Heartbreaking 9th Sends Phils to 3-1 Series Deficit

Posted by Pat Gallen, Mon, November 02, 2009 01:19 AM | Comments: 343
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This one is hard to write.

As the Phillies now sit on the brink of elimination – the season truly hanging in the balance – there are several what-if’s to look back on that occur throughout an at bat, a game, and even a series.  There were many throughout this gut-wrenching Game 4 loss that now has the Phillies in a 3-1 series hole.

What if Brad Lidge throws Johnny Damon a 3-2 slider after two consecutive foul balls on fastballs?  What if Lidge or Carlos Ruiz cover third as the rest of the Phils infield was in a shift?  What if – before this game even starts – Charlie Manuel tabs Cliff Lee to start this game?

All of those what-ifs are completely moot as the Yankees demolished any sort of hope the Phillies had of regaining momentum in this series by winning 7-4.

In the eighth inning, with the Phillies trailing 4-3, Pedro Feliz gave hope that this would again be the series everyone thought before it began by hitting a solo home run off of Joba Chamberlain.  With a tie game going into the ninth, and spirits high, the old Brad Lidge struck again.

Damon would come to the plate in that ninth inning following two quick outs; a pop out by Hideki Matsui and a strikeout by Derek Jeter.  Lidge found himself up in the count 1-2, but Damon waited out two pitches that were overthrown by the Phils closer, and the count was 3-2.  The Yankees left fielder then fouled off two pitches into the seats before finally catching up to a 94-m.p.h. four-seamer that dropped into left for a base hit.

Mark Teixeira came to the plate, and the shift was on for the Phillies defense.  Damon capitalized by stealing second base, then taking third after Lidge and Ruiz failed to cover the base.  Teixiera reached base after being plunked by Lidge and Alex Rodriguez stepped up in a most crucial position.

Rodriguez jumped on an 0-1 fastball and bounced it off the left field fence to score Damon.  The Feliz home run became a distant memory.

Jorge Posada followed that up with a two-run single of his own, and was thrown out at second base, although the damage was more than evident.  The Yankees took a 7-4 lead, and just like that, there was no air left to breathe.

The greatest closer of all-time, Mariano Rivera, came in to finish things off in the ninth inning as he has done so many times before.  Three straight putouts by Teixeira at first base ended things for the Phillies late on Sunday night, and possibly for the 2009 season.

Lost in the crushing defeat was the ballsy effort put forth by Joe Blanton.  Big Joe went six innings, giving up four earned runs while striking out seven batters.  He was not unhittable by any means, however, he kept them in the game, which is all you could ask for.  Chase Utley continued his domination of CC Sabathia, but in the end his solo home run was not enough.

Lidge’s meltdown is another perplexing reminder of just how quickly things can go south.  One day ago, we saw the same sort of disintegration from Cole Hamles.  The two darlings of the 2008 postseason have proven to be two of the Phillies Achillies Heels this year.

It’s not over, but it sure is close.  The Phillies pride themselves on being a resilient club, but games like these are daggers.  Do they have a three-game winning streak left in them?  The comeback begins tonight at 7:57.

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  • Posts: 0 Nile

    The Yankees have 12 homegrown players on their current roster. 12 off the top of my head. How many do the Phillies have?

    This Yankees team won 103 games in the toughest division in baseball. Had the Phillies played in the AL East, they would not have made the playoffs. The NL East is a complete joke.

    You guys should be named the Philadelphia Cliff Lee’s

  • Posts: 0 Joe

    Phillies fans are a black eye to SPORTS! You guys are a disgrace. Get a life.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    Art Vandalay… nice.

    It just seemed like there were at least a dozen sections with obstructed view seats. I thought that it was kind of strange since the only obstructed view seats in Philly are the ones behind the foul poles… three sections, at most.

    There is NO PARITY in football… that’s not a secret. Parity means that every team has a chance (more competitive games). This season, the NFL set a record for the highest point differential and the most teams UNDEFEATED and WINLESS heading into this part of the season. That is not parity… there are “haves” and “have nots.” Teams like the Raiders and the Buccaneers can’t get ahead because they’re forced to overpay for unproven commodities (draft picks) and there’s no continuity. It’s really hard to be successful year after year in the NFL… it’s more about staying healthy and coaching than anything else. You can plug average players into good schemes and they’ll still work.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck


    It’s no excuse….chants a part of baseball….whether it’s in our park or their’s….deal with it.

  • Posts: 1435 Pat Gallen

    Avatar of Pat Gallen

    All this talk about how Phillies fans are awful, NY fans need to look in the mirror. ON multiple occasions, family members have gone to Yankee, Shea, and Giants stadium and have been accosted because they are supporting the Philly teams.

    A few bad apples shouldnt spoil the whole bunch, but of course, when it comes to Philly, thats what happens. There are plenty of assholes at CBP sure, but dont try that “it doesnt happen here” crap.

    As for tonight, lets bring it back to NY. It can be done.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    My logic is flawed that the Yankees spend the most money on players that are Free Agents ??

    That’s incorrect by you… and also, I thought that arguement was done 3 hours ago

    As far as I’m concerned, The Philadelphia Phillies are still World Champions until someone beats them in the World Series .. keep yapping there, kid

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Yeah…your players have been silent to the media…at least not predicting like J-Roll did….good for you…

    But what about A-Rod’s little display of emotion last night after Blanton hit him (which wasn’t intentional by the way)…..turning around and dramatically standing there looking towards his dugout….Seriously?? He actually thought that Joe Blanton was going to plunk him in a WS game in the 1st inning with someone already on base??

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I don’t think the opposing team SHOULD chant in the stadium …. but when they do, it gets booed.. and its all in good fun

    Yankees fans are obnoxious .. so are Red Sox fans, Mets fans.. and Phillies fans..

  • Posts: 0 Dhall

    Chuck…I did deal with it. I’m ok with the during the game chants, but after the game is over, why not just file out and be happy your team won? Why do the NY fans have to stand there and carry on like it’s their park? I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, but I think that’s pushing the other fans tolerance a bit. I would never go to Yankee stadium and do that.

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    People need to back off the Yankee strategy… some companies are willing to pay for talented workers and some aren’t. The Yankees are one of those companies that DOES pay.

    I would like to think that we’re willing to pay, too… I mean, we’ve got one hell of a team and it’s going to cost money to keep them around. Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth and Shane Victorino are all entering free agency between now and 2012. If we start thinking that we don’t need to pay, those guys will walk and we’ll be left with big holes to fill.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Scott and JReed – Both valid points. I think you can sustain talent by locking it up early. You can award high dollar/high year contracts for players. Think Ryan Braun and Evan Longoria. They are more or less locked in for the better part of a decade. I also think that you win with your farm system and not through free agency. We tried to do that with Abreu, Giambi, Pavano etc. The keys to this year’s team have been the core (Jeter, Pettitte, Rivera, Posada), Hughes being the bridge, and Joba filling in before Hughes.

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    about as painful as painfil gets ladies and gentlemen. The silence here in Center City after the Posada double could be felt from blocks and blocks away…

    -I’m not gonna play the “would’ve, should’ve” game today. It’s just too painful. I’ll watch tonite’s game from 1st pitch to the final out as I have done all year for the most part. Sure the Yankee fans will probably take over the stadium tonite. Sure Charlie’s moves have been historically retarded. Sure a win would only delay the heart break, since we really don’t have any starting pitching left at all. Sure Lidge would just blow a 1/2 run lead regardless.

    -But until it’s over I still have hope. It’s better than what any other team besides the Yanks have right now.

    -For one more night at least we’ll get too see our Defending Champs take the field in defense of their title. We’re all gonna watch no matter what some of you might say. And I wouldn’t blame you if you choose not to.

    -But why miss out of an highly unlikely, but still possible WS win over the Yankees.

    -Just try to extend the series Phillies. That’s it……We’ll worry about Game 6 in New York on Wednesday when it comes.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    so say that MLB is one giant company.. and its got “offices” in different cities…

    The office in the city with the most people will obviously generate the most revenue … they can then continually hire-away the best employees from every other office when it comes time for a raise ..

    they aren’t playing on an even-playing field, aren’t comparing apples-to-apples, etc ..

    It’s not that companies refuse to pay their best employees.. but when the other office can double his salary, and you can’t afford to do that … What should you do?

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    I would play High Hopes at the onset of the game. I think that the crowd deserves to hear it one more time… I think that it might help these guys settle down. Let Harry serinade one more time… we all need to be reminded that persistent ants can move rubber tree plants.

  • Posts: 0 Patrick

    one game at a time….just focus on tonight’s game.

    phils will take it tonight, everyone relax.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    You honestly don’t know what you’re talking about …

    “The keys to this year’s team have been the core (Jeter, Pettitte, Rivera, Posada), Hughes being the bridge, and Joba filling in before Hughes.”

    Jeter, yea … Texiera, A-Rod, Sabathia, Burnett all had more to do with your winning season than the guys you mentioned ..

    P.S. Joba Chamberlain sucks at baseball

  • Posts: 0 PoorPhil

    this was on the Phillies front page 2/10/09. I suppose it’s okay when they do it:

    “In a year when most teams seem to be cutting payroll or simply trying to maintain it because of a depressed economy, the Phillies’ payroll has jumped from around $104 million on Opening Day 2008 to an estimated $131.5 million on Opening Day ’09.

    “We’re fortunate to be in this position,” Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “If we can’t put a World Series champion on the field at this level of payroll, that’s my fault. We should be able to contend.”

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Don – You logic is flawed because under similar circumstances, you let your bias dictate your judgement of that situation. The Phillies got Cliff Lee because the Indians had no money. The Yankees got Sabathia because the Brewers had no money. The Yankees have free agents. The Phillies have free agents. The Yankees are in a big market, the Phillies are in a big market. The Phillies have a homegrown core that has been vital to their success, the Yankees have a homegrown core that has been vital to their success. You seem to view the two teams as wildly different. In reality, where I like to dwell, they are more similar than not.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck


    Maybe YOU wouldn’t do that…and neither would I….but you have to admit that A LOT of Phillies fans would….and so what??…..as long asno one gets hurt its just part of a rivalry-type relationship….

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    we don’t have to win three staroght really. I know…. Crazy!

    but win tonite; Cliff is more than capable of throwing a complete game. A.J. is still a right who will be coming off three days rest… Beat Pettite on Wednesday.

    -Game 7 on Thursday will be fun as hell. Just dream for a moment

    -It’s Game & in the Bronx. Thousands of Phillies fans invade the Stadium II. The pressure of not choking is all on the Yankee shoulders.

    -C.C. pitches on three days rest again. Cole ditches his junk curve and throws a 7inn/2-3 run effort. The Offense explodes sends C.C. to the early shower he has been begging for against us

    -Phillies feast on the Yankee middle relief.

    -It could happen…
    -Then the Phils O goes

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    Scott in DC, the 1997 Marlins way overpaid for the best players they could find, Daulton and Eisenreich were bench players, won the championship and got rid of their players. The 2004 Marlins were younger and less expensive but still had some expensive players there. They were sold too.

    A big payroll allows teams to make more mistakes. The Phillies are still paying Jenkins, Eaton and Thome. Small market teams can’t make those kinds of mistakes unless minor leaguers can step in and play well. The Phils outspent everyone in their division except for the inept Mets so we can’t complain about the Yankees payroll too much without sounding like hypocrites.

    If the Phils played good, sound fundamental baseball like they are capable of playing, there is no doubt this series would at least be tied and money would never have been discussed. Enjoy the series.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew

    i know the old mans style. But how does Ibanez gets to start against tough left handers at this point? And bat 6th? With Fransisco just sitting there on the bench. I understand loyalty but the Ibanez at bats have been painful to watch. He cant even make contact to foul a ball off.
    I blame chambles for this more than lidge or any other player. Great attitude. Deal him while he has value.
    first we have to win tongiht. With lee its a good chance. Then pedro at yankees is maybe possibly something if we can hit. Then game 7 i dunno its all hands on deck. Is Chambles even available in the bullpen? talk about a wasted roster spot.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Don – Werth and Cliff Lee are the only people who have done anything for you in this series.

    P.S. Cole Hamels sucks at baseball.

    As a knowledgeable fan, I know what I just said can’t be extrapolated over the course of this entire past season nor is particularly true. Yet my statement is eerily similar to the one that you just made. The only problem is you actually believe it. Again, this is where your bias affects your judgement which is already a little skewed due to the flawed logic that you use to justify why the Yankees are what’s wrong with baseball, and the Phillies are what’s right even though both teams are more or less cut from the same cloth as far as how their teams were built.

    There is no right or wrong here Don. Both teams are great. The Yankees are just better. Everyone knew it coming into this series, and Vegas had them as an overwhelming 1-2 favorite. Better pitching, better lineup, better manager. Let’s not go attacking baseball now. One poster has already pointed out that you absolutely were not doing this last year when you played the Marlins a team whose payroll is 1/3 of what yours is.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    To even attempt to compare the Phillies trading some of their Top Prospects for Cliff Lee (still a great deal for us) .. with the Yankees outbidding every other team in baseball with cash, for Sabathia is idiotic

    They aren’t even close to the same thing ..

    Phillies have won three games in a row plenty of times this season… It wouldn’t be a shock to see them do it again.. Sabathia on short-rest multiple times ..

    If we get to a Game 7 of Pedro Martinez on full-rest, vs. Sabathia going on 3-days for the third straight time .. momentum in our favor.. I’ll take my Fightin Phils

  • Posts: 0 The Original Chuck P

    HR, it really is possible. Everyone kind of expected to go back to NY down 3-2… we win tonight and that’s our reality: down 3-2… that doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Someone has to be down 3-2, right? We just have to win tonight I don’t know about you but I expect that. I feel pretty damn good about Cliff Lee. Take it one game at a time…

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Excellent post Joedad. Those in glass houses. I know the Yankees cut payroll this year even while adding Sabathia, Burnett, Swisher and Teixeira. Teizeira’s defense is the difference as well. Why we have played better defense than you guys is beyond me as well.

  • Posts: 0 CZ

    3peat – Sure the makeup of the team is similar as far as % or homegrown vs. FA type players but there is no comparison after that. The Yankees spend upwards of 200 million on their team. That is 70+ million more than the Phillies. There are big market teams and there are the Yankees. They are own their own playing field. It is the reality of the world of baseball and as long as everyone involved is making money that is not going to change. No one is saying the Phillies haven’t been fortunate to have some money to spend but while we are signing the Ibanez’s, Feliz’s, Parks, Stairs’, and past their prime Pedro’s of the world the Ynkees don’t bat an eye to sign Burnett, Sabathia and Texiera. The Phillies were not even once in the discussion for those players. Despite the fact that the Phillies have free agents we are talking about a whole different level of player here.

    Its hard for me to say because as a Phillie fan living in NYC I doubt I’ll get any humility from a single Yankee fan (i certainly haven’t yet) but I applaud them for how they have played this series. Money doesn’t play baseball…players do and they still have to execute. They have themselves on the brink by playing solid baseball but its too early to count the chickens…

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    No “Fat Lady” being heard yet…..

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    I would love for it to end in NY in Game 6, but it ends tonight. Cliff Lee is good, but he is not the second coming. I fully expect us to try and wait Lee out to get into you soft bullpen. We smell it, we feel it, and last night was a kick in the teeth for you guys after you kept fighting and battling to just get even all night. I know the Phillies are battle tested and have a bunch of pride, but you are facing the best team in baseball hands down. We cruised to 103 games, and ifwe were in the NL East, we might be looking at a 112-50 type ’98 Yankees squad with the roster we have now. That is neither here nor there though.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    3peat…IF that happens…fine…..Congratulations in advance…..

    But let’s just see how this thing plays out….Cliff Lee isn’t the second coming….but then neither is CC, Mariano, Jeter….or Babe Ruth for that matter….

    I like our chances tonight…

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    I hear the fat lady singing and I have begun to count the chickens. You all sound eerily similar to Angels fans with your hope and optimism of extending a series against a team who is better than you namely us.

    CZ – Your playing field argument is a matter of perspective. Oakland, Kansas City and Minneapolis would say that you guys ae on a level all to yourselves for they could never fathom spending 130 million dollars nor could they fathom increasing payoll in this dreadful economy. The Yankees couldn’t even fathom increasing payoll in this dreadful economy. With times the way they are, the Phillies have an embarassment of riches and are just slapping the system in the face.

    Again, I don’t eally believe those things, but you see how easily the argument could be made. It’s all about perspective Phillies fans. Tell me, were Rays fans crying about payroll disparity last year. I don’t think they were. Please don’t make me say the fans of the defending World Series champs are whiners because they keep making an argument about payroll which is both irrelevant, hypocritical and nonsensical.

  • Posts: 0 joedad

    Lee has pitched like the second coming this postseason and can throw upwards of 130 pitches so unless he struggles with control or is absolutely needed to be pulled for a pinch hitter, you may not see the pen today. Burnett has never pitched on 3 days rest so you have no idea what he is going to do. The Phils play well with their backs against the wall. The Yankees were in a similar situation in LA during the ALCS and Burnett was rocked.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Vegas likes you guys tonight as well. Here’s the problem with that though. People are piling on you guys and rightfully so because Cliff Lee was lights out game 1. I feel like the public per usual are discounting the other small factors that will make this game incredibly intriguing:

    1) Where are Rollins, Victorino, Utley (when CC isn’t pitching), Howard and Ibanez? Lee pitched gem, but CC eft after 7 tailing only 2-0.

    2) What happens in a close game that the Phils are winning, but Lee is tiring. Do you guys feel good about Madson or Lidge.

    3) If the Yankees ae winning after 7, and Joe tries to stretch it like Joe will do and go Mariano, what strategy do you guys have for him. You said you had a strategy, but I am looking for one that will work.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    I don’t think anyone is complaining about the dollar-figures of the payroll …. but if you remember, you started an arguement saying that your team was just as much “homegrown” as ours

    and if you look at the number of players on each roster .. that might be true

    but looking at the lineup .. your 2, 3, 4, 5 hitters were all Free-Agents
    and your top two Pitchers cost you ZERO PROSPECTS to obtain

    I stated earlier.. maybe we’re jealous about the payroll number, wish we could spend more too … but for any Yankees fan to neglect the fact that THAT is WHY YOU WIN .. is just neglectful

    just tell us you don’t care how your team wins, and leave it at that … don’t try to create arguements when your first one doesn’t carry any weight

    Rays fans are probably crying about payroll now, since their homegrown talent peaked (good enough for an AL crown) .. and now instead of buying up those players and adding around them .. they have to choose which ones they need to trade, which ones they need to keep … and if they are lucky they’ll manage a few season above .500 .. and their misery will start again

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Joedad – I fear the Angels much more than the Phillies. The Angels have better starting pitching and a better bullpen. Pitching is still the name of the game and that is where the Phils come up short. Lee will burn through 130 pitches in 7 innings. Hopefull;y the Phils have a significant lead. Anything within 3 runs and the Yankees are right there. If we happen to have the lead after 7, it’s done. Ou numbers with leads after the 7th inning are stagerring.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck


    Please do us all a favor….IF the Phillies win….please come on here Friday morning and take it like a man from us…..don’t worry…most of us are pretty harmless really…

    If the Yankees win…and you come on here….please don’t act like the a$$ that your coming across as today….

    Fair enough??

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    How doesn’t it carry any weight. How the lineup is crafted is dependent upon the manager. Torre had ARod bat 8th in a playoff game. Does that mean our 8 hitter was a free agent at that point and not our cleanup hitter. If we trade prospects for Santana instead of keeping them and paying Sabathia, does that make you feel better. You see what I mean when I say you lack perspective? You all increased your payroll during the wost economy since the Great Depession. That would turn a lot of people off.

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    Original Chuck P……Nothing wrong with keeping the faith…… Let’s win tonite. So we can keep the “Dream” alive. You think folks up in Beantown would give up?? Nope! It’s not like the Yankee have been killing us by 7-8 runs a game up to this point. “I have Dream” lol……

  • Posts: 0 Harry Kalas

    That’s “I have a Dream” of course…..

  • Posts: 0 dodger fan

    The Yankees buy wins and rings with financial resources that far outmatch other teams in baseball. The ability to do so degrades the game into a pure form of entertainment rather than an athletic competition. To argue otherwise is laughable and should be dismissed without response.

    Kudos to Jimmy Rollins for taking the blame for Damon’s double steal. That’s a stand up move and the right thing to do.

  • Posts: 0 3peatbeginsnow

    Chuck – That is more than fair though I contend I’m not acting like an ass. People don’t like to hear the truth, but would rather just continue to believe what they have been told to believe. The Phillies have a huge payroll. We also know that they increased payoll during in this terrible economic climate. The Yankees slashed payroll dramatically this year. The Phillies are no better than the Yankees as far as the team and how it was created was concerned. If anything, the Phillies have the ability to spend like the Yankees and choose not to. The yeasily could have gotten Halladay which I stated in an earlie post would have probably won them this World Series. I’ll be here as soon as the game is over, shitfaced mind you, saying something along the lines of 1 chip down and 2 moe to go before it’s decision time.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Torre had A-Rod bat 8th when he was scared of the big stage.. and sucked in games that mattered

    “If we trade prospects for Santana instead of keeping them and paying Sabathia, does that make you feel better. You see what I mean when I say you lack perspective?”

    What perspective?? … I would feel better that, like 95% of the teams in baseball, the Yankees would have given something up to get something in return .. instead of just paying that next player with yet another record contract

    If you’re counting on Hughes, Chamberlain, Melky Cabrera, etc.. to lead you on another redition of Glory Days .. you will be sadly mistaken

  • Posts: 0 j reed

    Yeah 3peat stroll up thru the post a and check out the real stats. Joedad unearthed about Burnett pitching history on 3 day rest which coupled with half of his career on the DL is not such a pretty picture. Look our team which i thought turned a corner this post season and would become more your line-up, didn’t exactly make it fully around. Were in the middle. But if the bats get hot we could easily destroy burnett and petite. This three days rest thing could blow up in your face. Then again when we get cold you could put the ball on a tee and we couldn’t get a hit. It’s maddening. If evil phillies show up tonight congrats, if not Lee can hold you down long for us to take this back to new york. Burnett is a two pitch pony…two seamer and curveball…if he doesn’t have that two seamer working he’s a dead duck. You bull pen with the exception of hughes (nice breaking ball) can serve us up fastballs all night and they will get rocked.

  • Posts: 0 Michael

    Hey Chuck… consider the fact that you are a Major League Baseball hitter and you want to do your job at bat. It’s bad enough you get intentionally walked often, but then you get plunked for the 3rd time in two nights. Was it intentional… absolutely not! But it still gets frustrating, especially for one player. So A-Rod looked at his dugout. He didn’t come out after the game and say that the Phillies are playing dirty. In fact, when asked if he thought it was intentional, A-Rod simply answered… “I don’t know and I don’t care. I am just focusing on winning one more game.”

    As for the fans… each team is going to have their share of bad apples for fans. But the welcome committee for Yankees fans in Philadelphia have not been too heartwarming. In New York, we realize that having the visiting fans in our city makes for good business and good moneymaking opportunity. Of course you are going to get some heated words hurled at you if you walk down the streets in Phillies attire, but for the most part, we won’t tell you to go home. During the hype before the series shift to Philly, I was watching CBS News NY and they were interviewing people in Philadelphia. One guy had a baseball head with a Yankee insignia on it with a bullet hole in it’s head and blood pouring out with the phrase “Die Yankee fans die!” on his t-shirt. They interviewed him and he said “I don’t even want New ‘Yawkers’ in my city.” Then another guy they interviewed told the reporter herself “Are you kidding, I wish YOU would go home.”

    Let’s face it, both Philadelphia and New York are notorious for their overly enthused sports fans but overall, we need to set a classy example. We have the two best teams in baseball battling it out in the World Series and something that you don’t get very often, the defending Champs there again to truly try and defend their title.

  • Posts: 0 CZ

    3peat – the whole ‘Yankees didn’t increase payroll argument’ is very misleading. The only reason that they didn’t increase it this year is the fact that some extremely horrific contracts from years past finally came off the books. You know that as well as I do. The real fact is that in a bad economy the Yankees committed almost 500 million dollars to 3 players. The phillies increased their payroll because they know that equally bad contracts to Thome, Eaton and Jenkins will come off the books this coming year. Stop spitting hairs.

    You are correct – there are 20 teams who are jealous of the Phillies payroll, but the fact is the Phillies only started spending AFTER they found success. They did not spend to attain it. They slowly and methodically built a winner out of homegrown stars and as the team began to play better and the fans came out consistently they rewarded the fans by paying to keep those players. After adding some complimentary guys around them we sit with a WS. There is a HUGE difference to the two narratives. The end result may be similar but the road to get there is nothing alike.

  • Posts: 0 Chuck

    Roy Halladay is a great pitcher….Maybe he would have helped us and and maybe not….Instead, we got Cliff Lee….I don’t see any Phillies fans complaining about that pick-up so far…

  • Posts: 0 joe

    some of you people are pathetic

    and that’s all I will say

  • Posts: 0 Mr. Calm

    Remember, the fourth win is the hardest one. Phils have their real ‘ace’ going tonight against a tired Burnett. Howard is due to break out. If they win tonight, then it’s 3-2 and on to game six. One at a time. Winning from a 1-3 deficit has been done before. It’s been done to the Yanks before. It’s a hard feat, but this is a tough team, despite Hamels. They can do it. Keep the faith.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Well put, CZ ..holla

  • Posts: 0 Bob Kahn

    I have not read any other posts – I have a good idea what they say. I was at the game in left field.

    Basically the Yankees were a little luckier than the Phillies. I thought Blanton outpitched his foe. The Phils hit a number of balls hard but right at fielders, the Yankss hit mostly soft hits that found space. I thought Lidge was fine, in fact we thought he had Daman struck out on that foul tip (could not see it from LF).

    It was a fine game but crushing at the end.

    This is baseball, someone wins and someone loses. Both teams played well but the ball bounced their way.

    No, I don’t think the Phils will win the Series but it is NOT anyone’s fault. Everyone is trying and sometimes they win and sometimes we win.

    Play ball!

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