I am an optimist; I always see the glass half full rather than half empty. Folks here can blame this one or that one, but that is unfair. Fate dictated the outcome and it is what it is. Like I said, Im gonna take one game at a time and hopefully we can FIRST tie the series and then WIN game 7. I still believe in my phils….please lets not LOSE hope!!

  • Posts: 0 JRoll new prediction

    again I ask all you philly fans – last season when you beat a team with a 40 million dollar payroll, were you talking about competetive disadvantage? Was your payroll a big issue?

    when you got cliff lee for a bag of baseballs because the indians wanted to unload payroll were you complaining – oh wait I ‘m sorry that was just a great trade right? In no way similar to the yankees signing CC.

    at least most yankee fans will acknowledge that we have an advantage – Hell, I get pissed off that their payroll is ONLY 200 million because it could be 300 million and the team would still turn a profit. Your team has what a 120 million dollar payroll and you are playing in Little League where that type of payroll affords you a major advantage.

    bottom line is that these two teams are very evenly matched up:

    an ace on each team that was bought – yes, cliff lee was bought and if you dont want to believe that think of how you’d feel about him if he was on the yankees

    2 great lineups – and by the way it seems from the posts that everyone forgets that AROD and Swisher were both acquired via trade which according to most of you means that they werent bought – or is that only true if they are phillies

    but the biggest difference is that the yankees happen to have the most dominant pitcher – not just relief ppitcher but pitcher – in the history of the post season and you guys have brad lidge…pretty sure Mariano is home grown and Lidge, correct me if I am wrong, is not

  • Posts: 0 NickFromGermantown

    3peatbeginsnow, you make some good points, but the fact of the matter is that the most of the Yankees’ impact players are imports while most of the Phillies’ impact players are homegrown. And while the Phils may not have had Victorino and Werth at the exact beginnings of their careers, they are far from big ticket imports.

  • Posts: 0 Jeff of Nova

    I don’t think the REAL Mike Schmidt has said that much about the Phillies in his whole career, WOW

  • Posts: 0 Francisco sahm

    Hey j roll the Yankees aren’t the mets

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Question for all you so-called Yankee fans who are on here prematurely flexing your muscles…IF/WHEN the Phillies win this thing on Thursday night are you guys going to be on here bashing this team and this city on Friday morning?? Just wondering…

  • Posts: 0 Dhall

    I went to last night’s game with my wife and sat in left field, 10 rows behind Damon. We had the bad luck of sitting next to section 142 which had the Yankees front office in attendance (almost the whole section). They were so arrogant and obnoxious the entire game. The kicker was that after the final out, the Phillies fans started quietly filing out of the stadium and the Yankee fans kept chanting, “Let’s go Yankees” among other things and wouldn’t shut the hell up or leave the Park. They were acting like they owned the place. So naturally, a fight broke out between a Phillies fan and a Yankees fan. Then some fans from the upper level (underneath the scoreboard) dumped beer on the Yankee fans. Sorry, but in my opinion they deserved what they got. You don’t go into another teams park and be loud and obnoxious….if you do, you deserve to get popped. I would personally never punch someone and I’m not condoning violence, but you can’t be surprised if someone hits you when you act like a jerk. If you want to cheer quietly and root on your team, that’s one thing, but after 3+ hours of their bull*hit we had had enough. We told them for 3 hours to shut up and they didn’t care…show some respect when you’re in another teams park. The same goes for Phillies fans attending games at Yankee stadium.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    There are some obstructed view seats in the new Yankees Stadium, but theer will be flaws with evey stadium no matter how “perfect” fans want them to be.

    I apologize once again for saying 27 on a oster and not 25, but it’s clear from our cursory arguments Don that your logic when it comes to baseball is subjective and dare I say it a bit flawed.

    I also agree the Phillies will be favorites to get back from the NL as will the Yankees. Until you guys get another frontline starter and atleast two bullpen arms, I will say that we clearly have the advantage.

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    3peatbeginsnow – you misread what i said about the cap. I never adovacated a cap please reread my earlier posts. In fact i only referred to in a comaparsion….
    “It’s a dumb comparison just like using other sports to discuss the cap issues…too complex for such a surface level analogy.”
    there’s no way any team can say that being able to buy better talent than others doesn’t give said team an advantage. It doesn’t t guarentee a title and futhermore i said you still had to earn your titles. Given the current system spend if you got it. there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument.

  • Posts: 0 Scott in D.C.

    3Peat — I don’t think you’ve been coarse or disrespectful, and I’ve enjoyed the back-and-forth. A couple more points: Like campaign donations in politics, money is a necessary-but-not-sufficient thing in sports. Teams like the Marlins have won WS titles on shoestring budgets — but they promptly lose key personnel. As Scarpa said earlier: it’s one thing to develop young talent, but it costs big bucks to keep it for any length of time.

    And that’s the rub of the competitive disadvantage: The Yankees are able to unnaturally *sustain* unnaturally potent rosters from year to year.

    I also think you’re underestimating the parity of NFL teams. I don’t have the stats to unpack right in front of me, but my general sense is that you see a lot of variety from year to year in football, even if teams like the Pats are more consistent than, say, the Bucs. How else could one explain a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars? (As I understand it, that’s a common argument *against* salary caps: that they’re a sort of socialistic scheme that allows unfit species to thrive.)

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence, either, that you’ve seen fairly decent parity in the MLB since the revenue sharing regime was implemented in ’02.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    I see. So Yankees fans cheer for their team fervently and passionately and they get beer poured on them. The derisive chant was “Let’s Go Yankees.” Like I said, I went to college in Philadelphia, and will actually be back for homecoming this weekend dressed in my Yankee garb. I am shocked that something like this would happen in Philadelphia. I have never been exposed to fans who lack perspective, knowledge and foresight. The way you guys treat McNabb and I guess Hamels is next, along with how you treated Iverson, Barkley, Schmidt, Lindros in that town is ciminal. Yet, you justify the bahavior such as the gentleman who went to the game with his wife did. It’s unbelievable. How dare a Yankee fan chant Let’s Go Yankees in an opposing stadium. The nerve of them. Stay classy Philadelphia.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    3peatbeginsnow….as much of a Phillies fan as I am, I actually agree with you about Yankee fans, or fans of any team, cheering or chanting for their team in an opposing ballpark. As long as those fans aren’t foul-mouthed and dangerous it’s within their rights as fans to do that. It’s no differen that what respectful Phillies fans (yes…there are some of us) would do in an oppposing park.

  • Posts: 0 Amazinsux

    Hey CZ…. Do you know GEORGE COSTANZA. He’s an architect too!!!

  • Posts: 0 CZ

    Actually you would be referring to Art Vandelay – not George Costanza…common mistake

  • Posts: 0 Dhall

    Yeah, because NY fans just exude class. I just said I would never do something like that and 99.9 percent of Philly fans wouldn’t do it either. Which is why there was only 1 or 2 people pouring the beer. But don’t act surprised when it happens. Boston, LA, Chicago, NY, PHilly…there’s isolated incidents in most of the big cities. If Yankee fans weren’t so arrogant it would be a different story, but they think they are God’s gift to baseball and all the other teams are their doormat. People pay alot of money to go to a world series game and then they have to listen to Yankee chants. It’s bound to put a couple people over the top.

  • Posts: 0 Amazinsux

    Beautiful. You know your Seinfeld. GO PHILLIES!

  • Posts: 0 NickFromGermantown


  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Here’s the rub – phillies staff and personnel were given crap seats in New York, David Montgomery acted with class and gave an entire section of quality seats to yankees personal and staff

  • Posts: 0 Michael

    Ok, I will state it right off the bat… I am a Yankee fan invading this site; however, I am not here to talk trash. I am here to give a glimmer of hope to the Phillies Nation despite all of the trash talking and rudeness that the Philly-faithful have extended towards the Yankees and their fans. (And even news reporters.) As a true baseball fan… I too want to see a hard fought, down and dirty, gritty World Series between the two best teams in baseball. And I couldn’t ask for anything more than to have my team face the defending World Champs for nothing is better than contesting to take the title from the title holders. (To be the man, you gotta beat the man!) I was completely expecting a seesaw, jockeying for position World Series and when the Phillies took Game 1 at Yankee Stadium, I was scared! But then the Yankees took the next 3 games and now it is 3-1. And even if we lose to Cliff Lee tonight, we still have Games 6 & 7 at Yankee Stadium. But sadly, (I don’t believe in jinxing so I will state it), the Yankees are the owners of the worst debacle in MLB best-of-7 series history when the Red Sox roared back from 3-0 to take the 2004 ALCS! So all hope should not be lost Phillies fans! The only thing I suggest is… quit talking so much trash and just let the two best teams in baseball fight to the finish. I mean, cheer your team on, but having an entire stadium chanting “Yankees Suck” and “You took steroids” and personal, verbal attacks on players is not classy. I don’t think you’ve heard one “Phillies Suck” chant at Yankee Stadium and I know our players have been silent! (Jimmy Rollins)!

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